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cover image of Breathe the Sky

Breathe the Sky

Michelle Hazen

Mari Tucker is a wildlife biologist who scoops bunnies and endangered tortoises out of harm's way on construction sites. Still haunted by her past, she takes the most remote jobs in the Mojave Desert to avoid people and hide from her ex. It's a simple, quiet life until she ends up assigned to Jack Wyatt's crew. Construction foreman Jack Wyatt's loud, foul-mouthed temper keeps even the most rugged of men on his crew in line. In his opinion, the job site is no place for sensitive biologists. Mari, however, gradually wins over Jack and his crew. Soon, they discover they have more in common than they ever could have imagined...A heartwarming romance from the author of Unbreak Me (2019).

cover image of Jackie and Maria

Jackie and Maria

Gill Paul

Jackie Kennedy was beautiful, sophisticated, and contemplating leaving her ambitious young senator husband. So when she's offered a holiday on the luxurious yacht owned by billionaire Ari Onassis, she says a meeting that will ultimately change her life. Maria Callas is at the height of her operatic career and widely considered to be the finest soprano in the world. And then she's introduced to Aristotle Onassis, the world's richest man and her fellow Greek. Suddenly, she finds her life being turned upside down by this impeccably charming man. The two women's lives intertwine in an epic story of love, passion, and tragedy by the author of The Lost Daughter (2019).

cover image of Little Disasters

Little Disasters

Sarah Vaughan

Liz Trenchard is an experienced pediatrician with a duty to protect all children admitted to her busy emergency room. So when her friend Jess turns up at the ER one night with her baby girl and a story that doesn't quite add up, Liz is forced to question everything she thought she knew about her friend and about herself. There are so many secrets and so many lies. The truth can't come soon enough. An evocative page-turner from the author of Anatomy of a Scandal (2018).

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