July 2010

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Getting Started

Welcome to VictorReaderStream, a digital talking book player which uses the MP3 format. The VictorReaderStream may hold books, podcasts, music, and more. All the different kinds of media are stored in “bookshelves” on the player. You will receive the player with books downloaded from the library stored in the bookshelf called “Other Books.”

The books are actually stored on the small SD card that fits into the slot on top of the machine. Please leave the card in its slot so that it does not get lost. Please be sure to return the Victor Reader Stream device back to the library when you have finished listening to the books downloaded on it.

How to Get Help

  • A full User Guide is built into the Stream and can be accessed by pressing and holding key 1. When the voice says “Enter User Guide” press the rectangular play button.
  • A more detailed user guide is also available on the CD included in the box. You can view or listen to these documents on your computer.
  • Visit the Humanware website
  • Listen to a podcast of a training video by choosing the Podcast bookshelf on the player.
  • Listen to the podcast* on the Library’s website
  • Call the Outreach Services Department at 513-369-6963, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Turning on the Victor Reader Stream:

  • Hold the player with the rounded end nearest you. The power button is on the left side of the player at the top.
  • Press and hold this power button to turn on the player. You will hear a beep and a Welcome message. If the player does not power on, the battery may need to be charged. To turn off the Stream, press and hold the Power button.
  • To charge the battery, insert the power adapter into a wall outlet and the other end into the Stream power connector located on the top edge of the player immediately to the right of the SD card slot. The connector jack is marked with a raised line.
  • The player will blink while plugged in and charging. It takes about 4 hours to charge but you may play the Stream while it is charging. Once charged, you should be able to play the Stream for 12-14 hours.
  • Below the Power button on the left side are two up/down arrow-shaped buttons to raise and lower the volume. When the Stream is powered on you may press the Power button again to select to change the speed and tone settings using these same up/down buttons.

Quick Tour of Your Stream

The Key Describer announces each key on the front face when you press it. Press the zero key until it says “Key Describer On,” then press each key to find out its purpose.

1.1 Front Face
At the bottom rounded end of the player are 3 keys:

  • Play/Stop—center rectangular key. When you use this key to stop, the player will come back to the same spot in the book the next time you use it.
  • Rewind key—triangular key on the left
  • Fast Forward key—triangular key on the right

Sleep Timer Key (oval)—Above Play/Stop. This sets the auto shutoff feature. When not in Key Describer mode, press it multiple times to select the amount of time the device will play before it shuts off on its own. (Ex.: Press once to set the machine to read for 15 minutes before shutting off, press twice to set the machine to read for 30 minutes, etc.)

Above the Sleep key is a raised horizontal line and above that, a telephone style numeric keypad. Key 5 has a raised bump to help you keep your place on the keypad.

  • Key 1: Press multiple times to select a bookshelf on your memory card. Press and hold to enter and exit the built-in audio User Guide.
  • Keys 2/8 scroll up and down through a circular list of book navigation levels. For ex. some books are organized by chapters and you may move through those if available.
  • Keys 4/6 move backward and forward through the elements at the chosen navigation level. If you are at the bookshelf level, it will move you through titles.
  • Key 3 is the delete function so use caution to avoid deleting your book.(You have to press the # to confirm you really want to delete.)
  • Key 5 announces your current reading position such as the percent of the book you have listened to and the amount of time spent so far compared to the total length of the book.
  • Key 7 is a player configuration menu (Check User Guide).
  • Key 9 switches between text-to-speech and recorded playback modes (Check User Guide).
  • Key 0 provides book, player, and battery life info. If you press and hold 0 it will also enter and exit Key Describer mode.
  • * key will interrupt or cancel certain operations. Pressing and holding this * key, will lock the keypad. To unlock press the 1, 2, and 3 keys in sequence.
  • # key is used to confirm certain operations.

GoTo key (square) above Key 1 allows you to skip ahead to a certain page, heading, percent of the book, time in the book, or another book. Press the key until you reach the item you want to go to and then press a number. For ex. if you want to skip ahead 25%, press until the voice says Go to Percent. Then press 25 and the play button.

Bookmark key (diamond shaped) above Key 3 turns on bookmark functions. Keep pressing it to rotate through the menu to go to bookmarks already set, to insert a bookmark, to start highlighting a passage, to hear a bookmark list, or to remove bookmarks. To mark a passage to come back to later, press the diamond key twice and then press the play button. To revisit a passage, press the diamond key. When it says Go to Bookmark, press the number of the bookmark, then the play button.

Above the 2 key is the power-on LED light indicator. Above the LED on the top face are holes for the built-in speaker on the left and built-in microphone on the right.

Top Edge

  • In the middle of the top edge is the slot for the SD memory card where the downloaded books are stored.
  • On the top edge left corner is a mini USB connector to connect the Stream to a PC using the long cable provided. A memory stick or USB book cartridge can also be connected to the player using the short cable provided.
  • On the top edge right corner is the connector for the AC adapter.

Right Side

  • On the right side at the top is the headphones jack.
  • Below it is an external microphone jack.
  • Below that is a Record button, located between two rough finger surfaces.

Next Steps: How to Find your book

To find your book, Press 1 to listen to a list of “bookshelves” on the player. Books downloaded at the library will be on the bookshelf called Other Books. When the voice says “Bookshelf—Other Books,” it will also tell you how many books are in this bookshelf. If there is just one, you may press the rectangular Play/Stop button at the bottom. If there is more than one book in the bookshelf, press the 6 button to move forward through the list of titles. Pressing the 4 button will move you backwards through the list of titles.

To play your book, press the rectangular Play/Stop button. Press this button anytime you choose to stop listening. The device will remember where you stopped and you can begin there again next time.

To mark a passage for later, use the diamond shaped bookmark key.

To move forward and back in the book, use the triangular keys to the right and to the left of the Play/Stop key. (Right=forward, left = backward).

To set the sleep timer, use the oval key directly above the Play/Stop key. (See 1.1 Front Face)

*Podcast licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. Music: Nebulous Notions by Revolution Void used with permission.