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Librarians' Choice 2000 - Books for Teens

One of the library's fastest-growing collections is the Young Adult collection of books published for teens. Try these YA fiction titles, or ask your librarians for suggestions that will match your reading interests and age.

Laura McNeal and Tom McNeal
Clara Wilson and Amos MacKenzie are a new couple, and their lives are complicated enough even before the notorious Tripp brothers begin an intimidation campaign against Amos, who has witnessed one of their crimes. Tender romance and terrifying confrontation mix in this compelling novel.

Silent to the Bone
E. L. Konigsburg
Bramwell Zamborska is in the juvenile detention center accused of shaking his baby sister, leaving her in a coma. He is unable to speak. His best friend, Connor Kane, is determined to break Bramwell's wall of silence. A terrific story about the importance of loyalty.

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
Louise Rennison
Georgia has a lot on her mind, including embarrassing parents, humorless teachers, and stinky little sisters. Worst of all, the boy Georgia likes has been spotted snogging (kissing) another girl! Written in diary form, this British novel is light, funny, and a favorite.

Locked Inside
Nancy Werlin
Marnie lives at a boarding school now that her mother, a famous singer, is dead. She comforts herself with an online fantasy game where she is the Sorceress Llewellyne battling an opponent called the Elf. But there's danger in the real world, and her enemies and allies aren't who she expected them to be. Clever writing and a great sense of timing make this a mesmerizing tale of suspense.

Vlad the Undead
Hanna Lutzen
In this fascinating twist on the legends of Vlad Dracul, Lucia is given an old manuscript that tells the story of a doomed ship and a mysterious passenger. As Lucia reads, she is literally drawn into the tale and disappears from her world. The seductive attraction Vlad holds for a modern woman is made completely believable as the story unfolds.