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The Burning Chambers

Kate Mosse

This first installment in a new trilogy begins in 1562 when the Catholics and Hugenots were warring. 19 year old Catholic, Minou Joubert, and Hugenot soldier, Piet Reydon, fall in love. Unfortunately, their families are not only divided by the war, but also by a feud over stolen relics that each family will do anything to possess. Part adventure, part thriller, part romance, and all historical, this book has something for everyone.

cover image of Man of the Year

Man of the Year

Caroline Louise Walker

Jealousy is a brutal beast, and it has a hold on Dr. Robert Hart. He's just won Sag Harbor's Citizen of the Year, and he's reconnecting with his college age son, Jonah who is home for the summer with his friend Nick. Robert's inner monologue reveals deep insecurities. Can he really trust his wife Elizabeth to be faithful? After all they both left their spouses to be together. Why would Nick ever forgive the father who abandoned him, can he be trusted? As Robert conjures up scenarios of infidelity and betrayal, his reckless actions in response begin to spiral chaotically.

cover image of The Tenth Muse

The Tenth Muse

Catherine Chung

Katherine is part Asian and female in the male dominated field of mathematics in the 1960's. Her mother is a Chinese immigrant who leaves the family when Katherine is in tenth grade. Her Caucasian war hero father remarries causing another struggle in Katherine's life. As a MIT graduate student, she begins a romance with her professor. She drops everything for a fellowship in Germany in hopes of advancing her career and having the opportunity to research her father's war diary that is full of shocking realities.

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