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Blood & Ivy: The 1849 Murder That Scandalized Harvard

Paul Collins

Boston, November 23, 1849. Dr. George Parkman, one of the city’s richest men, was last seen visiting his alma mater, Harvard Medical School. Police scoured the city and offered a hefty reward, but one Harvard janitor had a much darker suspicion: that the doctor never left the building alive. A shocking discovery leads to an infamous murder trial and a landmark case in the use of medical forensics. For fans of Erik Larson’s true crime classic, Devil in the White City (2003).

cover image of Don't Make Me Pull Over!

Don't Make Me Pull Over!: An Informal History of the American Road Trip

Richard Ratay

With smartphones and rear-seat entertainment systems, the family road trip has changed dramatically. Richard Ratay explores how America's love affair with the automobile pushed lawmakers to develop an interstate road system and seat belt regulations. He explains how road trips influenced the concept of roadside diners, the creation of travel lodging (a road trip inspired Charles Wilson to open the Holiday Inn in 1951), and how cars were developed to accommodate entire families. This informative, often hilarious family narrative perfectly captures the love-hate relationship many have with road trips. (Are we there yet?)

cover image of Her Pretty Face

Her Pretty Face

Robyn Harding

Frances Metcalfe thought that the day her troubled son was accepted into Seattle's elite Forrester Academy would be the day she started living her life. Instead, she feels more alone than ever before. Until she meets Kate Randolph. Kate is everything Frances is not: beautiful, wealthy, powerful, and confident. As the two bond over their disdain of the Forrester snobs, a startling secret threatens to tear them apart. Because one of these women is not who she seems. Her real name is Amber Kunik. And she's a murderer. An entertaining, twisty read by the author of The Party (2017).

cover image of Safe Houses

Safe Houses

Dan Fesperman

West Berlin, 1979. Helen Abell oversees the CIA's network of safe houses. Her world is upended when she overhears a meeting between two people unfamiliar to her speaking a coded language. Before the day is out, she witnesses a second unauthorized encounter. Her attempts to expose the truths about what she has witnessed will bring about repercussions that reach into the present day when, in a farm town in Maryland, a young man is arrested for the double murder of his parents, and his sister takes it upon herself to find out why he did it. A superb spy thriller from the author of The Letter Writer (2016).

cover image of The Summer Wives

The Summer Wives

Beatriz Williams

In the summer of 1951, Miranda Schuyler arrives on Winthrop Island in Long Island Sound for her mother's marriage to wealthy Hugh Fisher. She becomes friends with her new stepsister, Isobel, and falls in love with Joseph Vargas, whose father runs the local lighthouse. At the end of the summer, a tragedy will force Miranda to flee the island. She returns in the summer of 1969, just as Joseph escapes the prison where he was incarcerated for the murder of Miranda's stepfather eighteen years earlier. Can Miranda find justice for the man she once loved so fiercely? An electrifying beach read from the author of The Wicked City (2017).

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