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My Life as a Rhombus

Varian Johnson

This novel blends high drama with a thoughtful look at the difficult choices facing a pregnant teen. After her last relationship, high school Rhonda Lee is having no problems swearing off romance and focusing on her grades, in hopes of getting a college scholarship. Rhonda’s romance with popular, yet ultimately jerky Christopher ended when she got pregnant, and decided to have an abortion. Rhonda still struggles with anger and regret over her decision, though, so she is happy to immerse herself in her job as a math tutor to fellow student, Sarah Gamble. Rhonda doesn’t feel like she has much in common with Sarah, who is part of the in crowd. But when Rhonda learns that Sarah is pregnant, she feels closer to Sarah, and tries to support her, whatever decision she makes. Meanwhile, after meeting Sarah’s caring brother, David, Rhonda may reconsider her own decision to forget about romance.