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July 18, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Never eat alone : and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time

July 17, 2019
Ferrazzi, Keith, author.
xvii, 379 pages ; 25 cm
Includes index.
The mind-set. Becoming a member of the club ; Don't keep score ; What's your mission? ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Bill Clinton ; Build it before you need it ; The genius of audacity ; The networking jerk ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Katharine Graham -- The skill set. Do your homework ; Take names ; Warming the cold call ; Managing the gatekeeper-- artfully ; Never eat alone ; Share your passions ; Follow up or fail ; Be a conference commando ; Connecting with connectors ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Paul Revere ; Expanding your circle ; The art of small talk ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Brené Brown ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Dale Carnegie -- Turning connections into compatriots. Health, wealth, and children ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Adam Grant ; Social arbitrage ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Vernon Jordan ; Pinging, all the time ; Find anchor tenants and feed them -- Connecting in the digital age. Tap the fridge ; Become the king of content ; Engineering serendipity -- Trading up and giving back. Be interesting ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : the Dalai Lama ; Build your brand ; Broadcast your brand ; Getting close to power ; Build it and they will come ; Connectors' Hall of Fame profile : Benjamin Franklin ; Never give in to hubris ; Find mentors, find mentees. Repeat ; Connectors Hall of Fame profile : Eleanor Roosevelt ; Balance is B.S. ; Welcome to the Connected Age.
What distinguishes successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships-- so that everyone wins. Ferrazzi's form of connecting to the world around him is based on generosity, helping friends connect with other friends. He distinguishes genuine relationship-building from the crude, desperate glad-handing usually associated with "networking," and distills his system of reaching out to people into practical, proven principles.

Break through the noise : the nine rules to capture global attention

July 16, 2019
Staples, Tim (Marketing consultant), author.
x, 229 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"The internet is an extremely noisy place. Why does some content break through and reach millions of people--while so much else doesn't? The odds of landing your video on YouTube's front page are a staggering one in two million. But Tim Staples has beaten those odds thirty-five times and has built a thriving business in the process. As the CEO of Shareability, Staples launched a multimillion-dollar headphone brand by filming soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in disguise--all while not spending a nickel on traditional advertising. Far from being just another empty promise on how to make your content go viral, this book offers a real roadmap to understanding how content spreads online. Through the powerful concept of 'shareability' you'll learn how to make the intricate algorithms of major social platforms work for you. Whether you're an executive, an entrepreneur, or an Instagram star in the making, this is the one book that will give you the secret sauce on how to break through the noise and to take your brand farther than you ever thought possible."--Dust jacket.

Building a business with a beat : leadership lessons from Jazzercise : an empire built on passion, purpose, and heart

July 16, 2019
Missett, Judi Sheppard, 1944- author.
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2019]
viii, 273 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"Proven methods for turning any passion into major profits - from the legendary entrepreneur who turned her idea into a $100 million global powerhouse. For the first time ever, the founder and CEO of Jazzercise, Inc., reveals the secrets to her staggering success. In Building a Business with a Beat, Judi Sheppard Missett describes the principles that made, and continue to make, Jazzercise the worldwide women-owned enterprise it is today. You'll learn how to build a business devoted to excellence and communal satisfaction, while being inspired by the author's story of turning a class of 15 people in a Chicago dance studio into the world's leading dance fitness program. Sheppard Missett shows how you can build your own successful business by: daring to dream big, pairing your passion with a greater purpose, paying attention to cues, signs and signals, embracing changing technologies, hiring for attitude, empathy, and creativity, setting standards, establishing "firsts", cultivating your customer community, reaching out, stepping forward, and giving back"-- Provided by publisher.

This is service design thinking : basics, tools, cases

July 15, 2019
Stickdorn, Marc, author.
Hoboken, New Jersey : WILEY, [2011]
373 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Introduction -- What is service design? -- Who are these service designers? -- How does service design work? -- What are the tools of service design? -- Applied service design -- Deep service design thinking.
"Twenty-three authors from the global service design community invested their knowledge, experience and passion to create this ... book. It introduces service design thinking to beginners and students, and will be a valuable resource for consultants, marketers, innovators and design professionals."--Cover.

QuickBooks online for dummies

July 12, 2019
Marmel, Elaine J., author.
xi, 430 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Part 1: Getting started with QBO and QBOA -- Introducing QBO and QBOA -- Embracing the QBO/QBOA format -- Part 2: Managing the books for the end user -- Creating a client company in QBO -- Managing list information -- Dealing with the outflow of money -- Managing the inflow of money -- Working in registers -- Handling bank and credit card transactions -- Paying employees and contractors -- How's the business doing? -- Part 3: Managing the books for the accountant -- Setting up shop in QBOA -- Adding companies to the QBOA client list -- Exploring a client's company from QBOA -- Working in a client's company -- Using accountant tools -- Part 4: The part of tens -- Almost ten things about the Chrome browser interface -- Ten or so ways to use Chrome effectively -- Appendix A: QBO, QuickBooks desktop, and data conversion.
"Searching for a cloud-based solution for your small business' accounting needs? Master the fundamentals of QuickBooks Online -- the world's mos popular software for fast and easy mobile accounting! QuickBooks Online makes accounting not only downright tolerable but almost easy! From generating financial reports to simplifying tax preparation to tracking business finances, this book covers everything you need to make this popular accounting software work for you." -- Back cover.

Secrets of Sand Hill Road : venture capital and how to get it

July 12, 2019
Kupor, Scott, author.
[New York, New York] : Portfolio/Penguin, [2019]
xii, 305 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Venture capitalist Scott Kupor explains what start-up entrepreneurs need to know about venture capital. He answers such questions as who gets a pitch meeting and who doesn't, and which metrics should you stress in a presentation, and which should you ignore. Includes a sample Term Sheet"-- Provided by publisher.

Tech boss lady : how to start-up, disrupt, and thrive as a female founder

July 12, 2019
Gascoigne, Adriana, author.
xxvi, 219 pages ; 24 cm
On being a tech boss lady -- What it takes -- Being a woman in tech -- Intrapreneurship -- Business for good -- On startup essentials -- On stress -- Partners -- Advisors -- Building your team (thoughts on hiring) -- Confidence -- The pitch -- Leadership -- Failure -- On girls in tech -- What I know now -- What's next.
"You know startups are hard, but what is it like to fail, or have a falling out with your co-founder, or to go through hundreds of pitches in an effort get funded? In Tech Boss Lady, Adriana Gascoigne dives into the gritty, raw side of startups. She shares her own story - of defying Silicon Valley's boy's club and founding the largest organization for female entrepreneurs in the world - as well as candid true tales from more than 20 leading women in tech. The result: a no-nonsense guide for the entrepreneur, intrapreneur and Tech Boss Lady within each of us."

You can't know it all : leading in the age of deep expertise

July 12, 2019
Wallace, Wanda T., author.
New York, NY : HarperBusiness, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2019]
xiv, 215 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
The expert leader at his or her best -- Sonia's four challenges -- The spanning leader -- Taking stock of yourself as leader -- How you add value -- How you get (the right) work done -- How you interact with people -- Gender and spanning leadership -- The spanning leader in a classic expert role.
The toughest challenge in business is when expert leaders are asked to move beyond their expertise and lead a less homogeneous group. Wallace presents the coaching model she has developed to address this transition. She provides tools and strategies for individuals to navigate their new roles and learn to combine their expertise with their leadership responsibilities. She also offers essential advice on the fundamental change in mindset that this requires.

100 side hustles : unexpected ideas for making extra money without quitting your day job

July 11, 2019
Guillebeau, Chris, author.
335 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Real people, real money -- Ideas are everywhere -- Use the skills you already have -- Buy low, sell high -- Teach what you know -- Bring people together -- Get crafty, get paid -- Automate your income -- See the world without going broke -- Eat, drink, and be merry -- Do good and do well -- There's an app for that -- Keep it in the family -- Start your own factory -- Ramp up: million-dollar side hustles.
"Best-selling author Chris Guillebeau presents a full-color ideabook featuring 100 stories of regular people launching successful side businesses that almost anyone can do. This unique guide features the startup stories of regular people launching side businesses that almost anyone can do: an urban tour guide, an artist inspired by maps, a travel site founder, an ice pop maker, a confetti photographer, a group of friends who sell hammocks to support local economies, and many more. In 100 Side Hustles, best-selling author of The $100 Startup Chris Guillebeau presents a colorful "idea book" filled with inspiration for your next big idea. Distilled from Guillebeau's popular Side Hustle School podcast, these case studies feature teachers, artists, coders, and even entire families who've found ways to create new sources of income. With insights, takeaways, and photography that reveals the human element behind the hustles, this playbook covers every important step of launching a side hustle, from identifying underserved markets to crafting unique products and services that spring from your passions. Soon you'll find yourself joining the ranks of these innovative entrepreneurs -- making money on the side while living your best life."-- Provided by publisher.

You're it : crisis, change, and how to lead when it matters most

July 11, 2019
Marcus, Leonard J., author.
xiii, 273 pages : illustrations, charts ; 25 cm
"Become a better crisis leader while equipping yourself with the tools for every day transformative leadership. A book for turbulent times, You're It is essential reading for anyone preparing to lead an adaptive team through crisis and change."

Career rookie : a get-it-together guide for grads, students and career newbies

July 2, 2019
Vermunt, Sarah, 1980- author.
247 pages ; 20 cm
"A shot of encouragement, a kick in the ass, and a loving push for young people who have no idea what they want or how to get it Career Rookie is a book for every grad, student, and 20-something who feels lost, overwhelmed, and anxious. It tackles the emotional and logistical WTF-ness of starting your career, answering questions like, What if I don't have any experience? What if I went to school for something I hated? What if I have NO IDEA what I actually want? Should I just suck it up and settle? Because, honestly, this career thing is starting to give me an ulcer. This fresh, fun guide gives even the most lost and overwhelmed a way forward. It explores passion, curiosity, uncertainty, self-sabotage, and more on the quest to shake off post-graduation paralysis. Finding the right career can seem impossible, but Sarah Vermunt is the fun-loving, straight-talking coach we all need to make feel-good work a reality."-- Provided by publisher.

Modernize your job search letters : get noticed ... get hired

July 2, 2019
Enelow, Wendy S., author.
Coleman Falls, VA : Emerald Career Publishing, [2017]
188 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
Introduction -- Welcome to the world of modern job search letters -- Job posting letters -- Cold call letters -- Recruiter letters -- Networking letters -- Referral letters -- Thank-you letters -- Letters for challenging job search situations -- Job proposal letters.
"This book addresses how to write the following types of letters that most job seekers will use through their search campaign: Traditional Cover Letters: Letters that job seekers write in response to job advertisements and postings, send directly to hiring managers, or present to human resource professionals. E-Notes: Modern and shorter cover letters used as the content for job seekers email messages, thereby eliminating the need to click to read an attached letter. Recruiter Letters: As either cover letters or e-notes often including information that job seekers would not typically share at the onset with a prospective employer. Thank-You Letters: A must after every interview to ensure that job seekers stay front of mind and give themselves an instantly competitive edge. Networking Letters: Introductory letters to make connections with direct network contacts or referrals; not generally written in response to specific job opportunities. Job Proposal Letters: As the title suggests, these letters are written to propose a specific job opportunity with a specific company to meet a specific organizational need. Letters for Candidates with Unique Job Search Challenges: Letters for job seekers facing specific search challenges, such as transitioning from military service to civilian work, returning to work after raising children, returning to work after incarceration, changing careers, or finding a new job despite a record of hopping from one position to another,"

Never too old to get rich : the entrepreneur's guide to starting a business mid-life

June 21, 2019
Hannon, Kerry, author.
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2019]
xvii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.

How to win in a winner-take-all world : the definitive guide to adapting and succeeding in high-performance careers

June 18, 2019
Irwin, Neil, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2019.
291 pages ; 25 cm
Introduction -- Rise of the glue people -- Becoming pareto optimal -- The power of mindset -- How big data can make you better -- The economics of managing -- Navigating the winner-take-all world -- When software ate the world -- Should I stay or should I go? -- What is a job, anyway? -- A quarter-million hours.
"In How to Win in a Winner-Take-All World, Neil Irwin, senior economic correspondent at the New York Times, delivers the essential guide to being successful in today's economy when the very notion of the "job" is shifting and the corporate landscape has become dominated by global firms. He shows that the route to success lies in cultivating the ability to bring multiple specialties together--to become a "glue person" who can ensure people with radically different technical skills work together effectively--and how a winding career path makes you better prepared for today's fast-changing world. Through original data, close analysis, and case studies, Irwin deftly explains the 21st century economic landscape and its implications for ambitious people seeking a lifetime of professional success." -- From summary.

Identity leadership : to lead others you must first lead yourself

June 18, 2019
Graham, Stedman, author.
x, 253 pages ; 24 cm
The call for identity leaders -- Why identity matters -- Leaders, not labels -- Identity leaders of today -- Oprah: a true identity leader -- How identity leaders lead -- Reaching your full potential as a leader -- The nine-step story -- Step 1: Check your ID -- Step 2: Create your vision -- Step 3: Develop your travel plan -- Step 4: Master the rules of the road -- Step 5: Step into the outer limits -- Step 6: Pilot the seasons of change -- Step 7: Build your dream team -- Step 8: Win by a decision -- Step 9: Commit to your vision -- Become an identity leader.
Graham's philosophy holds that a leader can't lead others until he can first lead himself. Here he examines why self-awareness matters, how leaders lead, the importance of communication, and much more. He then shows the reader how to step into their role as a leader and create their identity leadership plan. In doing so, readers can create a roadmap that leads to personal growth, development, and improvement of performance in every area of life. -- adapted from jacket

Skilled trade professionals : a practical career guide

June 14, 2019
Collins, Corbin, author.
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., [2019]
xi, 119 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
Why choose a career in the skilled trade field? -- Forming a career plan -- Pursuing the education path -- Writing your resume and interviewing -- Glossary of terms -- Further resources -- About the author.

Shut down the business school : what's wrong with management education

June 11, 2019
Parker, Martin, 1962- author.
xiv, 198 pages ; 20 cm
What goes on in business schools? -- Teaching capitalism -- What's wrong with management? -- What's wrong with business school? -- The business school and the university -- What is 'management' anyway? -- The school for organizing -- The politics of organizing -- What do students want? -- The business school of tomorrow.
Even as higher education is under attack, one area is thriving: business schools. Shut Down the Business School explains why - and builds a convincing case that they are pernicious and should be closed. Martin Parker writes his polemic from the inside, drawing on his experience as a professor of management, and showing us that business schools are little more than loudspeakers for neoliberal capitalism, designed to produce unreflective managers whose primary focus is on their own personal rewards. If we believe that universities have responsibilities to society, Parker argues, then we must challenge the very foundation of the business school and its emphasis on the market above all else. -- Provided by publisher.

Craved : the secret sauce to building a highly-successful, standout brand

June 7, 2019
Hammond, Keli, author.
295 pages ; 22 cm

Innovation capital : how to compete--and win--like the world's most innovative leaders

May 30, 2019
Dyer, Jeffrey H., author.
Harvard Business Review Press : Boston, Massachusetts, 2019.
264 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Innovation capital -- Who you are (and what you can do to improve) -- Who you know (and who to focus on) -- What you are known for (and ways to become known) -- Personal impression amplifiers: broadcasting, signaling, and storytelling -- Idea impression amplifiers: materializing, comparing, committing, and FOMO -- The virtuous cycle of innovation leadership -- Innovation capital as a source of organizational competitive advantage -- Conclusion : concrete steps for putting it all together.
We've all seen leaders who excel at winning resources and support for their ideas. It turns out that this quality is so valuable, and measurably more important for innovation than just being creative, that it has a name: "innovation capital." Contrary to popular belief, effective leaders of innovation--folks like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk--are successful not only because of the quality of their ideas but because they have the reputation and networks to successfully commercialize creative ideas. Nikola Tesla was arguably a more brilliant inventor than Thomas Edison, but Edison was able to realize tremendous commercial success while Tesla died penniless. Innovation Capital reveals the critical ingredient that separates the people who can marshal the resources necessary to turn their ideas into reality from those who can't, and shows you how to acquire, amplify, and use it to succeed as an innovative leader. Authors Jeff Dyer, Nathan Furr, and Curtis Lefrandt have spent decades studying how people get great ideas (the subject of The Innovator's DNA) and how people test and develop those ideas (explored in The Innovator's Method). Now, they share what they have learned from a multipronged research program designed to understand how people compete for, and obtain, resources to launch innovative new ideas--even, in some cases, before they've earned a track record of innovation.-- Provided by publisher.

The proximity principle : the proven strategy that will lead to the career you love

May 29, 2019
Coleman, Ken (Radio talk show host), author.
xiv, 215 pages ; 23 cm
What is the Proximity Principle? -- Part 1: The people. The professors ; The professionals ; The mentors ; The peers ; The producers -- Part 2: The places. The place where you are ; A place to learn ; A place to practice ; A place to perform ; A place to grow -- Part 3: The practices. Creating a web of connections ; Making your connections count ; Seizing the opportunity ; Adopting a proximity mind-set -- Conclusion: Pressing on.
Right now, 70% of Americans aren't passionate about their work and are desperately longing for meaning and purpose. They're sick of "average" and know there's something better out there, but they just don't know how to reach it. One basic principle--The Proximity Principle--can change everything you thought you knew about pursuing a career you love. In his latest book, The Proximity Principle, national radio host and career expert Ken Coleman provides a simple plan of how positioning yourself near the right people and places can help you land the job you love. Forget the traditional career advice you've heard! Networking, handing out business cards, and updating your online profile do nothing to set you apart from other candidates. Ken will show you how to be intentional and genuine about the connections you make with a fresh, unexpected take on resumes and the job interview process. You'll discover the five people you should look for and the four best places to grow, learn, practice, and perform so you can step into the role you were created to fill. After reading The Proximity Principle, you'll know how to connect with the right people and put yourself in the right places, so opportunities will come--and you'll be prepared to take them.

The algebra of happiness : notes on the pursuit of success, love, and meaning

May 24, 2019
Galloway, Scott, 1964- author.
244 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
"From the New York Times bestselling author of The Four, Scott Galloway, a provocative book of hard-won wisdom for achieving a fulfilling career and life, based on his viral video of the same name. Scott Galloway teaches brand strategy at NYU's Stern School of Business, but often his class veers to life strategy. His students are smart and hardworking, but they struggle with life's biggest questions, just like the rest of us. What's the formula for a life well lived? How can you have a meaningful career, not just a lucrative one? Is work/life balance really possible? What does it take to make a long-term relationship succeed? Galloway explores these and many other questions in the take-no-prisoners style that has made him a sought-after commentator and YouTube star"-- Provided by publisher.

Get the grant : your no B.S. introduction to foundation grants

May 22, 2019
Cain, Ashley, author.
Cincinnati, OH : Painted Post Publications, [2019]
106 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Get the Grant: Your No B.S. Introduction to Foundation Grants will give you a no-b.s. look at how to write winning grant proposals and give you the tools you need to start securing foundation funding for your nonprofit organization. Peppered with useful tips, insights, and personal stories from the authors, this book is a fantastic resource for those new to the field of grant writing as well as seasoned veterans.

Starting an online business all-in-one for dummies.

May 17, 2019
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ©2006-
volumes : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Vols. for <2012-2017> written by Shannon Belew and Joel Elad.
"11 books in 1"--Cover.
Eleven minibooks comprising nearly 800 pages offer would-be online entrepreneurs all the information they need to launch an e-business and succeed in today's marketplace. Unlike competing guides, this book explains how to redesign a site, retool marketing strategies, and run a nonprofit site as well as offering in-depth coverage of how to secure a site and move from retail to e-tail. Minibooks cover online business basics, legal and accounting matters, Web site design, operational issues once a business is up and running, Internet security, how to boost sales, taking a brick-and-mortar business online, storefront selling at eBay and elsewhere, fundraising at a nonprofit site, running a niche e-business, and advanced e-commerce techniques and strategies.

Networking for people who hate networking : a field guide for introverts, the overwhelmed, and the underconnected

May 16, 2019
Zack, Devora, author.
Oakland, CA : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, [2019]
xiii, 187 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Revised edition of the author's Networking for people who hate networking, c2010.
Includes index.
Welcome to your field guide -- Assess yourself -- Smashing stereotypes -- Why we hate to network -- Good-bye, golden rule -- Sparkling new strategies -- Networking event survival kit -- Without a net: beyond networking events -- The job search -- Business travel -- Structuring events that work for all -- Follow up or go home -- Creating a community.

Ultimate guide to Amazon advertising

May 15, 2019
Seward, Timothy P., author.
Irvine, California : Entrepreneur Media, Inc., [2019]
214 pages ; 25 cm.
"Amazon is where consumers search, learn about, and shop for your products (whether from you or another seller). And with 310 million active users and counting, this is the ecommerce platform you can’t afford to ignore. Amazon advertising and customer growth expert Timothy P. Seward shares nearly two decades of expertise in retail and ecommerce to lift the veil on doing business on Amazon. Seward shows you how to build an aggressive, streamlined advertising campaign, increase your search visibility, consistently capture consumer demand, and accelerate new product sales without big-budget national ad campaigns."--Back cover.

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