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Sasha Alsberg / Lindsay Cummings

The first book in Alsberg and Cummings' new series The Androma Saga is an action-packed sci-fi adventure with plenty of thrills, romance and intrigue. Captain Androma “Andi” Racella was a rising star in the Arcadian military until she accidentally killed General Cortas’ daughter. Now known as the Bloody Baroness, Andi flees Arcadius to avoid execution and roams the galaxy with her all-girl crew of space pirates. While planning their next heist, Andi's traitorous ex-boyfriend, bounty hunter Dex Arez, captures the privateers and delivers them to Cortas. The general agrees to pardon Andi and her crew if they can rescue his kidnaped son, Valen, from the impenetrable Xen Pterran prison. But the deal lands them in the middle of an unforeseen multi-planet war that only Dex and Andi can stop.