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The Chaos of Standing Still

Jessica Brody

An airport terminal provides the backdrop for this heartwarming romance from Jessica Brody (In Some Other Life, 2017). For months, 18-year-old Ryn has been struggling to accept the car crash that killed her best friend Lottie. On New Year’s Eve thanks to a never-ending blizzard, Ryn finds herself trapped at the Denver airport on the one-year anniversary of Lottie’s death. She just wants to find a place to hide but is distracted by strangers: a child genius who needs her to pretend that she’s his sister, a waitress who invites her to a party, and Xander, a boy who manages to coax Ryn out of her shell. When she accidentally swaps phones with Xander, the two are thrust into an all-night adventure that forces Ryn to take a hard look at herself and the friend she's lost.