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October 12, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Visual basic in easy steps

October 11, 2019
McGrath, Mike, 1956- author.
192 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Previous edition: 2016.
Includes index.
Learn to create Windows applications using Visual Basic 2019. Code examples, screenshots, and step-by-step instructions illustrate each aspect of Visual Basic, so you'll be creating your own interactive applications in no time! Visual Basic in easy steps, 6th edition gives you code examples, screenshots, and step-by-step instructions that illustrate each aspect of Visual Basic. You need have no previous knowledge of any programming language so it's ideal if you're a newcomer to Windows programming. Each chapter builds your knowledge of Visual Basic. By the end of this book you will have gained a sound understanding of Visual Basic programming and be able to create your own interactive applications. Visual Basic in easy steps, 6th edition has an easy-to-follow style that will appeal to anyone who wants to begin Windows programming. It will appeal to programmers who want to quickly learn the latest Visual Basic techniques, and to the student who is studying computing at school or college, and to those seeking a career in Information Technology who needs a thorough understanding of Visual Basic programming.

CompTIA A+ certification : all-in-one

October 10, 2019
Clarke, Glen E., author.
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Inc., [2019]
xl, 1316 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Setting the A+ Groundwork -- Inside the Box -- Outside the Box -- Maintenance and Troubleshooting -- Operating System Basics -- Managing the Operating System -- Recovering Systems -- Networking -- Securing Systems -- Appendix A: CompTIA A+ Exam Reference Matrix.
CompTIA A+ Certification is vital to your career as an IT professional. This no-nonsense guide covers all of the exam objectives and is fully updated for the 2019 version of the test, with new content on Windows 10, scripting, Linux, and mobile devices. With test-taking advice and an online test bank for practice, you'll be ready for success!

Think black : a memoir

October 1, 2019
Ford, Clyde W., author.
New York, NY : Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2019]
xii, 285 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
First days -- A sacrificial pawn -- The bones of the machine -- The book of changes -- Voices of the dead -- To speak of rivers -- Honeypot traps -- Twice as hard -- The arrangement -- Doing small things in a great way -- Covert ops -- The king is dead -- Clandestine service -- A mass shooting at IBM -- The egg -- Leaving -- Long walks -- Epilogue: The words of a poet.
"The story of America's first Black engineer, his revolutionary son, and the corporation that destroyed their relationship"-- Provided by publisher.

How to land a tech job

September 27, 2019
Davis, Gil, author.
viii, 98 pages ; 23 cm
"Insider advice on landing a job at Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Google, or any tech company"--Cover.
Insider tips on how to land a tech job with any company, including what to do when you lack the experience in the tech area you want to apply for; how to write your resume to stand out from the rest, when your resume is very similar to thousands of candidates; the "art of selling yourself" during your phone, skype, video recorded, and in-person interview.

Investing online for dummies.

September 17, 2019
Foster City, CA : IDG Books Worldwide, c1998-
v. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Vols. for 1998-2000 include 1 CD-ROM disc (4 3/4 in.)
Imprint varies: 2002-2016, New York : Wiley Publishing ; 2019- Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons.

Tools and weapons : the promise and the peril of the digital age

September 17, 2019
Smith, Brad (Brad Lee), 1959- author.
New York : Penguin Press, 2019.
xxii, 346 pages ; 25 cm
"In Tools and Weapons, Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne take us into the cockpit of one of the world's largest and most powerful tech companies as it finds itself in the middle of some of the thorniest emerging issues of our time. These are challenges that come with no preexisting playbook, including privacy, cybercrime and cyberwar, social media, the moral conundrums of artificial intelligence, big tech's relationship to inequality, and the challenges for democracy, far and near. While in no way a self-glorifying "Microsoft memoir," the book pulls back the curtain remarkably wide onto some of the company's most crucial recent decision points, as it strives to protect the hopes technology offers against the very real threats it also presents. There are huge ramifications for communities and countries, and Brad Smith provides a thoughtful and urgent contribution to that effort"-- Provided by publisher.

Guinness world records : gamer's edition 2020.

September 9, 2019
[London, England] : Guinness World Records Limited, [2019]
191 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
Includes index.
Learn all about world record holders related to gaming.


August 26, 2019
Freeman, Emily, author.
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2019]
xviii, 338 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.

Microsoft Project 2019 step by step

August 13, 2019
Lewis, Cindy S., author.
xxiv, 568 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Includes index.
Get started with Microsoft Project -- Simple scheduling basics -- Advanced scheduling techniques -- In-depth and special subjects -- Appendixes.

3D printing for artists, designers and makers

August 8, 2019
Hoskins, Steve author.
166 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm
Preface -- Introduction -- The history of 3D printing in relation to the visual arts -- An overview of current 3D printing technologies, what each offers and how they might develop in the future -- Crafts and craftspeople -- The fine arts -- Design and designers: case studies from contemporary designers -- Hackspaces, fablabs, makerspaces, arts research: the collaborative and more public face of 3D printing and its future in the arts -- Fashion and animation -- Conclusion -- Glossary -- Index.
"Traces how artists and designers continue to adapt and incorporate 3D printing technology into their work and explains how the creative industries are directly interfacing with this new technology. Covering a broad range of applied art practice - from fine art to furniture-design and film-making - Stephen Hoskins introduces some of this groundbreaking research from the Center for Fine Print Research along with an updated history of 3D print technology, a new chapter on fashion and animation, and new cases studies featuring artists working with metal, plastic, ceramic and other materials. A fascinating investigation into how the applied arts continue to adapt to new technologies and a forecast of what developments we might expect in the future."--Page 4 of cover.

Help your kids with computer coding: a unique step-by-step visual guide, from binary code to building games

August 5, 2019
Vorderman, Carol, author.
New York, NY : DK Publishing, 2019.
224 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
From coding basics to fun projects, this guide will inspire children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to build games and animations using two different programming languages--Scratch 3.0 and Python.

Coding your own website : a really useful guide to basic programming

July 29, 2019
96 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm.
Includes index.
"Created by Basher with theCoderSchool"--Cover.
The internet -- Online safety -- Website tools -- HTML -- CSS -- JavaScript -- Dynamic server -- Coding a website app.
Imagine the world of website coding as a place packed with colorful characters. Let them describe how the internet works. Find out the big names in coding, and follow simple steps to create your own website app. Code your own website: Tours the internet and introduces major components, from URL and domain to browser and router. Looks closely at online safety, and helps spot the good guys...and the bad ones. Introduces the three big coding languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Shows you how to code your own website app.

The professional product owner : leveraging Scrum as a competitive advantage

July 25, 2019
McGreal, Don, author.
xxiv, 344 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Promotional MVP -- Mining MVP -- Landing Page MVP -- Wizard of Oz MVP -- Single-Feature MVP -- Pivot or Persevere -- Quiz Review -- ch. 5 Empiricism -- Quiz -- It's a Complex Problem -- Certainty Quiz -- Visualizing Complexity -- Cynefin -- Obvious -- Complicated -- Complex -- Chaos -- Putting It All Together -- Types of Complexity -- Managing Risk -- Quiz Review -- ch. 6 Scrum -- Quiz -- Why a Framework? -- The Pillars of Scrum -- Transparency -- Inspection -- Adaptation -- Scrum Roles -- Product Owner -- Development Team -- Scrum Master -- Others -- Scrum Artifacts -- Product Backlog -- Sprint Backlog -- Increment -- Others -- Scrum Events -- Sprint -- Sprint Planning -- Daily Scrum -- Sprint Review -- Sprint Retrospective -- Other -- Iterative and Incremental -- Agile Manifesto for Software Development -- Quiz Review -- ch. 7 Product Backlog Management -- Quiz -- What Is a Requirement? -- Product Backlog -- User Stories

The art of Tekken : a complete visual history

July 22, 2019
Hull, Jerald, author.
255 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm
In the heydey of fighting games, Namco released Tekken and redefined the genre in three dimensions. Known for its deep gameplay, cutting edge graphics, and operatic lore, Tekken has become synonymous with the PlayStation brand while remaining one of the last vestiges of the arcade. Follow the series history as told by the Bandai Namco developers who made it a phenomenon on its way to becoming the best-selling fighting game series of all time. Featuring hundreds of images and rare sketches from every core title in the franchise, it's a complete visual retrospective of one of gaming's most indispensable series.

Data science strategy for dummies

July 19, 2019
Jägare, Ulrika, author.
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2019]
332 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes index
"Over half of all businesses are using data science to generate insights and value from big data. How are they doing it? Data Science Strategy For Dummies answers all your questions about how to build a data science capability from scratch, starting with the "what" and the "why" of data science and covering what it takes to lead and nurture a top-notch team of data scientists."

The fifth domain : defending our country, our companies, and ourselves in the age of cyber threats

July 16, 2019
Clarke, Richard A. (Richard Alan), 1951- author.
New York : Penguin Press, 2019.
344 pages ; 25 cm
Presents an urgent assessment of how governments, businesses, and everyday citizens can counter and prevent attacks by criminal hackers determined to create a digital war zone.

QuickBooks online for dummies

July 12, 2019
Marmel, Elaine J., author.
xi, 430 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Introduction -- Part 1: Getting started with QBO and QBOA -- Introducing QBO and QBOA -- Embracing the QBO/QBOA format -- Part 2: Managing the books for the end user -- Creating a client company in QBO -- Managing list information -- Dealing with the outflow of money -- Managing the inflow of money -- Working in registers -- Handling bank and credit card transactions -- Paying employees and contractors -- How's the business doing? -- Part 3: Managing the books for the accountant -- Setting up shop in QBOA -- Adding companies to the QBOA client list -- Exploring a client's company from QBOA -- Working in a client's company -- Using accountant tools -- Part 4: The part of tens -- Almost ten things about the Chrome browser interface -- Ten or so ways to use Chrome effectively -- Appendix A: QBO, QuickBooks desktop, and data conversion.
"Searching for a cloud-based solution for your small business' accounting needs? Master the fundamentals of QuickBooks Online -- the world's mos popular software for fast and easy mobile accounting! QuickBooks Online makes accounting not only downright tolerable but almost easy! From generating financial reports to simplifying tax preparation to tracking business finances, this book covers everything you need to make this popular accounting software work for you." -- Back cover.

Will AI replace us? : a primer for the 21st century

July 12, 2019
Fan, Shelly, author.
143 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 23 cm
Includes index.
"Over 160 illustrations."
The development of AI -- The capabilities of AI today -- Limitations and problems of AI today -- The future of AI -- Conclusion -- Further reading
The past sixty years have witnessed astonishing bursts of growth in the field of Artificial Intelligence - the science and computational technologies that teach machines to sense, learn, reason and take action. AI is already changing our lives, in ways that benefit health, productivity and entertainment. Are we on the threshold of an AI-dominated world, in which humans will no longer be necessary?

Windows 10 May 2019 update

July 11, 2019
Pogue, David, 1963- author.
Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly Media : O'Reilly Media, 2019.
xiv, 625 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"Microsoft's latest Windows version, the May 2019 Update, is a juicy buffet of new features and refinements. What's still not included, though, is a single page of printed instructions. fortunately, David Pogue is back to help you make sense of it all -- with authority, humor, and 500 illustrations." -- Back cover.

AutoCAD for dummies

July 9, 2019
Fane, Bill, author.
Hoboken, New Jersey : For Dummies/John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2019]
xiv, 528 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
"Learning made easy"--Cover.
From setting up your drawing environment to using text, dimensions, hatching, and more, this guide walks you through AutoCAD basics and provides you with an understanding of the latest CAD tools and techniques. You'll also benefit from the illustrations that mirror exactly what you'll see on your AutoCAD screen and highlight the importance of AutoCAD's Model view, which shows different line weights for printing in different colors.

The C++ programming language

July 3, 2019
Stroustrup, Bjarne.
Upper Saddle River, NJ : Addison-Wesley, [2013]
xiv, 1347 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Introductory material: Notes to the reader ; A tour of C++ : the basics ; A tour of C++ : abstraction mechanisms ; A tour of C++ : containers and algorithms ; A tour of C++ : concurrency and utilities -- Basic facilities: Types and declarations ; Pointers, arrays, and references ; Structures, unions, and enumerations ; Statements ; Expressions ; Select operations ; Functions ; Exception handling ; Namespaces ; Source files and programs -- Abstraction mechanisms: Classes ; Construction, cleanup, copy, and move ; Overloading ; Special operators ; Derived classes ; Class hierarchies ; Run-time type information ; Templates ; Generic programming ; Specialization ; Instantiation ; Templates and hierarchies ; Metaprogramming ; A matrix design -- The standard library: Standard library summary ; STL containers ; STL algorithms ; STL iterators ; Memory and resources ; Utilities ; Strings ; Regular expressions ; I/O streams ; Locales ; Numerics ; Concurrency ; Threads and tasks ; The C standard library ; Compatibility.
A complete rewrite and update of the world's most trusted and widely-read book on C++ - by its legendary creator, Bjarne Stoustrup!

The AI delusion

July 2, 2019
Smith, Gary, 1945- author.
v, 249 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 21 cm
Intelligent or obedient? -- Doing without thinking -- Symbols without context -- Bad data -- Patterns in randomness --If you torture the data long enough -- The kitchen sink -- Old wine in new bottles --Take two aspirin -- Beat the market I -- Beat the market II -- We're watching you.
"The AI delusion demonstrates why we should not be intimidated into thinking that computers are infallible, that data-mining is knowledge discovery, or that black boxes should be trusted"--Back cover.

Refactoring : improving the design of existing code

July 2, 2019
Fowler, Martin, 1963- author.
Boston : Addison-Wesley, [2019]
xix, 418 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
Refactoring : a first example -- Principles in refactoring -- Bad smells in code -- Building tests -- Introducing the catalog -- A first set of refactorings -- Encapsulation -- Moving features -- Organizing data -- Simplifying conditional logic -- Refactoring APIs -- Dealing with inheritance.
"For more than twenty years, experienced programmers worldwide have relied on Martin Fowler's Refactoring to improve the design of existing code and to enhance software maintainability, as well as to make existing code easier to understand. This eagerly awaited new edition has been fully updated to reflect crucial changes in the programming landscape. Refactoring, Second Edition, features an updated catalog of refactorings and includes JavaScript code examples, as well as new functional examples that demonstrate refactoring without classes. Like the original, this edition explains what refactoring is; why you should refactor; how to recognize code that needs refactoring; and how to actually do it successfully, no matter what language you use. * Understand the process and general principles of refactoring * Quickly apply useful refactorings to make a program easier to comprehend and change * Recognize "bad smells" in code that signal opportunities to refactor * Explore the refactorings, each with explanations, motivation, mechanics, and simple examples * Build solid tests for your refactorings * Recognize tradeoffs and obstacles to refactoring. Includes free access to the canonical web edition, with even more refactoring resources."--Back cover.

Expert sniper strategies : an unofficial guide to Fortnite Battle Royale

June 27, 2019
Rich, Jason.
New York, NY : Sky Pony Press, [2019]
123 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm.
This all new, unofficial, illustrated guide series will turn you into a master Fortnite: Battle Royale gamer by uncovering all the best strategies and secrets of this wildly popular game.

A geek in Japan

June 19, 2019
García, Héctor, 1981- author.
Tokyo ; Rutland, VT : Tuttle Publishing, 2019.
192 pages : illustrations (mostly color), color maps ; 25 cm
Includes index.

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