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March 21, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Let's play two : the legend of Mr. Cub, the life of Ernie Banks

March 20, 2019
Rapoport, Ron, author.
New York : Hachette Books, 2019.
ix, 454 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Prologue: Omaha -- A blessed child. 1717 Fairmount ; Booker T ; On the road ; Leaving home -- Apprenticeship. Monarchs of all they surveyed ; Army life ; "Going to Chicago, sorry I can't take you" -- Ernie Banks and Mr. Cub. North side, South side ; The master builder ; Future shock ; MVP! MVP! ; The slough of despond ; The once and future Cub ; Let's play two ; The rock of the family ; Bright college days ; "He was why we fell in love with the game" ; The lull before the storm -- Himself. Taking over ; "Daddy, where were you?" ; Teammates ; And yet so far ; The most unpopular man in Chicago ; "This is not an eighth-place team" -- The best of times, the worst of times. "Change the flag!" ; Bleacher bums ; In the world ; "Break out the champagne" ; A bunch of old men ; Questions and answers ; Riding the pines ; Sunday in America ; Coda -- Being Ernie Banks. Man at work ; Family ties ; "How's your wife?" ; Rounding third ; Epilogue: Graceland.
"The definitive and revealing biography of Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks, one of America's most iconic, beloved, and misunderstood baseball players, by acclaimed journalist Ron Rapoport"-- Provided by publisher.

Black and red roots : discovering your Native American ancestry

March 18, 2019
Pearson, Esther, author.
[United States?] : [publisher not identified], [2019]
30 pages : illustrations, map ; 28 cm
What does a Native American look like? -- Each one must take his or her own journey -- Why is the trail of tears important? -- Let the journey begin -- Step-by-step -- Identifying black and red roots -- Example of a black and red roots search.
"Many African Americans have family stories that were passed down from one generation to the next which include references to Native American ancestry. These stories were passed down from the elders in a matter-of-fact manner. These conversations went something like this, 'You know your great-grandmother was an Indian', or 'Remember grandpa. He was an Indian.' These facts were accepted without dispute or fanfare as simply another part of the rich African heritage and then African American life. But, as time went on, curiosity about the Indian family roots generally took hold and evidence of the claims of Native American ancestry was sought. This book provides steps to research your Native American ancestry. It is a must for finding your 'black and red roots'"--Back cover.

Zora and Langston : a story of friendship and betrayal

March 15, 2019
Taylor, Yuval, author.
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2019]
xii, 302 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 24 cm
Introduction. Lovingly yours -- Spring 1925. Opportunity -- 1891/1924. I laugh, and grow strong -- Summer 1926. The Niggerati -- Spring 1927. Enter godmother -- Summer 1927. The company of good things -- Fall 1927. A deep well of the spirit -- Winter 1928/winter 1930. This is going to be big -- Spring 1930. The bone of contention -- Winter 1931. A miasma of untruth -- 1932/1960. The aftermath -- Conclusion. The legacy.
"Hurston and Hughes, two giants of the Harlem Renaissance and American literature, were best friends--until they weren't. Zora Neale Hurston (Their Eyes Were Watching God) and Langston Hughes ('The Negro Speaks of Rivers,' 'Let America Be America Again') were collaborators, literary gadflies, and close companions. They traveled together in Hurston's dilapidated car through the rural South collecting folklore, worked on the play Mule Bone, and wrote scores of loving letters to each other. They even had the same patron: Charlotte Osgood Mason, a wealthy white woman who insisted on being called 'Godmother.' Paying them lavishly while trying to control their work, Mason may have been the spark for their bitter falling-out. Was the split inevitable when Hughes decided to be financially independent of their patron? Was Hurston jealous of the woman employed as their typist? Or was the rupture over the authorship of Mule Bone? Yuval Taylor answers these questions while illuminating Hurston's and Hughes's lives, work, competitiveness and ambition"-- Provided by publisher.

The African-American military experience in the Civil War : an annotated bibliography of selected articles

March 15, 2019
Liddy, Jerome, author.
Berwyn Heights, Md. : Heritage Books, 2018.
Introduction -- Annotated article bibliography -- Selected list of books for further reading -- Index: Author, editor, and compiler -- Index: Subject.
"This work provides an annotated bibliography of these articles, complete with critical and descriptive commentary. The articles are listed in alphabetical order by author or editor. They address a wide range of subjects concerning the African-American military experience in the Civil War including but not limited to battles and campaigns, the reaction of Union and Confederate soldiers to black troops, the contentious issue of army pay, recruitment, prisoner treatment, racial atrocities, shipboard race relations, racial prejudice, medical treatment, and the often mind-numbing routine of garrison duty. Each article is presented in standard bibliographical format that includes the name of the author, article title, journal name, volume number and issue number, date of publication, and pages on which the article appears. This is followed by an annotation. If appropriate, supplemental information regarding maps, tables, charts, illustrations, appendixes, and additional bibliographical data is also provided. A subject matter index is included"--Back cover.

Some slaves of Rappahannock County, Virginia: will books A to D, 1833-1865 and Old Rappahannock County, Virginia will books 1 and 2, 1664-1682

March 15, 2019
Barlau, Sandra, compiler.
Berwyn Heights, Md. : Heritage Books, 2018.
1 volume (unpaged) ; 22 cm
Rappahannock County Va. Preface ; Introduction ; Abbreviations ; Will book A, 1833-1842 ; Will book B, 1842-1849 ; Will book C, 1849-1855 ; Will book D, 1855-1865 -- Old Rappahannock County, Va. Will book 1, 1665-1677 ; Will book 2, 1677-1682 -- Index.
"Each chapter in this work contains information gleaned from one will book. The documents include administrator's estate, executor, and guardian accounts, wills, and inventory and appraisals. Each entry gives the name of the slave owner, page number, date, and type of document followed by a list of slaves. The new owner is listed if known. Surnames of the owner's children are indexed only if noted in the document. The slaves who were emancipated, freed, or manumitted are listed in the index under Emancipated"--Back cover.

Encyclopedia of African American business

March 15, 2019
Santa Barbara, California : Greenwood, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2018]
2 volumes (liv, 1032 pages) : illustrations, portraits ; 26 cm
volume one. A-L -- volume two. M-Z.

Womanish : a grown black woman speaks on love and life

March 12, 2019
McLarin, Kim, author.
New York, NY : Ig Publishing, [2019]
190 pages ; 21 cm
Alright, cupid -- Becky and me -- Eshu finds work -- Maurice's blues -- Fire all the time -- Victim and victor both start with V -- On self-delusion -- The upside of loving a sociopath -- A case for revenge -- Visiting Mrs. D -- Mothering while black -- Womanish -- Better than the alternative.
"Searing in its emotional honesty, Womanish is an essay collection by award-winning author Kim McLarin that explores what it means to be a black woman in today's turbulent times. Writing with candor, wit and vulnerability on topics including dating after divorce, depression, parenting older children, the Obamas, and the often fraught relations between white and black women, McLarin unveils herself at the crossroads of being black, female and middle-aged, and, ultimately, American. Powerful and timely, Kim McLarin draws upon a lifetime of experiences to paint a portrait of a black woman trying to come to terms with the world around her, and of a society trying to come to terms with black women"-- Publisher's description.

Unwavering perseverance : an olympic gold medalist finds peace

March 7, 2019
Wineberg, Mary, author.
vii, 119 pages : portraits ; 23 cm.
"The story of Mary Wineberg is one of extraordinary perseverance. She overcame astronomical odds and monumental challenges to grace the top step of the Olympic podium. Her path to Olympic Gold is unlike any the sport has ever seen. She was not a high school standout. She was not a star in college, and she came up short five years in a row trying to run post-collegiately. How could a young girl, abandoned by her mother, and from a disadvantaged background, take what seemed to be average talent all the way to Olympic gold? She is truly an inspiration to all!"--Back cover.

Slaves, slaveholders, and a Kentucky community's struggle toward freedom

March 6, 2019
Leonard, Elizabeth D., author.
Lexington, Kentucky : The University Press of Kentucky, [2019]
xiv, 178 pages : map ; 24 cm

Gordon Parks : the new tide, early work, 1940-1950

March 5, 2019
Brookman, Philip, author, editor.
336 pages : illustrations (some color), portraits ; 30 x 26 cm
Catalog from an exhibition held at National Gallery of Art, Washington [D.C.], November 4, 2018-February 18, 2019; The Cleveland Museum of Art, [Cleveland, Ohio], March 23-June 16, 2019; Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, [Texas], August 31-December 29, 2019; and, Addison Gallery of American Art, Phillips Academy, Andover, [Massachusetts], February 1-April 26, 2020.
Introduction : Young Gordon Parks / Sarah Lewis -- Plates : a choice of weapons -- Plates : government work -- Plates : the home front -- Plates : Standard Oil -- Plates : mass media -- Gordon Parks : the sphere of conscious history / Philip Brookman -- Black Parnassus : Chicago in the interwar years / Richard J. Powell -- Gordon Parks : haute coutoure and the everyday / Deborah Willis -- The crucible of race : Gordon Parks and an emerging civil rights movement / Maurice Berger -- The road to Life : a timeline of origins and early career, 1818-1950 / Anjuli Lebowitz, Philip Brookman, and Elizabeth Doorly.
Focusing on new research and access to forgotten pictures, "The New Tide, Early Work 1940-1950" documents the importance of these years in shaping Gordon Parks' passionate vision. The book brings together photographs and publications made during the first and most formative decade of his 65-year career. During the 1940s Parks' photographic ambitions grew to express a profound understanding of his social, cultural and political experiences. From the first photographs he published in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and his relationship to the Chicago Black Renaissance, to his mentorship with Roy Stryker and his breakthrough work for America's influential picture magazines - including "Ebony" and "Life" - this book traces Parks' rapid evolution from an accomplished, self-taught practitioner to a groundbreaking artistic and journalistic voice.

Posing modernity : the black model from Manet and Matisse to today

March 5, 2019
Murrell, Denise, author.
xvii, 206 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), map ; 27 cm
Exhibition: Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, New York, USA (October 24, 2018-February 10, 2019); Musée d'Orsay (March 26-July 14, 2019).
Foreword and Acknowledgments -- Foreword -- Introduction: The Gift of Olympia -- Prologue: Manet's Laure and the Histories of Art -- Chapter 1: Olympia in Context: Manet, the Impressionists, and Black Paris -- Chapter 2: Affinities and Interface: Modern Portraits of Black Women in the Art of Matisse and the Harlem Renaissance -- Chapter 3: A Reimagined Legacy: The Black Female Figure from Bearden to Now -- Profiles of Three Models -- Map -- Notes -- Index -- Illustration Credits
This revelatory study investigates how changing modes of representing the black female figure were foundational to the development of modern art. Posing Modernity examines the legacy of Edouard Manet's Olympia (1863), arguing that this radical painting marked a fitfully evolving shift toward modernist portrayals of the black figure as an active participant in everyday life rather than as an exotic "other." Denise Murrell explores the little-known interfaces between the avant-gardists of nineteenth-century Paris and the post-abolition community of free black Parisians. She traces the impact of Manet's reconsideration of the black model into the twentieth century and across the Atlantic, where Henri Matisse visited Harlem jazz clubs and later produced transformative portraits of black dancers as icons of modern beauty. These and other works by the artist are set in dialogue with the urbane "New Negro" portraiture style with which Harlem Renaissance artists including Charles Alston and Laura Wheeler Waring defied racial stereotypes. The book concludes with a look at how Manet's and Matisse's depictions influenced Romare Bearden and continue to reverberate in the work of such global contemporary artists as Faith Ringgold, Aimé Mpane, Maud Sulter, and Mickalene Thomas, who draw on art history to explore its multiple voices.

The conspiracy to destroy black women

March 1, 2019
Porter, Michael.
[Chicago] : [African American Images], ©2001.
ix, 150 pages ; 22 cm
pt. 1. Cause, effect, and madness -- 1. When love hurts : spouse abuse and sexual molestation -- 2. Bitch, hoe, or queen : the role of women in rap music and videos -- 3. SBF -- 4. AIDS and African/African American women -- 5. White male supremacy -- 6. The myth of white normalcy -- 7. African American men : innocent or guilty -- 8. Patriarchy and female subjugation -- 9. Creating the dysfunctional mother -- 10. How public schools present mothers as perpetrators -- pt. 2. The women -- 1. African American women : the crucifixion of mother -- 2. The face of an old black woman : grandmothers and the stability of black families -- 3. Native American women, other women, white women -- 4. Myth of the "ugly body" -- 5. Love or lust -- pt. 3. Agencies and institutions -- 1. Zero tolerance for black skin : African American women behind bars -- 2. The political pimping of women -- 3. Myth of the powerless woman -- 4. Educated to become a white man -- 5. Public school abuse of nonwhite and poor female parents -- 6. Social welfare and women -- 7. Religion, men-isters, and women -- pt. 4. The wicked, the mad, and the spiritual -- 1. The necessity of female rebellion -- 2. Recommendations.

An American summer : love and death in Chicago

February 28, 2019
Kotlowitz, Alex, author.
New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 2019.
x, 287 pages ; 25 cm
A richly textured, heartrending portrait of love and death in Chicago's most turbulent neighborhoods . The numbers are staggering: over the past twenty years in Chicago, 14,033 people have been killed and another roughly 60,000 wounded by gunfire. What does that do to the spirit of individuals and community? Drawing on his decades of experience, Alex Kotlowitz set out to chronicle one summer in the city, writing about individuals who have emerged from the violence and whose stories capture the capacity--and the breaking point--of the human heart and soul. T

Survival math : notes on an all-American family

February 28, 2019
Jackson, Mitchell S., author.
New York : Scribner, 2019.
xv, 315 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Mitchell S. Jackson candidly explores his tumultuous youth in America. Survival Math takes its name from the calculations Mitchell and his family made to keep safe and to stay alive in their community, a small black neighborhood in Portland, Oregon blighted by drugs, violence, poverty, and governmental neglect. Survival Math is both a personal reckoning and a vital addition to the national conversation about race.--Provided by publisher.

Black power encyclopedia : from "Black is beautiful" to urban uprisings

February 27, 2019
2 volumes (cxxxv, 904 pages) : illustrations ; 27 cm.
Volume 1. Introduction -- Chronology -- Armed resistance in the Black Power movement -- Black Power, Red Power, and the potential of Red-Black unity -- Black Power studies -- Gender, Black women, and Black Power -- Urban rebellions -- A-I -- Volume 2. J-Z.

Bending toward justice : the Birmingham church bombing that changed the course of civil rights

February 27, 2019
Jones, Doug (G. Douglas), 1954- author.
New York : All Points Books, 2019.
xix, 363 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes index.
The bombing -- Baxley -- Langford -- The job -- Rudolph -- Grand juries -- Sucker punched -- Blanton -- Politics and dementia -- Cherry -- Epiphanies -- Honoring the children -- One more chance -- Connecting the dots.
"The story of the decades-long fight to bring justice to the victims of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, culminating in Sen. Doug Jones' prosecution of the last living bombers."--Provided by publisher.

Karamo : my story of embracing purpose, healing, and hope

February 27, 2019
Brown, Karamo, author.
New York : Gallery Books, 2019.
289 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"An insightful, candid, and inspiring memoir from Karamo Brown--Queer Eye's beloved culture expert--as he shares his story for the first time."--Provided by publisher.

Voguing and the house ballroom scene of New York City 1989-92

February 27, 2019
Regnault, Chantal.
London : Soul Jazz Books, 2018.
208 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
Interviews. Hector Xtravaganza, grandfather of the House of Xtravaganza ; Kevin Ultra Omni, father and founder of the House of Omni ; David Ultima, former father of the House of Xtravaganza ; Danny Chislom, House of Mugler ; Tommie LaBeija, father of the House of LaBeija ; Muhammad Omni, voguer ; Adrian Magnifique, voguer, model and designer ; Anonymous, Femme Queen ; Robbie Saint Laurent, father of House of Saint Laurent.
'Listen, and you will hear all the houses that walked there before' : A history of drag balls, houses and the culture of Voguing.

Solitary : unbroken by four decades in solitary confinement : my story of transformation and hope

February 26, 2019
Woodfox, Albert, author.
xi, 433 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Nearly forty years in solitary confinement in a 6-foot by 9-foot cell for 23 hours a day for a crime he did not commit, Albert Woodfox survived and emerged with his humanity and sense of hope for the future intact.

The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection : shared treasures of Bernard and Shirley Kinsey : where art and history intersect

February 26, 2019
Kinsey, Bernard, 1943- author.
Pacific Palisades, CA : Bernard and Shirley Kinsey Foundation for Arts and Education, 2017.
234 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 27 cm

Fearless : faith + hustle : 21 day devotional journey

February 25, 2019
Simone, Arian, author.
210 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"A 21-day devotional for the fun, fly, fabulous female entrepreneur"--Title page.
"As a female entrepreneur, your day can be quite unpredictable. It's very important that you stay centered, operating from a place of peace, clarity, and love with an expectancy of greatness! This book was created with you in mind, the female business owner, to add more value to your daily life... You will find inspirational stories throughout the book from various female entrepreneurs. Each day on this journey you will find a scripture, a story, a prayer, declarations, an exercise. It is my prayer that this book lights a fire in you to walk in the fruitful and abundant life that Jesus has called for you to live!"--from Back cover.

Sistah vegan : black female vegans speak on food, identity, health, and society

February 22, 2019
New York : Lantern Books, 2010.
xix, 209 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction: The birth of the Sistah Vegan Project / A. Breeze Harper -- Thinking and eating at the same time : reflection of a Sistah Vegan / Michelle R. Loyd-Paige -- Veganism and ecowomanism / Layli Phillips -- Social justice reliefs and addiction to uncompassionate consumption : food for thought / A. Breeze Harper -- On being Black and vegan / Delicia Dunham -- Nutrition liberation : plant-based diets as a tool for healing, resistance, and self-reliance / Melissa Danielle -- Young, Black, and vegan / Joi Marie Probus -- Veganism : stepping away from the status quo / Venus Taylor -- Being a sistah at PETA / Ain Drew -- Hospital-sponsored junk food at a "Healthy" bike-riding event? / Robin Lee -- Black-a-tarian / Ma'at Sincere Earth -- Identity, freedom, and veganism / Melissa Santosa -- Terror / Tara Sophia Bahna-James -- Eyes of the dead / Mary Spears -- I am Sistah Vegan / Tasha Edwards -- Gourmet chef at McD's / Olu Butterfly Woods -- To eat or not to eat / Thea Moore -- Stop feeding me your bullsh*t / Tishana Joy Trainor -- "What you cooking, grandma?" / Nia Yaa -- The food and sex link / Angelique Shofar -- Journey to veganism / Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo -- The fulfillment of the movement / Adama Maweja -- Ma'at diet / Iya Raet -- Because they matter / Tashee Meadows -- Journey toward compassionate choice : integrating vegan and Sistah experience / Tara Sophia Bahna-James -- Veganism and misconceptions of thinness as "normal" and "healthy" : Sistah Vegan break it down in cyberspace / compiled by A. Breeze Harper -- Afterword: Liberation as connection and the decolonization of desire / Pattrice Jones.
Sistah Vegan is a series of narratives, critical essays, poems, and reflections from a diverse community of North American black-identified vegans. Collectively, these activists are de-colonizing their bodies and minds via whole-foods veganism. By kicking junk-food habits, the more than thirty contributors all show the way toward longer, stronger, and healthier lives. Suffering from type-2 diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, and overweight need not be the way women of color are doomed to be victimized and live out their mature lives. There are healthy alternatives. Sistah Vegan is not about preaching veganism or vegan fundamentalism. Rather, the book is about how a group of black-identified female vegans perceive nutrition, food, ecological sustainability, health and healing, animal rights, parenting, social justice, spirituality, hair care, race, gender-identification, womanism, and liberation that all go against the (refined and bleached) grain of our dysfunctional society. Thought-provoking for the identification and dismantling of environmental racism, ecological devastation, and other social injustices, Sistah Vegan is an in-your-face handbook for our time. It calls upon all of us to make radical changes for the betterment of ourselves, our planet, and--by extension--everyone.

Conversations of a conscious black girl

February 21, 2019
Fox, C. M., author.
33 pages ; 23 cm
"An urban stance on the current state of the African-American community, it's people, and their perils. As told from the views of two conscious black girls."

The only woman in the room : quotes and wisdom for a fearless life

February 20, 2019
Cummings, Annette Merritt, author.
Bloomington, IN : West Bow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan, 2017.
xxvi, 129 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Introduction -- Change -- Truth and courage -- Perseverance and the value of education -- Faith, purpose and spiritual values -- Commitment and success -- Diversity, inclusion and America -- Laughter heals -- My career journey: the only woman in the room -- Gratitude -- Parting words and lessons.
"Former advertising and public relations executive, Annette Merritt Cummings, has written a memoir about a career where she was often the only woman and only black person in the room. This book features quotes, wisdom and inspirational hymns and poems she collected over the years that motivated and encouraged her throughout her 30 year career 'from the bottom to the top;' from unwed mother to a senior executive and diversity consultant"--Provided by publisher.

Sign my name to freedom : a memoir of a pioneering life

February 20, 2019
Soskin, Betty Reid, 1921- author.
Carlsbad, California ; New York City ; London : Hay House, Inc., [2018]
xvii, 205 pages,16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Prologue -- Creole/Black Cajun New Orleans -- Growing up in pre-war Bay Area -- Marriage and the war years -- Into the lion's den -- Breaking down, breaking up -- The movement years -- An emancipated woman -- Richmond and Rosie and Betty the Ranger -- Shining bright at twilight: lessons of a life long lived -- Epilogue.
"In Betty Reid Soskin's 96 years of living, she has been a witness to a grand sweep of American history. When she was born in 1921, the lynching of African-Americans was a national epidemic, blackface minstrel shows were the most popular American form of entertainment, white women had only just won the right to vote, and most African-Americans in the Deep South could not vote at all. From her great-grandmother, who had been enslaved until her mid-20s, Betty heard stories of slavery and the times of terror and struggle for black folk that followed. In her lifetime, Betty has watched the nation begin to confront its race and gender biases when forced to come together in the World War II era; seen our differences nearly break us apart again in the upheavals of the civil rights and Black Power eras; and, finally, lived long enough to witness both the election of an African-American president and the re-emergence of a militant, racist far right. Blending together selections from many of Betty's hundreds of blog entries with interviews, letters, and speeches, Sign My Name to Freedom invites you along on that journey, through the words and thoughts of a national treasure who has never stopped looking at herself, the nation, or the world with fresh eyes"-- Adapted from book jacket.


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