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The Man Who Caught the Storm:The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras

Brantley Hargrove

In this debut biography, Brantley Hargrove charts the life and achievements of tornado chaser Tim Samaras, who died in an Oklahoma tornado with his 24-year-old son on May 31, 2013. As a boy in 1960's Colorado, Samaras was fascinated with The Wizard of Oz. He chased storms with tools of his own invention and pushed closer to the inside of a tornado than anyone else ever dared. As his ambitions grew, so did the risks, and he finally met his match against the largest tornado ever recorded. Hargrove takes readers inside the thrill of the chase, the captivating science of tornadoes, and the life of a man who risked everything in pursuit of knowledge about the extremes of the natural world.