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August 18, 2018
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Diet for a changing climate : food for thought

August 17, 2018
Mihaly, Christy, author.
Minneapolis : Twenty-First Century Books, [2019]
128 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"The United Nations supports a compelling solution to world hunger: eat insects! Explore the vast world of unexpected foods that may help solve the global hunger crisis. Weeds, wild plants, invasive and feral species, and bugs are all food for thought. Learn about the nutritional value of various plant and animal species; visit a cricket farm; try a recipe for dandelion pancakes, kudzu salsa, or pickled purslane; and discover more about climate change, sustainability, green agriculture, indigenous foods, farm-to-table restaurants, and how to be an eco-friendly producer, consumer, and chef. Meet average folks and experts in the field who will help you stretch your culinary imagination!" -- From

Nodding off : the science of sleep from cradle to grave

August 16, 2018
Gregory, Alice (Psychologist), author.
304 pages : illustrations; 23 cm
Sleep 101 -- Sleeping like a baby: sleep in the first years of life -- Preschool and school-aged children: the rainbow of sleep problems -- Laaazzzy? Adolescents' sleep -- Sleep in youth: sleep, atypical development and mental health -- Becoming an adult: a sleep a day helps us to work, rest and play -- Sleep during the rush-hour years of our lives -- It's along hard night: the sleep of older adults -- A ticket to the Land of Nod: tips to get your best sleep and make dreams come true.
In Nodding Off, renowned sleep researcher Alice Gregory explores every aspect of sleep, from the different stages of sleep and how our sleeping patterns change throughout our lives, to what happens when things go wrong and getting some shut-eye becomes more of a trial than a pleasure.

Herbal remedies handbook : more than 140 plant profiles : remedies for over 50 common conditions

August 14, 2018
Chevallier, Andrew, author.
288 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
What is herbal medicine? -- Using herbal remedies -- Safety and quality -- A-Z of herbal remedies -- Common health problems.
An experienced medical herbalist explores the health properties and practical uses of over one hundred and forty medicinal herbs that can be used to create home remedies for more than fifty common conditions.

Let go of emotional overeating and love your food : a five-point plan for success

August 13, 2018
Englander, Arlene B., author.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
170 pages ; 23 cm
Readers will learn how to become aware of the difference between eating in a healthy way and eating emotionally – neither to satisfy hunger, nor for enjoyment, but in a desperate attempt to distract oneself from painful thoughts and feelings. Diets don't work for people who eat through their emotions. Instead, learning to recognize the stressors that lead to emotional eating and to address those tensions through other methods besides eating is the goal. When we handle stress well away from the table, we're free to relax and really savor our food when we choose to eat. Proven techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are presented in an innovative, easy-to-remember way. Learning to eat mindfully, for health and enjoyment, becomes the goal, and Arlene Englander walks readers through table techniques designed to make mindful eating easier, habitual, and ultimately second-nature. Allowing for both fun foods and healthy foods, Englander's approach emphasizes eating healthfully and being aware of best practices and the behavioral objectives of coping with stress, exercising regularly, mindful eating, good nutrition and hydration, and controlling overeating situations. She addresses late-night eating, parties, vacation, and other situations where overindulging may be a risk. She concludes with a prescription that is meant to last so that readers can love their food for a lifetime.

You have the right to remain fat

August 13, 2018
Tovar, Virgie, 1982- author.
128 pages ; 18 cm
Introduction -- What are fatphobia and diet culture? -- Restriction doesn't work: it's not you -- Dieting: family, assimilation, and bootstrapping -- Dieting is a survival technique -- Internalized inferiority and sexism -- Bros [heart] thinness: heteromasculinity and whiteness -- Fatphobia is the new language of classism and racism -- What early fat activism taught me -- In the future, I'm fat -- I want freedom -- You have the right to remain fat.

The 30-day thyroid reset plan : disarming the 7 hidden triggers that are keeping you sick

August 9, 2018
Campbell, Becky (Doctor of Natural Medicine), author.
208 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
Millions of Americans have thyroid disorders and don't even know it. Dr. Becky Campbell, who has years of experience in the field, was one of those people but cured herself using this revolutionary program. What makes this approach different--and more effective for lifelong results--is that it looks for root causes and offers a well-rounded, holistic treatment plan that addresses lifestyle, diet, environmental toxins and more. This way, you can fix the underlying problem rather than covering up the symptoms. Because the thyroid affects every system in the body, a whole host of symptoms can arise and can vary from person to person. To help individuals find the root cause of their thyroid disorder, Dr. Becky Campbell explains the seven hidden triggers that cause illness: gut infections, leaky gut and food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, HPA-axis imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, sex hormone dysfunction and chronic infections. She then provides her all-natural treatment plan, which includes a highly effective and easy-to-follow 30-day reset diet, so you can find which foods work for your body and which do not. She will also help you adjust your lifestyle with recipes for toxin-free products, ways to reduce stress and much more. Invest in your health and use The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan to heal your body for life.

The mindful medical student : a psychiatrist's guide to staying who you are while becoming who you want to be

August 8, 2018
Spiegel, Jeremy.
Hanover, N.H. : Dartmouth College Press : University Press of New England, ©2009.
xiii, 144 pages ; 23 cm
Finding your true self -- Gaining awareness of your false self -- Tuning in to acting out -- Grappling with perfectionism and obsessive-compulsive behavior -- Bonding with classmates for support -- Consciously creating your persona -- Handling the difficult personas of others -- Combating emotional shutdown -- Keeping dry amid a flood of ethical dilemmas -- Dream interpretation for first-time scalpel wielders -- Synchronicities, archetypes, and the self as springboards -- To spiritual knowledge -- Medical school as imovie: splicing an edited version of -- Your self-story into residency and beyond.

The chronicles of women in white coats

August 8, 2018
© 2018
x, 282 pages : portraits ; 21 cm
"These twenty doctors give you a peek into their personal and professional lives while highlighting their roles as mothers, wives, caregivers, daughters, best friends... From stories of sexual assault to breast cancer or even burn out to finding one's true passion, they all come together to show the resilience and strength that female doctors must possess"--Back cover.

Real food for gestational diabetes : an effective alternative to the conventional nutrition approach

August 8, 2018
Nichols, Lily, author.
[Kodiak, Alaska?] : [Lily Nichols, LLC], [2015]
vii, 182 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"Featuring nutrient-dense meal plans & recipes" --Cover.
Prenatal nutritionist and diabetes educator, Lily Nichols, offers revamped carbohydrate recommendations and exercise guidelines based on the latest clinical research. Includes information on ketosis, insulin and blood sugar-lowering medications, foods to emphasize to provide your baby with the right nutrients for optimal development, prenatal exercises to control your blood sugar and prepare for labor, and what to do after delivery to prevent type 2 diabetes. Also includes meal plans and recipes.

What your ADHD child wishes you knew : working together to empower kids for success in school and life

August 8, 2018
Saline, Sharon, author.
New York, New York : TarcherPerigee, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, [2018]
xviii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
"A veteran psychologist presents a proven roadmap to help ADHD kids succeed in school and life. You've read all the expert advice, but despite countless efforts to help your child cope better and stay on track, you're still struggling with everyday issues like homework, chores, getting to soccer practice on time, and simply getting along without pushback and power struggles. What if you could work with your child, motivating and engaging them in the process, to create positive change once and for all? In this insightful and practical book, veteran psychologist Sharon Saline shares the words and inner struggles of children and teens living with ADHD--and a blueprint for achieving lasting success by working together. Based on more than 25 years of experience counseling young people and their families, Dr. Saline's advice and real-world examples reveal how parents can shift the dynamic and truly help kids succeed. Topics include: setting mutual goals that foster cooperation; easing academic struggles; tackling everyday challenges, from tantrums and backtalk to staying organized, building friendships, and more. With useful exercises and easy-to-remember techniques, you'll discover a variety of practical strategies that really work, creating positive change that will last a lifetime"-- Provided by publisher.

Your Brain Knows More Than You Think : the New Frontiers of Neuroplasticity

August 6, 2018
Birbaumer, Niels, author.
263 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
"Originally published as Dein Gehirn weiss mehr, als du denkst in German by Ullstein in 2014"--Title page verso.
Foreword : Why We Change -- What Is Personality? : from a street gang to university is just a small step -- Anything Is Possible? : the plastic brain -- The Coming Out of Locked-in Patients : how the brain gives a voice to the voiceless -- No Case for Euthanasia : the quality of life of vegetative and locked-in patients -- Hope for People Suffering from Epilepsy or Stroke : our brain's enormous powers of self-healing -- Brutal Confrontation : controlling anxiety and depression without medication -- Lock Them Up and Throw Away the Key? : even psychopaths can change -- The Trained Brain : living better with Parkinson's and dementia -- Fidgeting Is Not an Inescapable Fate : treating ADHD without drugs -- Genius for All : how we can improve our perception -- Nirvana : is there life beyond greed, addiction, and want, want, want?
Too often, we humans tend to assume that nature is fixed, immutable--and this tendency is particularly strong when we think about matters of the mind and behaviour. People just can't change, we say, so they must somehow be prevented from becoming a burden on society or from hurting themselves and others. Neuroplasticity--the virtually limitless capacity of the brain to remould itself--turns these notions on their heads.Leading brain researcher Niels Birbaumer brings new hope to those suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, dementia, the effects of a stroke, or even the extremes of locked-in syndrome or psychopathy. Like the fathers and mothers of psychiatry, Birbaumer explores the sometimes-wild frontiers of a new way of thinking about our brains and behaviour. Through actual cases from his research and practice, he shows how we can change through training alone, and without risky drugs. Open your mind to change.

Arthritis sourcebook.

August 3, 2018
Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c1999-
v. : ill. ; 24 cm.
"Provides basic consumer health information about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for major forms of arthritis, along with self-care tips and coping strategies. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources"--Provided by publisher.

Ticker : the quest to create an artificial heart

August 1, 2018
Swartz, Mimi, author.
New York : Crown, [2018]
317 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
"In Ticker, Texas Monthly executive editor and two-time National Magazine Award winner Mimi Swartz takes readers behind the scenes of perhaps the greatest medical and technological quest of our time, as she follows pioneering heart surgeon O.H. "Bud" Frazier and his partner, Dr. Billy Cohn, in Frazier's lifelong effort to develop, perfect, and successfully implant an artificial heart in patients whose hearts are failing. In Ticker, renowned journalist Mimi Swartz takes readers on an incredible behind-the-scenes journey into a heart surgeon's epic quest to develop an artificial heart--a reliable, implantable device that would extend the lives of patients who have no other recourse. As director of cardiovascular surgery at the Texas Heart Institute, and arguably the foremost heart surgeon in the world, Bud Frazier's lifelong mission, since his stint in the war in Vietnam, has been to save lives by creating an artificial heart for those whose hearts are failing. There are 50,000 people on the waiting list for a heart transplant at any given time, with fewer than 2,500 transplants performed each year. Chronicling the evolution of cardiac medicine, from pioneering efforts in open heart surgery and bypass operations under Michael DeBakey and Denton Cooley, to the advent of valve replacement and heart transplants, and protege Bud Frazier's introduction of the Left Ventricle Assist Device (or LVAD) that Vice President Cheney used for a decade before his successful heart transplant, Swartz follows Frazier and his partner Billy Cohn as they feverishly design, develop, and test new heart designs"--Provided by publisher.

No weigh!: a teen's guide to positive body image, food, and emotional wisdom

July 31, 2018
Darpinian, Signe.
London : Jessica Kingsley, 2018.
192 pages ; 23 cm
"This workbook has everything you need to achieve connected eating, body positivity, and balanced exercise. It helps you stay well-informed about how bodies change emotionally and physically in the teen years, and why good nutrition is critical for growth and development. It debunks myths about diets and 'forbidden' foods and also gives you the tools and strategies to avoid potential triggers of disordered eating."--Back cover.

The strange case of Dr. Couney : how a mysterious European showman saved thousands of American babies

July 30, 2018
Raffel, Dawn, author.
284 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Prologue: Breath -- Part one. Masters of invention. "All the world loves a baby" ; The obit that wouldn't die ; A showman is born ; Et voilà! The artificial hen ; William Silverman and the Couney buffs convene ; Michal Cohn sees an elephant, and the light of a new world ; The Couney buffs encounter the mysterious M. Lion ; "The greatest novelty of the age!" -- Part two. Survival of the fittest. The march of science and industry ; The arrival of the eminent Dr. Martin Arthur Counéy ; Nailing jelly to the wall: the Couney buffs gain a follower ; "The President has been shot!" ; Welcome to the city of the dead ; Two elephants, a wedding, and a bunch of crying babies ; Kiss the baby ; "The crime of the decade" ; Little Miss Couney arrives ; "What took you so long?" ; All the pretty preemies ; Magnetic tape ; A dream in flames ; The forgotten woman ; Building better babies ; The day of Couney finally arrives ; Let's pretend I wasn't there ; Keep the incubators, please ; One very short lady -- Part thee. The black stork. No-man's-land ; A charmed life ; The rise and rise of Julius Hess ; A legend is born ; Alone in a crowd ; Send the ambulance ; The Century of Progress ; Not for public viewing ; All aboard the twentieth century ; "My little brother" ; Sorrow in Sea Gate ; "Leave as soon as you get this" ; The ones who got away ; Playing with matches ; Vision and hindsight ; Who will save you now? ; Winter ; Epilogue.
"The extraordinary tale of how a mysterious immigrant "doctor" became the revolutionary innovator of saving premature babies-by placing them in incubators in World's Fair side shows and on Coney Island and Atlantic City. What kind of doctor puts his patients on display? As Dawn Raffel artfully recounts, Dr. Couney figured out he could use incubators and careful nursing to keep previously doomed infants alive, and at the same time make good money displaying these babies alongside sword swallowers, bearded ladies, and burlesque shows. How this turn-of-the-twentieth-century émigré became the savior to families with premature infants, known then as "weaklings"-while ignoring the scorn of the medical establishment and fighting the climate of eugenics-is one of the most astounding stories of modern medicine. And as readers will find, Dr. Couney, for all his opportunistic entrepreneurial gusto, is a surprisingly appealing character, someone who genuinely cared for the well-being of his tiny patients. But he had something to hide. Drawing on historical documents, original reportage, and interviews with surviving patients, acclaimed journalist and magazine editor Dawn Raffel tells the marvelously eccentric story of Couney's mysterious carnival career, his larger-than-life personality, and his unprecedented success as the savior of tiny babies." -- provided by publisher

Tooth and nail : the making of a female fight doctor

July 30, 2018
Dahl, Linda, author.
293 pages ; 22 cm
"In this entertaining memoir, Dahl details her road to becoming one of the only female fight doctors. Raised in the Midwest by Syrian immigrant parents, Dahl was a surgical resident living in the Bronx when she became enthralled with boxing while watching a fight between Shane Mosley and Oscar de la Hoya in 2000. She eventually landed an uninspiring job as a hospital ear, nose, throat physician; but her boxing passion led her to work secretly as a fight doctor at professional fights. She recounts one of her first fights, when she realized after the first round that the Venezuelan fighter had been hit below the belt, "his traumatic hernia blossoming," but he refused to have her check him in public. While she earned the trust of fighters, men throughout the boxing world continued to fawn over her good looks ("deflecting attention became a bigger job than working the fights"). It wasn't until she was working a fight between Miguel Cotto and Paulie Malignaggi that her professional life took a turn. The fight had been aired on television, and her secret became known at the hospital. Head physicians congratulated her on her selfless work, and her newfound confidence gave her courage to start her own practice. Dahl offers a unique look at the world of boxing in this uplifting story about realizing one's destiny." -- Publisher's weekly

The weight of being : how I satisfied my hunger for happiness

July 30, 2018
Whitely, Kara Richardson, author.
Berkeley, California : Seal Press, 2018.
258 pages ; 21 cm
"A brutally honest story about fat prejudice in America--and one woman's experience with radical weight loss after a lifetime of fat shaming Kara Richardson Whitely thought she could do anything. After all, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro--three times! But now she's off the mountain and back home again, and there's one thing she just can't manage to do--lose weight. In many ways, Kara is living the life of everywoman, except that she's not everywoman because she weighs 300 pounds. Her weight is a constant source of conflict and shame, as the people from every corner of her life--from her daughter's teacher to her mother-in-law--judge Kara for the size of her body. When it becomes just too much to tolerate, Kara turns to weight-loss surgery, a choice that transforms her body--and her life. Kara's story is one of living as a fat woman in America, where fat prejudice is rampant despite our nation's pandemic of obesity. In this fresh, raw memoir, Kara reveals this epic contradiction, and offers a shocking comparison of life before and after radical weight loss"-- Provided by publisher.

Connecting through music with people with dementia : a guide for caregivers

July 26, 2018
Rio, Robin.
London ; Philadelphia, PA : Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2009.
143 pages ; 22 cm
All you need to know about music -- Singing and choosing songs -- Making a connection -- Putting what you know to use -- Stimulating and relaxing music choices -- Memory and associations -- Caring for yourself -- Songs to use.
This user-friendly book demonstrates how even simple sounds and movements can engage people with dementia, promoting relaxation and enjoyment. All that's needed to succeed is a love of music, and a desire to gain greater communication and more meaningful interaction with people with dementia. The book provides practical advice on using music with people with dementia, including a songbook suggesting a range of popular song choices and a chapter focusing on the importance of caregivers looking after themselves as well as the people they care for. Suitable for both family and professional caregivers with no former experience of music therapy, and for music therapy students and entry level professionals, this accessible book reveals many useful techniques used in music therapy by experienced professionals.--From publisher description.

Birds of a feather : a true story of hope and the healing power of animals

July 26, 2018
Lindner, Lorin, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2018.
x, 223 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 22 cm
A promise is made -- Penance for Melody -- Mango -- Houseless, not homeless -- New directions -- Finding sanctuary -- A sailor's story -- A sanctuary opens at the VA -- The parrot whisperer -- Finding forgiveness -- Being chosen -- A blessed baby -- Grand opening -- Building a flock -- Warriors and wolves.
The author traces her unlikely founding of Serenity Park, a sanctuary for rescued parrots and veterans with PTSD, describing how her observation of the deep bonds that birds are capable of forming gave her the idea to establish a beneficial therapy practice for traumatized veterans.

Close your eyes, get free : use self-hypnosis to relax, reduce stress, quit bad habits, and focus

July 26, 2018
Smith, Grace, author.
New York, NY : Da Capo Lifelong, 2018.
xi, 276 pages ; 21 cm.

Graceful exit : how to advocate effectively, take care of yourself, and be present for the death of a loved one

July 26, 2018
Ferrer, Gustavo, author.
Boulder, Colorado : Sounds True, 2018.
xv, 182 pages ; 23 cm
Introduction: the new rules of dying -- Getting everyone onto the same page -- Letting head and heart guide you through the hardest decisions -- Your best ally: working with the medical team -- What to do when your loved one still has some time: hospice, palliative care, and other considerations -- Who pays?: medicare, spending down, long-term care policies, and more -- Legacies and regrets: the importance of having final conversations about life -- Grieving, letting go, and acceptance: lessons from the orinoco -- Post-death paperwork: funerals, taxes, passwords, and more -- Planning an event you don't want to attend -- Epilogue.
"When we are thrust into the role of caregiver for a loved one who is in the process of dying, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Yet it’s a situation millions of us face every year with virtually no sort of preparation or guidance. With Graceful Exit, Dr. Gustavo Ferrer offers an all-in-one resource for anyone tasked with managing the end-of-life care of a loved one" --

Turmeric for your health : nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory

July 26, 2018
Trivieri, Larry, Jr., 1956- author.
Garden City Park, NY : Square One Publishers, [2018]
197 pages ; 23 cm
The healing spice -- How turmeric protects against inflammation -- A new hope for Alzheimer's disease, dementia & other brain disorders -- A novel cancer fighter -- How turmeric can keep your heart healthy -- Turmeric improves digestion & protects against gastrointestinal conditions -- Turmeric & arthritis -- Turmeric & diabetes -- Other health benefits of turmeric -- Using & choosing turmeric.
"Imagine a natural spice that had the proven power to reduce or eliminate inflammation, the underlying cause of so many serious health disorders-and that's just for starters. For over 5,000 years, India's Ayurvedic medical practitioners have successfully used turmeric as a treatment for a host of painful and debilitating diseases. And for over sixty years, Indian hospital and research centers have studied the amazing effects of turmeric, with hundreds of scientific papers published throughout India, Asia, and Europe. However, only in 2000 did US medical researchers begin to recognize this ancient root's astounding health benefits. They have found that turmeric: Lowers blood pressure; Combats ulcers, IBS, and indigestion; Reduces arthritic pain; Increases brain function; Relieves depression and dementia; Helps fight cancer cells; Improves kidney and liver function; Aids in weight loss . . . and more In this new book, best-selling health writer Larry Trivieri, Jr. has created a clear and simple guide to understanding the science behind turmeric's effects and how it can best be used to enhance well-being. Part One provides both the history and science of turmeric's therapeutic powers, including the latest breakthrough research related to turmeric's most active constituent, curcumin. Part Two offers an A-to-Z guide covering the ailments for which turmeric can provide effective treatment. Each entry presents a description of the problem, how turmeric works to combat the condition, and important considerations during use. This is followed by recommendations regarding the most appropriate form of curcumin and proper dosage. Also included is a resource section that guides you to the best turmeric and curcumin products. Instead of taking a painkiller that acts only on the symptoms or a drug that can cause unwanted side effects, turmeric acts to alleviate the root cause of a range of medical issues. With few if any side effects, non-addictive turmeric can provide an inexpensive and safe way to enhance your health and improve your everyday life." -- Back cover.

Balanced and beautiful : 5-day reset for your body, mind, and spirit

July 24, 2018
Scott, Katrina, author.
New York, NY : HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2018]
xix, 235 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"Tone it up"--cover.
"Balanced and beautiful is a guide to focusing on the amazing woman that is you, with a 5-day plan to refresh, mtivate, inspire, energize, and last but not least, relax. Filled with daily fitness routines, delicious recipes, wisdom to transform your mindset, and all the love and advice of the tone it up community, Karena and Katrina make it easier than ever to reach your goals and feel great. Each day, you'll find tips and advice for every aspect of your journey, told through fun and fascinating stories and secrets that will be like having your best girlfriend along for the ride. Throughout these pages, you'll feel empowered, uplifted, and connected--with the entire tone it up community behind you, cheering you on towards your most confident, centered self."--Amazon.

How to nourish your child through an eating disorder : a simple, plate-by-plate approach to rebuilding a healthy relationship with food

July 24, 2018
Crosbie, Casey, author.
New York : The Experiment, [2018]
xiv, 300 pages, 4 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm

Pandemic! : how climate, the environment, and superbugs increase the risk

July 23, 2018
Goldsmith, Connie, 1945- author.
Minneapolis, MN : Twenty-First Century Books, a division of Lerner Publishing Group, Inc., [2018]
136 pages : illustrations (mostly color) ; 24 cm
Bugs in the news -- Bugs on a plane -- Turning up the heat -- Disruption of animal habitats -- Human crowding in peace and war -- Superbugs on the march -- Pandemic influenza -- Stopping a pandemic: research and readiness -- What are scientists doing?
"Learn about how scientists have predicted the way diseases will evolve and effect our world in the future."-- Provided by publisher.

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