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January 18, 2020
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

When you see me : a novel

January 17, 2020
Gardner, Lisa, author.
New York : Dutton, [2020]
385 pages ; 24 cm
"FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy and Sergeant Detective D D Warren have built a task force to follow the digital bread crumbs left behind by deceased serial kidnapper Jacob Ness. When a disturbing piece of evidence is discovered in the hills of Georgia, they bring Flora Dane and true-crime savant Keith Edgar to a small town where something seems to be deeply wrong. What at first looks like a Gothic eeriness soon hardens into something much more sinister... and they discover that for all the evil Jacob committed while alive, his worst secret is still to be revealed. Quincy and DD must summon their considerable skills and experience to crack the most disturbing case of their careers -- and Flora must face her own past directly in the hope of saving others." -- Provided by publisher.

Feral : a novel

January 17, 2020
Luiken, Nicole, 1971- author.
269 pages ; 22 cm
"17-year-old Chloe fears she's a Dud, a child born to two werewolves who can't change into a wolf. If she's still a Dud by the time she reaches adulthood, she'll be exiled. In the meantime, she's at the bottom of the pack hierarchy. But Chloe is a natural Alpha, unable to bow her head meekly, and the other teens in her small town pack make her life miserable. While running through the woods, she encounters a feral werewolf with the opposite problem: he's trapped in wolf form. Chloe suspects the feral is her old classmate, Marcus, who everyone believes died along with the rest of his family in a mysterious plane crash last year. Pack lore says that any werewolf that remains in wolf form for more than a few days is dangerous and lost forever. Chloe vows to help Marcus regain his human self because giving up on him would mean admitting possible failure for herself, too. But she must act quickly. Pack law mandates killing ferals"-- Provided by publisher.


January 17, 2020
Ashley Antoinette, 1985- author.
x, 288 pages ; 21 cm.
"Run away from the boy that give you butterflies, he's going to break your heart." Morgan Atkins had been told that phrase ever since she was a little girl and still she allowed herself to fall for the boy that made her heart flutter. After losing her first love, Morgan is terrified to love again. She's settled for a comfortable life with a respectable man. She has everything. She's living in the lap of luxury and although she's comfortable, she's bored out of her mind. When a ghost from her past blows into town, she finds herself entangled in an illicit affair. It's wrong, but she can't fight the butterflies he gives her and honestly, she doesn't want to. She can't hide the natural attraction she feels and soon, she's so deep involved that she can no longer tell where the boundary between right and wrong lies. Her heart is telling her one thing, but her head is saying another. Morgan Atkins has always been a spoiled girl and she tries to have it all, but when she's forced to choose between a good man and a bad boy, someone will end up hurt. Someone just may end up dead" --Back cover.

The innkeeper's bride

January 17, 2020
Fuller, Kathleen, author.
xiv, 302 pages ; 22 cm.
Sequel to: The farmer's bride.
Includes discussion questions.
Levi Stoll moved to Birch Creek with his family to run a much-needed inn in the small town. Within this thriving community Levi has found his purpose and joy in the new inn-- and given him a fresh start, leaving behind some mistakes he'd much rather forget. Selah Ropp, returning to Birch Creek after trying to outrun her own unhappiness, is genuinely glad to be back with old friends. She starts to work at the inn, and sparks fly between her and the handsome innkeeper. Each fears rejection if their pasts are discovered. They must learn that, with God's grace, the future is stronger than any pain of the past. -- adapted from back cover

Just after the wave

January 17, 2020
Collette, Sandrine, 1970-
New York, NY : Europa Editions , 2020
291 pages ; 21 cm
When a volcano collapses in the ocean and generates a tidal wave of biblical proportions, the world disappears around Louie, his parents and his eight siblings. Their house, perched on a summit, stands firm. As far as the eye can see there is only choppy grey water. For six days the family waits for relief, as food becomes scarce. Then the water starts to rise again, and the parents realize they must make for the highlands. There isn't room, however, for everyone on the boat and they will have to choose between their children.

Why, why, why? : stories

January 17, 2020
Monzó, Quim, 1952- author.
Rochester, NY : Open Letter, 2019.
119 pages ; 22 cm
Originally published in Catalan as "El perqué de tot plegat" by Quaderns Crema, 1993.
Honesty -- Love -- Married life -- Submission -- The menstrual cycle -- Clueless -- Faith -- Pygmalion -- Immolation -- Knowledge -- The decision -- Admiration -- Why do the hands of a clock turn the way the hands of a clock do? -- Jealousy -- Hand on heart -- Instability -- St. Valentine's -- Trojan euphoria -- Half-twelvish -- The urge for self-improvement -- The Hippocratic oath -- Mycology -- The toad -- The sleeping beauty -- The monarchy -- Fauna -- Strength of will -- Physiognomies -- Divine providence -- The story.
"A man tries to teach a stone to speak through sheer force of will. An engaged couple makes a pact to never lie, and their union dissolves immediately. Over the course of a phone call, a man learns that his girlfriend died months ago, and that he's been unknowingly seeing her twin sister. Prince Charming marries Cinderella, but then has an affair with the evil stepsisters. A psychopath's liver explodes after a night of heavy drinking, but instead of killing him, it allows him to be a better drinker. These, and many more strange and twisted characters populate the pages of Why, Why, Why?, a delectable brew of dark humor and biting satire on human relationships."-- Back cover.

Lush money

January 17, 2020
Lopez, Angelina M., author
395 pages ; 17 cm
" A marriage of convenience and three nights a month. That's all the sultry, self-made billionaire wants from the impoverished prince. And at the end of the year, she'll grant him his divorce...with a settlement large enough to save his beloved kingdom. As a Latinx woman, Roxanne Medina has conquered small-town bullies, Ivy League snobs and boardrooms full of men. She's earned the right to mother a princess and feel a little less lonely at the top. The offer she's made is more than generous, and when the contract's fulfilled, they'll both walk away with everything they've ever wanted. Pr'ncipe Mateo Ferdinand Juan Carlos de Esperanza y Santos is one of the top winegrowers in the world, and he's not marrying and having a baby with a stranger. Even if the millions she's offering could save his once-legendary wine-producing principality. But the successful, single-minded beauty uses a weapon prince Mateo hadn't counted on: his own desire." -- Back cover.

American dreamer

January 17, 2020
Herrera, Adriana (Romance author), author.
376 pages ; 17 cm
No one ever said big dreams come easy. For Nesto Vasquez, moving his Afro-Caribbean food truck from New York City to the wilds of Upstate New York is a huge gamble. If it works, he'll be a big fish in a little pond. If it doesn't? He'll have to give up the hustle and return to the day job he hates. He's got six months to make it happen -- the last thing he needs is a distraction. Jude Fuller is proud of the life he's built on the banks of Cayuga Lake. He has a job he loves and good friends. It's safe. It's quiet. And it's damn lonely. Until he tries Ithaca's most-talked-about new lunch spot and works up the courage to flirt with the handsome owner. Soon he can't get enough -- of Nesto's food or of Nesto. For the first time in his life, Jude can finally taste the kind of happiness that's always been just out of reach. An opportunity too good to pass up could mean a way to stay together and an incredible future for them both ... if Nesto can remember happiness isn't always measured by business success. And if Jude can overcome his past and trust his man will never let him down.

Death comes to Dogwood Manor

January 17, 2020
Bretting, Sandra, author.
New York, NY : Lyrical Underground/Kensington Publishing Corp., 2018.
163 pages ; 22 cm
Making Southern brides beautiful is top priority for hat designer Missy DuBois, but sometimes her Louisiana studio moonlights as a crime-solving headquarters. While driving to her hat shop, Crowning Glory, Missy accidentally sideswipes a car parked in front of Dogwood Manor, an antebellum mansion being converted into a high-end hotel by the much-reviled property developer Herbert Solomon. Of course, the car is his Rolls Royce. But Solomon is too busy berating his contractor and interior designer to worry about a little fender bender. When Missy returns to check out the mansion's chapel where her latest client will be married, she finds the developer dead on his property. After an autopsy finds poison in his body, Missy's shop is then flooded right before it's supposed to be featured in an article about wedding-veil trends. Now before everything becomes sheer disaster, she'll have to train her sights on finding a killer.

A long petal of the sea : a novel

January 16, 2020
Allende, Isabel, author.
318 pages ; 24 cm
"Originally published in Spain in 2019 as Largo pétalo de mar"--Title page verso.
"In the late 1930s, civil war gripped Spain. When General Franco and his Fascists succeed in overthrowing the government, hundreds of thousands are forced to flee in a treacherous journey over the mountains to the French border. Among them is Roser, a pregnant young widow, who finds her life irreversibly intertwined with that of Victor Dalmau, an army doctor and the brother of her deceased love. In order to survive, the two must unite in a marriage neither of them wants, and together are sponsored by poet Pablo Neruda to embark on the SS Winnipeg along with 2,200 other refugees in search of a new life. As unlikely partners, they embrace exile and emigrate to Chile as the rest of Europe erupts in World War. Starting over on a new continent, their trials are just beginning. Over the course of their lives, they will face test after test. But they will also find joy as they wait patiently for a day when they are exiles no more, and will find friends in the most unlikely of places. Through it all, it is that hope of being reunited with their home that keeps them going. And in the end, they will find that home might have been closer than they thought all along"-- Provided by publisher.

Bound by my scandalous pregnancy

January 16, 2020
Blake, Maya, author.
253 pages ; 17 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
Two months ago, I, Sadie Preston, stood outside Neo Xenakis's office ready to beg forgiveness for the biggest mistake of my life. Instead, I found myself begging for more as the impossibly arrogant tycoon set me ablaze with his touch. Now I must tell him I'm pregnant with the child he never thought he'd have! Neo's scarred by past betrayals and I've learned to rely on myself alone. Yet my shocking announcement will bind us together... forever!

Cinderella's royal seduction

January 16, 2020
Collins, Dani. author.
252 pages ; 18 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
His until midnight... Will she wear his crown? Sopi is exhausted! With Prince Rhys Charlemaine staying nearby, the luxury spa she calls home is overflowing with aspiring princesses! It's frantic...until working all hours leads to a late-night encounter with charismatic Rhys himself... Untouched Sopi gives herself one chance to feel like a princess in Rhys's arms. She knows it cannot go further - until Rhys stuns her with a convenient proposal! He promises exquisite pleasure, but Sopi has seen the man behind the royal mask...does she dare believe he wants her with more than desire?

Craving his forbidden innocent

January 16, 2020
Fuller, Louise author.
217 pages ; 17 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
"I prefer to keep my friends close......but my enemies closer." Basa Caine's business and reputation are his priorities. And Mimi Miller threatens both those things! He might have almost succumbed to their heated attraction once, but after her criminal family almost ruined his own Basa won't be fooled twice. When they're thrown together for a society wedding in Argentina, Basa's fierce control is threatened. Especially when Mimi surprises him utterly with the secret of her innocence! But wanting to show Mimi what true pleasure can feel like doesn't make her any less forbidden...

Crowned at the desert king's command

January 16, 2020
Ashenden, Jackie, author.
215 pages ; 17 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
The borders of Sheikh Tariq's kingdom are permanently closed--just like his ironclad heart. After rescuing lost archaeologist Charlotte from the desert, he can't let her go. And when he requires a bride, their mutual desire compels Tariq to crown Charlotte as his queen! Innocent dreamer Charlotte thought passion was for other people--until Tariq proves how deliciously wrong she is! The pleasure of their marriage bed makes her feel alive. But the intensity of her connection with Tariq makes Charlotte feel something infinitely more dangerous...

The Greek's one night heir

January 16, 2020
Anderson, Natalie, 1973- author.
253 pages ; 18 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
This billionaire comes with rules... She's broken them all - by getting pregnant! When tycoon Theo sees security footage of a woman requesting to speak with him, he recognises Leah Turner instantly. They spent an astonishing night together and he's been trying - and failing! - to forget her since. What can she possibly want? Leah's baby bombshell floors Theo... and his marriage proposal stuns her! But she trusted him with her virginity, and she knows she can trust him with their unborn child. Their chemistry is undeniable, but can Leah trust this brooding Greek to give her anything more...?

Her Sicilian baby revelation

January 16, 2020
Smart, Michelle, author.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada : Harlequin Enterprises ULC, 2020.
254 pages ; 17 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
"Orla O'Reilly knew the father of her precious three-year-old son must be out there somewhere. But after a car accident left her with amnesia, she's unable to recall his name. Until Tonino arrives at her sister's wedding, and suddenly it comes flooding back. Their connection... and his betrayal... Billionaire Tonino is astounded by Orla's return. The memory of their short but intense affair has never left him. But convincing Orla that he has the right to his child--and her heart--will be far from easy..."--Provided by publisher.

Indian prince's hidden son

January 16, 2020
Graham, Lynne. author.
250 pages ; 18 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
Claimed for the Maharaja's baby! Prince Jai knows a relationship with Willow, the captivating virgin he's found passionate oblivion with, is impossible. Yet, haunted by their powerful bond, Jai can't resist seeking her out - only to discover his hidden heir! His honour demands one solution... Overnight, Willow goes from penniless single mother to Maharaja's convenient bride! Catapulted into the opulence of Jai's palace, she can't deny him the chance to know his son. But Jai doesn't do love. And as their desire is rekindled Willow must fight to keep her new secret hidden: her true feelings for Jai!

Redemption of the untamed Italian

January 16, 2020
Connelly, Clare author.
252 pages ; 17 cm.
"Larger print"--Cover.
The playboy's shocking proposal. 'Two weeks. In my bed.' If Cesare's wild past has taught him anything, it's that relationships never work. He's sure one sinful encounter with enchanting aristocrat Jemima will be enough. It's not! Nothing less than claiming her for a red-hot fling will do... Jemima is a breath of fresh air in his billion-dollar world. For the first time Cesare longs to use his infamous charm for more than seduction. But to unravel Jemima's secrets, this ruthless Italian must first prove himself worthy of her...

The wild one

January 16, 2020
Petrie, Nicholas, author.
xii, 381 pages : map ; 24 cm.
Sequel to: Tear it down.
Fighting his post-traumatic claustrophobia, war veteran Peter Ash has no intention of getting on an airplane-- until a grieving woman asks Peter to find her young grandson. The woman's daughter has been murdered. Erik, the dead daughter's husband and the sole suspect, fled to Iceland with his son for the protection of Erik's lawless family. For reasons both unknown and unofficial, it seems that Peter's own government doesn't want him in Iceland; the police give Peter two days of sightseeing in Reykjavik before he must report back for the first available seat home. Now Peter must confront his growing PTSD and the most powerful Icelandic snowstorm in a generation to find a killer, save an eight-year-old boy, and keep himself out of an Icelandic prison-- or a cold Icelandic grave.

Come homicide or high water

January 16, 2020
Swanson, Denise, author.
337 pages ; 18 cm.
"School psychologist Skye Denison-Boyd is getting ready to return to work from her maternity leave and hoping for a peaceful year in her job as a school psychologist. But when an elderly woman disappears on her first day back and a disgruntled parent threatens to sue the school, Skye realizes that her return will be anything but quiet. When the parent suing Skye's school is found dead and with the missing woman's case is still unsolved, Skye suspects the crimes are somehow linked. With her chief of police husband, Wally, at her side, Skye dives into the investigations. But as tensions rise and Skye and Wally's suspect list lengthens, they start to wonder whether a member of their own tight-knit community could be behind it all..."--Publisher.

Gone, kitty, gone

January 16, 2020
Watkins, Eileen, author.
245 pages 21 cm
"With her new van, Cassie has expanded her Comfy Cat business to include mobile cat grooming. Next stop- a cat expo at a hotel just outside her hometown of Chadwick, New Jersey, where Cassie will give a grooming demo using shelter cats to encourage adoption while her veterinarian boyfriend Mark will offer a program on cat care and health. The highlight of the expo will be a major cat show featuring pop sensation Jaki Natal. Almost as famous as his owner is her pet Gordie, a Scottish fold, who's become a social media darling. But when adorable Gordie goes missing and his sitter is found murdered, Jaki is having kittens. While the cops are more interested in solving the murder of a human, Jaki insists Cassie help expose the catnapper and return gorgeous Gordie to the fold. Now it's Cassie's turn to solo as she plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a culprit who's not afraid to pounce..." - Back cover.

Matchmaking can be murder

January 16, 2020
Flower, Amanda, author.
326 pages ; 17 cm
"When widowed Millie Fisher moves back to her childhood home of Harvest, Ohio, she notices one thing right away-the young Amish are bungling their courtships and marrying the wrong people! A quiltmaker by trade, Millie has nevertheless stitched together a few lives in her time, with truly romantic results. Her first mission? Her own niece, widowed gardener Edith Hochstetler, recently engaged to rude, greedy Zeke Miller. Anyone can see he's not right for such a gentle young woman-except Edith herself. Pleased when she convinces the bride-to-be to leave her betrothed before the wedding, Millie is later panicked to find Zeke in Edith's greenhouse - as dead as a tulip in the middle of winter. To keep her niece out of prison-and to protect her own reputation - Millie will have to piece together a patchwork of clues to find a killer, before she becomes the next name on his list."--Publisher description.

The night she died

January 16, 2020
Blackhurst, Jenny, author.
London : Headline Publishing Group, 2018.
357 pages ; 20 cm.
"On her own wedding night, beautiful and complicated Evie White leaps off a cliff to her death. What drove her to commit this terrible act? It's left to her best friend and her husband to unravel the sinister mystery. Following a twisted trail of clues leading to Evie's darkest secrets, they begin to realize they never knew the real Evie at all."--Publisher's description.

Sweet talkin' lover

January 16, 2020
Livesay, Tracey, author.
New York, NY : Avon Books an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2020]
ix, 363 pages ; 17 cm.
"Marketing manager Caila Harris knows that the road to success in the beauty industry doesn't allow for detours. She's forsaken any trace of a social life, working 24/7 to ensure her next promotion. When grief over her grandfather's death leads to several catastrophic decisions, Caila gets one final chance to prove herself: shut down an unprofitable factory in a small Southern town. But as soon as she arrives in Bradleton, she meets one outsized problem: the town's gorgeous mayor. Wyatt Bradley isn't thrilled about his nickname, Mayor McHottie. He's even less happy to learn that his town might be losing its biggest employer. If he has to, he'll use some sneaky tactics to get Caila on his side. Yet even as he's hoping she'll fall for Bradleton, he's falling too--right into a combustible affair that shakes them both with its intensity. Two stubborn people, torn between loyalty, ambition, and attraction. But when you're willing to give it your all, there's no limit to how far love can take you..."

Much ado about nutmeg

January 16, 2020
Fox, Sarah (Mystery writer), author.
199 pages ; 22 cm.
Includes recipes and an excerpt from "An ale of two cities" by Sarah Fox.
"Between tourist season, planning her beach wedding, and running her pancake house, the Flip Side, Marley McKinney is busier than ever. On top of that, one of her regulars is competing in Wildwood Cove's Golden Oldies Games--a sporting event for athletes 50 and over--and Marley wants to cheer her on. Everything's running as smooth as batter--until sports reporter Yvonne Pritchard stirs up a triple batch of trouble... Yvonne has one admirer in town--Ed Herman--but she has many more enemies, from a disgruntled coach to an athlete she once shamed on social media. So when a body washes up on shore, and it's no accident, it's not a complete surprise Yvonne is the victim. And when Ed asks Marley to use her sleuthing skills to solve the crime, she'll have to squeeze in time between squeezing into wedding dresses. Then a second victim turns up, and Marley will have to work at high speed to stop a killer from piling up bodies faster than she can whip up a tall stack..."--Amazon website.

Journaled to death

January 16, 2020
Redmond, Heather, 1969- author.
London : Severn House Publishers, 2019.
219 pages ; 23 cm.
"Divorced single mom Mandy Meadows scrapes by working as a barista and receiving payments from her cousin, Ryan, who rents her basement apartment. At night, she and her teenage daughter Vellum run a successful home business as journaling bloggers on their popular YouTube channel. But Mandy's carefully organized world is about to come crashing down. While filming their latest journaling tutorial, Mandy and Vellum hear a loud noise on the basement stairs, and Mandy is horrified to find Ryan dead on the landing. The police quickly start to treat the death as a murder - with Mandy and Vellum as chief suspects. Why would someone murder Ryan? Determined to clear their names and find Ryan's killer, Mandy soon discovers he wasn't the man she thought he was."--Provided by publisher.

Woof woof story : I told you to turn me into a pampered pooch, not fenrir! 1

January 16, 2020
Inumajin, author.
New York, NY : Yen On, 2018-
172 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm
When Routa dies without having done much with his life his only wish is to be reborn as the dog of a rich family, but he soon learns he is a large and powerful dog and gets into too much trouble.

A longer fall

January 15, 2020
Harris, Charlaine, author.
291 pages : map ; 24 cm.
"In this second installment of the Gunnie Rose series, Lizbeth Rose is hired onto a new crew for a seemingly easy protection job, transporting a crate into Dixie, just about the last part of the former United States of America she wants to visit. But what seemed like a straight-forward job turns into a massacre as the crate is stolen. Up against a wall in Dixie, where social norms have stepped back into the last century, Lizbeth has to go undercover with an old friend to retrieve the crate as what's inside can spark a rebellion, if she can get it back in time"--Provided by publisher.

The playground : a novel

January 15, 2020
Shemilt, Jane, author.
New York, NY : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, 2019.
369 pages ; 24 cm
"Over the course of a long, hot summer in London, the lives of three very different married couples collide when their children join the same tutoring circle, resulting in illicit relationships, shocking violence, and unimaginable fallout. There's Eve, a bougie earth mother with a well-stocked trust fund; she has three little ones, a blue-collar husband and is obsessed with her Instagrammable recipes and lifestyle. And Melissa, a successful interior designer whose casually cruel banker husband is careful not to leave visible bruises; she curates her perfectly thin body so closely she misses everything their teenage daughter is hiding. Then there's Grace, a young Zimbabwean immigrant, who lives in high-rise housing project with her two children and their English father Martin, an award-winning but chronically broke novelist; she does far more for her family than she should have to. As the weeks go by, the couples become very close; there are barbecues, garden parties, a holiday at a country villa in Greece. Resentments flare. An affair begins. Unnoticed, the children run wild. The couples are busily watching each other, so distracted and self-absorbed that they forget to watch their children. No one sees the five children at their secret games or realize how much their family dynamics are changing until tragedy strikes. The story twists and then twists again while the three families desperately search for answers. It's only as they begin to unravel the truth of what happened over the summer that they realize evil has crept quietly into their world. But has this knowledge come too late?"--Publisher description.

Love her or lose her : a novel

January 15, 2020
Bailey, Tessa, author.
viii, 335 pages ; 21 cm
High school sweethearts Rosie and Dominic Vega are the perfect couple. Something has happened in their decade of marriage, though, and they decide to sign up for marriage boot camp.

How quickly she disappears

January 15, 2020
Fleischmann, Raymond, author.
New York : Berkley, 2020.
309 pages ; 24 cm
It's been twenty years since Elisabeth's twin sister, Jacqueline, disappeared without a trace. At thirty Elisabeth is living in a small Alaskan town; she's in a loveless marriage and has a young daughter she loves but who reminds her too much of her long-missing sister. Elisabeth clings to the impossible belief that her sister is still alive and that they'll be reunited. Then Alfred, a stranger, arrives in town and claims to know exactly what happened to Jacqueline. He'll reveal the truth... but only if Elisabeth fulfills three requests. Requests which mean putting herself-- and her family-- in danger. --Provided by publisher.

The secret she keeps : a novel

January 15, 2020
Dimon, HelenKay, author.
374 pages ; 17 cm
"Connor Rye seeks solace on remote Whitaker Island. When his first quiet evening ends with a blow to the head, it's clear that nothing--and no one--is as it seems. Still haunted by his sister's murder, he's buried himself in work while trying to hold his family together. Now, when he has a minute to breathe, he knows better than to get involved with a stranger, but it might be too late to keep his distance. For years she's pretended to be someone else, but Maddie Rhine is done living in the shadows. Old habits are hard to kick however, and when her past follows her to Whitaker she's forced to hide once more. Except with Connor. Effortlessly sexy Connor makes it difficult to ignore him. He sees right through her - and senses her fear. Someone is watching her. And waiting for the right moment to strike. This time Connor vows to be ready."--Provided by publisher.

Much ado about a widow

January 15, 2020
Jaxon, Jenna, author.
311 pages ; 17 cm
Lady Georgina Kirkpatrick defied her family, jilted her fiancee, and married the man she loved. But when her husband died at Waterloo, she was delivered right back into her father's power. Now that she's widowed, the loathsome marriage her father first arranged has simply been renegotiated. With neither money nor rights, and nowhere to flee, all she can do is cherish her last weeks of freedom, until a band of ruffians overtake her carriage and kidnap her. When she escapes in seaside Brighton and encounters her brother's rather wild friend, Lord St. Just--whom she suspects aspires to be a pirate--she's prepared to entertain more of his adventurous suggestions than usual. St. Just knows his mind and his duty, and he loves a challenge. Helping a fair lady make her farewells to hoodlums suits his talents well. Within the hour he has Georgie, her lady's maid--and her little dog too--sailing for his castle in Cornwall. Meanwhile, the lady's entire family, her kidnappers, and her scheming intended are in pursuit. But as he and the indomitable Georgie grow closer, he begins to suspect that together they will prove a match for them all.

The rifleman

January 15, 2020
North, Oliver, author.
New York : Fidelis Books, [2019]
xxi, 269 pages : color illustration, map ; 24 cm
Color illustration and map on end papers.
"This is a war story. It's about real people and events before and during the American Revolution. The central characters in this work, Daniel Morgan, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Charles Mynn Thruston, and Generals Arnold, Knox, Greene, Lee, Gates, and a host of others, actually did the deeds at the places and times described herein. So too did their accurately identified foreign and native adversaries. Though this is a work of fiction, readers may be surprised to discover the American Revolution was also one of the most 'un-civil' of Civil Wars. If Daniel Morgan were alive today, he would be my near neighbor in Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley. While visiting a nearby gristmill, Daniel Morgan and Nathaniel Burwell, a fellow Revolutionary War veteran, built in the late 1700s (now restored and operated by the Clarke County Historical Association), I became fascinated by this unsung American hero."--Amazon.

Iron garland

January 15, 2020
Wheeler, Jeff, 1971- author.
337 pages ; 21 cm
"For three years, Sera Fitzempress has been a pawn in a gilded prison--the floating manor of Pavenham Sky. Disgraced and exiled from society, she has been isolated from the downtrodden she's determined to liberate. But although Sera may seem subservient on the outside, the stubborn princess has only become emboldened. Now in charge of her family's estate, Cettie Pratt has grown into an independent young woman, although she continues to be tested by the high society of the clouds. Advancing in the magic of the Mysteries, Cettie is also a useful tool of defense during turbulent times. However, as more of Cettie's mysterious past comes to light, her greatest challenge may be a reckless stranger with a dark secret. The fog of war is drawing in, and with it comes a startling new enemy who may unravel secrets that both women would prefer stay hidden. But their secrets may be the only way to stop the coming darkness ..."--Back cover.

Prism cloud

January 15, 2020
Wheeler, Jeff, 1971- author.
348 pages ; 21 cm
Volume numbering as taken from author's website.
"When the emperor is assassinated, Sera Fitzempress is the noble most eligible to inherit the empire. Her upcoming marriage to the prince would cement her position. And as a champion for peace, Sera is the only promise of hope for staving off war between the worlds of Kingfountain and Muirwood. But standing between her and her enemies is just one devastating secret. Sera's best friend, Cettie, a girl born of a lower class, has made a shattering discovery: her entire existence has been a lie. Now Cettie must give up the only life she’s known and fought for and leave behind the man she loves to stop Seras wedding. For this discovery could bring the whole of Kingfountain to ruin. As Cettie struggles to determine her true loyalties and loves, her allies fall to wicked plots, and she becomes increasingly alone on her journey to a destiny she never wanted--one that could ignite an unstoppable war." -- Page 4 of cover.

Resurgence : a Foreigner novel

January 15, 2020
Cherryh, C. J., author.
340 pages : map ; 24 cm
Bren Cameron, diplomat in residence, usually represents the ruler of the atevi state. But Ilisidi, the dowager, has been known to borrow his services from time to time--and she has her own notions how to solve the simmering hostilities in the south of the atevi continent, playing one problem against another.

19 love songs

January 14, 2020
Levithan, David, author.
310 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"A Borzoi book"--Title page verso.
track one. Quiz bowl antichrist -- track two. Day 2934 (an Every day story) -- track three. The good girls -- track four. The quarterback and the cheerleader (a Boy meets boy story) -- track five. The mulberrry branch -- track six. Your temporary Santa -- track seven. Storytime -- track eight. A better writer -- track nine. 8-song memoir -- track ten. Snow day (a Two boys kissing story) -- track eleven. The woods -- track twelve. A brief history of first kisses / illustrated by Nick Eliopulos -- track thirteen. As the Philadelpia Queer Youth Choir sings Katy Perry's "Firework" ... -- track fourteen. The vunerable hours -- track fifteen. Twelve months -- track sixteen. The hold -- track seventeen. How my parents met -- track eighteeen. We -- track nineteen. Give them words.
A collection of stories that celebrate various kinds of love. Includes sixteen prose stories, two stories in verse, and one story in comic book fomat.


January 14, 2020
White, Kiersten, author.
New York : Simon Pulse, 2020.
349 pages ; 22 cm.
"From the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- jacket.
"Now that Nina has turned the Watcher's Castle into a utopia for hurt and lonely demons, she's still waiting for the utopia part to kick in. With her sister Artemis gone and only a few people remaining at the castle - including her still-distant mom - Nina has her hands full. Plus, though she gained back her Slayer powers from Leo, they're not feeling quite right after being held by the seriously evil succubus Eve, a.k.a. fake Watcher's Council member and Leo's mom. And while Nina is dealing with the darkness inside, there's also a new threat on the outside, portended by an odd triangle symbol that seems to be popping up everywhere, in connection with Sean's demon drug ring as well as someone a bit closer to home. Because one near-apocalypse just isn't enough, right? The darkness always finds you. And once again, it's coming for the Slayer"-- Provided by publisher.

It's my life

January 14, 2020
Ramey, Stacie, author.
Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Fire, [2020]
317 pages ; 21 cm
While facing disturbing revelations about the cause of her disability, a high school junior with cerebral palsy is on the verge of giving up on herself until she learns that her childhood crush has moved back into town.

The last witness

January 14, 2020
McFall, Claire, author.
Naperville, Illinois : Sourcebooks Fire, 2020.
268 pages ; 21 cm
Originally published in the United Kingdom by Hot Key Books, an imprint of Bonnier Books UK, in 2015 under title: Black Cairn Point.
While on a camping trip to an isolated beach on the Scottish coast, Heather's friends suffer the wrath of a malevolent spirit, and a year later, Heather remains imprisoned in a facility, refusing to admit guilt.

One of us is next

January 14, 2020
McManus, Karen M., author.
375 pages ; 22 cm
"A year after the Bayview four were cleared of Simon Kelleher's death, a new mystery has cropped up--a game with dangerous consequences that's targeting students at Bayview again. And if the creator isn't found soon, dangerous could prove deadly"-- Provided by publisher.

The intended victim

January 14, 2020
Ivy, Alexandra, author.
378 pages ; 18 cm.
Chicago PD Detective Ash Marcel is investigating the murders of women who look like his ex-fiancée, Remi Walsh.

Last licks

January 14, 2020
Baxter, Cynthia, 1953- author.
248 pages ; 22 cm.
Includes recipes.
"It's autumn in the Hudson Valley, and Kate McKay has some tricks up her sleeve for a deliciously spooky season at her Lickety Splits Ice Cream Shoppe. But with a cold-blooded murderer thrown into the mix, the scares are about to become a little too real . . . Kate receives the shock of a lifetime when she's blindsided by an offer she can't refuse. An assistant movie director desperately wants to shoot a key scene at Lickety Splits and she's willing to pay big bucks to sweeten the last-minute deal. All Kate has to do is tolerate a bustling film crew for a few hours and provide one important prop--a scoop of handmade ice cream . . . But when up-and-coming actress Savannah Crane drops dead after spooning down some chocolate almond fudge, Kate's first taste of Hollywood might be her last. Someone poisoned the leading lady, and with Lickety Splits draped in yellow crime scene tape, detectives are ready to cast Kate as the leading suspect . . . Determined to clear her name, Kate finds herself churning through a long list of unsavory characters to catch the real killer lurking around town. As she uncovers the truth about the jealous rivals and obsessive stalkers who haunted Savannah's life, Kate soon realizes that tangling with the late starlet's 'fans' could make this her most terrifying fall yet . ."--Provided by publisher.

And dangerous to know

January 14, 2020
Wilde, Darcie, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2020.
347 pages ; 22 cm
"Trust is a delicate thing, and no one knows that better than Rosalind Thorne. Lady Melbourne has entrusted her with recovering a packet of highly sensitive private letters stolen from her desk. The contents of these letters hold great interest for the famous poet Lord Byron, who had carried on a notorious public affair with Lady Melbourne's daughter-in-law, the inconveniently unstable Lady Caroline Lamb. Rosalind is to take up residence in Melbourne House, posing as Lady Melbourne's confidential secretary. There, she must discover the thief and regain possession of the letters before any further scandal erupts. However, Lady Melbourne omits a crucial detail. Rosalind learns from the Bow Street runner, Adam Harkness, that an unidentified woman was found dead in the courtyard of Melbourne House. The coroner has determined she was poisoned. Adam urges Rosalind to use her new position in the household to help solve the murder. As she begins to untangle a web of secrets and blackmail, Rosalind finds she must risk her own life to bring the desperate business to an end."--Publisher description.

Nameless queen

January 14, 2020
McLaughlin, Rebecca, 1992- author.
New York : Crown, [2020]
340 pages ; 22 cm
"Crowned by chance. Rebel by choice."--Cover.
In the city of Seriden, the thief called Coin is Nameless -- she has no family, no legal rights, and no standing in society -- but she inherits the throne and the power and danger that come with it.

Deep state : a thriller

January 14, 2020
Hauty, Chris, author.
New York : Emily Bestler Books/Atria, 2020.
281 pages ; 24 cm
Recently elected President Richard Monroe--populist, controversial, and divisive--is at the center of an increasingly polarized Washington, DC. Never has the partisan drama been so tense or the paranoia so rampant. In the midst of contentious political turf wars, the White House chief of staff is found dead in his house. A tenacious intern discovers a single, ominous clue that suggests he died from something other than natural causes, and that a wide-ranging conspiracy is running beneath the surface of everyday events: powerful government figures are scheming to undermine the rule of law--and democracy itself. Allies are exposed as enemies, once-dependable authorities fall under suspicion, and no one seems to be who they say they are. The unthinkable is happening. The Deep State is real. Who will die to keep its secrets and who will kill to uncover the truth?-- Publisher's description.

Bloodchild : the godblind trilogy, book three

January 14, 2020
Stephens, Anna, 1979- author.
New York, NY : Talos Press, 2020.
400 pages ; 24 cm
"The great city of Rilpor has fallen. Its walls have crumbled under the siege by the savage Mireces; its defenders have scattered, fleeing for their lives; its new rulers plot to revive the evil Red Gods using the city's captured, soon-to-be-sacrificed citizens. Now, with the Fox God leading the shattered remnants of the Rilporian defence and the Mireces consolidating their claim on the rest of the country, it's up to Crys, Tara, Mace, Dom and the rest to end the Red Gods' scourge once and for all. While the Rilporians plan and prepare for one final, cataclysmic battle to defeat their enemies, the Blessed One and the king of the Mireces have plans of their own: dark plans that will see gods resurrected and the annihilation of the Dancer for all time. Key to their plan is Rillirin, King Corvus's sister, and the baby--the Bloodchild--she carries. As both sides face their destinies and their gods, only one thing is clear: death waits for them all."--Back cover.

Give the devil his due

January 14, 2020
Gentill, Sulari, author.
Naperville, Illinois : Poisoned Pen Press, [2020]
386 pages ; 22 cm.
Originally published in 2015 by Pantera Press Pty Limited, Australia.
Includes an excerpt from A murder unmentioned.
"When Rowland Sinclair, an artist with leftist friends and a free-wheeling lifestyle, is invited to take his yellow Mercedes onto the Maroubra Speedway, renamed the Killer Track for the lives it has claimed, he agrees without caution or reserve. But then people start to die... The body of a journalist covering the race is found in a House of Horrors. An English blueblood with Blackshirt affiliations is killed on the racetrack. And Rowland Sinclair hurtles towards disaster with an artist, a poet, and brazen sculptress along for the ride..."-- Provided by publisher.

Walk me home

January 14, 2020
Kendall, Liza, author.
New York : Jove, 2020.
319 pages ; 17 cm
A firefighter and his ex-girlfriend reconnect while serving as attendants in her cousin's wedding.

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