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cover image of The Daughters of Erietown

The Daughters of Erietown

Connie Schultz

1957, Clayton Valley, Ohio. Ellie has the best grades in her class. Her dream is to go to nursing school and marry Brick McGinty. A basketball star, Brick has the chance to escape his abusive father and become the first person in his blue-collar family to attend college. But when Ellie learns that she is pregnant, everything changes. Just as Brick and Ellie revise their plans and build a family, a knock on the front door threatens to destroy their lives. The evolution of women's lives spanning the second half of the twentieth century is at the center of this beautiful debut that richly portrays how much people know--and pretend not to know--about the secrets at the heart of a town, and a family.

cover image of The Distant Dead

The Distant Dead

Heather Young

A body burns in the high desert hills. A boy walks into a fire station, pale with the shock of a grisly discovery. A middle school teacher worries when her colleague is late for work. By the day's end, when the body is identified as local math teacher Adam Merkel, a small Nevada town will be rocked to its core by a brutal and calculated murder. Adam, a former university professor, shared a close connection with Sal Prentiss, a lonely sixth grader who is the one to find his body. Nora Wheaton, the middle school's social studies teacher, suspects Sal knows more than he's telling about how his favorite teacher died. A timely and twisty thriller from the author of The Lost Girls (2016).

cover image of Last Tang Standing

Last Tang Standing

Lauren Ho

At 33, Andrea Tang is living the dream: She has a successful career as a lawyer, a posh condo, and a clutch of fun-loving friends who are always in the know about Singapore's hottest clubs. All she has to do is make law partner, and her life will be perfect. When a chance encounter with wealthy entrepreneur Eric Deng offers her a glimpse of an exciting future, Andrea decides to give Mr. Right-for-her-family a chance. Too bad Suresh Aditparan, her office rival and the last man her family would approve of, keeps throwing a wrench in her plans...Crazy Rich Asians meets Bridget Jones's Diary in this funny and irresistible debut novel.

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