New Arrivals · African-American Fiction

December 6, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Finding home again

December 5, 2019
Jackson, Brenda (Brenda Streater), author.
378 pages ; 17 cm
"Bryce Witherspoon's heart races every time she sees Kaegan Chambray. Everyone in town knows they can't stand each other, but the truth is, even though the man broke her heart ten years ago, she still feels that irresistible, oh-so-familiar jolt of desire. When Kaegan returned to Catalina Cove to run the family business, he knew there'd be no avoiding Bryce. The woman he thought he'd one day marry was instead the biggest heartbreak of his life. But when Bryce lets slip a devastating secret, he discovers just how wrong he was to let her go all those years ago. He knows they both still feel the spark between them, but it'll take more than attraction to convince her. Kaegan will pull out all the stops to show Bryce he's the man who can give her the future they once dreamed of--if only they give love a second chance." -- Amazon.

A sister's power

December 5, 2019
Rax, Cydney, author.
296 pages ; 21 cm.
"Already reeling from betrayal, middle sister Coco is fed up with lies--including her own. If she has her way, someone else's neck needs to be on the line for a change. But soon, Coco's in deep trouble with the law, her future hanging in the balance. Now the only thing that can save her is revealing one last devastating truth. Struggling with unthinkable loss, Coco's sister, Burgundy, finds comfort in a colleague's arms. But her eight-year-old daughter wants no part of him. She wants the life she enjoyed when her father was alive. As Burgundy fights to move on from the shocking tragedy of her marriage, she seeks a silver lining. And against all odds, she wants herself and all her sisters to win. In spite of secrets, lies, deception, and hurt, she will do whatever it takes to support and empower her family. Even if it means risking everything that's important to her. Now between revenge, grief, and forgiveness, these siblings will challenge themselves--and all they think they know about each other--in a showdown that may leave them united--or cause them to forever fall apart"-- Provided by publisher.

Arm candy

December 2, 2019
Littles, T. C., author.
396 pages ; 17 cm
"King is an underground record producer in Detroit who's finally getting shine and being recognized for his talent. Everything would be perfect if he didn't have an addiction to arm candy. King loves beautiful women. He flaunts them at parties, kicks it with them during studio sessions, and has his way with them -- all while his woman is busy working to help support his dream. Samira is King's girlfriend, the person who has been his monetary backbone. From music equipment to clothes, to a roof over his head, she has provided everything for King in the hopes becoming his wife. She wants to live the Hollywood dream, complete with a mainstream record deal. When Samira finds out King's main groupie chick, Rayna, is pregnant and has been plotting to steal her man, all hell breaks loose. With a chaotic love life, a newborn, and two chicks fighting over him, King can't focus. His career takes a big stumble that he's not sure he can recover from."--Back cover.


December 2, 2019
Nikki-Michelle, author.
457 pages ; 17 cm

Demise of Alexis Vancamp

December 2, 2019
Williams, Karen (Karen Lynn)
Farmingdale, NY : Urban Books, [2019]
309 pages ; 17 cm
After becoming involved with sexy, thugged-out Santana, good girl Alexis Vancamp followed him down a destructive path that landed her behind bars. Five years later, her case is overturned, and she is released from prison.

Dog food : K'wan presents

December 2, 2019
Pittman, Raynesha, author.
280 pages ; 17 cm
Upon his release from prison, Demarcus gets caught up in selling heroin, and finds himself on the losing side of a Memphis drug war.

Full figured 8 : Carl Weber presents

December 2, 2019
360 pages ; 17 cm
A lover's embrace? / by Skyy -- You only live once / by Treasure Hernandez.

Reckless. 2, Nobody's girl

December 2, 2019
Ervin, Keisha.
410 pages ; 17 cm
Life is good for Farrah, her company Glam Squad has skyrocketed, and her career as a celebrity stylist has taken off. On the personal side, she is happier than ever. Despite everything Mills put her through; Farrah is giving him a second chance. After months of bliss, Mills asks Farrah to marry him however he has been keeping a dark secret that will destroy everything.

The revisioners : a novel

November 27, 2019
Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson, author.
280 pages ; 22 cm
In 1925, Josephine is the proud owner of a thriving farm. As a child, she channeled otherworldly power to free herself from slavery. Now, her new neighbor, a white woman named Charlotte, seeks her company, and an uneasy friendship grows between them. But Charlotte has also sought solace in the Ku Klux Klan, a relationship that jeopardizes Josephine's family. Nearly one hundred years later, Josephine's descendant, Ava, is a single mother who has just lost her job. She moves in with her white grandmother Martha, a wealthy but lonely woman who pays her grandchild to be her companion. But Martha's behavior soon becomes erratic, then even threatening, and Ava must escape before her story and Josephine's converge.

Freedom lessons : a novel

November 22, 2019
Sanchez, Eileen Harrison, author.
Berkeley, CA : She Writes Press, a BookSparks impint, 2019.
ix, 245 pages ; 22 cm
Includes book club discussion questions (pages 244-245).
"Louisiana. 1969. Colleen, a white northern teacher, enters into the unfamiliar culture of a small southern town and its unwritten rules as the town surrenders to mandated school integration. Frank, a black high school football player, protects his family with a secret. And Evelyn, an experienced teacher and prominent member of the local black community, must decide whether she is willing to place trust in her new white colleague. Told alternatively by Colleen, Frank, and Evelyn, Freedom lessons is the story of how the lives of these three very different people intersect in a time when our nation faced, as it does today, a crisis of race, unity, and identity"--Page 4 of cover.

The bridal suite

November 21, 2019
Alers, Rochelle, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Publishing Corp., 2019.
390 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes recipes (pages 284-390).
"With her besties in the Big Easy, Nydia Santiago is second-guessing staying behind in New York City. So when Jasmine Washington calls with the exciting news that she's getting married, Nydia happily rushes to New Orleans to be her maid of honor. Once she visits the lovely Garden District estate her friends are transforming into a luxury inn, she's wistful to join them in their venture. Then she meets the sexy engineer in charge of the renovation. With his seductive Southern drawl, Lamar Pierce could make her believe in love again . . . Lamar is confident, responsible, and settled--everything her ex, an aspiring Latin music singer, wasn't. But Lamar is also a widowed father to a pre-teen girl in need of a mother, something Nydia's not ready to be. When her ex makes a very public proposal, suddenly Nydia is running from the paparazzi--straight into Lamar's arms. But is she ready to take the leap from singlehood to wife and mother?"--Page [4] of cover.

Criss cross

November 18, 2019
Patterson, James, 1947- author.
387 pages ; 25 cm.
"In a Virginia penitentiary, Alex Cross and his partner, John Sampson, witness the execution of a killer they helped convict. Hours later, they are called to the scene of a copycat crime. A note signed 'M' rests on the corpse. 'You messed up big time, Dr. Cross.' Was an innocent man just put to death? Alex soon realizes he may have much to answer for, as 'M' lures the detective out of the capital to the sites of multiple homicides, all marked with distressingly familiar details--details that conjure up decades-old cases. Details that conjure up Cross family secrets. Details that make clear that M is after a prize so dear that--were the killer to attain it--Alex's heart would no longer have reason to beat"-- Provided by publisher.

Good man gone bad

November 4, 2019
Haywood, Gar Anthony, author.
236 pages ; 21 cm.
"Hard times are nothing new for private investigator Aaron Gunner. Working on the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles, he's seen more than his fair share of trouble. But when his cousin and confidante Del Curry commits suicide after allegedly killing his wife and critically injuring their daughter Zina, Gunner knows he's about to face the hardest times of all. He doesn't buy the LAPD's version of the shooting and isn't going to wait for Zina to regain consciousness to disprove it. Whatever drove Del to take his own life---and possibly assault his wife and daughter---Gunner's going to find it, even if it means learning things about his late cousin he'll wish he never knew. But first, he has a paying case to work, proving the innocence of an Afghan War veteran accused of murder. Plagued by searing migraines and occasional fits of rage, Harper Stowe III is counting on Gunner to fill the holes in his ruined memory that make him the perfect suspect in the killing of his former employer. With a new era of American racism and divided politics on the rise all around him, Gunner must seek the truth behind two fatal shootings now, and grieve for his beloved cousin later."--Provided by publisher.

The guardians

November 1, 2019
Grisham, John, author.
New York : Doubleday, [2019]
375 pages ; 24 cm
In a small Florida town, a young lawyer, Keith Russo, is shot to death as he works late. A young black man, a former client, named Quincy Miller is charged and convicted. For 22 years, Miller maintains his innocence from inside prison. Finally, Guardian Ministries takes on Miller's case, but Cullen Post, the Episcopal minister in charge, gets more than he bargained for. Powerful people murdered Russo-- they do not want Miller exonerated, and will kill again without a second thought. -- adapted from info provided and jacket info.

Consummation of Nema : Layla's return...

October 30, 2019
Sayeed, Iriel, author.
vi, 216 pages ; map ; 23 cm
"Layla Livingston has lost her memory and her connection to Rastaland. Living a full life, achieving her goals, still she knows something is missing. Will the beings of Rastaland be able to convince Layla of her truth? Will Layla open up her mind and believe the unbelievable? Can Layla reclaim her memory and place in Rastaland before it's too late? Join Layla on her journey to a land unknown, beings she's never seen and challenges she'd never thought she face. Layla must step into her rightful place, or this beautiful region she's discovered could be lost forever"--from Back cover.

Joy and pain

October 30, 2019
Thompson, Adrienne, 1973- author.
101 pages ; 23 cm
"Hyacinth Manor matriarch, Rosa Stark, is known for her wisdom and guidance when it comes to matters of the heart. That is, until the matters concern to her own heart. When she stumbles upon the man who could be her soul mate, will she look past pre-conceived notions and give love a chance?"--Back cover.

No pain, no gain

October 30, 2019
Thompson, Adrienne, 1973- author.
131 pages ; 23 cm
"Rochelle Warrior is tired of living the life of a single mother and soon hatches a plan to solve her problem. But will love find its way into the equation?"--Back cover.

Your house will pay : a novel

October 28, 2019
Cha, Steph, author.
New York, NY : Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2019]
304 pages ; 24 cm
"In the wake of the police shooting of a black teenager, Los Angeles is as tense as it's been since the unrest of the early 1990s. But Grace Park and Shawn Matthews have their own problems. Grace is sheltered and largely oblivious, living in the Valley with her Korean-immigrant parents, working long hours at the family pharmacy. She's distraught that her sister hasn't spoken to their mother in two years, for reasons beyond Grace's understanding. Shawn has already had enough of politics and protest after an act of violence shattered his family years ago. He just wants to be left alone to enjoy his quiet life in Palmdale. But when another shocking crime hits LA, both the Park and Matthews families are forced to face down their history while navigating the tumult of a city on the brink of more violence"--

After the pain

October 28, 2019
Thompson, Adrienne, 1973- author.
119 pages ; 23 cm
Barely grasping on to her sanity due to past trauma and unhappiness, LaVonda Ingram leaves her home in search of peace and finds it in the love of a beautiful man. But will she be able to hold on to the healing and peace his love provides?

Light it up

October 24, 2019
Magoon, Kekla, author.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2019.
358 pages ; 22 cm
Told from multiple viewpoints, Shae Tatum, an unarmed, thirteen-year-old black girl, is shot by a white police officer, throwing their community into upheaval and making it a target of demonstrators.

Baddest apple

October 15, 2019
Santiago, Nisa, author.
[Canada] : Melodrama Publishing, 2019.
300 pages ; 22 cm
Apple is still unable to settle down and focus on being a mom, especially when she hears about Queenie a hardcore former drug mule. Apple can't resist trying to reclaim the title of Queen of New York.

The other side

October 11, 2019
Hickman, Trice, author.
viii, 264 pages ; 21 cm
"After one too many failed relationships, businesswoman Bernadette Gibson is resigned to singlehood. Yet on the heels of her 50th birthday she meets Cooper "Coop" Dennis, a charismatic nightclub owner who literally sweeps her off her feet. But just as they're ready to make the ultimate commitment, a secret from Coop's past threatens to end their relationship... As her fortieth birthday approaches, bestselling novelist Testimony "Tess" Sinclair is hurting--especially since her ex-boyfriend got married. For a change of scenery he travels to the sleepy southern town of Bourbon, NC, to visit her cousin, Bernadette--and finds unexpected love. Yet as wedding bells promise to ring, Tess wrestles with a secret that could end their happily ever after before it begins... Up-and-coming makeup artist and single mom Arizona May is thrilled to be just a few months away from marrying the love of her life. Until then, she and her finacé are committed to celibacy. But on the eve of Arizona's thirtieth birthday, they surrender to passion--and she discovers something about her Prince Charming that leads her to rethink their plans... As Bernadette, Tess, and Arizona strive to find happiness, they develop a bond that strengthens and surprises them--and carries them through their struggles, to the other side."--Back cover.

The secret lives of Baltimore girls

October 11, 2019
Katt, author.
Farmingdale, NY : Urban Books, LLC, [2019]
236 pages ; 21 cm
Charlie Dixon gave up on love-- until Damon Williams literally crashed into her life. After a devastating divorce from her childhood love Emerson Dayle swears off the days of sacrificing herself for the sake of a man, but a secret from her past threatens everything she has worked for. Mikayla King's children, Kai and Zuri, keep her grounded as she suffers mental and physical abuse at the hands of her husband, professional sportscaster Charles King. Three women with secrets from their pasts... and demons to face in the present.

Swirl secrets

October 11, 2019
Honey, 1968- author.
Farmingdale, NY : Urban Books, LLC, [2019]
280 pages ; 21 cm
She was chasing a sexual fantasy, and he was just plain curious. Her dream to explore the land of chocolate matched his longtime need to know if there was truly magic in the snow. Future attorney Tyson Maxwell Junior's secret life as a private 'entertainer' thrusts him into Mallorie Whitaker's path when he's hired to perform at her friend’s bachelorette party. It's lust at first sight for the wealthy Mallorie, but Tyson sees her as a sexual experiment that could possibly be the answer to his million-dollar question. Although Mallorie is engaged to be married soon, she and Tyson indulge in a hush-hush sexuation that forces them to face social stereotypes, the racial divide, and prejudices of the past and present.

Eraserheads 2 : the decision

October 10, 2019
Brick (Novelist), author.
Farmingdale, NY : Urban Books, [2019]
284 pages ; 21 cm
"There were two things of which Auto, leader of the elusive Eraserheads, was certain: Code, his partner and best friend, had betrayed him, and Caltrone Orlando, the biggest crime lord in North America, had marked him and his team for death. Crossing Caltrone Orlando had come with a steep price. Auto suffered fatal losses to his team and business. Smiley hadn't signed up for any of the madness that came along with being an Eraserhead, yet she found herself drawn to their leader in ways she hadn't expected. The connection to the very man who has Auto in his crosshairs could ultimately lead to her downfall as well. Boots had only one agenda when he came to Atlanta: get inside of Caltrone's operation so he could find a way to bring the criminal mastermind down from the inside out. Of course, even the best laid plans can go awry, and when they do, Auto, Boots, and Smiley find themselves in the fight of their lives.--Page 4 of cover.


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