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These new additions to our film collection are worth a look.

cover image of Bad Samaritan

Bad Samaritan

Starring: David Tennant

A pair of burglars stumble upon a woman being held captive in a home they intended to rob. Panicked, they leave the woman behind, and calls the cops, who search the house and find nothing. Now they must try to save the woman on their own, while a wrathful house owner is determined to take his revenge in this compelling and provocative thriller.

cover image of Gotham: The Complete Fourth Season

Gotham: The Complete Fourth Season

Starring: Ben McKenzie

Season Four will witness the emergence of the criminal landscape for which Gotham City is best known, with GCPD Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock at the forefront of the fight against the most depraved and unhinged villains. While Gotham City fights for normalcy, a new hero will rise, as Bruce Wayne begins to assume responsibility for the city's well-being.

cover image of Here and Now

Here and Now

Starring: Tim Robbins

A provocative and darkly comic meditation on the forces polarizing present-day American culture, as experienced by the members of a progressive multi-ethnic family, a philosophy professor and his wife, their adopted children, and sole biological child, and a Muslim family, headed by a psychiatrist who is treating one of their children.

cover image of The Rider

The Rider

Director: Chloe Zhao

After suffering a near fatal head injury, a young cowboy undertakes a search for new identity and what it means to be a man in the heartland of America. With 13 festival wins and 16 nominations, The Rider breaks the mold as the main actor is the same individual who inspired the film.

cover image of Shadow Nation

Shadow Nation

Starring: George Lynch

The journey of a group of renowned rock musicians, led by George Lynch (bands: Dokken and Lynch Mob), on a journey of discovery through music, exposing the injustices done to Native Americans.

cover image of Strike Back: The Complete Fifth Season

Strike Back: The Complete Fifth Season

Starring: Daniel MacPherson

A new cast of intrepid protagonists and nefarious villains facing off in a risky international game of cat and mouse. The disbanded secret British anti-terrorist unit has been resurrected in the wake of a deadly terrorist's escape. Faced with daunting odds in a variety of hostile settings, the new team take full advantage of Section 20's state-of-the-art resources to prevent the elusive Omair Idrisi and his equally sinister wife from unleashing a stolen cache of weapons of mass destruction.

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