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Noteworthy new additions to our music collection.

cover image of Bloom


Artist: Troye Sivan

Three years after releasing his acclaimed debut album, Troye Sivan returns with a sweet and intimate work. He works with a wide array of sonic influences and also offers up collaborations with Gordi and Ariana Grande.

cover image of Egypt Station

Egypt Station

Artist: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney invites listeners on a musical journey with his latest album, which shares a title with one of his paintings. It is the first full album of all-new material since his hit 2013 release NEW. Includes the tracks I Don't Know and Come On to Me.

cover image of Rainier Fog

Rainier Fog

Artist: Alice in Chains

Five years after releasing the Grammy-nominated The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, Alice in Chains is back with a new album, their first to be recorded in Seattle in more than twenty years.

cover image of Raise Vibration

Raise Vibration

Artist: Lenny Kravitz

The eleventh studio album from Lenny Kravitz also promises to be his most eclectic effort to date. All the while, he continues to transcend genre and style with tracks like Low; Johnny Cash; Gold Dust; and Ride.

cover image of Treat Myself

Treat Myself

Artist: Meghan Trainor

The third release from the Grammy-winning singer features Trainor's family including her fiance singing on every song. The lead singles off her latest is No Excuses and Let You Be Right.

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