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July 15, 2020
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Mrs. Lincoln's sisters : a novel

July 14, 2020
Chiaverini, Jennifer, author.
338 pages : genealogical table ; 24 cm
1875. Elizabeth Todd Edwards reels from news that her younger sister Mary, former First Lady and widow of President Abraham Lincoln, has attempted suicide. The shocking act followed legal proceedings arranged by Mary's eldest and only surviving son that declared her legally insane. The Todd sisters - maternal Elizabeth, peacemaker Frances, envious Ann, and much adored Emilie - had always turned to one another in times of joy and heartache. But when Civil War erupted, the conflict shattered their family. Can they come together as sisters to help Mary in her most desperate hour?-- adapted from jacket

Rodham : a novel

July 13, 2020
Sittenfeld, Curtis, author.
New York : Random House, [2020]
420 pages ; 25 cm
"In 1971, Hillary Rodham is a young woman full of promise. Life magazine covered her Wellesley commencement speech, she's attending Yale Law School, and she's on the forefront of student activism and the women's rights movement. Then she meets a fellow law student named Bill Clinton. A charismatic Southerner, Bill is already laying the groundwork for his political career. In each other, Hillary and Bill find a profound intellectual, emotional, and physical connection that neither has previously experienced. In the real world, Hillary followed Bill back to Arkansas, and he proposed several times. Although she turned him down more than once, she eventually accepted and became Hillary Clinton. But in Curtis Sittenfeld's powerfully imagined tour de force of fiction, Hillary follows a different path. Listening to her doubts about the prospective marriage, she endures a devastating break-up and leaves Arkansas. Over the next four decades, she blazes her own trail--one that unfolds in public as well as in private, that crosses paths again (and again) with Bill Clinton, that raises questions about the trade-offs all of us must make to build a life. Brilliantly weaving actual historical events into a riveting fictional tale, Sittenfeld delivers an uncannily astute story for our times. In exploring the loneliness, moral ambivalence, and iron determination that characterize the quest for political power, as well as both the exhilaration and painful compromises demanded of female ambition in a world still mostly run by men, Rodham is a singular and unforgettable novel."-- Provided by publisher.

Her quiet revolution : a novel of Martha Hughes Cannon : frontier doctor and first female state senator

July 9, 2020
Monson, Marianne, 1975- author.
[Salt Lake City, Utah] : Shadow Mountain, [2020]
357 pages : illustration ; 24 cm
A novel based on the life of Mrtha Hughes Cannon, a pioneer woman who overcame tremondous odds.

Riviera gold : a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes

July 7, 2020
King, Laurie R., author.
New York : Bantam Books, 2020.
350 pages ; 25 cm
"It's summertime on the Riviera, where the Jazz Age is busily reinventing the holiday delights of warm days on golden sand and cool nights on terraces and dance floors. Just up the coast lies a more traditional pleasure ground: Monte Carlo, where fortunes are won, lost, stolen, and hidden away. So when Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes happen across the Côte d'Azur in this summer of 1925, they find themselves pulled between the young and the old, hot sun and cool jazz, new friendships and old loyalties, childlike pleasures and very grownup sins.."--Provided by publisher.

Bhora kā tārā : Narendra Modī

July 6, 2020
|6880-01 Varmā, Kr̥pāla, 1941- author.
|6880-03 Naī Dillī : Praṇetā Pablikeśanasa Prā. Li., 2019.
viii, 447 pages ; 22 cm
Novel based on the life and struggle of Narendra Modī, born 1950, prime minister of India.

That hair

July 1, 2020
Almeida, Djaimilia Pereira de, 1982- author.
xv, 148 pages ; 20 cm
""The story of my curly hair," says Mila, the narrator of Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida's autobiographically inspired tragicomedy, "intersects with the story of at least two countries and, by extension, the indirect story of the relations among several continents: a geopolitics." Mila is the Luanda-born daughter of a black Angolan mother and a white Portuguese father. She arrives in Lisbon at the tender age of three, and feels like an outsider from the jump. Through the lens of young Mila's indomitably curly hair, her story interweaves memories of childhood and adolescence, family lore spanning four generations, and present-day reflections on the internal and external tensions of a European and African identity. In layered, intricately constructed prose, That Hair enriches and deepens a global conversation, challenging in necessary ways our understanding of racism, feminism, and the double inheritance of colonialism, not yet fifty years removed from Angola's independence. It's the story of coming of age as a black woman in a nation at the edge of Europe that is also rapidly changing, of being considered an outsider in one's own country, and the impossibility of "returning" to a homeland one doesn't in fact know"-- Provided by publisher.

We are all his creatures : tales of P.T. Barnum, the Greatest Showman

July 1, 2020
Noyes, Deborah, author.
Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2020.
266 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
The mermaid (1842) -- The mysterious arm (1842) -- Returning a bloom to its bud (1845) -- Beside myself (1851) -- We will always be sisters (1852) -- The fairy wedding (1863) -- An extraordinary specimen of magnified humanity (1865) -- The Bearded Lady's son (1868) -- It's not humbug if you believe it (1869) -- All elephants are tragic (1889) -- What makes you think we want you here? (1891).
Much has been written about P. T. Barnum -- legendary showman, entrepreneur, marketing genius, and one of the most famous nineteenth-century personalities. For those who lived in Barnum's shadow, however, life was complex. P. T. Barnum's two families -- his family at home, including his two wives and his daughters, and his family at work, including Little People, a giantess, an opera singer, and many sideshow entertainers -- suffered greatly from his cruelty and exploitation. Yet, at the same time, some of his performers, such as General Tom Thumb (Charles Stratton), became wealthy celebrities who were admired and feted by presidents and royalty. In this collection of interlinked stories illustrated with archival photographs, Deborah Noyes digs deep into what is known about the people in Barnum's orbit and imagines their personal lives, putting front and center the complicated joy and pain of what it meant to be one of Barnum's "creatures."

And they called it Camelot : a novel of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

July 1, 2020
Thornton, Stephanie, 1980- author.
458 pages ; 21 cm
Includes Readers Guide with discussion questions in unnumbered pages at end of work.
"An unforgettable portrait of the iconic life of Jackie O as she transforms herself into an American legend from acclaimed author Stephanie Marie Thornton. Millions fell silent, stricken by grief and disillusionment, as news of President Kennedy's assassination streaked across the globe. Where were you when it happened, they asked? But for one woman the answer has always been the same--for every step, every victory, and every defeat--she was right beside him. Born into luxury and beauty, spontaneous young Jacqueline Bouvier aspires to be more than the Debutante of the Year, even if she isn't quite sure what that means. A whirlwind courtship and fairytale wedding to handsome war-hero John F. Kennedy propel her into a startling new world of power and politics. Filled with incredible highs and unimaginable challenges, Jackie learns to hone her survival skills. Her grace and grit help catapult JFK from the Senate to the Oval Office in one of the closest races in U.S. history. Jackie awes the country with her elegance and poise even as she is plagued by self-doubt over whether she can be the wife, mother, and First Lady that her husband and the country need. Then Jackie accompanies JFK to Dallas and their thousand days of magic come to an abrupt and devastating end--forcing Jackie to pick up the ruined fragments of her life and forge a triumphant new identity"--Provided by publisher.

The land beyond the sea

March 9, 2020
Penman, Sharon Kay, author.
xi, 672 pages : map ; 25 cm
The Kingdom of Jerusalem, also known as Outremer, is the land far beyond the sea. Baptized in blood when the men of the First Crusade captured Jerusalem from the Saracens in the early twelfth century, the kingdom defined an utterly new world, a land of blazing heat and a medley of cultures, a place where enemies were neighbors and neighbors became enemies. At the helm of this growing kingdom sits young Baldwin IV, an intelligent and courageous boy committed to the welfare and protection of his people. But despite Baldwin's dedication to his land, he is afflicted with leprosy at an early age and the threats against his power and his health nearly outweigh the risk of battle. As political deception scours the halls of the royal court, the Muslim army--led by the first sultan of Egypt and Syria, Saladin--is never far from the kingdom's doorstep, and there are only a handful Baldwin can trust, including the archbishop William of Tyre and Lord Balian d'Ibelin, a charismatic leader who has been one of the few able to maintain the peace.

The lost diary of M : a novel

March 5, 2020
Wolfe, Paul, 1947- author.
289 pages ; 22 cm
Georgetown socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer lived by her own rules-- and paid the ultimate price for her independence. Her murder a year after JFK's assassination was never solved. Her diary was never found-- until now. Secret lover of JFK; ex-wife of a CIA chief; sexual adventurer; LSD explorer and early feminist -- it's all in her diary. And now it's in your hands. -- adapted from jacket

Wolf : a novel

March 5, 2020
Stern, Herbert Jay, 1936- author.
xiii, 533 pages ; 24 cm
"Perhaps no man on Earth is more controversial, more hated, or more studied than Adolf Hitler. His exploits and every move are well-documented, from the time he first became chancellor and then dictator of Germany to starting World War II to the systematic killing of millions of Jews. But how did he achieve power, and what was the makeup of the mind of a man who would deliberately inflict unimaginable horrors on millions of people? Meet Friedrich Richard, an amnesiac soldier who, in 1918, encounters Hitler in the mental ward at Pasewalk Hospital. Hitler, then a corporal, diagnosed as a psychopath and helpless, suffering from hysterical blindness, introduces himself as Wolf to Friedrich and becomes dependent upon Friedrich for assistance, forming an unbreakable bond between the two men. Follow Friedich--our protagonist--who interacts with real people, places, and events, through the fifteen-year friendship that witnesses Hitler turn from a quiet painter into a megalomaniacal dictator. Using brand-new historical research to construct a realistic portrait of the evolving Hitler, Wolf will satisfy, by turns, history buffs and fiction fans alike. And as this complex story is masterfully presented, it answers the question of how a nondescript man became the world's greatest monster"-- Provided by publisher.

Con una estrella en la mano : Rubén Darío, héroe poeta

March 4, 2020
Engle, Margarita, author.
New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2020.
144 pages ; 21 cm
"A Spanish-language translation of a novel in verse about the life and work of Ruben Dario, a Nicaraguan poet who started life as an abandoned child and grew to become the father of a new literary movement. Includes historical notes"-- Provided by publisher.

The girl in white gloves : a novel of Grace Kelly

March 3, 2020
Maher, Kerri, author.
New York : Berkley, 2020.
370 pages ; 24 cm
"Some women make headlines; an icon defies them. A vivid reimagining of the exhilarating and sensationalized life of Princess Grace of Monaco from the acclaimed author of The Kennedy Debutante. Hungry for her art and hopeful for the future, young Grace Kelly has the world at her feet. MGM's rising queen is poised to win the Oscar, but she chafes at the studio's increasing restrictions on her life. When an unexpected friendship develops between her and Prince Rainier of Monaco, she faces the tempting possibility of a new role - one that offers the power and stability she craves. But life isn't like the movies. Twenty years into her crumbling marriage, Grace finds herself frustrated and disillusioned. Conflicted by notions of family, career, and the very nature of womanhood - notions Grace herself shaped for a generation of women - the world's loneliest princess searches for purpose beyond the labels and headlines. A Hollywood darling, a fairy-tale princess, and a wife starved for autonomy, Grace Kelly is a woman divided. And though she is confined by public perception and societal conventions, one thing is certain - she will never bow to them"-- Provided by publisher.

Not even immortality lasts forever : mostly true stories

February 25, 2020
McClanahan, Ed, author.
Berkeley, California : Counterpoint Press, [2020]
177 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm.
"Not Even Immortality Lasts Forever is a vivid retelling of Ed McClanahan's life, from his early years growing up in rural northeastern Kentucky to his departure for the West Coast in pursuit of a writing career. He shares vivid moments-from perilous swimming lessons in the Ohio River to his budding friendship with Ken Kesey-with enthusiasm, enlivening each story with narration that is both profoundly reflective and hilariously self-aware. Jovial, lighthearted, and unapologetic, Not Even Immortality Lasts Forever illuminates the value of the rural American mundane and the everyday moments that shape us. McClanahan begins in his hometown of Brooksville, Kentucky, and chaos ensues as events from his childhood unfold. As a young adult, he grapples with the challenges of establishing himself as a writer, eventually leaving Kentucky to seek new prospects in California and Oregon. It is there that he is introduced to inspirational mentors and lifelong friends, among them Robert Stone, Larry McMurtry, and Neal Cassady. McClanahan molds vibrant characters from individuals he's encountered throughout his life, crafting a playful and engrossing narrative that could almost be mistaken for fiction."-- Provided by publisher.

The queen's fortune : a novel of Desiree, Napoleon, and the dynasty that outlasted the empire

February 17, 2020
Pataki, Allison, author.
435 pages ; 24 cm
"As the French revolution ravages the country, Desiree Clary is faced with the life-altering truth that the world she has known and loved is gone and it's fallen on her to save her family from the guillotine. A chance encounter with Napoleon Bonaparte, the ambitious and charismatic young military prodigy, provides her answer. When her beloved sister Julie marries his brother Joseph, Desiree and Napoleon's futures become irrevocably linked. Quickly entering into their own passionate, dizzying courtship that leads to a secret engagement, they vow to meet in the capital once his career has been secured. But her newly laid plans with Napoleon turn to sudden heartbreak, thanks to the rising star of Parisian society, Josephine de Beauharnais. Once again, Desiree's life is turned on its head. Swept to the glittering halls of the French capital, Desiree is plunged into the inner circle of the new ruling class, becoming further entangled with Napoleon, his family, and the new Empress. But her fortunes shift once again when she meets Napoleon's confidant and star general, the indomitable Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte. As the two men in Desiree's life become political rivals and military foes, the question that arises is: must she choose between the love of her new husband and the love of her nation and its Emperor?" --

Lord of all the dead : a nonfiction novel

February 17, 2020
Cercas, Javier, 1962- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, [2020]
269 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Originally published in the Spanish language as El monarca de las sombras by Javier Cercas, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, S. A. U. in 2017.
"A Borzoi book"--Title page verso.
"From the internationally renowned author of The Impostor, a courageous journey into his own family history and that of a country collapsing from a fratricidal war--his most moving, most personal book, one he has spent his entire life preparing to write. Javier Cercas grew up hearing the legend of his adored great-uncle Manuel Mena, who died at nineteen in the bloodiest battle of the Spanish Civil War--while fighting for Franco's army. Who was this young man? A fascist hero whose memory is an embarrassment or a committed idealist who happened to fall on the wrong side of history? Is it possible to be a moral person defending an immoral cause? Through visits back to his parents' village in southern Spain, interviews with survivors, and research into the murkiest corners of the war, the author pieces together the life of this enigmatic figure and of an entire generation. This sui generis work combines intimate family history, investigative scholarship, personal confession, war stories, and road trips, finally becoming a transcendent portrait of a country's indelible scars--a book about heroism, death, the persistence of the past, and the meaning of an individual life against the tapestry of history"-- Provided by publisher.

A perfect explanation

February 12, 2020
Anstruther, Eleanor, author.
312 pages ; 22 cm
"Enid Campbell-granddaughter of the 8th Duke of Argyll, of Inveraray Castle-grew up surrounded by servants, wanting for nothing except love. But when her brother died in the First World War, a new heir was needed, and it was up to Enid to provide it"--Provided by publisher.


February 12, 2020
Pérez-Reverte, Arturo, author.
Barcelona : Alfaguara, 2019.
371 pages ; 23 cm
"Un relato de frontera"--Cover.
La cabalgada -- La ciudad -- La batalla -- La espada.
"«El arte del mando era tratar con la naturaleza humana, y él había dedicado su vida a aprenderlo. Colgó la espada del arzón, palmeó el cuello cálido del animal y echó un vistazo alrededor: sonidos metálicos, resollar de monturas, conversaciones en voz baja. Aquellos hombres olían a estiércol de caballo, cuero, aceite de armas, sudor y humo de leña. Rudos en las formas, extraordinariamente complejos en instintos e intuiciones, eran guerreros y nunca habían pretendido ser otra cosa. Resignados ante el azar, fatalistas sobre la vida y la muerte, obedecían de modo natural sin que la imaginación les jugara malas pasadas. Rostros curtidos de viento, frío y sol, arrugas en torno a los ojos incluso entre los más jóvenes, manos encallecidas de empuñar armas y pelear. Jinetes que se persignaban antes de entrar en combate y vendían su vida o muerte por ganarse el pan. Profesionales de la frontera, sabían luchar con crueldad y morir con sencillez. No eran malos hombres, concluyó. Ni tampoco ajenos a la compasión. Sólo gente dura en un mundo duro.»" -- publisher website

The Berlin stories

February 5, 2020
Isherwood, Christopher, 1904-1986.
xxi, 410 pages ; 21 cm
"This volume comprises the 1935 edition of Mr Norris Changes Trains and the 1939 edition of Goodbye to Berlin"--Title page verso.
"A New Directions Book; NDP 1120."
The last of Mr. Norris -- Goodbye to Berlin.
A two-in-one volume containing the works The Last of Mr. Norris and Goodbye to Berlin finds the characters of Sally Bowles, Fräulein Schroeder, and the doomed Landauers caught up by the nightlife, danger, and mystique of 1931 Berlin.

Lady Clementine

January 31, 2020
Benedict, Marie, author.
322 pages : illustration ; 24 cm
Includes a reading group guide with discussion questions and a conversations with the author.
Illustration on endpapers.
"In 1909, Clementine steps off a train with her new husband, Winston. An angry woman emerges from the crowd to attack, shoving him in the direction of an oncoming train. Just before he stumbles, Clementine grabs him by his suit jacket. This will not be the last time Clementine Churchill will save her husband. Lady Clementine is the ferocious story of the ambitious woman beside Winston Churchill, the story of a partner who did not flinch through the sweeping darkness of war, and who would not surrender either to expectations or to enemies" -- Publisher's website.

Murder at the Capitol

January 31, 2020
Gleason, Colleen, author.
New York, NY : Kensington Books, 2020.
280 pages ; 24 cm
"On Independence Day, the citizens of Washington, DC, are celebrating as if there isn't a war. But the city is teeming with green Union recruits while President Lincoln and his War Department are focused on military strategy to take Richmond in Secessionist Virginia in order to bring the conflict to a swift end. Manassas, Virginia, near Bull Run Creek, is in their sights. The very next morning, as Congress convenes once more, a dead body is found hanging from the crane beneath the unfinished dome of the Capitol. Lincoln's close confidant, Adam Speed Quinn, is called upon to determine whether the man had taken his own life, or if someone had helped him. With the assistance of Dr. George Hilton and journalist Sophie Gates, Quinn investigates what turns out to be murder. But the former scout is about to be blindsided, for a Southern sympathizer in the city is running a female spy network reporting to the Confederacy, and she has an insidious plot to foil the Union Army's march to Manassas by employing the charms of one Constance Lemagne to get as close to Adam as possible . . ." --

The rifleman

January 15, 2020
North, Oliver, author.
New York : Fidelis Books, [2019]
xxi, 269 pages : color illustration, map ; 24 cm
Color illustration and map on end papers.
"This is a war story. It's about real people and events before and during the American Revolution. The central characters in this work, Daniel Morgan, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Charles Mynn Thruston, and Generals Arnold, Knox, Greene, Lee, Gates, and a host of others, actually did the deeds at the places and times described herein. So too did their accurately identified foreign and native adversaries. Though this is a work of fiction, readers may be surprised to discover the American Revolution was also one of the most 'un-civil' of Civil Wars. If Daniel Morgan were alive today, he would be my near neighbor in Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley. While visiting a nearby gristmill, Daniel Morgan and Nathaniel Burwell, a fellow Revolutionary War veteran, built in the late 1700s (now restored and operated by the Clarke County Historical Association), I became fascinated by this unsung American hero."--Amazon.

19 love songs

January 14, 2020
Levithan, David, author.
310 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"A Borzoi book"--Title page verso.
track one. Quiz bowl antichrist -- track two. Day 2934 (an Every day story) -- track three. The good girls -- track four. The quarterback and the cheerleader (a Boy meets boy story) -- track five. The mulberrry branch -- track six. Your temporary Santa -- track seven. Storytime -- track eight. A better writer -- track nine. 8-song memoir -- track ten. Snow day (a Two boys kissing story) -- track eleven. The woods -- track twelve. A brief history of first kisses / illustrated by Nick Eliopulos -- track thirteen. As the Philadelpia Queer Youth Choir sings Katy Perry's "Firework" ... -- track fourteen. The vunerable hours -- track fifteen. Twelve months -- track sixteen. The hold -- track seventeen. How my parents met -- track eighteeen. We -- track nineteen. Give them words.
A collection of stories that celebrate various kinds of love. Includes sixteen prose stories, two stories in verse, and one story in comic book fomat.

The blues walked in

January 10, 2020
George, Kathleen, 1943- author.
viii, 294 pages ; 23 cm
"In 1936, life on the road means sleeping on the bus or in hotels for blacks only. After finishing her tour with Nobel Sissel's orchestra, nineteen year-old Lena Horne is walking the last few blocks to her father's hotel in Pittsburgh's Hill District. She stops at a lemonade stand and meets a Lebanese American girl, Marie David. Marie loves movies and adores Lena, and their chance meeting sparks a relationship that will intertwine their lives forever. Lena also meets Josiah Conner, a charismatic teenager who helps out at her father Teddy's hotel. Josiah often skips school, dreams of being a Hollywood director, and has a crush on Lena. Although the three are linked by a determination to be somebody, issues of race, class, family, and education threaten to disrupt their lives and the bonds between them.Lena's father wants her to settle down and give up show business, but she's entranced by the music and culture of the Hill. It's a mecca for jazz singers and musicians, and nightspots like the Crawford Grill attract crowds of blacks and whites. Lena table-hops with local jazzmen as her father chaperones her through the clubs where she'll later perform. Singing makes her feel alive, and to her father's dismay, reviewers can't get enough of her. Duke Ellington adores her, Billy Strayhorn can't wait to meet her, and she becomes all the rage in clubs and Hollywood for her beauty and almost-whiteness. Her signature version of Stormy Weather makes her a legend. But after sitting around for years at MGM as the studio heads try to figure out what to do with her, she isn't quite sure what she's worth. Marie and Josiah follow Lena's career in Hollywood and New York through movie magazines and the Pittsburgh Courier. Years pass until their lives are brought together again when Josiah is arrested for the murder of a white man. Marie and Lena decide they must get Josiah out of prison-whatever the personal cost."--Provided by publisher.

Dark queen waiting

January 7, 2020
Doherty, P. C., author.
London : Crème de la Crime, an imprint of Severn House Publishers, 2019.
214 pages ; 23 cm
"October, 1471. Edward IV sits on the English throne; the House of York reigns supreme. With her young son, Henry Tudor, in exile in France, Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond, shelters deep in the shadows, secretly plotting for the day when Henry can be crowned the rightful king. But as her supporters are picked off one by one, it becomes clear that a traitor lurks within Margaret's household. When one of her most loyal henchmen, Jacob Cromart, is murdered in St Michael's Church, where he had claimed sanctuary, Margaret orders her sharp-witted clerk, Christopher Urswicke, to find out who has betrayed her. How could a man be killed inside a church where the doors are all locked, with no sign of an intruder or weapon? If he is to protect Margaret's remaining supporters from suffering a similar fate, Urswicke must solve a baffling mystery where nothing is as it first appears."--Provided by publisher.

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