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Tess of the Road

Rachel Hartman

Hartman (Seraphina, 2012) returns to the spellbinding world of the Southlands and introduces Seraphina's strong-willed half-sister Tess Dombegh. Tired of the oppressive limits imposed on women in the medieval kingdom of Goredd, Tess is determined to break all the rules. She speaks out of turn, has wild ideas, and occasionally drinks too much. When a drunken Tess ruins her sister's wedding by punching the groom, her family decides to send her to a nunnery. But on the day she’s to enter the convent, Tess disguises herself as a boy and runs away from home. As she travels across Goredd, she runs afoul of robbers, poses as a priest and meets up with her childhood friend, a dragon who helps Tess find a way to make peace with her troubling past.