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March 13, 2020
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

America votes.

March 12, 2020
New York : Macmillan
v. : maps ; 29 cm.
Subtitle varies: <2003/04-2017/18> "Election returns by state."
"A Handbook of contemporary American election statistics."

The Directory of business information resources.

March 12, 2020
Lakeville, CT : Grey House Publishing,
v. ; 28 cm.
"Associations, newsletters, magazines, trade shows."

Stamped : racism, antiracism, and you: a remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the beginning

March 12, 2020
Reynolds, Jason, author.
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2020.
xvi, 294 pages ; 22 cm
Young adult version of: Stamped from the beginning: the definitive history of racist ideas in America / by Ibram X. Kendi.
"A history of racist and antiracist ideas in America, from their roots in Europe until today, adapted from the National Book Award winner Stamped from the Beginning"--Provided by publisher.

Of morsels and marvels

March 12, 2020
Condé, Maryse, author.
London ; New York : Seagull Books, 2020.
xi, 290 pages ; 21 cm
"Originally published in French as Mets et merveilles"-- Title page verso.
"For many, cooking is simply the mechanical act of reproducing standard recipes. To Maryse Condé, however, cooking implies creativity and personal invention, on par with the complexity of writing a story. A cook, she explains, uses spices and flavors the same way an author chooses the music and meaning of words. In Of Morsels and Marvels, Condé takes us on a literary journey around places she has travelled to in India, Indonesia, and South Africa. She highlights the tastes and culinary traditions that are fascinating examples of a living museum. Such places, Condé explains, provide important insights into lesser-known aspects of contemporary life. One anecdote illustrates what becomes of the standard Antillean dishes of fish stew and goat curry by two Antilleans who own a restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Cuisine changes not only according to the individual cook but also adapts to foreign skies under which it is created. The author also recounts personal memories of her lifelong relationship with cooking, such as when Adélia, her family's servant, wrongly blames little Maryse for mixing raisins with fish and using her imagination in the kitchen. Blending travel with gastronomy, this enchanting volume from the winner of the 2018 Alternative Nobel Prize will delight all who marvel at the wonders of the kitchen or seek to taste the world."-- Provided by publisher.

The eye you see with : selected nonfiction

March 12, 2020
Stone, Robert, 1937-2015, author.
xii, 366 pages ; 22 cm
The red field. Introduction to The red badge of courage -- There it is -- A mistake ten thousand miles long -- The quiet American -- Uncle Sam doesn't want you! -- Out of a clear blue sky -- No such thing as peace -- The holy war -- Disruption. Nineteen eighty-four -- Disruption -- The man who turned on the here -- The boys' octet -- Keeping the future at bay -- East-west relation : summit on Sixth Avenue -- A higher horror of the whiteness -- The morning after -- Havana then and now -- Jerusalem has no past -- Changing tides -- Under the tongue of the ocean -- Does America still exist? -- The heart of the strange story. In silence -- The reason for stories : toward a moral fiction -- What fiction is for -- The way the world is -- Capture -- On Malcolm Lowry -- Coda.
"The definitive collection of nonfiction-from war reporting to literary criticism to the sharpest political writing-from the 'legend of American letters' (Vanity Fair)"-- Provided by publisher.

How to eat : all your food and diet questions answered

March 12, 2020
Bittman, Mark, author.
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020.
ix, 242 pages ; 21 cm
Introduction: Science, sense, and mashed banana -- Questioning the questions (why do we even need to ask how to eat?). How did we get here? -- Answering the questions (all about eating and health-- a multicourse Q&A). What is the best diet? ; Specific diets ; Dietary patterns and lifestyle ; Foods and ingredients ; Nutrition 101: macronutrients, micronutrients, and body responses -- Questioning the answers (on science and sense, or, how we know what we know) . On research; The forest versus the trees ; Research methods: one size does not fit all -- Conclusion.
"What is the "best" diet? Do calories matter? And when it comes to protein, fat, and carbs, which ones are good and which are bad? Food writer and cook Mark Bittman and health expert David Katz, MD, answer all these questions and more in a lively and easy-to-read Q&A format. Inspired by their viral hit article in Grub Street--one of New York magazine's most popular and most-shared articles--here Bittman and Katz share their clear, no-nonsense perspective on food and diet, answering real questions covering everything from basic nutrients to superfoods to fad diets. Topics include dietary patterns (Just what should humans eat?); grains (Aren't these just "carbs"? Do I need to avoid gluten?); meat and dairy (How much meat should I eat? Does grass-fed matter?); alcohol (Are there benefits to drinking?); and more. Throughout, Bittman and Katz filter the science of diet and nutrition through a lens of common sense, delivering straightforward advice with a healthy dose of wit"-- Provided by publisher.

Open kitchen : inspired food for casual gatherings

March 12, 2020
Spungen, Susan, author.
367 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
"Simple, stylish recipes for fearless entertaining from the renowned food stylist, New York Times contributor, and founding food editor of Martha Stewart Living"-- Provided by publisher.

Preventing lyme & other tick-borne diseases

March 12, 2020
Chesney, Alexis, author.
North Adams, MA : Storey Publishing, [2020].
191 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 18 cm
"Alexis Chesney offers a comprehensive strategy for reducing exposure to disease-causing organisms and boosting the effectiveness of standard treatment protocols"--Provided by publisher.

Rocco's keto comfort food diet : eat the foods you miss and still lose up to a pound a day

March 12, 2020
DiSpirito, Rocco, author.
320 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"No more food envy, with more than 80 surprisingly Keto recipes." -- cover.
Part One -- The Keto comfort food diet -- Keto--everything you need to know -- The Keto dieter's missing link -- Secret Keto comfort food ingredients -- Fat-burning foods -- Part two -- Keto on and get trim -- Tier 1 -- The 3-day Keto cleanses -- Tier 2 -- The accelerated 21-day Keto comfort food diet -- Tier 3 -- The basic 21-day Keto comfort food diet -- Tier 4 -- Keto comfort phasing -- Part three -- The Keto comfort food recipes -- Smoothies and beverages -- Breads and pastries -- Breakfasts -- Appetizers and snacks -- Lunches -- Dinners -- Soups, steews, and salads -- Veggies and sides -- Desserts and treats.
"The #1 New York Times bestselling author and celebrity chef shows you how to lose up to fifteen pounds in fifteen days by eating gourmet, keto versions of the comfort foods you love. You'll find recipes for Chocolate Glazed Donuts, Cinnamon Roll Bites, Mac and Cheese, Keto Fried Chicken, Spaghetti Squash Carbonara, and Meat Lovers Cauliflower Pizza that deliver the same flavor with a fraction of the carbs"-- Provided by publisher.

At the center of all beauty : solitude and the creative life

March 12, 2020
Johnson, Fenton, author.
xii, 236 pages ; 22 cm
Combining memoir, social criticism, and research, the author explores what it means to be solitary and celebrates the notion, common in his Roman Catholic childhood, that solitude is a legitimate and dignified calling. Delves into the lives and works of nearly a dozen iconic "solitaries," including Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, Bill Cunningham, Cézanne, and Zora Neale Hurston.

A history of Islam in 21 women

March 12, 2020
Kamaly, Hossein, author.
viii, 261 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Beginning in seventh-century Mecca and Medina, A History of Islam in 21 Women takes us around the globe, through eleventh-century Yemen and Khorasan, and into sixteenth-century Spain, Istanbul and India.

The science of storytelling

March 12, 2020
Storr, Will, author.
291 pages ; 22 cm
First published in 2019 in Great Britain by William Collins.
"Why stories make us human and how to tell them better"--Cover.
Who would we be without stories? Stories mold who we are, from our character to our cultural identity. They drive us to act out our dreams and ambitions, and shape our politics and beliefs. We use them to construct our relationships, to keep order in our law courts, to interpret events in our newspapers and social media. Storytelling is an essential part of what makes us human. There have been many attempts to understand what makes a good to recent attempts to crack the 'Bestseller Code'. But few have used a scientific approach. This is curious, for if we are to truly understand storytelling in its grandest sense, we must first come to understand the ultimate storyteller the human brain. In this scalpel-sharp, thought-provoking book, Will Storr demonstrates how master storytellers manipulate and compel us, leading us on a journey. Applying dazzling psychological research and cutting-edge neuroscience to the foundations of our myths and archetypes, he shows how we can use these tools to tell better stories - and make sense of our chaotic modern world.

Fly like a girl : one woman's dramatic fight in Afghanistan and on the home front

March 12, 2020
Hegar, Mary Jennings, author.
New York : Philomel Books, 2020.
294 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"This work is based on Shoot Like a Girl: One Woman's Dramatic Fight in Afghanistan and on the Home Front, by Mary Jennings Hegar, copyright © 2017 by Mary Jennings Hegar, published by Berkley, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC."
"A Young Readers Edition of the inspiring true story of Air National Guard Major and Purple Heart recipient Mary Jennings Hegar"-- Provided by publisher.

Own your everyday : overcome the pressure to prove and show up for what you were made to do

March 12, 2020
Dooley, Jordan Lee, author.
xii, 226 pages ; 21 cm
Introduction: Your brokenness is welcome here -- Part one: Where do I start? You can't walk through walls -- What are your really after? -- Breakthrough begins with you -- Part two: Getting unstuck. Overcoming impostor syndrome with intentional action steps -- Overcoming disappointment with a different perspective -- Overcoming shame by sharing -- Overcoming comparison with compassion and communication -- Overcoming perfectionism by prioritizing -- Overcoming distraction with discipline -- Part three: What to do now. Focus on who you are, not what you do -- Redefine success -- Let it go, girl -- Get out of your own way -- Stop waiting, start living.
A rising star in the podcast, young entrepreneur, and faith space presents The Purpose Driven Life for the next generation. Jordan Lee Dooley has built a massive online following, and her "SHE" podcast garnered over 1 million downloads within 12 weeks of its debut. Widely recognized for her tagline "Your Brokenness is Welcome Here," Jordan has become a go-to source that women around the world look to for daily inspiration to find their purpose in life. Now for the first time in book form, she is helping you-and them-discover how to chase after something more while also finding contentment where you are, with what you have. Rooted in faith and jam-packed with tangible takeaways, this book pairs Jordan's relatable voice with her unique perspective, powerful motivation, and practical tools to equip you to: *tackle disappointment, perfectionism, comparison, and distraction *remove labels and break out of the box of expectations *identify and eliminate excuses and unnecessary stress about an unknown future *overcome the lie that you can't live your God-given purpose until you reach a certain goal or milestone.

Postcolonial love poem

March 12, 2020
Diaz, Natalie, author.
105 pages ; 23 cm
Postcolonial love poem -- Blood-light -- These hands, if not Gods -- Catching copper -- From the desire field -- Manhattan is a lenape word -- American arithmetic -- They don't love you like I love you -- Skin-light -- Run'n'gun -- Asterion's lament -- Like church -- Wolf OR-7 -- Ink-light -- The mustangs -- Ode to the beloved's hips -- Top ten reasons why Indians are good at basketball -- That which cannot be stilled -- The first water is the body -- I, minotaur -- It was the animals -- How the milky way was made -- Exhibits from The American water museum -- Isn't the air also a body, moving? -- Cranes, mafiosos, and a polaroid camera -- The cure for melancholy is to take the horn -- Waist and sway -- If I should come upon your house lonely in the west Texas desert -- Snake-light -- My brother, my wound -- Grief work.
Postcolonial Love Poem is an anthem of desire against erasure. Natalie Diaz's brilliant second collection demands that every body carried in its pages--bodies of language, land, rivers, suffering brothers, enemies, and lovers--be touched and held as beloveds. Through these poems, the wounds inflicted by America onto an indigenous people are allowed to bloom pleasure and tenderness.

The velvet rope economy : how inequality became big business

March 12, 2020
Schwartz, Nelson, author.
New York : Doubleday, [2020]
339 pages ; 24 cm
"In nearly every realm of daily life--from health care to education, highways to home security--there is an invisible velvet rope rising, separating Americans into two radically different experiences of life. On one side of the velvet rope is a friction-free existence where, for a price, needs are anticipated and catered to. Red tape is cut, lines are jumped, appointments are secured, and doors are opened. On the other side of the rope, friction is practically the defining characteristic, with middle-and working-class Americans facing a Darwinian fight for an empty seat on the plane, a place in line with their kids at the amusement park, a college acceptance, a hospital bed. We are all aware of the gap between the rich and everyone else, but when we weren't looking business innovators stepped in to exploit it, shifting services away from the masses and finding new ways to serve the privileged. New York Times business reporter Nelson Schwartz offers a behind-the-scenes tour of the velvet rope economy and those who created it: the ship-within-a-ship on Norwegian Cruise Lines that saves the best views for the wealthy, a special pager for donors that reaches San Francisco's top cardiologist, a $4,000-a-night maternity suite, firefighters who save one home but not the house next door. And he shows the toll of velvet rope innovation on the rest of us: long waits for an ambulance, packed highways, school athletics that are pay to play. What's more, as decision-makers and corporate leaders increasingly live on the friction-free side of the velvet rope, they are less inclined to change--or even notice--the barriers everyone else must contend with"-- Provided by publisher.

This river

March 12, 2020
Brown, James, 1957-
Berkeley, Calif. : Counterpoint Press, ©2010.
178 pages ; 21 cm
Talking to the dead -- Blood and duplicity -- Instructions on the use of alcohol -- Remembering Linda -- The apprentice -- This river -- Dirty moves -- Some kind of animal -- American mariachi -- Our Japan -- Instructions on the use of heroin -- Relapse.
James Brown gained a cult following after chronicling his turbulent childhood and spiraling drug addiction in The Los Angeles diaries. This river picks up where his first memoir left off, describing his tenuous relationship with sobriety, telling of agonizing relapses, and tracking his attempts to become a better father.

African American literature : an encyclopedia for students

March 12, 2020
Santa Barbara, California : Greenwood, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2020]
xxiv, 429 pages ; 26 cm
"This essential volume provides an overview of and introduction to African American writers and literary periods, from the beginning of the 20th century into the 21st century"-- Provided by publisher.

Mastering manga with Mark Crilley.

March 12, 2020
Crilley, Mark.
Cincinnati, Ohio : Impact, ©2012.
128 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm
Includes index.
"30 drawing lessons from the creator of Akiko"--Cover.
What you need -- Making the manga eye -- Character design -- Choosing your style -- 1. Heads and faces : Female front view ; Female three-quarter view ; Male front view ; Male profile view ; 20 female hairstyles ; 20 male hairstyles ; Adult front view ; Adult three-quarter view ; Fuller-figured character front view ; Fuller-figured character 3/4 view ; Child front view ; Child profile view ; 101 manga eyes ; 12 common manga facial expressions -- 2. Proportions and poses : Drawing the human body ; Proportion tips and tricks ; The teen girl ; Alternative female proportion styles ; The teen boy ; Alternative male proportion styles ; The father figure ; Tips on drawing adults ; Fuller-figured girl ; Drawing fuller-figured characters ; The kid brother ; Babies and toddlers ; Sometimes you can't help being big-headed ; Chibi variations ; 20 chibi emotions ; 50 ways to draw hands ; 50 ways to draw feet ; Hitting your stride ; Walk this way ; Kissing ; XOXO: displays of affection ; Fighting ; The fight club ; 30 classic poses ; Clothing folds and wrinkles ; Dress pants and jeans ; Skirts ; T-shirts, sweaters and coats -- 3. Setting the scene : Fundamentals of perspective ; Street scene using one-point perspective ; Objects big and small ; House interior using two-point perspective ; Two points ; Space station exterior using three-point perspective ; Point of view ; Inking tips ; Putting pen to paper ; Anatomy of an inked manga illustration ; Crosshatching ; Paneling and page layouts ; My process ; Layout sequences ; To panel or not: different layouts ; Make your own manga sequences ; Making the leap: advanced sequencing ; Can we talk? Word balloons ; Make some noise.
Provides advice and tips on drawing in the Japanese manga style, including heads, faces, and features, body proportions, poses, movement, and clothing for typical youthful characters, adults, and children, settings, and other details.

Emily as sometimes the forest wants the fire : Emily poems 2006-2018

March 12, 2020
Demaree, Darren C., author.
Columbus, OH : Harpoon Books, 2019.
110 pages ; 22 cm

Fierce conversations : achieving success at work & in life, one conversation at a time

March 12, 2020
Scott, Susan, 1944- author.
New York : New American Library, 2017.
x, 356 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Foreword / by Ken Blanchard -- Introduction : the idea of fierce -- Principle 1 : master the courage to interrogate reality -- Principle 2 : come out from behind yourself into the conversation and make it real -- Principle 3 : Be here, prepared to be nowhere else -- Principle 4 : Tackle your toughest challenge today -- Principle 5 : obey your instincts -- Principle 6 : take responsibility for your emotional wake -- Principle 7 : let silence do the heavy lifting -- Conclusion : embracing the principles.

Better stretching : 9 minutes a day to greater flexibility, less pain, and enhanced performance, the JoeTherapy way

March 11, 2020
Yoon, Joe, author.
New York : St. Martin's Essentials, 2020.
198 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"A nine-minute routine to improve stretching, mobility, and strength, by personal trainer, massage therapist, and instagram sensation Joe Yoon. Better Stretching teaches readers to stretch smarter to feel looser, move more easily, and peak perform. These stretches are fast and easy. Readers will learn to make areas of tightness and discomfort feel better immediately-and how to make those benefits last. Author Joe Yoon proves you don't need 90 complicated minutes to get more agile and less achy-you just need 9. Yoon's stretches are easy and fast and made for people at all levels of fitness, whether you sit at a desk most of the day, are a high-level athlete, or somewhere in between. Better Stretching is broken up into three parts to help readers find what suits their bodies best. Part One is a compendium of stretches and mobility exercises; Part Two is comprised of strengthening exercises, including routines for specific needs like avoiding the hunching and soreness from sitting behind a desk or prepping for a workout; and Part Three gives readers three different 30-day routines to ease them into making stretching a regular part of their daily lives, as well as to develop smart and healthy stretching habits. Better Stretching is for readers who want to: - improve their athletic performance - prevent injury - use stretching as exercise. Better Stretching's simple, straight-to-the point stretches with over 125 clear accompanying photos will have readers looser and more limber in 30 days"-- Provided by publisher.

Rust : a memoir of steel and grit

March 11, 2020
Goldbach, Eliese Colette, 1986- author.
New York : Flatiron Books, 2020.
310 pages ; 25 cm
"A debut memoir of grit and tenacity, as one young woman returns to the conservative hometown she always longed to escape to earn a living in the steel mill that casts a shadow over Cleveland. Steel is the only thing that shines in the belly of the mill... To ArcelorMittal Steel Eliese is known as #6691: Utility Worker, but this was never her dream. Fresh out of college, eager to leave behind her conservative hometown and come to terms with her Christian roots, Eliese found herself applying for a job at the local steel mill. The mill is everything she was trying to escape, but it's also her only shot at financial security in an economically devastated and forgotten part of America. In Rust, Eliese brings the reader inside the belly of the mill and the middle American upbringing that brought her there in the first place. She takes a long and intimate look at her Rust Belt childhood and struggles to reconcile her desire to leave without turning her back on the people she's come to love. The people she sees as the unsung backbone of our nation. Faced with the financial promise of a steelworker's paycheck, and the very real danger of working in an environment where a steel coil could crush you at any moment or a vat of molten iron could explode because of a single drop of water, Eliese finds unexpected warmth and camaraderie among the gruff men she labors beside each day. Appealing to readers of Hillbilly Elegy and Educated, Rust is a story of the humanity Eliese discovers in the most unlikely and hellish of places, and the hope that therefore begins to grow"-- Provided by publisher.

A citizen's guide to beating Donald Trump

March 11, 2020
Plouffe, David, author.
[New York] : Viking, [2020]
xxiii, 228 pages ; 22 cm
Plouffe addresses the many things individuals can do in 2020 in order to turn Donald Trump out of the Oval Office. His message is simple: the only way change happens is one human being talking to another. It won't happen because of debates and conventions; it will happen because citizens take action.

In our prime : how older women are reinventing the road ahead

March 11, 2020
Douglas, Susan J. (Susan Jeanne), 1950- author.
New York, NY : W. W. Norton & Company, 2020.
ix, 268 pages ; 22 cm
Women coming of age -- Why the seventies mattered -- The rise of aspirational aging -- The anti-aging industrial complex -- Visibility revolts -- The war on older women -- Lifespan feminisim, bridge groups, and the road ahead.
"With a sharp sense of justice and humor, Susan J. Douglas confronts ageism against women in media, work, and politics. In Our Prime takes on the cosmetics industry for its expensive products and anti-aging messages; big pharma for its images of docile grannies and puttering gardeners; and Hollywood and TV for seeing females over fifty as has-beens. She exposes the financial insecurity many face even as conservatives continue their attack on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid-and calls on women of every age to unite to combat gendered ageism and to secure our country's financial safety net"--Provided by publisher.

Drinking French : the iconic cocktails, aperitifs, and cafe traditions of France, with 160 recipes

March 11, 2020
Lebovitz, David, author.
California : Ten Speed Press, [2020]
viii, 293 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Bestselling cookbook author, memoirist, and popular blogger David Lebovitz delves into the drinking culture of France in Drinking French. This beautifully photographed collection features 160 recipes for everything from coffee, hot chocolate, and tea to aperitifs such as Kir and Lillet, classic and modern cocktails from the hottest Paris bars, and creative infusions using fresh fruit and French liqueurs. And because the French can't imagine drinking without having something to eat alongside, David includes crispy, salty snacks to serve with your concoctions. Each recipe is accompanied by David's witty and informative stories about the ins and outs of life in France, as well as photographs taken on location in Paris and beyond. Whether you have a trip to France booked and want to know what and where to drink, or just want to infuse your next get-together with a little French flair, this rich and revealing guide will make you the toast of the town.

John Adams under fire : the Founding Father's fight for justice in the Boston Massacre murder trial

March 11, 2020
Abrams, Dan, 1966- author.
Toronto, Ontario : Hanover Square Press, with Harlequin Books, [2020]
313 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
History remembers John Adams as a Founding Father and our country's second president. But in the tense years before the American Revolution, he was still just a lawyer, fighting for justice in one of the most explosive murder trials of the era. On the night of March 5, 1770, shots were fired by British soldiers on the streets of Boston, killing five civilians. The Boston Massacre has often been called the first shots of the American Revolution. As John Adams would later remember, "On that night the formation of American independence was born." Yet when the British soldiers faced trial, the young lawyer Adams was determined that they receive a fair one. He volunteered to represent them, keeping the peace in a powder keg of a colony, and in the process created some of the foundations of what would become United States law.

High risk : stories of pregnancy, birth, and the unexpected

March 11, 2020
Karkowsky, Chavi Eve, author.
xxi, 287 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction: No little thing -- Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy : did we save enough of your life? -- Choosing a provider : scut is love -- Genetic testing : everything is probably okay -- Anatomy ultrasound : incidentalomas -- Periviable birth : a necessary story -- Trial of labor after cesarean : accept and reject intervention -- Stillbirth : when we talk about birth, we need to talk about death -- Informed consent : sign here and don't ask too many questions -- Medical systems and home birth : how institutions save you or fail you or both -- Maternal mortality and racial disparities in health care : implicit, complicit -- Conclusion: Let's go home.
"A doctor's revelatory account of pregnancy and the complexity of reproductive life-and everything we lose when we don't speak honestly about women's health. "My work offers a window into the darkest and lightest corners of people's lives, into the extremes of human experience," writes Dr. Chavi Eve Karkowsky in High Risk, her timely and unflinching account of working in maternal-fetal medicine-that branch of medicine that concerns high-risk pregnancies. Whether offering insight into the rise in home births, the alarming rise in America's maternal mortality rate, or the history of involuntary sterilization, Karkowsky offers a window into all that pregnancy, labor, and birth can entail-birth and joy, but also challenge and loss-illustrating the complexity of reproductive life and the systems that surround it. With historical insight and journalistic verve, Karkowsky unpacks what is involved for women, for a family, and for us as a society; and explores what's at risk when these aspects of medicine remain clouded in mystery and misinformation"-- Provided by publisher.

The story of more : how we got to climate change and where to go from here

March 11, 2020
Jahren, Hope, author.
208 pages ; 21 cm
"Hope Jahren is an award-winning geobiologist, a brilliant writer, and one of the seven billion people with whom we share this earth. The Story of More is her impassioned open letter to humanity as we stand at the crossroads of survival and extinction. Jahren celebrates the long history of our enterprising spirit--which has tamed wild crops, cured diseases, and sent us to the moon--but also shows how that spirit has created excesses that are quickly warming our planet to dangerous levels. In short, highly readable chapters, she takes us through the science behind the key inventions--from electric power to large-scale farming and automobiles--that, even as they help us, release untenable amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. She explains the current and projected consequences of greenhouse gases--from superstorms to rising sea levels--and shares the science-based tools that could help us fight back. At once an explainer on the mechanisms of warming and a capsule history of human development, The Story of More illuminates the link between our consumption habits and our endangered earth. It is the essential pocket primer on climate change that will leave an indelible impact on everyone who reads it."-- Provided by publisher.

Photographs of Confederate and Union officers participating in Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan's July 1863 Indiana-Ohio raid

March 11, 2020
Edwards, David G. (Historian) compiler, author.
[North Charleston, South Carolina] : [CreateSpace], [2018]
111 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 23 cm
"When reading about Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan's July 1863 Indiana-Ohio Raid we sometimes wonder what the Confederate and Union officers involved in the raid looked like. Now we can see photographs of the officers from both sides"--Provided by publisher.

Union Army and Navy messages sent during Brigadier General Morgan's July 1863 Indiana-Ohio raid

March 11, 2020
Edwards, David G. (Historian) compiler, author.
[North Charleston, South Carolina] : [CreateSpace], [2018]
407 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Have you ever wondered why the Union Army had to chase Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan through Kentucky, across part of Indiana and then across Ohio almost to Pennsylvania before they caught him? After reading these dispatches and telegrams you will know why"--Provided by publisher.

The real story of Brigadier General Morgan's Indiana-Ohio raid in July 1863

March 11, 2020
Edwards, David G. (Historian) compiler, author.
[North Charleston, South Carolina] : [CreateSpace], [2018]
246 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Against direct orders from General Braxton Bragg, Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan crossed the Ohio River at Morvin's Landing, Indiana with two brigades and then crossed southeastern Indiana and southern Ohio. You will be able to follow this expedition by reading from original reports, diary entries and books written by the participants from its beginning until its conclusion at West Point, near Salineville, Ohio. From these original records you will be able to make your own decisions as to what happened rather than depend on an author's interpretation. You will also be able to read some of the men's experiences in P.O.W. camps and efforts to escape back to Confederate territory after the expedition was brought to a close by Union forces in eastern Ohio"--Provided by publisher.

Reports filed by Union and Confederate officers who participated in Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan's July 1863 Indiana-Ohio raid

March 11, 2020
Edwards, David G. (Historian) compiler, author.
[North Charleston, South Carolina] : [CreateSpace], [2018]
186 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"After Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan was captured on July 26, 1863 twenty two Union Army Officers and one Union Navy Officer filed official reports describing their participation in the effort to defeat and capture General Morgan during his July 1863 Indiana-Ohio Raid. We will be able to read those reports, the report of Confederate Major General Joseph Wheeler describing the instructions he gave General Morgan before he left on his July 1863 raid and four unofficial Confederate Officer descriptions of the Indiana-Ohio Raid. Keep in mind that each officer is beating his own drum. It is natural for anyone to downplay or forget his mistakes and emphasize his successes. Enemy troop strength is frequently exaggerated. The reports do contain additional errors"--Provided by publisher.

Cemeteries of Mann Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

March 11, 2020
Miller, Michelle L., author.
222 pages : illustrations, maps ; 28 cm
Bennett Cemetery -- Bethel Christian Cemetery -- Conrad Farm Cemetery -- Fairview Cemetery -- Greenfield Cemetery -- Johnson Cemetery -- Lashley Cemetery -- Mueller/Miller Graveyard -- Morse Farm Cemetery -- Perrin Cemetery -- Purcell Field Cemetery -- Index.
"Mann Township, established in 1876 from Southampton Township, which now borders it to the West, is home to Artemas, Inglesmith, Purcell, Silver Mills, the Buchanan State Forest, and Pennsylvania State Game Lands. It covers just over 35 square miles and is also bordered by Monroe Township on the North; Fulton County, Pennsylvania on the East; and Allegany County, Maryland to the South. Mann is located in the southeastern most corner of Bedford County. Stroll through Bennett, Bethel Christian, Conrad Farm, Fairview, Gideon Smith Farm, Greenfield, Johnson, Lashley, Mueller/Miller, Morse Farm, Perrin, and Purcell Field Cemeteries and remember those who came before us and the Veterans who we honor for their courage and patriotism"--Adapted from back cover.

A boat that can carry two

March 11, 2020
Cariello, Matthew M.
New York : Bordighera Press, 2011.
119 pages ; 23 cm.
English and Italian on facing pages.

The natural history of a blade

March 11, 2020
Arnold, Philip (Poet), author.
Loveland, Ohio : Dos Madres Press, Inc., 2019.
ix, 61 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Poetry. Observations of the land and environment, and its relationship internal and external to the observer"--Provided by publisher.

Partial genius : prose poems

March 11, 2020
Biddinger, Mary. author.
[New York, New York] : Black Lawrence Press, 2019.
84 pages : 22 cm

Blackbird : poems

March 11, 2020
Weldon, Laura Grace, author.
West Hartford, CT : Grayson Books, [2019]
63 pages ; 23 cm

Bully love

March 11, 2020
Murphy, Patricia Colleen, 1970- author.
Winston-Salem, NC : Press 53, 2019.
71 pages ; 23 cm

Dirt eaters

March 11, 2020
Rotterman, Eliza, author.
vii, 33 pages ; 21 cm

A double life : in poetry & translation

March 11, 2020
Friebert, Stuart, 1931- author.
Montrose, CO : Pinyon Publishing, 2019.
151 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm

Forest bathing : shinrin-yoku

March 11, 2020
Hughes, Betsy (Betsy M.), author.
Bloomfield, Connecticut : Antrim House, 2019.
x, 90 pages ; 22 cm
"The poems depict scenes of natural history, inhumanity, and familial history. They are highly literate, resonant, and accessible."--Provided by publisher.

Rattle & numb : Selected and new poems, 1992-2019

March 11, 2020
Burroughs, John.
[Sterling, VA] : Venetian Spider Press, 2019.
167 pages ; 24 cm
Rattle & Numb is the poetry of John Burroughs, State of Ohio Beat Poet Laureate 2019-2021.

Rocking in the cradle of the moment : haiku, senryu, & small poems

March 11, 2020
Andrle, Fred, author.
Gambier, OH : XOXOXpress, 2019.
152 pages : llustrations ; 18 cm
"A collection of haiku from radio poet Fred Andrle"--Provided by publisher.

Raga for what comes next

March 11, 2020
Borsenik, Dianne, 1955- author.
Devil's Elbow, MO : Stubborn Mule Press, 2019.
69 pages ; 22 cm

Not far from me : stories of opioids and Ohio

March 11, 2020
xxvi, 283 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
Ode to the corner of the drug house down the gravel road off the two-lane highway #29 / Darren C. Demaree (Columbus) -- Reflections of a recovery writer / Annie Highwater (Grove City) -- A place for "total recovery" / Members of Toledo Restoration Church (Toledo) -- Building community in the B. Riley Sober House / Rafael "Tony" Correa (Cleveland) -- Walking past abandoned houses, I think of Eric / Barbara Costas-Biggs (Portsmouth) -- How are the children? / Joy Edgell (Belpre) -- A haven from human trafficking and addiction / Jeff Barrows (Zanesfield) -- A new home / Mary Lynn St. Lawrence (Athens) -- Collaboration in Middletown / Travis Bautz (Middletown) -- Defiance, Ohio Is the name of a band / Hanif Abdurraqib (Columbus) -- A heartache not my own / Caitlin Seida (The Plains) -- What addiction gave me / Tony Anders (Upper Arlington) -- The stories make it real: a mayor in the heart of the opioid epidemic / Nan Whaley (Dayton) -- Jane's story / Kerri Mongenel (Ashtabula) -- A coach's regrets / Matt Dennison (New Philadelphia) -- An individual's addiction, a family's loss / AJ, Jenna, Sherie, and Alan Steinberger (Highland Heights) -- The pain of wanting to help / Anonymous -- My reality at the bedside / Hank Rossiter (Kidron) -- What happens under the overpass / Neil Carpathios (Portsmouth) -- Community and vulnerability / Brian Schweitzer (Columbus) -- Remaking a family / Chris, Estella, and Tyler Ferrell (Minford) -- Dear Travis / Vicki Scharbach (Olmsted Falls) -- Despair / Gerald E. Greene (Dayton) -- A predictable and utterly preventable catastrophe / Michael Henson (Cincinnati) -- Standing proud / Eric Ungaro (Poland) -- Uncle sugar / Anisi Daniels-Smith (Hiram) -- Potential energy / April Deacon (Wheelersburg) -- The road to recovery / Alex Driehaus (Cincinnati) -- From felon to law enforcement: a retrospective / Brandy E. Morris-Hafner (Chillicothe) -- A little too close to home / Keith F. Durkin (Ada) -- Deluded / Marty Helms (Cincinnati) -- Opioid encounters: fragments from training and practice / Jenny Zamor (Columbus) -- An awakening / Joe Gay (Athens) -- This is not the medicine I want to practice: one physician's journey to heal, not harm / Katy Kropf (Athens) -- Problem-solving in Colerain Township / Daniel Meloy (Cincinnati) -- The buck fifty / Dave Huggins, Chris Scott, and Angie Ferguson (Chillicothe) -- Plans after prison / Jonathan Becker (Akron) -- Avoiding the abyss / Sharon Parsons (Bexley) -- All the Narcan in the world / David Keseg (Columbus) -- Pause for change / Nancy Pook (Dayton) -- Reconnecting through rhythm: a symphony and recovery / Warren W. Hyer (Delaware) -- Rural challenges, rural solutions / Steven Martin, Amy Fanous, and Katie Westgerdes (Ada) -- A way forward for moms and babies / Richard Massatti (Columbus) -- From the front pages to the front lines / Darren Adams (Portsmouth) -- A good family / Christine Hunt (Russells Point) -- Feral / Jessica Harper and Sarah Benedum (Madison) -- Recovery should be celebrated, not judged / Lacey Whitlatch (Athens) -- Serve and protect / Dennis Whaley (Toledo) -- What do libraries do? / Nick Tepe (Athens) -- Confronting stigma in Portsmouth / Traci Molloy -- Everybody played along / Anonymous (Columbus) -- The making of a public health emergency / Yvonka Marie Hall (Cleveland) -- The addict, a human being / Stephanie Kendrick (Albany)
"More and more Americans find themselves in some way touched by the opioid epidemic. But while many have observed the effects of the crisis, Not Far from Me: Stories of Opioids and Ohio is the first book on this public health emergency composed entirely of first-person accounts. The collection unfolds across fifty gripping accounts by Ohioans at the center of the national epidemic. Shared through personal stories, poetry, interviews, and photos, these perspectives transcend typical one-dimensional portrayals of the crisis to offer a mosaic of how politics, religion, sports, economics, culture, race, and sexual orientation intersect in and around the epidemic. Themes of pain and healing, despair and hope are woven throughout accounts of families who have lost loved ones to addiction, stories of survival, and experiences of working on the front lines in communities. In an attempt to give every voice the chance to be heard, Not Far from Me features contributors from across the state as they engage with the pain of opioid abuse and overdose, as well as the hope that personal- and community-level transformation brings. Ultimately, Not Far from Me humanizes the battle against addiction, challenges the stigma surrounding drug users, and unflinchingly faces the reality of the American opioid epidemic"-- Provided by publisher.

Frida in America : the creative awakening of a great artist

March 10, 2020
Stahr, Celia, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2020.
xv, 383 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
"The riveting story of how three years spent in the United States transformed Frida Kahlo into the artist we know today. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo adored adventure. In November, 1930, she was thrilled to realize her dream of traveling to the United States to live in San Francisco, Detroit, and New York. Still, leaving her family and her country for the first time was monumental. Only twenty-three and newly married to the already world-famous forty-three-year-old Diego Rivera, she was at a crossroads in her life and this new place, one filled with magnificent beauty, horrific poverty, racial tension, anti-Semitism, ethnic diversity, bland Midwestern food, and a thriving music scene, pushed Frida in unexpected directions. Shifts in her style of painting began to appear, cracks in her marriage widened, and tragedy struck, twice while she was living in Detroit. Frida in America is the first in-depth biography of these formative years spent in Gringolandia, a place Frida couldn't always understand. But it's precisely her feelings of being a stranger in a strange land that fueled her creative passions and an even stronger sense of Mexican identity. With vivid detail, Frida in America recreates the pivotal journey that made Senora Rivera the world famous Frida Kahlo"-- Provided by publisher.

100 drives, 5,000 ideas : where to go, when to go, what to see, what to do

March 10, 2020
Yogerst, Joseph R., author.
Washington, D.C. : National Geographic, [2020]
303 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
West Coast -- Rocky Mountains -- Pan-Regional -- Northeast -- Midwest -- Southern -- Tropical -- Canada.
From a vineyard route through Northwest wine country to a winter wonderland on Alberta's Icefields Parkway, this informative travel guide offers epic sights, good bites, and pure fun. Pack your car and hit the road to experience 100 drives--both classic and off the beaten track--across the United States and Canada. You'll find innovative itineraries outlining your route, along with when to go and what to see and do along the way.

Anger is my middle name : a memoir

March 10, 2020
Andersen, Lisbeth Zornig, 1968- author.
Seattle : Amazon Crossing, 2020.
xvii, 203 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Previously published as Zornig, vrede er mit mellemnavn by Gyldendal A/S in Denmark in 2011."
Born to a violently dysfunctional home in working-class Denmark, Lisbeth Zornig Andersen and her three older brothers were bounced between foster care and state-run institutions, then back again to their chemically dependent mother and sadistic stepfather. For Lisbeth, it was a childhood without perimeters. It was blighted by poverty, sexual abuse, neglect, betrayal, and further victimization by the broken Danish social services system that forced Lisbeth to live where and how it saw fit. Coming of age with a myriad of fears and emotional disorders, Lisbeth had three things that would become driving forces in her life: she was extraordinarily bright, extremely willful, and exceptionally angry. From hell to liberation, this is Lisbeth's emotional and galvanizing memoir told in two voices: that of a young girl who was unwanted, challenged, and defiant, and that of a woman who channeled her rage into a positive force as a passionate advocate for children's rights. Whatever darkness defines the past, it can be used to change the future. Lisbeth's heart-wrenching and ultimately uplifting journey is proof.

The audacity to be queen : the unapologetic art of dreaming big and manifesting your most fabulous life

March 10, 2020
DeVee, Gina, author.
New York : Go/Hachette Books, 2020.
xviii, 317 pages ; 21 cm
"In every woman lives a Queen who is confident, poised and clear on her calling. She is bold and unapologetic. Drawing from her spiritual connection and feminine nature, she accesses the power to manifest her desires and fulfill her purpose. The era of invisible women is over. Your time to be Queen has arrived. In The Audacity to be Queen, women's empowerment and success coach Gina DeVee invites modern day women to embrace the endless possibilities that are rightfully ours. Permission granted to take ourselves off the back-burner financially, romantically, physically, and socially--and step into our greatness." -- inside front cover.

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