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Sky in the Deep

Adrienne Young

Drawing on Norse mythology, debut author Young crafts an exciting and heart-wrenching Viking tale about 17-year-old Eelyn, an Aska warrior who was raised to fight the Riki clan. She never forgave herself for the loss of Iri, her brother and fighting partner who died on the battlefield. But to Eelyn’s surprise, when she’s attacked by Fiske, a Riki warrior, Iri steps in to save her. Determined to know why her brother has betrayed his clan, Eelyn seeks out Fiske on the battlefield and is soon captured. Forced to spend the winter in a Riki village, she realizes that the two clans have much in common. When another enemy the Herja threatens the Aska and Riki, Eelyn knows the clans must unite and fight together or risk being slaughtered one by one!