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Feast Your Eyes

Myla Goldberg

Lillian Preston leaves Cleveland for college in New York. At 19, she becomes an unplanned single mother to daughter Samantha. Lillian is a photographer, and when she finally catches a break with an exhibition things do not go as expected. She and the gallery owner are arrested for the pictures displayed of Samantha nude. The photos were taken innocently, but Lillian is forced to face the reality that she may have put her own ambitions ahead of Samantha's well being and the safety of their relationship. Goldberg, the author of Bee Season, dives deep into a myriad of societal and personal issues with Feast Your Eyes.

cover image of Like Lions

Like Lions

Brian Panowich

Panowich's follow-up to the award winning Blue Mountain, is a thrilling action packed ride through Georgia's rural criminal underbelly. Since the death of County Sheriff Clayton Burroughs's brothers, he has vowed to stay away from his family's dealings with meth and moonshine. But when his wife and newborn baby are threatened, he's forced to turn back to his outlaw life while facing his personal demons with alcohol and buried truths.

cover image of The Wonder of Lost Causes

The Wonder of Lost Causes

Nick Trout

Dr. Kate Blunt's son, Jasper, has cystic fibrosis, an incurable lung disease. Even though Kate's a veterinarian in charge of finding homes for wayward dogs, she won't let Jasper get one because it is just another thing to worry about and care for. Then Whistler enters their lives. He's a wreck of a dog, but somehow speaks to Jasper and the two form a truly special bond. A bond that Kate cannot ignore.

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