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French Exit

Patrick deWitt

Francis has enjoyed the finer things in life until her excessive spending catches up to her and she finds herself nearly bankrupt. A friend lends her his apartment in Paris, so she, her deadbeat 30 year old son, and their cat, Small Frank, leave NYC for a new adventure. One hilarious disaster leads to another, and not even Small Frank has a smooth ride. From the author of the award winning bestseller,The Sisters Brothers.

cover image of The Other Woman

The Other Woman

Sandie Jones

Emily and Adam spark up a wonderful passionate relationship, and their future together looks bright. That is unless his mother, Pammie, has anything to do with it. She'll stop at nothing to break the two up, including faking breast cancer in order to get their upcoming wedding cancelled. When Emily starts digging for ways to expose Pammie's deceit, she uncovers terrifying details about Adam's ex-fiancée’s death.

cover image of Whiskey When We're Dry

Whiskey When We're Dry

John Larison

Following the death of their mother, Jessilyn and Noah are raised by their Civil War veteran father, Pa, who's also a renowned sharpshooter. Pa and Noah frequently butt heads, causing Noah to leave the family ranch and start a new life as the leader of an outlaw gang known as the Wild Bunch. When Pa dies, Jessilyn sets off to find her brother. She disguises herself as a boy and uses her own sharpshooter skills to be accepted by those who can help her succeed in her mission.

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