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cover image of Looker


Laura Sims

This examination of a women's downward spiral into madness will have you cringing and enthralled. The narrator's marriage comes to an end after a long battle with infertility and her job as a night school professor is hardly exciting. She begins envying a local woman for her amazing family and glamorous job as an actress. That envy grows and grows until it becomes a full blown obsession with disastrous consequences.

cover image of The Water Cure

The Water Cure

Sophie Mackintosh

In the not so distant future, pollution has caused men to get more volatile while women have become more vulnerable. One couple decides to raise their three girls on a remote island to shelter them from danger. The only visitors are women seeking therapies such as the water cure where they are brought to the point of near drowning to purge the body from toxins. Life gets more complicated as two men and a boy wind up on the island, and the girls' parents disappear. As the men grow more threatening, the girls navigate their increasingly difficult situation. This ambitious dystopian debut is longlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

cover image of The Winter of the Witch

The Winter of the Witch

Katherine Arden

Vasilisa Petrovna is trying to save medieval Russia, but now that her magic is no longer a secret she faces being punished for being a witch by those who have no idea of the danger facing them. With a demon intent on reeking havoc, Vasilisa must protect Russia as well as her beloved magical kingdom. This is the perfect final installment to the Winternight trilogy.

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