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August 11, 2020
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Mother of orphans : the true and curious story of Irish Alice, a colored man's widow

August 10, 2020
Barker, Dedria Humphries, author.
New York, New York : 2Leaf Press, [2020]
iv, 279 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Mother of Orphans is the compelling true story of Alice, an Irish-American woman who defied rigid social structures to form a family with a black man in Ohio in 1899. Alice and her husband had three children together, but after his death in 1912, Alice mysteriously surrendered her children to an orphanage. One hundred years later, her great-grand daughter, Dedria Humphries Barker, went in search of the reasons behind this mysterious abandonment, hoping in the process to resolve aspects of her own conflicts with American racial segregation and conflict. This book is the fruit of Barker's quest. In it, she turns to memoir, biography, historical research, and photographs to unearth the fascinating history of a multiracial community in the Ohio River Valley during the early twentieth century.... Part personal journey, part cultural biography, Mother of Orphans examines a little-known piece of this country's past: interracial families that survived and prevailed despite Jim Crow laws, including those prohibiting mixed-race marriage.", viewed April 17, 2020.

Governmental GAAP guide for state and local governments.

August 7, 2020
Chicago : CCH, c2007-
v. ; 23 cm.
Publisher varies: <2018-2021> Wolters Kluwer.
"A comprehensive interpretation of all current promulgated governmental generally accepted accounting principles for state and local governments."

Bluffing Texas style : the arsons, forgeries, and high-stakes poker capers of rare book dealer Johnny Jenkins

August 6, 2020
Vinson, Michael, author.
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2020]
x, 236 pages ; 24 cm
"In 1989 a woman fishing in Texas on a quiet stretch of the Colorado River snagged a body. Her 'catch' was the corpse of Johnny Jenkins, shot in the head. His death was as dramatic as the rare book dealer’s life, which read, as the Austin American-Statesman declared, 'like a bestseller.' In 1975 Jenkins had staged the largest rare book coup of the twentieth century—the purchase, for more than two million dollars, of the legendary Eberstadt inventory of rare Americana, a feat noted in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. His undercover work for the FBI, recovering rare books stolen by mafia figures, had also earned him headlines coast to coast, as had his exploits as 'Austin Squatty,' playing high stakes poker in Las Vegas. But beneath such public triumphs lay darker secrets. At the time of his death, Jenkins was about to be indicted by the ATF for the arson of his rare books, warehouse, and offices. Another investigation implicated Jenkins in forgeries of historical documents, including the Texas Declaration of Independence. Rumors of million-dollar gambling debts at mob-connected casinos circulated, along with the rumblings of irate mafia figures he’d fingered and eccentric Texas collectors he’d cheated. Had he been murdered? Or was his death a suicide, staged to look like a murder? How Jenkins, a onetime president of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America, came to such an unseemly end is one of the mysteries Michael Vinson pursues in this spirited account of a tragic American life. Entrepreneur, con man, connoisseur, forger, and self-made hero, Jenkins was a Texan who knew how to bluff but not when to fold."--Provided by publisher.

George Washington Carver in his own words

August 6, 2020
Carver, George Washington, 1864?-1943.
Columbia : University of Missouri Press, [2017]
xix, 248 pages, 10 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Introduction : Carver -- the man and the myth -- Self-portraits : Carver's self-image over time -- The pre-Tuskegee years : Old friends remembered -- Tuskegee Institute : Carver and his coworkers -- The teacher as motivator : Carver and his students -- The scientist as servant : "Helping the man farthest down" -- The scientist as mystic : "Reading God out of nature's great book" -- Carver : Black man in white America -- Carver and his boys -- Remembering George Washington Carver : An intimate portrait.
"George Washington Carver (1864-1943) is best know for developing new uses for agricultural crops and teaching methods of soil improvement to southern farmers. This annotated selection of his letters and other writings reveals the forces that shaped his creative genius, including the influence of persistent racism. This edition includes a new chapter on the oral history interviews Kremer conducted with people who knew Carver. Also published here are newly uncovered documents and several photographs of Carver with friends"--Front jacket flap.

Indo-Pacific empire: China, America and the contest for the world's pivotal region

August 6, 2020
Medcalf, Rory, author.
x, 310 pages : illustrations (black and white), color maps on endpapers ; 24 cm
Colored maps on end papers.

Kingdom single : living complete and fully free

August 6, 2020
Evans, Tony, 1949-
Carol Stream, IL : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., [2018]
226 pages ; 24 cm
THE CONCEPT OF A KINGDOM SINGLE (The completeness of singles -- The calling of singles -- The confidence of singles -- The command of singles -- The contentment of singles) -- THE CHALLENGES OF A KINGDOM SINGLE (Winning the spiritual battle -- Getting help from heaven -- The power of intimacy -- Single but not along) -- THE CONCERNS OF A KINGDOM SINGLE (Seeking a mate -- Singles and Sex Part 1, 2 -- Single again -- Single parenting) -- Conclusion -- Appendix: Singles and same-sex attraction -- Acknowledgments -- Notes.
"In this freeing and encouraging book, Dr. Tony Evans shows how singleness can be a time of major accomplishment and seeing God meet your every need. In fact, it can be your period of greatest productivity in kingdom work. Still, Dr. Evans recognizes that singleness can also be a time of loneliness and unfulfilled desires. With understanding and compassion, he provides realistic, practical advise for handling those longings. And he devotes an entire chapter to the question of how to seek a godly mate. Other chapters address such key topics as God's calling for singles, getting help from heaven, staying sexually pure in a culture full of temptations, and succeeding as a single parent. "Singleness is not a second-class status....Singleness is a unique platform and position provided to you for great enjoyment, accomplishment, discovery, exploration, freedom, and meaning....Never miss out on today's open doors for those you are hoping will open tomorrow."--Dr. Tony Evans."--jacket flap.

Love, life, & Lucille : lessons learned from a centenarian

August 6, 2020
Gaman, Judith K., author.
Berkeley, CA : She Writes Press, a BookSparks imprint a division of SparkPointStudio, LLC, 2020.
xiii, 379 pages ; 22 cm
While writing a book on longevity, Gaman interviewed Lucille Fleming, who had recently turned 100. What began as a quick meeting became a lasting friendship that transformed into an inseparable bond. Together, the two began living life to the fullest-- and the very first lesson Fleming ever taught Gaman proved to the most important one of all.

The ultimate burger : plus DIY condiments, sides, and boozy milkshakes

August 6, 2020
Boston, MA : America's Test Kitchen, [2019]
ix, 246 pages : col. ill. ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Welcome to America's test kitchen -- Burger basics -- The perfect patty -- We the people -- Beyond the beef -- Let's go for broke -- From the field and garden -- You want fries with that? -- The bread aisle -- Nutritional information for our recipes -- Conversions and equivalents.
"Achieve burger greatness, with updated classics, regional favorites, homemade everything (from meat blends to pretzel buns), and craft-burger creations, plus fries and other sides, and frosty drinks. What is the "ultimate" burger? Ask that question and you will ignite an enthusiastic debate about meats, cooking methods, degree of doneness, bun types, condiments, toppings, and accompaniments. The Ultimate Burger has the best answer to all of these questions: The ultimate burger is what you want it to be. And America's Test Kitchen shows you how to get there. Craving an all-American beef burger? We've got 'em: steak burgers, double-decker burgers, and easy beef sliders. Travel beyond beef, with options for turkey, pork, lamb, bison, salmon, tuna, and shrimp burgers before exploring the world of meat-free burgers, both vegetarian and vegan. Then it's go for broke, featuring out-of-this-world creations like a Surf and Turf Burger, Loaded Nacho Burger, Grilled Crispy Onion-Ranch Burger, and Reuben Burger. You want sides with that? The sides chapter covers the crunchiest kettle chips, the crispiest French fries, and the creamiest coleslaws, and we've even thrown in some boozy milkshakes and other drinks to help everything go down just right. We even guarantee bun perfection with all sorts of homemade buns to lovingly cradle your juicy patties. And we reveal the ATK-approved store-bought buns, ketchups, mustards, and relishes to complement your burger, along with recipes for plenty of homemade condiments like Classic Burger Sauce, Quick Pickle Chips, and Black Pepper Candied Bacon to mix and match with the recipes." -- (Source of summary not specified)

Broken-down jalopies and other short stories : (perspective changes everything)

August 6, 2020
Hellmann, Sarah, author.
104 pages ; 23 cm
Foreword: perspective does change everything -- Letter to the reader -- The God I pray to -- Stories -- You are a royal warrior : remember who you are -- Broken-down jalopies: portraits of courtesy -- My uncle's beat-up jeep: the gift of gratitude -- I was rescued: the power of hope -- A man with tattoos on his face: visions of grace -- Driving over the grass: hold onto your peace -- Red shutters: creativity -- A walk home in ice skates: finding freedom through forgiveness -- Difficult people require a difficult type of love: learning to love outside the lines -- A car ride from prison: seeing the ordinary magic -- Everybody is a genius: celebrate you -- Too tall to be an astronaut: revisioning childhood dreams -- Gulf shrimp Cantonese: we belong to each other -- Graffiti on the door: teachable moments -- Swimming with royalty: universal belonging -- A bag of Funyuns: generosity of spirit -- Standing in the rain: finding joy in the struggle -- Dad's four rules: what governs your life? -- A last wish: goodness from within -- The stars in the sky: a perspective on death and dying -- Acknowledgments --About the author -- Go beyond the book.
"This is a collection of first-person narratives from a woman who has lived a life unlike any other. Sarah Hellmann is the definition of an "in the emotional trenches" leader and human advocate. She's served as a jail chaplain and a champion for people coping with or recovering from addiction, mental illness, sex trafficking, homelessness, and incarceration. Join Sarah for an introspective look at the many things that unite us as a human race -- the shared feelings and experiences and needs that far outnumber the things that divide or differentiate us. With complete candor, Sarah shares her journey with mental illness, addiction, and the transformative power of guiding others through their struggles. And, in the end, gain an understanding of how perspective can lead you to a happier and more peaceful life"--from the Backcover.

To defeat the few : the Luftwaffe's campaign to destroy RAF fighter command, August-September 1940

August 6, 2020
Dildy, Doug, author.
Oxford : Osprey Publishing, 2020.
384 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 25 cm

Twenty guys you date in your twenties

August 6, 2020
Conti, Gabi, author.
140 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
1. The Guy Who Got Away -- 2. The Guy Who's Hotter than You -- 3. The Guy Who's Long Distance -- 4. The Guy You Always Go Back To -- 5. The Guy with an Expiration Date -- 6. The Guy Who's Your Instant Boyfriend -- 7. The Guy Who Texts "sup" at 2 a.m. -- 8. The Guy Who's Much Older -- 9. The Guy Who's Cooler than You -- 10. The Guy Who Ghosts -- 11. The Guy Who's Toxic -- 12. The Guy Who's Not Your Boyfriend -- 13. The Guy You Can't Remember -- 14. The Guy Who's a One-Night Stand -- 15. The Guy with a Fetish -- 16. The Guy Who's Not That Into You -- 17. The Guy Who's Great on Paper -- 18. The Guy Who's Much Younger -- 19. The Guy Who Makes You Do You -- 20. The Guy Who's Your Person.
"A bitingly funny field guide to modern love from the woman who's dated them all. Through highly relatable anecdotes from a decade of dating, 20 Guys You Date in Your 20s dives into the joys, frustrations, and hilarity of swiping right on relationships. After a world-shattering breakup in her early twenties, comedian Gabi Conti logged thousands of hours on dating apps, conducting research and gathering intel on our behalf. Real and relatable, this dating guide is laugh-out-loud funny without being prescriptive or cynical. Filled with charts and quizzes, hysterical anecdotes, and helpful insight from therapists and dating coaches, these pages offer advice and humor in equal measure."--book flap.

Farm anatomy : the curious parts & pieces of country life

August 6, 2020
Rothman, Julia.
North Adams, Mass. : Storey Pub., ©2011.
223 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 23 cm
Breaking ground : Layers of the soil ; Topsoil chart ; The texture triangle ; Mineral nutrients ; Crop rotation ; Contour farming and terracing ; Windbreaks ; Predicting weather ; Composting ; An acre is ... -- Raised in a barn : Barn styles ; Timber construction ; Trusses ; Barn doors, bracing, and hardware ; Barn cupolas ; Barn birds ; Farm buildings ; Animal housing ; Feeders ; Fencing -- Tools of the trade : Tractors ; Tractor implements ; How to plow a field ; Inside a combine ; Other machines ; Felling, bucking, splitting and stacking ; In the toolshed -- Plant a seed : Average frost dates ; Vegetable anatomy ; Squash varieties ; Build a bean teepee ; Dry bean varieties ; Pepper varieties ; Tater tower ; 4 ways to grow tomatoes ; Tomato varieties ; How to can tomatoes ; Herb chart ; Growing grains ; Planting an orchard ; Apple varieties ; Good bugs ; Bad bugs -- Separating the sheep from the goats : Animal terms ; Parts of a rooster ; Comb styles ; Chicken breeds ; Fresh eggs ; Duck and goose breeds ; Heritage turkeys ; Parts of a beef animal ; How a cow's stomach works ; Cow breeds ; How to milk a cow ; Parts of a goat ; Goat breeds ; Hoof trimming ; Knots ; Parts of a horse ; Horse markings and tail styles ; Parts of a hoof ; Draft horse breeds ; Draft harness ; Mules ; Parts of a pig ; Pig breeds ; Livestock water consumption ; Parts of a sheep ; Sheep breeds ; Shearing sheep ; Parts of a rabbit ; Rabbit breeds ; Rabbit coat types ; Parts of a bee ; Anatomy of a beehive -- Country wining and dining : In an old-fashioned country kitchen ; Wine-making equipment ; Edible flowers ; The basics of breadmaking ; Dairy terms ; The basic steps in making cheese ; Butchering knives ; How to cut up a chicken ; Prime cuts of beef ; Build a barrel smokehouse ; Prime cuts of pork ; Dry curing ; Prime cuts of lamb ; Freezing meat ; Pressure canning ; Root cellaring ; Making maple syrup -- Spinning a yarn : Carding and spinning yarn ; Natural dyes ; How to make a flower press ; how to make a cornhusk doll ; Making rag rugs ; Making candles ; Quilt patterns.
"Talk the talk of the country with Julia Rothman's entertaining and informative visual tour of life on the farm. Her drawings, diagrams, step-by-step sequences, and dissections reveal everything from the parts of a milking machine and the anatomy of a pig to how to plow a field and shear a sheep"--Page 4 of cover.

Light is the odalisque : poems

August 6, 2020
Walters, LaWanda Wrenn, author.
x, 109 pages : portrait ; 23 cm
Includes biographical note on the author.
"This wide-ranging, beautiful, and painful book reveals LaWanda Walters as a masterful, brave, and dangerous poet. As much at home with a disciplined free verse as with traditional forms, and as comfortable with narrative as with lyric, Walters delivers (like the morning mail, like a baby) a world. The odalisque is light-meaning not heavy, meaning luminous. "How odd," we discover, "that a direction-like South-takes on meaning like a person's face." The poems are (or appear to be) autobiographical in the best sense. "I searched myself," Heraclitus declared, and Walters's book, written in that spirit, stokes the Heraclitean fire with embers from a burning heart." --Publisher's description.

Hoover's handbook of world business.

August 5, 2020
Austin, TX : Reference Press,
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Imprint varies: <2000-2017> Austin, TX : Hoover's Business Press ; <2018-2020> Fort Mill, S.C. : Mergent Inc.

Hoover's handbook of American business.

August 5, 2020
Austin, Tex. : Reference Press, Inc.,
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Imprint varies: <2000-2017> Austin, TX : Hoover's Business Press ; <2018-2020> Fort Mill, S.C. : Mergent Inc.
"Profiles of 1000 major U.S. companies."

Peterson's scholarships, grants & prizes.

August 5, 2020
Princeton, N.J. : Peterson's,
v. ; 28 cm.
Vol. for 1997 includes 1 CD-ROM called: Peterson's award search ; vols. for 2000 includes 1 CD-ROM called: Peterson's interactive college resources ; Vols. for 2001-2003 include 1 computer disc titled Scholarships, grants and prizes.
"Private sources of aid to help you pay for college."

Handbook of U.S. labor statistics.

August 5, 2020
Lanham, Md., USA : Bernan Press,
v. ; 28 cm.
"Employment, earnings, prices, productivity, and other labor data."

Nursing school entrance exams prep.

August 5, 2020
New York : Kaplan Publishing, [2019]-
volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
"Your all-in-one guide to the Kaplan and HESI exams."

LEWSER! : more Doonesbury in the time of Trump

August 5, 2020
Trudeau, G. B., 1948- author.
127 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 23 cm
The third volume of the Doonesbury trilogy chronicling Donald Trump's presidency.

Fierce wars and faithful loves : Edmund Spenser's The faerie queen, book I

August 5, 2020
Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599.
Moscow, ID : Canon Press, ©1999.
236 pages ; 23 cm

Pirate math : developing mathematical reasoning with games and puzzles. Book 2

August 5, 2020
Serra, Michael, author.
x, 275 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Polyomino warm up puzzles -- Rectangular buried treasure -- Polar buried treasure -- Spherical buried treasure -- 3-D buried treasure -- Pirate treasure with geometry -- Pirate treasure with cryptography.
Pirate-themed games designed to help students with math, specifically reasoning, coordinates, and geometry.

The fight for the soul of the Democratic Party : the enduring legacy of Henry Wallace's antifascist, antiracist politics

August 5, 2020
Nichols, John, 1959- author.
London ; New York : Verso, 2020.
xvii, 286 pages ; 22 cm

Fresh family traditions : 18 heirloom quilts for a new generation

August 5, 2020
McConnell, Sherri, 1966-
Lafayette, CA : C & T Publishing, Inc., [2014]
79 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Inspired by my grandmothers -- Emma's bear paw -- Stars over Iowa -- Beach houses -- Spools -- Sugar pine -- Sugar pine pillow -- Century farm -- Grandma's Dresden pillow -- Kitchen sink -- Inspired by design and fabric -- Indian summer -- Summer star -- Spring flowers pillow -- Groovy -- Sassy -- Garden days -- Breeze pillow -- Tumblers -- Boardwalk runner -- Quiltmaking basics: Supplies and tools -- Cutting -- The 1/4" seam -- Half-square triangles -- Corner-square triangles -- Making freezer-paper templates -- Appliqué basics -- Borders -- Backing -- Binding -- Scrappy binding -- About the author -- Resources -- Sidebars: Finding and using inspiration for quiltmaking -- Inspired journaling -- Inspired studio space -- Inspired by fabric -- Inspiration notebook.
This collection of 18 charming quilts and home accessories from Sherri McConnell brings together the best of the old and new in quilting. Sherri's new designs update traditional blocks (many handed down from her grandmothers) with fresh colors and fabrics from some of today's top designers. You'll also visit Sherri's quilting room and learn how to find inspiration for your own quilting. Projects in the book include quilts both large and small, plus pillows and table runners perfect for scrap fabrics, fat quarters, and precut charm packs and jelly rolls. Fast and easy projects also make wonderful homemade gifts.

Giants on record : America's hidden history, secrets in the mounds and the Smithsonian files

August 5, 2020
Vieira, Jim, author.
Kempton, IL : Adventures Unlimited Press, 2017.
xxii, 395 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Over a 200 year period thousands of newspaper reports, town and county histories, letters, photos, diaries, and scientific journals have documented the existence of an ancient race of giants in North America. Extremely tall skeletons ranging from 7 feet to a staggering 18 feet tall have been reportedly uncovered in prehistoric mounds, burial chambers, caves, geometric earthworks, and ancient battlefields. Strange anatomic anomalies such as double rows of teeth, horned skulls, massive jaws that fit over a modern face, and elongated skulls have also been reported. Many of these discoveries were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., seemingly never to be heard about again. The Smithsonian's own records describe at least 17 giant skeletons in annual reports. This book examines a possible cover-up initiated by Smithsonian scientists starting in the late 1800s"--Cover.

Labor of love : scrappy quilts at the heart of home

August 5, 2020
McConnell, Sherri, 1966-
Bothell, WA : Martingale, [2020]
80 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Projects. Whimsy stars -- Scrappy Dresdens -- Farmhouse garden -- Sherbet and cream -- Family tree -- Cottage charm -- Window box -- Harmony -- Laguna -- Garden path -- Sunshine -- Sorbet.
Like you, Sherri McConnell loves to quilt and fill her home with special creations. Online influencer, fabric designer, and quilt designer Sherri reveals her fresh and simple approach to scrap quilting in step-by-step instructions for a dozen splendidly scrappy projects. From small wall hangings and table toppers to larger throws and bed quilts, Sherri shares not only her patterns but also her tips for sewing success, for saving time (and using the time you have wisely), and for collecting, storing, and--best of all--using the scraps of fabric you treasure.

Complete national parks of Europe : 460 parks, including flora & fauna, historic sites, scenic hiking trails, and more

August 5, 2020
Kavanagh, Justin, author.
535 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 25 cm
Includes index.
Western Europe -- Northern Europe -- Southern Europe -- Eastern Europe.
"Discover European wilderness-from Croatia's coastline to Scotland's highlands-in this comprehensive guide to pristine parks and wild spaces, full of photos, maps, and tips. In these rich and informative pages, the travel pros at National Geographic bring you the premier guide to 460 national parks of Europe. Find your way to Snowdonia in Wales, offering more than 1,490 miles of walking trails through thick forests, coastal beaches, deep lakes, and jagged mountains. Catch a glimpse of more than 10,000 species inhabiting Germany's Bavarian Forest. Explore the flora and fauna while camping amid the twin peaks of France's Pyrénées. Or visit "the home of the giants," Norway's Jotunheimen park, containing the country's 29 highest peaks and plenty of backcountry hiking. This breathtaking tour spans the entire continent and will inspire your next grand adventure with more than 400 photos, 55 maps, rich histories, exciting itineraries, and need-to-know tips from what to do and how to get there. Each entry includes favorite spots for viewing scenery and wildlife, the best trails to walk or hike, and insights into what makes each of these parks worth visiting. Inspiring and informative, this illuminating guide will help you to experience Europe in a whole new way."--Publisher's website.

New York then and now

August 5, 2020
Reiss, Marcia, author.
143 pages : illustrations (some color), color map ; 25 x 29 cm
Color map on end page

The pandemic century : one hundred years of panic, hysteria, and hubris

August 5, 2020
Honigsbaum, Mark, author.
478 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 21 cm
"With a new chapter and updated epilogue on Coronavirus." --Cover.
Sharks and other predators -- The Blue Death -- Plague in the city of Angels -- The Great Parrot Fever pandemic -- The "Philly killer" -- Legionnaires' Redux -- Aids in America, Aids in Africa -- SARS: "Super spreader" -- Ebola at the borders -- Z is for Zika -- Disease X -- The pandemic century.
"How can we understand the COVID-19 pandemic? Ever since the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, scientists have dreamed of preventing such catastrophic outbreaks of infectious disease. Yet despite a century of medical progress, viral and bacterial disasters continue to take us by surprise, inciting panic and dominating news cycles. In The Pandemic Century, a lively account of scares both infamous and less known, medical historian Mark Honigsbaum combines reportage with the history of science and medical sociology to artfully reconstruct epidemiological mysteries and the ecology of infectious diseases. We meet dedicated disease detectives, obstructive or incompetent public health officials, and brilliant scientists often blinded by their own knowledge of bacteria and viruses--and see how fear of disease often exacerbates racial, religious, and ethnic tensions"

Sexing the body : gender politics and the construction of sexuality

August 5, 2020
Fausto-Sterling, Anne, 1944- author.
xi, 594 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"In this brilliant and provocative classic, the distinguished feminist scholar Anne Fausto-Sterling argues that even the most fundamental knowledge about sex and gender is shaped by the culture in which scientific knowledge is produced. Drawing on illuminating real-life cases and a probing analysis of centuries of scientific research, Fausto-Sterling demonstrates how scientists have historically politicized the body. Now with a new preface and final chapter considering the many scientific and political developments of the last two decades, Sexing the Body is an indispensable and revolutionary look at how biology, society, and history together determine sexual difference"-- Provided by publisher.

The step-by-step Instant Pot cookbook : 100 simple recipes for spectacular results-- with photographs of every step

August 5, 2020
Eisner, Jeffrey, author.
New York : Voracious, 2020.
271 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Basics -- Soups & stews -- Pasta -- Rice -- Poultry -- Meat -- Seafood -- Vegetables & sides -- Dessert.
Eisner takes a step-by-step approach to deliver a cookbook of 100 essential dishes that will demystify pressure cooking for Instant Pot users of all abilities -- and put dinner on the table in a flash. Every recipe in this book is illustrated with clear photographs showing exactly what to do in each step. There are no surprises: no hard-to-find ingredients, no fussy extra techniques, and nothing even the most reluctant cooks can't master in moments. What you see is truly what you get -- in dishes as simple as Mac & Cheese and a Quick Quinoa Salad and as delicious as French Onion Chicken, Pot Roast, Ratatouille Stew, and even desserts such as Bananas Foster and Crème Brûlée.

Of bears and ballots : an Alaskan adventure in small-town politics

August 4, 2020
Lende, Heather, 1959- author.
Chapel Hill, N.C. : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 2020.
274 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Heather Lende, inspired to take a more active role in politics, runs for assembly member in Haines, Alaska-and wins. But tiny Haines-a place accessible from the nearest city, Juneau, only by boat or plane-isn't the sleepy town it appears to be. From a bitter debate about the expansion of the fishing boat harbor to the matter of how to stop bears from rifling through garbage to the recall campaign that targeted three assembly members, including Lende, we witness the nitty-gritty of passing legislation, the lofty ideals of our republic, and how the polarizing national politics of our era play out in one small town"--Provided by publisher.

I got a monster : the rise and fall of America's most corrupt police squad

August 4, 2020
Woods, Baynard, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2020.
xi, 300 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 25 cm
"The explosive true story of America's most corrupt police unit, the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF), that terrorized the city of Baltimore for half a decade. When Baltimore police sergeant Wayne Jenkins said he had a monster, he meant he had found a big-time drug dealer-one that he wanted to rob. This is the story of Jenkins and the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF), a super group of dirty detectives who exploited the some of America's greatest problems: guns, drugs, toxic masculinity, and hypersegregation. In the upside-down world of the GTTF, cops were robbers and drug dealers were the perfect victims, because no one believed them. When the federal government finally arrested the GTTF for robbery and racketeering in 2017, the stories of victims began to come out, revealing a vast criminal enterprise operating within the Baltimore Police Department. Cops planted heroin to cover up a fatal crash that resulted from a botched robbery. They stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, faked video evidence, and forged a letter trying to break up the marriage of one of their victims to keep his wife from paying a lawyer. And a homicide detective was killed the day before he was scheduled to testify against the crooked cops. This is the shocking history of the rise and fall of the most corrupt cops in America"-- Provided by publisher.

The people, no : a brief history of anti-populism

August 4, 2020
Frank, Thomas, 1965- author.
New York : Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt and Company, 2020.
307 pages, 8 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm
Introduction : the cure for the common man -- What was populism? -- "Because right is right and God Is God" -- Peak populism in the proletarian decade -- "The upheaval of the unfit" -- Consensus redensus -- Lift every voice -- The money changers burn the temple -- Let us now scold uncouth men -- Conclusion : the question.
"From the prophetic author of the now-classic What's the Matter with Kansas? and Listen, Liberal, an eye-opening account of populism, the most important-and misunderstood-movement of our time. Rarely does a work of history contain startling implications for the present, but in The People, No Thomas Frank pulls off that explosive effect by showing us that everything we think we know about populism is wrong. Today "populism" is seen as a frightening thing, a term pundits use to describe the racist philosophy of Donald Trump and European extremists. But this is a mistake. The real story of populism is an account of enlightenment and liberation; it is the story of American democracy itself, of its ever-widening promise of a decent life for all. Taking us from the tumultuous 1890s, when the radical left-wing Populist Party-the biggest mass movement in American history-fought Gilded Age plutocrats to the reformers' great triumphs under Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Frank reminds us how much we owe to the populist ethos. Frank also shows that elitist groups have reliably detested populism, lashing out at working-class concerns. The anti-populist vituperations by the Washington centrists of today are only the latest expression. Frank pummels the elites, revisits the movement's provocative politics, and declares true populism to be the language of promise and optimism. The People, No is a ringing affirmation of a movement that, Frank shows us, is not the problem of our times, but the solution for what ails us"-- Provided by publisher.

Six days in August : the story of Stockholm syndrome

August 4, 2020
King, David, 1970- author.
282 pages, 8 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"The definitive account of the bizarre hostage drama that gave rise to the term "Stockholm Syndrome." On the morning of August 23, 1973, a man wearing a wig, makeup, and a pair of sunglasses walked into the main branch of Sveriges Kreditbank, a prominent bank in central Stockholm. He ripped out a submachine gun, fired it into the ceiling, and shouted, "The party starts!" This was the beginning of a six-day hostage crisis-and media circus-that would mesmerize the country, drawing into its grip everyone from Sweden's most notorious outlaw to the prime minister. By the end, the police and press alike would have a new way to understand the complicated emotional relationship between captor and captive. Based on a wealth of previously unavailable sources, including rare film footage, and unprecedented access to the main participants, Six Days in August is a groundbreaking work of nonfiction-a rich human drama of loyalty and betrayal, obedience and defiance, fear and attraction"-- Provided by publisher.

Remain in love : Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club, Tina

August 4, 2020
Frantz, Chris, 1951- author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2020.
xii, 384 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"One of the most dynamic groups of the '70s and '80s, Talking Heads, founded by drummer Chris Frantz, his girlfriend Tina Weymouth, and lead singer David Byrne, burst onto the music scene, and captured the post-baby boom generation's intense, affectless style. In Remain in Love, Frantz writes about the beginnings of Talking Heads-their days as art students in Providence, moving to the sparse Chrystie Street loft Frantz, Weymouth, and Byrne shared where the music that defined an era was written. With never-before-seen photos and immersive vivid detail, Frantz describes life on tour, his love for Weymouth: their once-in-a-lifetime connection as lovers, musicians, and bandmates. Including how their creativity surged with the creation of their own band Tom Tom Club. Remain in Love is a frank and open memoir of an emblematic life in music and in love."--Provided by publisher.

Alaric the Goth : an outsider's history of the fall of Rome

August 4, 2020
Boin, Douglas, author.
New York, NY : W. W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2020]
xiii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Seventy-Two Hours -- The Trailblazer -- Stolen Childhoods -- Opportunity -- The Mystery of Conversion -- Love, War, and an Awakening -- The Lion and the Fox -- Into the Labyrinth -- The Crash -- Alaric's Dying Ambitions -- Smoldering Ruins and a Lost Key.
"Did "barbarians" really cause the catastrophic collapse of civilization? Boin is the first to give an historically sound account from the "barbarian" perspective, through the life of Alaric the Goth. On August 24, 410 A.D., the Senate and the People of Rome awoke to a seismic shock. Intruders, led by a disaffected forty-year-old immigrant, known only as Alaric, had stormed the city. There were kidnappings, robbery, and acts of arson. The effects were long-lasting. Within two generations, Rome's world fell apart. A city predicted to rule an empire without end, in the words of its famous Latin poet Virgil, was governed by a savage band of foreigners, called Goths. Alaric the Goth offers a deeply researched look at the end of the Roman Empire but from a surprising point-of-view. Offering the first full-length biography of Alaric, a talented and frustrated immigrant living in a time of pervasive bigotry, state-supported Christian violence, and irrational xenophobia, it breaks out of decades of tired, traditional approaches to the period, most of which overidentify with the Roman people. And it reveals the lasting contributions Goths made to legal history, to the values of religious toleration, and to modern ideas of citizenship. By moving this man from the borders to the center of Rome's story, it asks readers to think deeply and differently about the lives of marginalized people too often invisible in our history books."-- Provided by publisher.

Foolproof fish : modern recipes for everyone, everywhere

August 4, 2020
Boston, MA : America's Test Kitchen, [2020]
ix, 374 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Includes index.
Everyday essentials -- Easy weeknight dinners -- Soups, stews, and chowders -- Sandwiches, tacos, salads, and more -- On the grill -- Special occasions -- Small plates -- Nutritional Information for our recipes.
Fresh, modern flavors, 198 recipes that accommodate multiple kinds of fish, and plenty of fish facts will inspire you to dive into seafood cookery with confidence. . . For many home cooks, preparing seafood is a bit of mystery. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret: Cooking great-tasting seafood is easy and anyone, anywhere can do it. (That means you!) Our newest cookbook provides you with everything you need to create satisfying and healthy seafood meals at home. . . We explore how to buy quality fish and dive deep into all the varieties of fish available, from light and flaky to rich and meaty. You'll get answers to all of your seafood related questions and practical tips and tricks for handling fish. But the recipes are where things get really exciting. From sumptuous appetizers and savory soups and stews to easy weeknight dinners and company-worthy fare (and a lot more), you'll learn just how rewarding it is to prepare seafood at home. We've also included substitution information for each recipe. So if you can't find a certain kind of fish or if you don't like the type used in the recipe, you can use any of the listed substitutions and still achieve great results. Clever, right? . . Having delicious, healthy (and easy) recipes to cook at home is more important than ever. . . We hope you'll give seafood cookery a chance. You won't regret it.

George Washington, entrepreneur : how our founding father's private business pursuits changed America and the world

August 4, 2020
Berlau, John, 1971- author.
262 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Washington's Greenhouse -- Iron Roots: How the Washington Family's Fortunes Rose, Fell, and Rose Again -- The Education of an Entrepreneur: An Eighteenth-Century Boyhood -- A Dirty Job: The Origins of Washington's Career as a Surveyor and Land Speculator -- Washington's Social Network: The Key to Success in Business, Life, and Politics -- George and Martha: Partners in Life and Business -- Washington's Green Thumb: The Fields and Orchards of Mount Vernon -- Washington's Mount Vernon: The Making of an Industrial Village -- Success and Revolution -- Father of Invention: Washington's Support for Other Eighteenth-Century Entrepreneurs -- Never at Rest: Washington's Final Years -- Mount Vernon and Washington's Legacy.
"A detailed business biography of George Washington, focusing on his many innovations and inventions. George Washington: general, statesman, businessman? Most Americans don't know that Washington was the country's first true entrepreneur, responsible for revolutionizing several industries. In George Washington, Entrepreneur, John Berlau gives us a tour of Mount Vernon, explaining how our founding father is at the heart of American innovation. Some of Washington's contributions to business and invention: -Every American mule can be traced to Mount Vernon; Washington was instrumental in breeding horses with donkeys to create a superior farm animal. -Unlike most Virginia farmers, Washington grew vast fields of wheat. His state-of-the-art mill exported flour throughout the US and Europe. By stamping his initials on each package, he created GW Flour, one of the very first branded food products. -On the advice of a Scottish worker, Washington built a distillery, grew all of the necessary crops, and became one of the largest American whiskey distributors of his time. Showing an unfamiliar side of our Founding Father, lovers of business and history will find this book informative and enchanting"-- Provided by publisher.

The heart of a woman : the life and music of Florence B. Price

August 4, 2020
Brown, Rae Linda, 1953-2017, author.
Urbana : University of Illinois Press, [2020]
xxiii, 295 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"Florence B. Price (1887-1953) was the first African American woman composer to achieve national recognition. She grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, studies at the new England Conservatory, and spent her professional career in Chicago (1927-53), where her Symphony in E Minor, premiered by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in 1933 under the direction of Frederick Stock, marks the first large-scale work by an African American woman composer (and the second work by an African American composer) to be performed by a major American orchestra. A prolific composer, she wrote more than 300 works in all genres: orchestra music (symphonies, orchestral suites, and concerti), vocal music, art songs and arrangements of spirituals, piano music (including teaching pieces), organ music, chamber music, and music for chorus. Her compositions reflect not only her cultural heritage, but also the romantic nationalist style of the period in which she was most active (beginning in the 1920s). Brown discusses Price in the context of the Harlem Renaissance and deals with issues of race, gender, and class. She draws on interviews with Price's colleagues, on music manuscripts located in major repositories of African American material and in private collections, on contemporary black newspapers and journals, on census records, and on archival materials as well as the relevant published sources. An appendix lists Price's compositions by genre"-- Provided by publisher.

Heroes : the Greek myths reimagined

August 4, 2020
Fry, Stephen, 1957- author.
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 2020.
368 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), map, genealogical table ; 24 cm.
Foreword -- Introduction -- Hera's dream -- Perseus -- Heracles -- Bellerophon -- Orpheus -- Jason -- Atalanta -- Oedipus -- Theseus -- Envoi -- The offspring of Echidna and Typhon -- The rages of Heracles -- Afterword -- List of characters.
In this continuation of "Mythos," Stephen Fry recounts the stories of the human heroes found in Greek mythology, with illustrations of classical art inspired by the myths.

House of Glass : the story and secrets of a twentieth-century Jewish family

August 4, 2020
Freeman, Hadley, author.
xxiv, 323 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Hadley Freeman knew her grandmother Sara had lived in France, just as Hitler started to gain power in Europe, but rarely did anyone in her family talk about it. Until long after her grandmother's death, she found a shoebox tucked in a closet. In it was: a photograph of her grandmother with a mysterious stranger; a cryptic telegram from the Red Cross; and a drawing signed by Picasso. This discovery sent Freeman on a decade-long journey, as she tried to uncover the significance of these keepsakes. Her search took her from the Picasso archives in Paris to a secret room in a farmhouse in the Auvergne, from Long Island to Auschwitz. Here, Freeman pieces together the puzzle of her family's past. Sarah had three brothers: Jacques, Henri, and Alex. Their lives in France during the war--at times typical, at times remarkable--illustrates the broad range of experiences of Eastern European Jews."-- Provided by publisher.

How to take awesome photos of cats

August 4, 2020
Marttila, Andrew, photographer.
Philadelphia : Running Press, an imprint of Perseus Books, LLC, 2020.
232 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
Includes index.
"...Professional cat photographer Andrew Marttila uses humor, candor, and charm to walk you through feline behavior, critical principles of photography, and how to put your newfound skills to use. Whether you're trying to master the settings on your camera or take better shots with your phone, this is the book you need to take awesome photos of cats."--Back cover.

Hustle harder, hustle smarter

August 4, 2020
Jackson, Curtis, 1975- author.
New York, NY : Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2020]
xviii, 271 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction -- Finding fearlessness -- Heart of a hustler -- Constructing your crew -- Knowing your value -- Evolve or die -- Power of perception -- If we can't be friends -- Learning from your Ls -- The entitlement trap.
"Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson opens up about his ... comeback--from tragic personal loss to thriving businessman and cable's highest-paid executive--in this unique self-help guide ... In his early twenties [he'd risen] to the heights of fame and power in the cutthroat music business. A decade ago the multi-platinum selling rap artist decided to pivot. His ability to adapt to change was demonstrated when he became the executive producer and star of Power, a ... crime drama centered around a drug kingpin's family ... Now, in his most personal book, [he] shakes up the self-help category with his unique, cutting-edge lessons and hard-earned advice on embracing change"-- Provided by publisher.

Let them eat Tweets : how the right rules in an age of extreme inequality

August 4, 2020
Hacker, Jacob S., author.
New York, NY : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W. W. Norton & Company, [2020]
266 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
The conservative dilemma -- Republicans embrace plutocracy -- Organizing through outrage -- Identity and plutocracy -- A very civil war -- Tyranny of the (wealthy and extreme) minority.
"A groundbreaking account of how the dangerous alliance of right-wing plutocrats and populists threatens the very pillars of American democracy. We often assume that the Republican Party is divided between a tax-cutting old guard and a white-nationalist vanguard-and that with Donald Trump's ascendance, the upstarts are winning. Yet as New York Times best-selling authors Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson demonstrate, plutocrats and populists are now effectively allies in an intensifying fight to lock in America's skyrocketing inequality. Conservative parties can always be expected to side with economic elites, but when faced with popular resistance, they usually allow for policies that benefit the working and middle classes. Yet today's Republicans are an anomaly. Not only are they doubling down on a truly radical, elite-benefitting economic agenda, but even once-respectable conservatives have turned to nativist appeals and racist dog whistles-and, increasingly, to assaults on democracy itself. Drawing on decades of research, Hacker and Pierson offer a new framework for understanding this vicious circle of deregulation and fear-mongering-and show how we can fight it"-- Provided by publisher.

Milk Street fast and slow : Instant Pot cooking at the speed you need

August 4, 2020
Kimball, Christopher, author.
New York : Voracious, Little, Brown and Company, 2020.
xiii, 290 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 27 cm
Includes index.
Pressure pointers -- Vegetables -- Grains -- Beans -- One-pot pastas -- Chicken -- Pork -- Beef.
"Shows you how to make the most of your multicooker's unique capabilities with a host of one-pot recipes that show how to prepare the same dish two ways. For the quickest meals, use the pressure cooker setting to cut down on cooking time. And if you prefer the flexibility of a slow cooker, you can start your cooking hours ahead"-- Provided by publisher.

Miracle country : a memoir

August 4, 2020
Atleework, Kendra, 1989- author.
306 pages : map ; 22 cm
"Miracle Country captures one family's spirit and losses in a harsh landscape that has been shaped and exploited over hundreds of years, and chronicles the author's journey as she realizes that there's nowhere else in the country, no matter how green and welcoming, that feels like home"-- Provided by publisher.

More than love : an intimate portrait of my mother, Natalie Wood

August 4, 2020
Wagner, Natasha Gregson, 1970- author.
New York, NY : Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2020.
293 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"The heartbreaking, never-before-told story of Hollywood icon Natalie Wood's glamorous life, sudden death, and lasting legacy, written by her daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner"-- Provided by publisher.

Relentless pursuit : my fight for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein

August 4, 2020
Edwards, Bradley J., author.
xii, 386 pages ; 24 cm
The definitive story of the case against Jeffrey Epstein and the corrupt system that supported him told in thrilling detail by the lawyer who has represented Epstein's victims for more than a decade.

This is a book for people who love the national parks

August 4, 2020
Garczynski, Matt, author.
136 pages : color illustrations, color map ; 18 cm
Park profiles -- Acadia -- American Samoa -- Arches -- Badlands -- Big Bend -- Biscayne -- Black Canyon of the Gunnison -- Bryce Canyon -- Canyonlands -- Capitol Reef -- Carlsbad Caverns -- Channel Islands -- Congaree -- Crater Lake -- Cuyohoga Valley -- Death Valley -- Denali -- Dry Tortugas -- Everglades -- Gates of the Arctic -- Gateway Arch -- Glacier -- Glacier Bay -- Grand Canyon -- Grand Teton -- Great Basin -- Great Sand Dunes -- Great Smoky Mountains -- Guadalupe Mountains -- Halleakala -- Hawai'i Volcanoes -- Hot Springs -- Indiana Dunes -- Isle Royle -- Joshua Tree -- Katmai -- Kenai Fjords -- Kings Canyon -- Kobuk Valley -- Lake Clark -- Lassen Volcanic -- Mammoth Cave -- Mesa Verde -- Mount Rainier -- North Cascades -- Olympic -- Petrified Forest -- Pinnacles -- Redwood -- Rocky Mountain -- Saguard -- Sequoia -- Shenandoah -- Theodore Roosevelt -- Virgin Islands -- Voyageurs -- Wind Cave -- Wrangell-St. Elias -- Yellowstone -- Yosemite -- Zion -- Quick park facts.
For devoted park-goers and casual campers alike, this charming guide is nothing short of a celebration of America's natural wonders. An introduction to the storied history of the Parks Service is paired with engaging profiles of each of the sixty-one National Parks, from Acadia to Zion and everything in between. Quirky facts and key dates are woven throughout, while refreshingly modern illustrations capture the iconic features of each majestic setting.

Use the power you have : a brown woman's guide to politics and political change

August 4, 2020
Jayapal, Pramila, 1965- author.
350 pages ; 24 cm
My immigrant story -- Becoming an American, becoming an activist -- Why not me? Running for office -- State Senate : a proving ground -- Congress : testing my theory at the highest level -- The movement goes to Washington -- Building, pushing, surging : the Squad, Pelosi, and me -- Moral vision : immigration -- Moral vision : Medicare for all -- Moral vision : the fight for $15 and the three supremacies.
"In November 2016, Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, the first Indian American woman to serve in that role. Two years later, the "fast-rising Democratic star and determined critic of President Donald Trump," according to Politico's Playbook 2017 "Power List," won reelection with more votes than any other member of the House. Jayapal, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, proved her progressive bonafides when she introduced the most comprehensive Medicare-for-all bill to Congress in February. Behind the story of Jayapal's rise to political prominence lie over two decades of devoted advocacy on behalf of immigrants and progressive causes--and years of learning how to turn activism into public policy that serves all Americans. Use the Power You Have is Jayapal's account of the path from sixteen-year-old Indian immigrant to grassroots activist, state senator, and now progressive powerhouse in Washington, DC. Written with passion and insight, Use the Power You Have offers a wealth of ideas and inspiration for a new generation of engaged citizens interested in fighting back and making change, whether in Washington or in their own communities."-- Provided by publisher.

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