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Carnegie Hill

Jonathan Vatner

Penelope "Pepper" and Rick move into New York's beautiful and wealthy Carnegie Hill neighborhood. Their apartment building is the Chelmsford Arms where the Board strives to hold onto their nearly all-white, childless, non-eccentric tenants. Pepper's parents are opposed to her marrying Rick, and she has her suspicions that he has been cheating on her. She goes through with the wedding anyway, and turns to her long-married neighbors George and Birdie and also Francis and Carol. Instead of encouragement, she learns their lives aren't so perfect either and money definitely cannot buy happiness.

cover image of The Reckless Oath We Made

The Reckless Oath We Made

Bryn Greenwood

Zee has a lot on her shoulders. She was recently injured in a motorcycle accident, her father died in prison, her mother is an unstable 600-pound hoarder, and now her sister has been kidnapped by two escaped prison inmates. Zee had been dealing drugs to pay for what her waitressing job could not, but the kidnapping brings too much attention her way and she can no longer deal. She loses her job, apartment, and car. Zee turns to Gentry Frank for help. He's on the spectrum and a bit eccentric, but very loyal to Zee. He invites her and her nephew to live with him and when her sister's situation becomes increasingly dire, he embarks on a dangerous journey to help Zee find her.

cover image of The Warehouse

The Warehouse

Rob Hart

The Warehouse is a near-future dystopian novel that takes a hard look at corporate greed among other pressing concerns. Climate change has ravaged the world and those wanting to survive find it easiest to so by working at Cloud and living in their self contained cities. Cloud is a massive company that strives to provide all a person's needs. Paxton, a new employee, was put out of business by Cloud. He befriends Zinnia, also new, who turns out to be a corporate spy for an unnamed company. Zinnia plans on using Paxton to carry out her mission.

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