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February 27, 2020
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Finding my voice

February 26, 2020
Hussain, Nadiya, author.
London : Headline, 2019.
xi, 339 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Daughter -- Sister -- Granddaughter -- Wife -- Daughter-in-law -- Ma -- Earner -- Cook -- Username -- Woman.
Born to parents who had emigrated to Britain from Bangladesh, Nadiya Hussain's first roles were those of daughter and sister. Considering her later roles as a devout Muslim entering an arranged marriage and becoming a wife and mother herself, Nadiya questions the barriers that many women, no matter who they are or where they live, have to cross in order to be accepted or heard. Importantly, she shows us how, at the core of it all, we are essentially tackling the same issues throughout our lives despite our cultural, social and religious differences. Each chapter deals with a different role, and Nadiya writes with warmth, humour, honesty and deep emotion about what each one means to her and how she embodies all the different expectations of these roles in her life. Writing about growing up in a large family, who were culturally torn between two countries, to her thoughts on becoming a celebrity, after winning The Great British Bake Off, the later chapters cover her more recent roles of 'baker', 'Twitter handle' and 'TV presenter'.

An athletic director's story and the future of college sports in America

February 25, 2020
Mulcahy, Robert E., author.
New Brunswick, NJ : Rutgers University Press, [2020]
xxxiv, 219 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Why Rutgers -- On the way to Rutgers -- Long overdue for change -- Rebuilding a program -- The Don Imus incident -- Upholding traditions -- Conferences : the Big East and the Big Ten -- Choosing coaches and doing it right -- Proud with no regrets -- After Rutgers, and leading issues for NCAA sports -- A call for values and final thoughts.
"Robert Mulcahy's chronicle of his decade leading Rutgers University athletics is an intriguing story about fulfilling a vision. The goal was to expand pride in intercollegiate athletics. Redirecting a program with clearer direction and strategic purpose brought encouraging results. Advocating for finer coaching and improved facilities, he and Rutgers achieved national honors in Division I sports. Unprecedented alumni interest and support for athletics swelled across the Rutgers community.Though Mr. Mulcahy left Rutgers in 2009, his memoir reflects continued devotion to intercollegiate athletics and student athletes. His insights for addressing several leading issues confronting Division I sports today offer guidelines for present and future athletic directors to follow"-- Provided by publisher.

No way but to fight : George Foreman and the business of boxing

February 25, 2020
Smith, Andrew R. M., author.
365 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Olympic gold medalist. Two-time world heavyweight champion. Hall of Famer. Infomercial and reality TV star. George Foreman's fighting ability is matched only by his acumen for selling. Yet the complete story of Foreman's rise from urban poverty to global celebrity has never been told until now. Raised in Houston's "Bloody Fifth" Ward, battling against scarcity in housing and food, young Foreman fought sometimes for survival and other times just for fun. But when a government program rescued him from poverty and introduced him to the sport of boxing, his life changed forever. --Provided by publisher.

My autobiography of Carson McCullers

February 25, 2020
Shapland, Jenn, 1987- author.
xv, 266 pages ; 23 cm
"While working as an intern in the archives at the Harry Ransom Center, Jenn Shapland encounters the love letters of Carson McCullers and a woman named Annemarie-letters that are tender, intimate, and unabashed in their feelings. Shapland recognizes herself in the letters' language-but does not see McCullers as history has portrayed her. And so, Shapland is compelled to undertake a recovery of the full narrative and language of McCullers's life: she wades through the therapy transcripts; she stays at McCullers's childhood home, where she lounges in her bathtub and eats delivery pizza; she relives McCullers's days at her beloved Yaddo. As Shapland reckons with the expanding and collapsing distance between her and McCullers, she sees the way McCullers's story has become a way to articulate something about herself. The results reveal something entirely new not only about this one remarkable, walleyed life, but about the way we tell queer love stories. In genre-defying vignettes, Jenn Shapland interweaves her own story with Carson McCullers's to create a vital new portrait of one of America's most beloved writers, and shows us how the writers we love and the stories we tell about ourselves make us who we are"-- Provided by publisher.

The man in the red coat

February 24, 2020
Barnes, Julian, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2020.
265 pages : illustrations (some color), portraits ; 22 cm
"This is a Borzoi Book" -- tp verso.
"From the Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Sense of an Ending-a rich, witty, revelatory tour of Belle Époque Paris, via the remarkable life story of the pioneering surgeon, Samuel Pozzi. In the summer of 1885, three Frenchmen arrived in London for a few days' intellectual shopping: a prince, a count, and a commoner with an Italian name. In time, each of these men would achieve a certain level of renown, but who were they then and what was the significance of their sojourn to England? Answering these questions, Julian Barnes unfurls the stories of their lives which play out against the backdrop of the Belle Époque in Paris. Our guide through this world is Samuel Pozzi, the society doctor, free-thinker and man of science with a famously complicated private life who was the subject of one of John Singer Sargent's greatest portraits. In this vivid tapestry of people (Henry James, Sarah Bernhardt, Oscar Wilde, Proust, James Whistler, among many others), place, and time, we see not merely an epoch of glamour and pleasure, but, surprisingly, one of violence, prejudice, and nativism-with more parallels to our own age than we might imagine. The Man in the Red Coat is, at once, a fresh portrait of the Belle Époque; an illuminating look at the longstanding exchange of ideas between Britain and France; and a life of a man who lived passionately in the moment but whose ideas and achievements were far ahead of his time"-- Provided by publisher.

These fevered days : ten pivotal moments in the making of Emily Dickinson

February 24, 2020
Ackmann, Martha, author.
New York, NY : W. W. Norton & Company, [2020]
xxiii, 278 pages, [16] pages of plates : illustrations ; 22 cm
"An engaging, intimate portrait of Emily Dickinson, one of America's greatest and most-mythologized poets, that sheds new light on her groundbreaking poetry. On August 3, 1845, young Emily Dickinson declared, "All things are ready"-and with this resolute statement, her life as a poet began. Despite spending her days almost entirely "at home" (the occupation listed on her death certificate), Dickinson's interior world was extraordinary. She loved passionately, was ambivalent toward publication, embraced seclusion, and created 1,789 poems that she tucked into a dresser drawer. In These Fevered Days, Martha Ackmann unravels the mysteries of Dickinson's life through ten decisive episodes that distill her evolution as a poet. Ackmann follows Dickinson through her religious crisis while a student at Mount Holyoke, her startling decision to ask a famous editor for advice, her anguished letters to an unidentified "Master," her exhilarating frenzy of composition, and her terror in confronting possible blindness. Together, these ten days provide new insights into Dickinson's wildly original poetry and render a concise and vivid portrait of American literature's most enigmatic figure"-- Provided by publisher.

Here for it : or, how to save your soul in America : essays

February 24, 2020
Thomas, R. Eric, author.
xviii, 264 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction: The monster at the end of this book -- The audacity -- There's never any trouble here in Bubbleland -- Molly, urine danger girl -- She's got herself a universe -- Historically Black -- Disorientation -- Someone is wrong on the internet -- Unsuccessful Black hair -- Flames, at the side of my face -- Ball so soft -- Fate bursting through the wall -- Krampromise -- Comforters -- The preacher's husband -- Dinner guests -- Eggquity -- The past smelled terrible -- Unsubscribe from all that -- Here for It, or How to save your soul in America -- Epilogue: the end is (coming) running about fifteen minutes late.
"R. Eric Thomas didn't know he was different until the world told him so. Everywhere he went--whether it was his rich, mostly white, suburban high school, his conservative black church, or his Ivy League college in a big city--he found himself on the outside looking in. In essays by turns hysterical and heartfelt, Eric redefines what it means to be an "other" through the lens of his own life experience. He explores the two worlds of his childhood: the barren urban landscape where his parents' house was an anomalous bright spot, and the verdant school they sent him to in white suburbia. He writes about struggling to reconcile his Christian identity with his sexuality, about the exhaustion of code-switching in college, accidentally getting famous on the internet (for the wrong reason), and the surreal experience of covering the 2016 election as well as the seismic change that came thereafter. Ultimately, Eric seeks the answer to the ever more relevant question: Is the future worth it? Why do we bother when everything seems to be getting worse? As the world continues to shift in unpredictable ways, Eric finds the answers to these questions by re-envisioning what "normal" means, and in the powerful alchemy that occurs when you at last place yourself at the center of your own story"-- Provided by publisher.

The misunderstood millennial

February 24, 2020
Boyle, Jonathan T., author.
[North Charleston, South Carolina] : [CreateSpace], [2019]
181 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Never trade your vision for approval"--Cover.
Misunderstood -- Dreams worth more than opinions -- The game has changed -- Many are called -- Sidetracked -- Rock bottom -- Toll road -- Seasons -- Know your place -- For millennials everywhere -- About the author.
"The misunderstood millennial is a motivational memoir told through the eyes of a Midwest kid who grew up with dreams of playing college and ultimately professional basketball. Enduring a series of unfortunate events derailing his original path to success, Jonathan finds himself on a life-altering journey. Fighting through depression, anxiety, and discovering how to unleash his true identity while striving to live a life of faith. This powerful book will inspire you to come face to face with yourself, motivating you to unlock your potential and discover your true purpose while reminding you to never trade your vision for anyone's approval"--Back cover.

Franklin & Washington : the founding partnership

February 21, 2020
Larson, Edward J. (Edward John), author.
xiv, 335 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
Book I. Converging lives. Great expectations ; Lessons from the frontier ; From subjects to citizens -- Book II. Partners in revolution. Taking command ; "The most awful crisis" -- Book III. Working together and apart. Rendezvous in Philadelphia ; Darkness at dawn ; The walking stick.
"From the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian comes a masterful, first-of-its-kind dual biography of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, illuminating their partnership's enduring importance. Theirs was a three-decade-long bond that, more than any other pairing, would forge the United States. Vastly different men, Benjamin Franklin--an abolitionist freethinker from the urban north--and George Washington--a slaveholding general from the agrarian south--were the indispensable authors of American independence and the two key partners in the attempt to craft a more perfect union at the Constitutional Convention, held in Franklin's Philadelphia and presided over by Washington. And yet their teamwork has been little remarked upon in the centuries since. Illuminating Franklin and Washington's relationship with striking new detail and energy, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward J. Larson shows that theirs was truly an intimate working friendship that amplified the talents of each for collective advancement of the American project. During the French and Indian War, Franklin supplied the wagons for General Edward Braddock's ill-fated assault on Fort Duquesne, and Washington buried the general's body under the dirt road traveled by those retreating wagons. After long sup­porting British rule, both became key early proponents of independence. Rekindled during the Second Continental Congress in 1775, their friendship gained historical significance during the American Revolution, when Franklin led America's diplomatic mission in Europe (securing money and an alliance with France) and Washington commanded the Continental Army. Victory required both of these efforts to succeed, and success, in turn, required their mutual coordination and cooperation. In the 1780s, the two sought to strengthen the union, leading to the framing and ratification of the Constitution, the founding document that bears their stamp. Franklin and Washington--the two most revered figures in the early republic--staked their lives and fortunes on the American experiment in liberty and were committed to its preservation. Today the United States is the world's great superpower, and yet we also wrestle with the government Franklin and Washington created more than two centuries ago--the power of the executive branch, the principle of checks and balances, the electoral college--as well as the wounds of their compromise over slavery. Now, as the founding institutions appear under new stress, it is time to understand their origins through the fresh lens of Larson's Franklin & Washington, a major addition to the literature of the founding era."--Publisher's website.

In the land of men : a memoir

February 21, 2020
Miller, Adrienne, author.
ix, 340 pages ; 24 cm
"At twenty-two, a naïve Midwesterner, Adrienne Miller got a lucky break when she was hired as an editorial assistant at GQ. The mid-nineties were still the golden age of print journalism, and a publication like GQ then seemed the red-hot center of the literary world, even if their sensibilities were manifestly mid-century-the martinis, the male egos, and the unquestioned authority of kings. Still, Adrienne learned to hold her own in a man's world, and three years later she forged her own path, becoming the first woman to hold the role of literary editor at Esquire. She was at Esquire during a unique moment in history that simultaneously saw the last days of the old guard of literary titans, and the rise of a new movement, as exemplified by David Foster Wallace, who would become her closest friend, confidant-and antagonist. Here is the untold story of an intellectual and artistic exchange that grew into a highly charged relationship, and Miller presents a candid portrait of the mercurial man behind the spotlight. It is also an account of the guarded literary world, which asks the question: How does a young woman fit into this culture and at what cost? With wit and deep intelligence, Miller presents a moving portrayal of a young woman's education in a land of men"-- Provided by publisher.

Math makers : the lives and works of 50 famous mathematicians

February 20, 2020
Posamentier, Alfred S., author.
xiv, 420 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introduction -- Thales of Miletus : Greek (c.624-546 BCE) -- Pythagoras : Greek (575-500 BCE) -- Eudoxus of Cnidus : Greek (390-337 BCE) -- Euclid : Greek (c.300 BCE) -- Archimedes : Greek(c.287-c.212 BCE) -- Eratosthenes : Greek (276-194 BCE) -- Claudius Ptolemy : Greco-Roman (100-170) -- Diophantus of Alexandria : Hellenistic Greek (c.201-285) -- Brahmagupta : India (598-668) -- Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, "Fibonacci" : Italian (1170-1250) -- Gerolamo Cardano : Italian (1501-1576) -- John Napier : Scottish (1550-1617) -- Johannes Kepler : German (1571- 1630) -- René Descartes : French (1596-1650) -- Pierre de Fermat : French (1607-1665) -- Blaise Pascal : French (1623-1662) -- Isaac Newton : English (1642-1727) -- Gottfried Wilhelm (von) Leibniz : German (1646-1716) -- Giovanni Ceva : Italian (1647-1734) -- Robert Simson : Scottish (1687-1768) -- Christian Goldbach : German (1690-1764) -- The Bernoullis : Swiss (1700-1782) -- Leonhard Euler : Swiss (1707-1783) -- Maria Gaetana Agnesi : Italian (1718-1799) -- Pierre Simon Laplace : French (1749-1827) -- Lorenzo Mascheroni : Italian (1750-1800) -- Joseph-Louis Lagrange : French/Italian (1736 -- 1813) -- Sophie Germain : French (1776-1831) -- Carl Friedrich Gauss : German (1777-1855) -- Charles Babbage : English (1791-1871) -- Niels Henrik Abel : Norwegian (1802-1829) -- Évariste Galois : French (1811-1832) -- James Joseph Sylvester : English (1814-1897) -- Ada Lovelace : English (1815-1852) -- George Boole : English (1815-1864) -- Bernhard Riemann : German (1826-1866) -- Georg Cantor : German (1845-1918) -- Sofia Kovalevskaya : Russian (1850-1891) -- Giuseppe Peano : Italian (1858-1932) -- David Hilbert : German (1862-1943) -- G.H. Hardy : English (1877-1947) -- Emmy Noether : German (1882-1935) -- Srinivasa Ramanujan : India (1887-1920) -- John von Neumann : Hungarian-American (1903-1957) -- Kurt Godel : Austrian-American (1906-1978) -- Alan Turing : English (1912-1954) -- Paul Erdős : Hungarian (1913-1996) -- Herbert A. Hauptman : American (1917-2011) -- Benoit Mandelbrot : Polish-American (1924-2010) -- Maryam Mirzakhani : Iranian (1977-2017).
"Two veteran math educators concisely profile leading mathematicians throughout history highlighting their often unusual personalities and lives while giving average readers insights into the importance of their mathematical discoveries."-- Provided by publisher.

The rise and fall of Charles Lindbergh

February 18, 2020
Fleming, Candace, author.
372 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, map ; 24 cm
"First human to cross the Atlantic via airplane; one of the first American media sensations; Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite; loner whose baby was kidnapped and murdered; champion of Eugenics, the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding; tireless environmentalist. Charles Lindbergh was all of the above and more. Here is a rich, multi-faceted, utterly spellbinding biography about an American hero who was also a deeply flawed man."

Fighting for space : two pilots and their historic battle for female spaceflight

February 18, 2020
Teitel, Amy Shira, author.
New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2020.
xxi, 426 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"The mostly-unknown tale of Jackie Cochran and Jerrie Cobb-two accomplished aviatrixes, one generation apart, who each dreamed of being the first woman in space, but along the way battled their egos, their expectations, and ultimately the patriarchal society that stood between them and the stars"-- Provided by publisher.

Heroic women of the art world : risking it all for art

February 18, 2020
Pool, Eugene, 1943- author.
Boston, MA : Tumblehome, Inc., [2019]
271 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 20 x 24 cm
Painters, a sculptor, an architect, a photographer, a poet in light, a cop, a conservator, even a spy: inspiring life stories of 16 remarkable women of art from the Renaissance to present. -- adapted from back cover.

Hold on, but don't hold still : hope and humor from my seriously flawed life

February 17, 2020
Kuzmič, Kristina, author.
New York : Viking Life, [2020]
xiv, 253 pages ; 24 cm
"The inspiring and hilarious true story of how a single mother found the strength to transform her life and become the person--and parent--she could admire, revealing the tips and advice that empowered her Kristina Kuzmic has made herself a household name, speaking directly to mothers from the trenches of parenthood via her viral videos and social media presence. She's now bringing her message of self-acceptance, resilience, and joy to book readers. What she has delivered is a refreshingly unpretentious, funny, and galvanizing book that goes behind the scenes on how Kristina Kuzmic went from broke and defeated to unshakably grounded and brimming with gratitude. Illuminating the hard-won wisdom from a life spent always one step behind, whether it was as a high school student new to America, a suddenly single mother to two kids, a newlywed juggling two teens and a newborn, or the unexpected recipient of Oprah's attention and investment, Hold On, But Don't Hold Still is the book every mother needs to reassure her that she's not only fine just as she is, but that she already has more tools and support than she can possibly imagine. Sparkling with wit, this heartfelt memoir is like a long coffee date with a best friend, or the eleventh hour text message that gives you just the boost you need to get through the day"-- Provided by publisher.

How sweet it is : a songwriter's reflections on music, Motown and the mystery of the muse

February 17, 2020
Dozier, Lamont, author, composer, performer.
[United States] : BMG, [2019]
iii, 316 pages, [16] unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Introduction: trying to get around myself -- Going back to my roots -- Nowhere to run -- Bernadette -- I can't help myself -- Someday, someway -- Forever came today -- Come and get these memories -- Deeper & deeper -- You keep me hangin' on -- Run, run, run -- I created a monster -- Where did our love go? -- Give me just a little more time -- In my lonely room -- Slipping away -- I'm in a different world -- Heaven must have sent you -- I just can't walk away -- Anything is possible -- Reflections -- Afterword: Lamont's guiding principles of songwriting -- Appendix A: List of Lamont's charting singles as a songwriter -- Appendix B: List of Lamont Dozier solo albums
As part of Motown's legendary songwriting and production team of Holland-Dozier-Holland, Lamont Dozier is responsible for such classics as "Baby I Need Your Loving", "You Can't Hurry Love," "Stop! In the Name of Love," and many more. Dozier takes us behind the scenes of the Motown machine, sharing personal stories of his encounters with icons such as Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and Berry Gordy. He reveals the moments that inspired some of his timeless songs--and pulls back the curtain on the studio secrets that helped him and his colleagues create "the sound of young America." Having pursued the mystery of songwriting muse for many years, his stories are interwoven with invaluable insights and wisdom on the art and craft of songwriting that will inspire the creative spark in all of us. -- Adapted from back cover

God must have forgotten about me

February 17, 2020
Lee, Jason, author.
House Capacity Publishing, 2019.
220 pages ; 23 cm
Jason Lee, entertainment journalist, reality TV star, iHeart Radio personality, and CEO of Hollywood Unlocked bears it all in the transparent and unapologetic memoir God Must Have Forgotten About Me. Jason's story is one of survival, endurance, passion, and divine favor-even in the midst of what would seem like unrelenting trauma.

Bowie : stardust, rayguns & moonage daydreams

February 13, 2020
Horton, Steve, author.
San Rafael, California : Insight Comics, 2020.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations c30 cm
"As one of the most magnetic icons of modern pop culture, David Bowie seduced generations of fans with his music and counterculture persona. While Bowie's legacy as a musician is remarkable and genre-defying, as a visual performer he obliterate stage theatrics with his psychedelic aesthetics, larger-than-life image, and way of hovering on the border of the surreal. Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams chronicles the rise of David Bowie's career from obscurity to fame, as well as the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust, Bowie's historic alter ego. Ziggy accompanies Bowie on his rocky ride to the top, but when the Spiders from Mars finally implode and Bowie leaves London for a nomadic life abroad, he must lay the Ziggy persona to rest for good. The end of Ziggy eventually changes not only Bowie but the world itself."--Provided by publisher.

Dylan & me : 50 years of adventures

February 12, 2020
Kemp, Louie, author.
xvi, 211 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
" 'It was at summer camp in northern Wisconsin in 1953 that I first met Bobby Zimmerman from Hibbing. He was twelve years old and he had a guitar. He would go around telling everybody that he was going to be a rock-and-roll star. I was eleven and I believed him.' So begins this honest, funny, and deeply affectionate memoir of a friendship that has spanned five decades of wild adventures, soul searching conversation, musical milestones, and enduring comradery. As Bobby Zimmerman became Bob Dylan and Louie Kemp built a successful international business, their lives diverged but their friendship held fast. No matter how much time passed between one adventure and the next, the two "boys from the North Country" picked up where they left off and shared experiences that will surprise and delight Dylan fans and anybody who loves a rollicking-good rock-and-roll memoir."--Dust jacket flap.

The better angels : five women who changed Civil War America

February 11, 2020
Plumb, Robert C., author.
Lincoln, NB : Potomac Books, an imprint of University of Nebraska Press, [2020]
251 pages, 12 unnumered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"This multi-layered biography examines five remarkable women who made important contributions to the Union cause at various stages before, during, and following the defining years of the American Civil War"--Provided by publisher.

Lake View Cemetery burial records, 1796-1988 : Skaneateles, Onondaga County, New York / compiled by Karen Richards Anklin ; assisted by Barbara Bendall Spain.

February 10, 2020
Anklin, Karen Richards.
[Skaneateles, N.Y.] : K.R. Anklin, c1989.
iii, 325 p., [1] leaf of plates (folded) : map ; 28 cm.
Includes index.

Race against time : a reporter reopens the unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era

February 10, 2020
Mitchell, Jerry, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2020.
421 pages ; 24 cm
James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner -- Medgar Evers -- Vernon Dahmer Sr. -- Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley -- James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner.
Mitchell takes readers on the twisting, pulse-racing road that led to the reopening of four of the most infamous killings from the days of the civil rights movement. His work played a central role in bringing killers to justice for the assassination of Medgar Evers, the firebombing of Vernon Dahmer, the 16th Street Church bombing in Birmingham and the June 21, 1964 murder of three civil rights workers by more than twenty Klansmen. Mitchell reveals how he unearthed secret documents, found long-lost suspects and witnesses, and built up evidence strong enough to take on the Klan. -- adapted from jacket

Smacked : a story of white-collar ambition, addiction, and tragedy

February 10, 2020
Zimmerman, Eilene, author.
New York : Random House, [2020]
xiii, 246 pages ; 25 cm
"Eilene Zimmerman's ex-husband, Peter, had it all: He was a partner at a prestigious law firm, lived in a $2 million house by the beach, and had two great kids. Maintaining a friendly relationship, Eilene and Peter talked and saw each other frequently. But a few years after their divorce she started noticing erratic behavior: absenteeism, weight loss, constant exhaustion and sickness. Peter explained it away as stress from the pressures of his job, but Eilene couldn't shake the feeling that something else was wrong. Months later, when she finds him dead, she goes on a journey to investigate how a man she thought she knew had become a drug addict. Zimmerman also takes a wider look at other cases of white-collar drug use and the devastation it leaves behind, showing that addiction can strike anyone. The result is a moving, intimate, and revealing look at both Peter's downward spiral and the drug epidemic among high-powered professionals, its impact on his family, and how a woman reconceives her life in the wake of loss"-- Provided by publisher.

When time stopped : a memoir of my father's war and what remains

February 10, 2020
Neumann, Ariana, author.
New York : Scribner, 2020.
321 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
"In 1941, the first Neumann family member was taken by the Nazis, arrested in German-occupied Czechoslovakia for bathing in a stretch of river forbidden to Jews. He was transported to Auschwitz. Eighteen days later his prisoner number was entered into the morgue book. Of thirty-four Neumann family members, twenty-five were murdered by the Nazis. One of the survivors was Hans Neumann, who, to escape the German death net, traveled to Berlin and hid in plain sight under the Gestapo's eyes. What Hans experienced was so unspeakable that, when he built an industrial empire in Venezuela, he couldn't bring himself to talk about it. All his daughter Ariana knew was that something terrible had happened. When Hans died, he left Ariana a small box filled with letters, diary entries, and other memorabilia. Ten years later, Ariana finally summoned the courage to have the letters translated, and she began reading. What she discovered launched her on a worldwide search that would deliver indelible portraits of a family loving, finding meaning, and trying to survive amid the worst that can be imagined. When Time Stopped is a powerful detective story and an epic family memoir, spanning nearly ninety years and crossing oceans. Neumann brings each relative to vivid life. In uncovering her father's story after all these years, she discovers nuance and depth to her own history and liberates poignant and thought-provoking truths about the threads of humanity that connect us all."-- Provided by publisher.

Coming clean : a story of faith

February 10, 2020
Haines, Seth.
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Zondervan, [2015]
224 pages ; 22 cm
Shall we begin here? an open invitation -- The seeing -- The bending -- The healing -- A word on Titus.
"Seth Haines was in the hospital with his wife, planning funeral songs for their not-yet two-year-old, when he made a very conscious decision: this was the last day he wanted to feel. That evening, he asked his sister to smuggle in a bottle of gin, and gave in to addiction. But whether or not you've ever had a drop to drink in your life, we're all looking for ways to stop the pain. Like Seth, we're all seeking balms for the anxiety of what sometimes seems to be an absent, unresponsive God--whether it's through people-pleasing, shopping, the internet, food, career highs, or even good works and elite theology. We attempt to anesthetize our anxiety through addiction--any old addiction. But it often leaves us feeling even more empty than before. In Coming Clean, Seth Haines writes a raw account of his first 90 days of sobriety, illuminating how to face the pain we'd rather avoid, and even more importantly, how an abiding God meets us in that pain. Seth shows us that true wholeness is found in facing our pain and anxieties with the tenacity and tenderness of Jesus, and only through Christ's passion can we truly come clean."

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