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March 22, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Apocalypse any day now : deep underground with America's doomsday preppers

March 21, 2019
Krulos, Tea, author.
Chicago, IL : Chicago Review Press, [2019].
236 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 22 cm
"It seems like people are always talking about the end of the world, doesn't it? Y2K, the Mayan Apocalypse, Blood Moon Prophecies, nuclear war, killer robots, you name it. In Apocalypse Any Day Now, journalist Tea Krulos travels the country to try to puzzle out America's obsession with the end of days. Along the way he meets doomsday preppers--people who stockpile supplies and learn survival skills--as well as religious prognosticators and climate scientists. He camps out with the Zombie Squad (who use a zombie apocalypse as a survival metaphor); tours the Survival Condos, a luxurious bunker built in an old Atlas missile silo; and attends Wasteland Weekend, where people party like the world has already ended. Frightening and funny, the ideas Krulos explores range from ridiculously outlandish to alarmingly near and present dangers"-- Provided by publisher.

The flexible body : move better anywhere, anytime, in 10 minutes a day

March 21, 2019
Frampton, Roger, author.
159 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
In this revolutionary new approach to fitness, model and TEDx sensation Roger Frampton becomes your personal trainer at home. With mindful, conscious movement, you will gain phenomenal core and fullbody strength, increased flexibility and even lose weight. In just 10 minutes a day and with no special equipment, you can build a fun and achievable home exercise routine tailored to your fitness and flexibility level.

The mastoid operation :

March 21, 2019
Allen, Samuel Ellsworth.
Cincinnati : Robert Clarke, 1892.
111 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Copy in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Room, has a morocco three-quarter with green buckram boards. Marbled end papers with gilt edges.

How to be a patient : the essential guide to navigating the world of modern medicine

March 20, 2019
Goldberg, Sana, author.
xxvi, 432 pages ; 20 cm
"From registered nurse and public health advocate Sana Goldberg, a timely, accessible, and comprehensive handbook to navigating common medical situations. From the routine to the unexpected, How to Be a Patient is your ultimate guide to better healthcare. Let's face it: nobody likes going to the doctor. It can be uncomfortable, nerve wracking, expensive--and that's just for routine care! When it's an emergency--how do you choose between the ER, Urgent Care, or waiting-until-Monday? And for everything in between, how do you get an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment when something is off? In How to Be a Patient, registered nurse and outspoken public health advocate Sana Goldberg provides readers with an honest guide to the complicated and often-intimidating medical landscape. At once a quick-reference pocket guide and a lifelong framework for approaching your healthcare, this invaluable resource empowers readers to take charge of their wellbeing. It lifts the veil on a complicated, fractured system, giving patients the tools communicate with its players and sidestep its most vexing realities. Warm and trustworthy, Goldberg's advice is as expert as it is easy-to-understand, as she calls on years of first-hand nursing experience to help readers confront challenges, take advantage of opportunities, and maximize insurance resources while fending off hidden fees that slip by unnoticed. From setting yourself up when all is well and making the most of routine appointments, to understanding hospital culture for a more positive experience, How to Be a Patient is relevant for readers at any age. With sections including When It's An Emergency, When It's Chronic, When You Have to Stand Up to Insurance, and When It's Your Person, Goldberg ensures patients have what they need in their hands to feel informed and confident as they move through the world of modern medicine. Containing glossaries of medical jargon, lists of free, essential screenings and unnecessary medical tests, as well as helpful appendices to assist patients in tracking their family history, prescriptions, and more, How to Be a Patient is a must-have book for anyone invested in their long-term health."-- Provided by publisher.

The longevity paradox : how to die young at a ripe old age

March 20, 2019
Gundry, Steven R., author.
373 pages ; 24 cm
Includes recipes.
Introduction: This Is a Test -- I: The Aging Myths. Ancient Genes Control Your Fate -- Protect and Defend -- What You Think Is Keeping You Young Is Probably Making You Old -- II: Talkin' 'Bout My Regeneration. Get Younger from the Inside Out -- Dance Your Way into Old Age -- Remember Your Old Age -- Look Younger As You Age -- III: The Longevity Paradox Program. The Longevity Paradox Foods -- The Longevity Paradox Meal Plan -- The Longevity Paradox Lifestyle Plan -- Longevity Paradox Supplement Recommendations -- Longevity Paradox Recipes -- Afterword.
From the moment we are born, our cells begin to age. But aging does not have to mean decline. World-renowned surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry has been treating mature patients for most of his career. He knows that everyone thinks they want to live forever, until they hit middle age and witness the suffering of their parents and even their peers. So how do we solve the paradox of wanting to live to a ripe old age--but enjoy the benefits of youth? In The Longevity Paradox, Dr. Gundry outlines a nutrition and lifestyle plan to support gut health and live well for decades to come. A progressive take on the new science of aging, The Longevity Paradox offers an action plan to prevent and reverse disease as well as simple hacks to help anyone look and feel younger and more vital.

Fitzpatrick's color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology.

March 18, 2019
New York : McGraw-Hill Education
volumes : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Volumes for <2005-2017> by Klaus Wolff, MD, FRCP, Richard Allen Johnson, MDCM and others.
More than 1,000 full-color photographs speed diagnosis of the dermatologic conditions most often encountered in primary care. One of the bestselling dermatology books in the world, this quick-reference clinical guide has virtually defined the field for thousands of physicians, dermatology residents, and medical students for more than three decades. Spanning the entire spectrum of skin problems, Fitzpatrick's color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology combines laser precise color images of skin lesions along with an overview of epidemiology and pathophysiology, and detailed information on diagnosis and treatment.

The perfect predator : a scientist's race to save her husband from a deadly superbug

March 18, 2019
Strathdee, Steffanie A., author.
viii, 337 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Part I : A deadly hitchhiker. Blindsided -- A menacing air -- The last supper -- Disease detectives -- First responders -- Lost in translation -- The colonel from Al-Shabaab -- Tom: interlude I -- A deadly hitchhiker -- The worst bacteria on the planet -- Tom: interlude II. Part II : Can't eskape. -- Homecoming -- Superbugged -- Public enemy number one: under the radar -- Tom: interlude III -- The alternate reality club -- Tipping point: fully colonized -- Tom: interlude IV. Part III : the perfect predator. The spider to catch the fly -- Tom: interlude V -- The perfect predator -- Semper fortis: always faithful, always strong -- A hail Mary pass -- Panning for gold -- Journeying -- Tom: interlude VI. Part IV : the Darwinian dance. The blood orange tree -- Moment of truth -- The bold guess -- Lysis to kill -- Tom: interlude VII -- Second-guessing -- No mud, no lotus -- tom: interlude VIII -- The Darwinian dance and the Red Queen's pursuit -- The last dance -- The Buddha's gift -- Grand rounds -- Epilogue.
Epidemiologist Steffanie Strathdee and her husband, psychologist Tom Patterson, were vacationing in Egypt when Tom came down with a stomach bug. What at first seemed like a case of food poisoning quickly turned critical, and by the time Tom had been transferred via emergency medevac to the world-class medical center at UC San Diego, where both he and Steffanie worked, blood work revealed why modern medicine was failing: Tom was fighting one of the most dangerous, antibiotic- resistant bacteria in the world. Frantic, Steffanie combed through research old and new and came across phage therapy: the idea that the right virus, aka "the perfect predator," can kill even the most lethal bacteria. Phage treatment had fallen out of favor almost 100 years ago, after antibiotic use went mainstream. Now, with time running out, Steffanie appealed to phage researchers all over the world for help. She found allies at the FDA, researchers from Texas A&M, and a clandestine Navy biomedical center --and together they resurrected a forgotten cure. A nail-biting medical mystery, The Perfect Predator is a story of love and survival against all odds, and the (re)discovery of a powerful new weapon in the global superbug crisis.

World without cancer : the story of vitamin B17

March 18, 2019
Griffin, G. Edward.
Westlake Village, CA : American Media, ©2011.
368 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"New edition, revised and updated"--Cover.
pt. 1. The science of cancer therapy -- pt. 2. The politics of cancer therapy.

The human body book

March 15, 2019
Parker, Steve, 1952- author.
New York, New York : DK Publishing, 2019.
288 pages : color illustrations ; 27 cm
Includes index.
An overview of human anatomy and physiology covers every system of the human body, examining the structure and functions of organs, tissues, cells, muscles, and bones, and discusses more than two hundred diseases and disorders.

Evil : the science behind humanity's dark side

March 15, 2019
Shaw, Julia (Professor)
New York : Abrams Press, 2019.
304 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Introduction: The hunger -- Your inner sadist: the neuroscience of evil -- Murder by design: the psychology of bloodlust -- The freak show: deconstructing creepiness -- Two-faced tech: how technology changes us -- Kinky as f*ck: the science of sexual deviance -- To catch a predator: understanding paedophiles -- Snakes in suits: the psychology of groupthink -- And I said nothing: the science of compliance -- Conclusion.
Dr. Julia Shaw, a criminal psychologist uses the latest scientific research to offer a more enlightened and nuanced explanation for why people behave so badly and how we can prevent evil acts by understanding more profoundly how such acts come about - and what truly makes us evil.

Elegant defense : the extraordinary new science of the immune system : a tale in four lives

March 14, 2019
Richtel, Matt, author.
New York, NY : William Morrow, [2019]
425 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
Jason -- Jason and me -- Bob -- Linda and Merredith -- The bird, dog, starfish, and magic bullet -- The festival -- Festival crashers -- T-cells and B-cells -- The mystery organ -- The B-word -- Vaccines -- The infinity machine -- Transplant -- The immune system's fingerprint -- Inflammation -- Fever -- Flash Gordon -- Dr. Fauci names a lab -- Three wise men and a monoclonal antibody -- A second immune system -- Sex machine -- Grid -- The phone call -- CD-4 and CD-8 -- Magic -- The prime -- Linda -- The wolf -- Invisible evidence -- Best of both worlds (sort of) -- Merredith -- Should you pick your nose? -- Microbiome -- Stress -- Sleep -- A word about cancer -- Laughter and tears -- The Lazarus mouse -- Wound healing -- Programmed death -- The breakthrough -- Jason races time -- Shepherd of death -- Trials -- personal and clinical -- The other shoe -- Bob -- Linda -- Jan and Ron -- Jason down the white tunnel -- Jason rises -- Apollo 13 -- Home -- Jason's way -- The meaning(s) of life -- The meaning of Jason.
"A groundbreaking narrative exploration of the human immune system--the key to human health and longevity--from the Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist and acclaimed author of A Deadly Wandering"-- Provided by publisher.

Eat to beat disease : the new science of how the body can heal itself

March 14, 2019
Li, William W., author.
New York : Grand Central Life & Style, 2019.
xxiv, 468 pages ; 24 cm
Is your diet feeding or defeating disease? Forget everything you think you know about your body and food, and discover the new science of how the body heals itself. Learn how to identify the strategies and the dosages for using food to transform your resilience and health in Eat to Beat Disease. We have radically underestimated our body's power to transform and restore our health. Pioneering physician scientist, Dr. William Li, empowers readers by showing them the evidence behind over 200 health-boosting foods that can starve cancer, reduce your risk of dementia, and beat dozens of avoidable diseases. Eat to Beat Disease isn't about what foods to avoid, but rather is a life-changing guide to the hundreds of healing foods to add to your meals that support the body's defense systems, including: plums, cinnamon, jasmine tea, red wine and beer, black beans, San Marzano tomatoes, olive oil, Pacific oysters, cheeses like Jarlsberg, Camembert and cheddar, and sourdough bread. The book's plan shows you how to integrate the foods you already love into any diet or health plan to activate your body's health defense systems-Angiogenesis, Regeneration, Microbiome, DNA Protection, and Immunity-to fight cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases, and other debilitating conditions. Both informative and practical, Eat to Beat Disease explains the science of healing and prevention, the strategies for using food to actively transform health, and points the science of well-being and disease prevention in an exhilarating new direction.

Turn the lights on! : a physician's personal journal from the darkness of traumatic brain injury (TBI) to hope, healing, and recovery

March 14, 2019
Gordon, Chrisanne, author.
[Dublin, Ohio] : Corpus Callosum Creations, Ltd., [2018]
vii, 229 pages ; 23 cm
"Often misdiagnosed and misunderstood, traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be a life-altering event which can produce a wide range of symptoms. Now, a physician shares her personal journey with TBI after suffering a life changing accident. In this touching and informative book, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon chronicles her struggles, as she is challenged to make sense of what happened and realizes that her medical training did not prepare her for this. With intimate detail she explains what it is like to have mTBI, how it affected her life, and what was needed for healing and recovery. Perhaps, most importantly, the book is a beacon of hope and understanding for anyone who has experienced a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion, and a guide for their loved ones, caregivers, and health care providers who assist their recover"--Page 4 of cover.

Brain body diet : 40 days to a lean, calm, energized, and happy self

March 12, 2019
Gottfried, Sara, author.
New York, NY : HarperOne, [2019]
xi, 372 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
The most precious connection -- Toxins -- Body weight set point -- Brain fog -- Hooked -- Anxiety -- Depression -- Recall.
"New York Times bestselling author and Harvard-MIT educated women's health expert, Sara Gottfried, M.D., delivers a revolutionary program to prevent and reverse the myriad symptoms and diseases that result from an unhealthy connection between the brain and the body"-- Provided by publisher.

Love you hard : a memoir of marriage, brain injury, and reinventing love

March 12, 2019
Maslin, Abby, author.
New York, New York : Dutton, [2019]
306 pages ; 24 cm
"Abby Maslin shares an inspiring story of resilience and commitment in a deeply affecting new memoir. After her husband suffered a traumatic brain injury, the couple worked together as he recovered--and they learned to love again. When Abby Maslin's husband, TC, didn't make it home on August 18, 2012, she knew something was terribly wrong. Her fears were confirmed when she learned that her husband had been beaten by three men and left for dead mere blocks from home, all for his cell phone and debit card. The days and months that followed tested this young couple's faith, marriage, and love. As TC was learning to walk and speak again, Abby faced the challenge of falling back in love with a husband who was very different from the man she married. Love You Hard is the story, told from Abby's point of view, of what it means to love someone who is suffering from an injury that changes that person to their very core. It's also the phrase TC used to express his love to his family. Little did he know how meaningful those words were. The road to recovery was hard, as was learning to love again"-- Provided by publisher.

One simple thing : a new look at the science of yoga and how it can transform your life

March 12, 2019
Stern, Eddie, 1967- author.
New York : North Point Press, a division of Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 2019.
xiii, 303 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
What is yoga? -- The eight limbs -- The practive of postures -- The seat of awareness -- Where is my mind? -- Who am i? -- The first two limbs -- Internal energy -- Breath as spirit -- Tips on practice -- The nervous system, east and west.

The scar : a personal history of depression and recovery

March 11, 2019
Cregan, Mary, author.
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, 2019.
274 pages ; 22 cm.
Face -- What happened -- What happened next -- How to save a life -- The paradise of bedlams -- Where do the dead go? -- Early blues -- The promise of prozac -- No feeling is final.

Genetics & inherited conditions

March 8, 2019
3 volumes : illustrations, portraits ; 26 cm
Volume 1. A-F -- Volume 2. G-O -- Volume 3. P-Z ; Appendixes.

52 small changes to a happy, healthy family

March 7, 2019
Blumenthal, Brett, author.
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, [2019]
367 pages : color illustrations ; 21 cm
Includes index.
"This practical and encouraging guide shows how even small changes can generate health and happiness in your family. By making one small, achievable change every week you can build a foundation for a contented family."--Back cover.

Finish strong : putting your priorities first at life's end

March 7, 2019
Lee, Barbara Coombs, 1947- author.
xvii, 275 pages : illustrations, 23 cm.
Contents : Foreword by Haider Warraich, M. D. -- Preface by Barbara Coombs Lee -- 1. An invitation - Box: What is "Medical Aid in Dying"? -- 2. Talking about death won't kill you (but it could improve your life) - Box: Talking about your priorities early and often - Box: Finding a "Partner Doctor" - Box: Advance Directive Components - Box: The limits of an Advance Directive -- 3. Overtreatment and diminishing returns - Box: Having a say in your treatment plan - Box: Tips for combating overtreatment -- 4. Let me die like a doctor - Box: 5 Things doctors know about end of life -- 5. Hope and heroism - Box: What we hope for can change as terminal illness progresses -- 6. Hospice: The healing option - Box: Choosing a good hospice program - Box: When a loved one enters hospice at home -- 7. The secret of slow medicine - Box: Vital questions to ask before consenting to a test - Box: Vital questions to ask before consenting to a treatment -- 8. Escaping dementia - Box: Creating a video supplement to your advance directive -- 9. Inside a growing advocacy - Box: How to become a storyteller - Box: Your first steps to advocacy -- 10. People taking control - Box: Medical interventions you can decline or stop to die peacefully with medical support -- 11. Space for the sacred - Box: Elements of a ritual of celebration of a life about to end -- 12. It's harder than you think (but we can do it) -- Appendix: Tools to take charge -- Acknowledgments -- Notes on sources -- About the author -- About compassion & choices.
"...Finish Strong is for those of us who want an end-of-life experience to match the life we've enjoyed. We know we should prepare, but are unsure how to think and talk about it, how to live true to our values and priorities, and how to make our wishes stick. The usual advice about advance directives and conversations is important but woefully inadequate. This book describes concrete action in the here and now to help live our best lives to the end. Finish strong will guide you through: Finding a partner-doctor to honor your values and beliefs with humanity, deference and candor ; Identifying what matters most as vigor wanes and stating your priorities ; Having meaningful conversations with doctors and family about expectations and wishes ; Staying off the "overtreatment conveyor belt" ; Knowing when "slow medicine" is the best option to maintain quality of life ; Navigating home hospice, the ultimate healing experience. Written with candor and clarity by a nurse, physician assistant and attorney who became a leading advocate for end-of-life options, this book can help you Finish Strong." -- back cover.

Master recipes from the herbal apothecary : 375 tinctures, salves, teas, capsules, oils, and washes for whole-body health and wellness

March 4, 2019
Pursell, J. J., 1973- author.
Portland, Oregon : Timber Press, 2019.
292 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Master recipes -- Key ingredients -- Day-to-day health -- Immune defense -- Women's health -- Men's health -- Care for babies and children -- Emotional support -- Travel wellness -- Herbs for elders -- Herbs for odds and ends -- Metric conversions -- Herbal suppliers -- Herbs used in the recipes.
"Trusted naturopath Dr. JJ Pursell shares 375 herbal recipes that support the daily health and wellness of every member of the household"-- Provided by publisher.

Finally full, finally slim : 30 days to permanent weight loss one portion at a time

March 4, 2019
Young, Lisa R., author.
New York : Center Street, 2019.
xv, 334 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Revision of: Portion teller plan / Lisa R. Young. c2005. 1st pbk. ed.
Finally Full, Finally Slim shows you how to permanently lose weight by right-sizing your portions without eliminating entire food groups or staring at an empty plate. Within these pages, Dr. Young outlines thirty days worth of simple changes to help you shed pounds and provides a portion plan that ensures you will feel satisfied. She expertly describes the relevance of diet to health and steers you toward whole foods and away from clever marketing claims that may be secretly sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. Youll learn useful strategies for how to eat out, enjoy special occasions, and indulge in a favorite treat without tipping the scale.

A little bit of reiki : an introduction to energy medicine

March 4, 2019
Oula, Valerie, author.
Vibrational universe -- What is reiki? -- Reiki origin and history -- Why reiki? -- Types of reiki -- Different levels of reiki -- Get started with a reiki session -- Moments of healing -- How to meditate -- How to develop spirituality -- The illusion of good and bad energy.
"The Japanese art of reiki can reduce stress, aid relaxation, enhance energy, and promote healing. Expert teacher Valerie Oula introduces you to this profoundly beneficial hands-on practice, providing a history of reiki and an overview of how it works. She includes exercises and meditations to help you tune into reiki energy and shows you where to go to experience a session and what to do to become a reiki practitioner"--Provided by publisher.

Ten drugs : how plants, powder, and pills have shaped the history of medicine

March 1, 2019
Hager, Thomas.
New York : Abrams Press, 2019.
296 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Beginning with opium, the "joy plant," which has been used for 10,000 years, Hager tells a captivating story of medicine. His subjects include the largely forgotten female pioneer who introduced smallpox inoculation to Britain, the infamous knockout drops, the first antibiotic, which saved countless lives, the first antipsychotic, which helped empty public mental hospitals, Viagra, statins, and the new frontier of monoclonal antibodies. This is a deep, wide-ranging, and wildly entertaining book.

That good night : life and medicine in the eleventh hour

March 1, 2019
Puri, Sunita, 1979- author.
New York, New York : Viking, [2019]
xiii, 301 pages ; 24 cm
Shift -- Words -- Decisions -- Extraordinary -- The unlearning -- Believe -- Gasp -- Begin -- Drive -- Fight -- The grip of life -- Transition -- Speak.
"A heart-wrenching and provocative memoir about how the essential parts of one young woman's early life--her mother's work as a surgeon and her spiritual practice--led her to become a doctor and to question the premise that medicine exists to prolong life at all costs. Dr. Sunita Puri's parents grew up in urban India, in extreme poverty. Yet they managed not only to reach America, but her mother become a renowned anesthesiologist too. As a young girl, Puri realized that the gulf between her parents' experiences and her own was nearly impossible to bridge, save for two elements: medicine and faith. Puri spent her childhood in nurse's lounges waiting for her mother to exit the OR, and also in deep conversation with her parents about the role of faith in shaping a compassionate life. As a young woman, Puri followed her mother into medicine. But as the years of her training passed, Puri began to question medicine's power. Were patients' lives being saved, or merely prolonged? What did doctors understand when patients use words like 'warrior,' 'survive,' 'recover'? Eventually, Puri's questions led her to palliative care--a new field, one at work translating the border between medical intervention and quality of life care. By helping patients think through radical medical decisions, Puri balanced the pull of her family's faith and the incessant and sterile push of Western medicine. Written in gorgeous, evocative prose, That Good Night shares Puri's own stories along with her patients' to reveal a nuanced and optimistic portrait of medicine and hospitalization, arming readers with questions that will revolutionize the way we connect with our doctors"-- Provided by publisher.

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