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Soul Enchilada

David Macinnis Gill

Although a recent high school graduate, what with just getting fired from her job, and on the verge of being evicted, there are only two things that Eunice “Bug” Smoot really enjoys: riding around in the vintage Cadillac that she inherited from her grandfather, and flirting with Pesto, the hunky car wash attendant. Bug has unfortunately also inherited one more thing, though, a demon passenger from the underworld, Mr. Beals. Bug’s grandpa had sold his soul to the demon, in exchange for the cool car. Mr. Beals has lost track of Grandpop post-mortem, however, and is looking to claim her soul, instead. Lucky for her, Bug discovers that Pesto is also an agent for the ISIS, International Supernatural Immigration Service. Can the two work together to save Bug’s soul, so that Pesto can then claim her heart? Readers who don’t mind the occasional bout of gross-out humor will be in for a fun ride here.