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November 9, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Amazing Spider-Man

November 8, 2019
Spencer, Nick, author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., 2018-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Contains material originally published in magazine form.
Artist vary between volumes.
v. 1. Back to basics -- v. 2. Friends and foes -- v. 3. Lifetime achievement -- v. 4. Hunted -- v. 5. Behind the scenes

Symbiote Spider-Man

November 8, 2019
David, Peter (Peter Allen), author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., 2019.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Collects Symbiote Spider-Man #1-5.
"Everyone knows that the infamous living costume that Spider-Man accidentally brought back from the Secret Wars would someday become the wicked web-slinger known as Venom--but what happened before Peter Parker discovered the suit's sinister symbiotic secret? This all-new story pits the black-suited wall-crawling wonder against that most mystifying of menaces: Mysterio! Uncovering a shameful secret from the Black Cat's past, Mysterio may have found the blackmail necessary to get close to Spider-Man's remarkable new suit--and in doing so will set Felicia down a path where any misstep could result in her losing Peter forever! Is this the beginning for Spidey and the Cat?"--Back cover.

X-Men : Starjammers by Dave Cockrum

November 8, 2019
Claremont, Chris, author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., [2019]
443 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Contains material originally published in magazine form as X-Men #107-108, Uncanny7 X-Men #154-158 and #161-167, and X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #1-2.

Berserk : deluxe edition. 3

November 8, 2019
Miura, Kentarō, author, artist.
684 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
First published in Japan in 1994, 1995 by Hakushensa, Inc., Tokyo.

The wild storm

November 7, 2019
Ellis, Warren, author.
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in single magazine form.

I am a hero omnibus

November 7, 2019
Hanazawa, Kengo, 1974- author, illustrator.
Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Manga, 2016-
volumes : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 18 cm
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
Each omnibus volume collects two volumes of the original manga series.
The strangest zombie survival series continues! Having avoided being eaten by his zombie girlfriend, Hideo Suzuki continues to head away from civilisation and the bloodthirsty hordes taking over metropolitan Japan. In a suicide forest, Hideo finds a girl who needs help - and who could end up helping him more than he realises.

The Illuminati Ball

November 7, 2019
Von Buhler, Cynthia, 1964- author, illustrator.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 29 cm
"Based on the hit NYC theatrical experience"--Cover.
"The Illuminati Ball merges the myth and mystery surrounding the secret organization of the rich and powerful who supposedly control the world with a story about human-animal hybrids who have escaped an experimental lab. Inspired by the legendary 1972 surrealist masquerade party that influenced Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut--hosted by the Baron and Baroness de Rothschild at their mansion in Paris--The Illuminati Ball combines elements of the fantastical with reality to tell an unforgettable story about power, cruelty, deceit, betrayal, and the insatiable hunger for freedom."--Provided by publisher.

Last pick. 2, Born to run

November 7, 2019
Walz, Jason, author, artist.
236 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 22 cm
"A galaxy away from her twin brother Wyatt, Sam must find a way to resist her captors and hold onto her humanity, while Wyatt leads a ragtag army to bring the fight straight to the alien overlords."--Provided by publisher.

Jennifer Blood omnibus. Volume 1

November 7, 2019
Ennis, Garth, author.
Mount Laurel : Dynamite Entertainment, 2019.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Contains material originally published in Jennifer Blood issues 1-24 and The Ninjettes issues 1-6.
"Collects the first four volumes of the hit series, along with additional bonus material, sketches, cover gallery, and interview with Garth Ennis."--Back cover.
Meet Jennifer Fellows, your average suburban housewife. Every day she makes breakfast, takes the kids to school, cleans the house, naps for an hour or two, makes dinner, puts the kids to bed, kisses her husband good-night and then hopes the drugged dinner she served them all does the job so the real work can begin. Now meet Jennifer Blood, ruthless vigilante. Every night she stalks the underworld on a personal vendetta against organized crime, determined to obliterate the parasites and scum who run the city's rackets. But, can she keep her dual life separate?

Bloodlust & bonnets

November 5, 2019
McGovern, Emily, author, illustrator.
Kansas City, Missouri : Andrews McMeel Publishing, [2019]
203 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 23 cm
"Set in early nineteenth-century Britain, Bloodlust & Bonnets follows Lucy, an unworldly debutante who desires a life of passion and intrigue--qualities which earn her the attention of Lady Violet Travesty, the leader of a local vampire cult. But before Lucy can embark on her new life of vampiric debauchery, she finds herself unexpectedly thrown together with the flamboyant poet Lord Byron ("from books!") and a mysterious bounty-hunter named Sham. The unlikely trio lie, flirt, fight, and manipulate each other as they make their way across Britain, disrupting society balls, slaying vampires, and making every effort not to betray their feelings to each other as their personal and romantic lives become increasingly entangled"

Deep Breaths

November 5, 2019
Gooch, Chris, author, illustrator.
215 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 21 cm
This eerie and evocative collection reveals the astonishing spectrum of his storytelling powers. A space bounty hunter tracks down a frog princess, a woman finds a condom where it shouldn't be, and a spoiled art student works his first freelance job. Deep Breaths is a collection of short comics about tension, violence, monsters, and moments... including the award-winning story Mooreland Mates and nine other tales, rarely or never before seen.

Teen Titans

November 1, 2019
Glass, Adam, 1968- writer.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2019-]
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm.
"Originally published in single magazine form."
v. 1. Full throttle -- v. 2. Turn it up
"Batman has no idea what he's doing. Superman? Not a clue. Wonder Woman? Whatever. Damian Wayne is Robin, and he's done with the bleeding-heart approach favored by the heroes of the senior circuit. With an all-new team behind him, Robin is building something in secret deep beneath the new Teen Titans HQ. Secret from his teammates, secret from even Batman. It's a secret that will change the way you look at Robin forever!"--Provided by publisher.

Maria M.

November 1, 2019
Hernandez, Gilbert, author, artist.
Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, [2019]
231 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 22 cm
"Based on a true story".--Title page.
"Femme fatale Maria M.'s life south of the border is a sordid cacophony of sex, drugs, and power. She emigrates to America in search of a better life, only to find that it takes more than a change of scenery to break the cycle of violence..."--Back cover.

Bury the lede

November 1, 2019
Dunn, Gaby, author.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Cub reporter Madison Jackson is young, scrappy, and hungry to prove that she deserves her coveted college internship at the premiere newspaper in town, The Boston Lede, where she fetches coffee for the night crew and dreams of her own byline. So when her police scanner mentions a brutal murder tied to a prominent Boston family, Madison races to the crime scene, looking for the scoop of the century. What she finds instead is the woman who'll change her life forever: Dahlia Kennedy, celebrity socialite, now widow, covered in gore and the prime suspect in the murder of her husband and child. When Dahlia refuses to talk to anyone but Madison, they begin a dangerous game of cat and mouse that leads the young journalist down a twisted path."--Provided by publisher.

The hard tomorrow

November 1, 2019
Davis, Eleanor, 1983- author, illustrator.
139 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 23 cm

The handbook to lazy parenting

November 1, 2019
Delisle, Guy, author, illustrator.
Montréal, Québec : Drawn & Quarterly, 2019.
190 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 18 cm
Originally published in French as Guide du mauvais père by Editions Delcourt.
"The Handbook to Lazy Parenting is cartoonist Guy Delisle's final tribute to the frequently hilarious and absurd situations that any parent will find themselves in when raising young children."--Provided by publisher.

Spider-Man: life story

November 1, 2019
Zdarsky, Chip, author.
New York, NY : Marvel Comics, 2019.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in single magazine form as Spider-man: life story #1-6.
In 1962's Amazing Fantasy #15, fifteen-year-old Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and became the Amazing Spider-Man! 57 years have passed in the real world since that event -- so what would have happened if the same amount of time passed for Peter as well?

Berserk : deluxe edition. 2

November 1, 2019
Miura, Kentarō, author, artist.
684 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
First published in Japan in 1992, 1993 by Hakushensa, Inc., Tokyo.
Raised in torment, young Guts is hardened into a fearsome warrior, drawing the attention of the charismatic Griffith, commander of the elite Band of the Hawk. This crossroads will take Guts to fame and glory ... and damnation!

Skip beat

October 31, 2019
Nakamura, Yoshiki.
San Francisco, CA : Viz Media, c2006-
v. : chiefly ill. ; 19 cm.
Printed in Japanese right to left format.
First published in Japan in 2002 by Hakusensha, Inc., Tokyo.

White sand

October 31, 2019
Hoskin, Rik, author.
Mt. Laurel, NJ : Dynamite Entertainment, [2016]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 27 cm

Black Panther vs. Deadpool

October 29, 2019
Kibblesmith, Daniel, 1983- author.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in magazine for as Black Panther vs. Deadpool #1-5.
When Deadpool's attempt to steal some Vibranium leads to a startling new development in Wakandan technology, everything T'Challa thought he knew about being a ruler and everything Deadpool thought he knew about being a mercenary gets thrown out the window. But make no mistake: they still remember how to fight each other.


October 29, 2019
Monk, J. N., 1986- author.
Minneapolis : Graphic Universe, [2019]
200 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 24 cm
Sixteen-year-old Jo, a maintenance technician in an underground society, makes a massive error during a routine repair and to set things right, must journey above ground, to a dangerous area swarming with alien life.

Reincarnation stories

October 29, 2019
Deitch, Kim, 1944- author, illustrator.
Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, 2019.
259 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 28 cm

Prince Valiant

October 28, 2019
Foster, Harold R. (Harold Rudolf), 1892-1982.
Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics, c2009-
v. : chiefly col. ill. : 36 cm.
v. 1. 1937-1938 -- v. 2. 1939-1940 -- v. 3. 1941-1942 -- v. 4. 1943-1944 -- v. 5. 1945-1946 -- v. 6. 1947-1948 -- v. 7. 1949-1950 -- v. 12. 1959-1960 -- v. 13. 1961-1962 -- v. 14. 1963-1964 -- v. 15. 1965-1966 -- v. 16. 1967-1968 -- v. 17. 1969-1970 -- v. 18. 1971-1972 -- v. 19. 1973-1974 -- v. 20. 1975-1976

Bad machinery

October 24, 2019
Allison, John, 1976-
Portland, OR : Oni Press, 2013-
v. : chiefly col. ill. ; 23 x 32 cm.
Originally serialized in from September 2009 to April 2010.
v. 1. The case of the team spirit -- v. 2. The case of the good boy -- v. 3. The case of the simple soul -- v. 4. The case of the lonely one -- v. 5. The case of the fire inside -- v. 6. The case of the unwelcome visitor -- v. 7. The case of the forked road -- v. 8. The case of the modern man

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