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Thomas Mallon

This darkly humorous tale looks at the life of George W. Bush, with an emphasis on his second term as president and the handling of the Iraq War and Hurricane Katrina. The insights do not stop and start with those events though, and there's also a large cast of characters vividly depicted here ranging from Larry King to Condolezza Rice.

cover image of The Next to Die

The Next to Die

Sophie Hannah

There's a serial killer on the lose dubbed Billy Dead Mates. He's killing sets of best friends, but before doing so he sends them a little white book containing a single line of poetry. Narcissist comedian, Kim Tribbeck, receives a white book and is shocked and confused especially considering she doesn't have a best friend. She inserts herself into the investigation in the obnoxious overbearing fashion that is all too true to her personality.

cover image of We Must Be Brave

We Must Be Brave

Francis Liardet

In WWII England, Ellen Parr has had a rough life. She survived her father's suicide and her family's decent into poverty. At 18, she meets 39 year old mill owner, Selwyn Parr. The two love each other to the best of their ability, but Selwyn was injured in the war eliminating the chance for children. Ellen understands this truth, but when 5 year Pamela comes into her life she takes her in without concern for Selwyn's approval. Ellen loves Pamela deeply, but their time together is limited, and it is not until the 1970's that Ellen feels that type of connection again when another desperate child enters her life.

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