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November 20, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Winter warrior : a Vietnam vet's anti-war odyssey

November 19, 2019
Gilbert, Eve, author, artist.
96 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 25 cm
"Winter Warrior recounts both the personal journey of one American and his need for political engagement when his conscience collides with American foreign policy during the height of the Cold War..."--Provided by publisher.

The Seine : the river that made Paris

November 19, 2019
Sciolino, Elaine, author.
New York, NY : W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., [2020]
xi, 370 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
One -- THE SEINE IS FRANCE -- Poetry in Motion -- The Most Romantic River in the World -- The Main Street of France -- Two -- WESTWARD FROM BURGUNDY -- The Ancient Source -- The Legend of the River -- Champagne on the Seine -- Paths to Paris -- Three -- THE SPINE OF PARIS -- It Started with a Canoe -- The Beating Heart of Paris -- Clean Enough for a Swim? -- The Zen of Rowing and Fishing -- Paris la Nuit -- What's Sex Got to Do with It? -- The Seine Also Rises -- A Bend in the River -- Scenes on the Seine -- River of Song -- Capturing the Moment -- Selling Books, Selling Dreams -- Guardians of the Peace -- The Unknown Woman of the Seine -- Island-Hopping -- Four -- FROM CITY TO SEA -- River of Light -- The Port That Rivaled Paris -- Tsunami on the Seine -- Windmills and War -- No End to the Seine? -- Five -- RIVER OF DREAMS -- Reinventing the River -- The Joy of Life.
"In the spring of 1978, as a young journalist in Paris, Elaine Sciolino was seduced by a river. In The Seine, she tells the story of that river through its rich history and lively characters-a bargewoman, a riverbank bookseller, a houseboat- dweller, a famous cinematographer known for capturing the river's light. She patrols with river police, rows with a restorer of antique boats, discovers a champagne vineyard, and even dares to swim in the Seine. Sciolino's keen eye and vivid prose bring the river to life as she discovers its origins on a remote plateau in Burgundy, where a pagan goddess healed pilgrims at an ancient temple. She follows the Seine to Le Havre, where it meets the sea. Braiding memoir, travelogue, and history through the Seine's winding route, Sciolino offers a love letter to Paris and the river at its heart and invites readers to explore its magic."-- Provided by publisher.

Dumpty : the age of Trump in verse

November 19, 2019
Lithgow, John, 1945- author, illustrator.
San Francisco : Chronicle Prism, an imprint of Chronicle Books, [2019]
111 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Introduction -- Trumpty Dumpty -- The president's pageant -- An ex-lieutenant general -- My favorite lies -- Dancing with the star -- Scaramouche -- Rub-a-dub-dub -- The gentlemen of the defense -- The little man who's not all there -- Reeb-a-deep-deep -- Trumpty Dumpty: part 2 -- All at sea -- Sic transit -- My lucky day: August 21, 2018 -- The ostrich's lament -- You are old, Father Wilbur -- Kavanaughty -- The mortification of Elliott Broidy -- The walrus and the kleptocrat -- Jared and Mohammed -- A liberal's complaint -- Seven days in November -- Trumpty Dumpty: part 3 -- The Moscow circus -- Individual one -- Acosta agonistes -- Hentsy pentysy -- Another owl, another pussycat -- The four horsemen of foxpolitics -- Trumpty Dumpty: part 4 -- To a rat -- Rank-a-dank-dank -- Afterword.
"With lacerating wit, he takes readers verse by verse through the history of Donald Trump's presidency, lampooning the likes of Betsy DeVos, Anthony Scaramucci, Scott Pruitt, Paul Manafort, Trump's doctors, and many others. Illustrated from cover to cover with Lithgow's never-before-seen line drawings, the poems collected in Dumpty draw inspiration from A. A. Milne, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Mother Goose, and many more."-- Provided by publisher.

The dawn of Tibet : the ancient civilization on the roof of the world

November 19, 2019
Bellezza, John Vincent.
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield, [2014]
xi, 349 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
1. Discovering the first civilization of Tibet -- 2. The great sky realm : the land of Upper Tibet -- 3. Tillers and herders, warriors and saints : the people of Upper Tibet -- 4. From sky to earth : the history of Zhang Zhung -- 5. Touching the sky : the citadels and temples of Zhang Zhung -- 6. Penetrating the earth : the burial grounds of Zhang Zhung -- 7. Flesh, blood, and bones in stone : the artistic treasures of Zhang Zhung -- 8. Father Sky Eagle and Mother Earth Serpent : the religion of Zhang Zhung -- 9. Horned heroes and turquoise maidens : the cultural life of Zhang Zhung -- 10. My ancestors, my gods : Zhang Zhung reigns in contemporary Upper Tibet.
"Based on decades of research, The Dawn of Tibet draws on a rich trove of archaeological, textual, and ethnographic materials collected and analyzed by the author. Bellezza describes the vast network of castles, temples, megaliths, necropolises, and rock art established on the highest and now depopulated part of the Tibetan plateau. He relates literary tales of priests and priestesses, horned deities, and the celestial afterlife to the actual archaeological evidence, providing a fascinating perspective on the origins and development of civilization. The story builds to the present by following the colorful culture of the herders of Upper Tibet, an ancient people whose way of life is endangered by modern development. Tracing Bellezza's epic journeys across lands where few Westerners have ventured, this book provides a compelling window into the most inaccessible reaches of Tibet and a civilization that flourished long before Buddhism took root."--Publisher's description.

Black Indian

November 19, 2019
Buchanan, Shonda, author.
xii, 333 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
"Beautifully rendered and rippling with family dysfunction, secrets, deaths, alcoholism, and old resentments, Shonda Buchanan's memoir is an inspiring story that explores her family's legacy of being African Americans with American Indian roots and how they dealt with not just society's ostracization but the consequences of this dual inheritance. Buchanan was raised as a Black woman, who grew up hearing cherished stories of her multi-racial heritage, while simultaneously suffering from everything she (and the rest of her family) didn't know. Tracing the arduous migration of Mixed Bloods, or Free People of Color, from the Southeast to the Midwest, Buchanan tells the story of her Michigan tribe--a comedic yet manically depressed family of fierce women, who were everything from caretakers and cornbread makers to poets and witches, and men who were either ignored, protected, imprisoned, or maimed--and how their lives collided over love, failure, fights, and prayer despite a stacked deck of challenges, including addiction and abuse. Ultimately, Buchanan's nomadic people endured a collective identity crisis after years of constantly straddling two, then three, races. The physical, spiritual, and emotional displacement of American Indians who met and married Mixed or Black slaves and indentured servants at America's early crossroads is where this powerful journey begins."--Back cover.

Erdogan's empire : Turkey and the politics of the Middle East

November 19, 2019
Çaǧaptay, Soner, author.
xx, 369 pages ; 22 cm
Introduction : a trip to istanbul -- Osman's dream -- Restoring Turks' dignity-as Muslims -- "Strategic depth" -- Building soft power -- Europe's slap -- An American affair -- The Syrian disaster -- Menacing Russians -- Competing Persians -- Erdogan's Arab fall -- Uncomfortable Ottomans -- Course correction -- Erdogan vs. Trump -- Erdogan's empire part I: East Africa -- Erdogan's empire part II: "Bayram Belt" -- Turkey and the West: a never-ending love affair -- Conclusion how can turkey become great?
"Gradually since 2003, Turkey's autocratic leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sought to make Turkey a great power ... Erdogan has picked an unorthodox model in the context of recent Turkish history, attempting to cast his country as a stand-alone Middle Eastern power. In doing so Turkey has broken ranks with its traditional Western allies, including the United States and has embraced an imperial-style foreign policy which has aimed to restore Turkey's Ottoman-era reach into the Arabian Middle East and the Balkans."-- Jacket.

Where we are : the state of Britain now

November 19, 2019
Scruton, Roger, author.
London ; Oxford ; New York ; New Delhi ; Sydney : Bloomsbury Continuum, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, [2017]
viii, 237 pages ; 23 cm
Preface -- Prelude -- Our country: right or left -- Nations, nationalism and us -- Our country: right or wrong -- The roots of British freedom -- The impact of globalization -- Out into the world -- Index.
Addressing one of the most politically turbulent periods in modern British history, philosopher Roger Scruton asks how, in these circumstances, we can come to define our identity, and what in the coming years will hold us together. To what are our duties owed and why? How do we respond to the pull of globalisation and mass migration, to the rise of Islam and to the decline of Christian belief? Do we accept these as inevitable or do we resist them? If we resist them on what basis do we build? This book sets out to answer these questions, and to understand the volatile moment in which we live. Roger Scruton slices characteristically through the fog of debate with this sensible and profound account of our collective identity; essential reading for anyone interested in what it means to be British, what that might come to mean in future, and who wonders how we can define our place in a rapidly changing world.

Judgment in Moscow : Soviet crimes and westerm complicity

November 19, 2019
Bukovskiĭ, Vladimir Konstantinovich, 1942- author.
xv, 707 pages ; 23 cm.
"Secret Communist Party of the Soviet Union documents stolen by the author, a famous dissident, reveal decades of Soviet infiltration of Western politics and confidential collaboration by Western leaders. Contains translated excerpts from the Communist Party archives, and 400 fact-checked footnotes on events affected"

You'd better put some ice on that : how I survived being raped by Bill Clinton

November 19, 2019
Broaddrick, Juanita, author.
108 pages ; 23 cm
"Juanita's story"--Front cover.
Retired businesswoman and nurse Juanita Broaddrick tells the story of her life, from her childhood when she was emotionally and physically abused by her mother, to her years as a successful nurse and nursing home owner/administrator, to her rape by then Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton in 1978 and the aftermath.

All the president's women : Donald Trump and the making of a predator

November 18, 2019
Levine, Barry, author.
xxi, 360 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm

The American story : conversations with master historians

November 15, 2019
Rubenstein, David M., author.
xvii, 396 pages : illustrations, portraits, facsimiles ; 25 cm
Includes index.
Foreword by Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden -- Introduction by David M. Rubenstein -- Jack D. Warren Jr. on George Washington -- David McCollough on John Adams -- Jon Meacham on Thomas Jefferson -- Ron Chernow on Alexander Hamilton -- Walter Isaacson on Benjamin Franklin -- Cokie Roberts on founding mothers -- Doris Kearns Goodwin on Abraham Lincoln -- A. Scott Berg on Charles Lindbergh -- Jay Winik on Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- Jean Edward Smith on Dwight D. Eisenhower -- Richard Reeves on John F. Kennedy -- Taylor Branch on Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement -- Robert A. Caro on Lyndon B. Johnson -- Bob Woodward on Richard M. Nixon and executive power -- H. W. Brands on Ronald Reagan -- Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. on the U.S. Supreme Court.
Co-founder of The Carlyle Group and patriotic philanthropist David M. Rubenstein takes readers on a sweeping journey across the grand arc of the American story through revealing conversations with our greatest historians. In these lively dialogues, the biggest names in American history explore the subjects they've come to so intimately know and understand: David McCullough on John Adams, Jon Meacham on Thomas Jefferson, Ron Chernow on Alexander Hamilton, Walter Isaacson on Benjamin Franklin, Doris Kearns Goodwin on Abraham Lincoln, A. Scott Berg on Charles Lindbergh, Taylor Branch on Martin Luther King, Robert Caro on Lyndon B. Johnson, Bob Woodward on Richard Nixon, and many others, including a special conversation with Chief Justice John Roberts. Through his popular program The David Rubenstein Show, David Rubenstein has established himself as one of our most thoughtful interviewers. Now, in The American Story, David captures the brilliance of our most esteemed historians, as well as the souls of their subjects. The book features introductions by Rubenstein as well a foreword by Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, the first woman and the first African American to lead our national library. Richly illustrated with archival images from the Library of Congress, the book is destined to become a classic for serious readers of American history. Through these captivating exchanges, these bestselling and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors offer fresh insight on pivotal moments from the Founding Era to the late 20th century.

Hymns of the Republic : the story of the final year of the American Civil War

November 15, 2019
Gwynne, S. C. (Samuel C.), 1953- author.
xii, 395 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
The end begins -- With malice toward all -- Armies of spring -- A wilderness of pain -- Shovels and other weapons of war -- One additional horror -- A battlefield angel -- A circus of ineptitude -- The persuasive logic of gunpowder -- An elaborate slaughter -- The man who lost everything -- The mind of Ulysses S. Grant -- The war against Lincoln -- Politics of the not-quite-real -- Valley of fire -- Backroads to fame -- The moralist from hell -- Uncle Billy's book of moments -- Death ahead of them, death behind them -- Richmond is burning -- This bitter glory -- The unbearable weight of history -- Hell itself.
"S.C. Gwynne's Hymns of the Republic addresses the period from Ulysses S. Grant's appointment as general of all Union armies in March 1864 to the surrender of Robert E. Lee at Appomattox a year later." --Provided by publisher.

Checkpoint Charlie : the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, and the most dangerous place on earth

November 15, 2019
MacGregor, Iain, author.
viii, 340 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Prologue: October 1961 -- Island in the Communist stream -- The spook in Berlin -- In a mousetrap now -- Split asunder -- A new border to patrol -- Who blinks first? -- Elvis is dead -- Let them come to Berlin! -- The secret army -- Searching for a grain of truth -- Catch me if you can! -- A soldier's death -- The singing Jew of Checkpoint Charlie -- Chimes of freedom -- At the edge of control -- The last escape -- A family in Berlin -- The memo that ended the Cold War -- The flood -- Lights, cameras, action! -- Aftermath -- Goodbye Checkpoint Charlie -- Epilogue: four memories.
"Checkpoint Charlie is the story of the men and women - from both sides of the Cold War's political divide - who lived, served on, or escaped through the Berlin Wall during its life span (13th August 1961 - 9th November 1989). This physical monstrosity created by the East German communist state was to divide one of the most beautiful and by 1961, ruined cities of the world; dividing families, friends and lovers. Its creation, and its sudden collapse twenty-seven years later, were the key moments of the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie was the one place in a paranoid continent where East faced West across one hundred yards of No Man's Land. Where soldiers served, spies watched through trained binoculars, escapees fled, politicians made speeches, people died and, mothers wept. The Wall was seen by many as permanent as the Himalayas. Across the Wall's almost three decades of existence, over two hundred people died trying to escape through it to the West, and these are just the recorded deaths. Many more who attempted and failed to break to freedom, would later die of their wounds in an East German hospital or prison. Historian Iain MacGregor travels to America, Britain, Germany and France to talk to the many people the Berlin Wall affected and who found themselves at the gates of Checkpoint Charlie - either on the Allied, or Soviet side. He interviews soldiers, politicians, journalists, spies, policemen, refugees and escapees to build a picture of what life was like in the city that was universally seen as the "hot spot" of the Cold War for four decades"-- Provided by publisher.

The war for America's soul

November 14, 2019
Gorka, Sebastian, author.
xxvii, 223 pages ; 22 cm
"Featuring an exclusive interview with President Trump"--cover.
Foreword / by Dennis Prager -- Prologue: What the Left has wrought -- Obamagate: the attempted coup against Donald J. Trump -- The political elite's bipartisan betrayal of America -- The plotters- and their plan- to destroy America -- Can President Trump stop the Radical Left? -- How you can win the war for America's soul -- Straight answers to popular questions -- An exclusive interview with President Donald Trump -- Appendix one: Direct from President Trump: debate prep to win the big argument -- Appendix two: We can win because the truth is on our side -- Appendix three: Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky, and the continuing relevance of Rules for Radicals.
On one side are American patriots, dedicated to freedom under the Constitution; on the other side are leftists campaigning not just to win elections, but to radically transform the nation. In this political war for the soul of our country, America's patriots need a strategist with a blueprint for victory. Gorka shows how America's elite-- in both parties-- betrayed our heartland, sabotaged the American dream, and accepted national decline as inevitable. -- adapted from jacket

The end is always near : apocalyptic moments, from the Bronze Age collapse to nuclear near misses

November 13, 2019
Carlin, Dan, 1965- author.
xiv, 270 pages ; 24 cm
Do tough times make for tougher people? -- Suffer the children -- The end of the world as they knew it -- Judgment at Nineveh -- The barbarian life cycle -- A pandemic prologue? -- The quick and the dead -- The road to hell.
"A journey back in time that explores what happened -- and what could have happened -- from creator of the wildly-popular podcast Hardcore History and 2019 winner of the iHeartRadio Best History Podcast Award"-- Provided by publisher.

Vicksburg : Grant's campaign that broke the Confederacy

November 13, 2019
Miller, Donald L., 1944- author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2019.
xx, 663 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
"The astonishing story of the longest and most decisive military campaign of the Civil War in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which opened the Mississippi River, split the Confederacy, freed tens of thousands of slaves, and made Ulysses S. Grant the most important general of the war. Vicksburg, Mississippi, was the last stronghold of the Confederacy on the Mississippi River. It prevented the Union from using the river for shipping between the Union-controlled Midwest and New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. The Union navy tried to take Vicksburg, which sat on a high bluff overlooking the river, but couldn't do it. General Grant moved his army south and joined forces with Admiral Porter, but even together they could not come up with a successful plan. At one point Grant even tried to build a canal so that the river could be diverted away from Vicksburg. In Vicksburg, Donald L. Miller tells the full story of this year-long campaign to win the city. He brings to life all the drama, characters, and significance of Vicksburg, a historic moment that rivals any war story in history. Grant's efforts repeatedly failed until he found a way to lay siege and force the city to capitulate. In the course of the campaign, tens of thousands of slaves fled to the Union lines, where more than twenty thousand became soldiers, while others seized the plantations they had been forced to work on, destroying the economy of a large part of Mississippi and creating a social revolution. Ultimately, Vicksburg was the battle that solidified Grant's reputation as the Union's most capable general. Today no general would ever be permitted to fail as often as Grant did, but in the end he succeeded in what he himself called the most important battle of the war, the one that all but sealed the fate of the Confederacy"-- Provided by publisher.

Mudlark : in search of London's past along the River Thames

November 13, 2019
Maiklem, Lara, 1971- author.
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a division of W.W. Norton & Company, 2019.
314 pages : map ; 25 cm
"First published in Great Britain in 2019 under the title Mudlarking: lost and found on the Thames river"--Title page verso.
Mudlark -- Tidal head -- Hammersmith -- Vauxhall -- Trig Lane -- Bankside -- Queenhithe -- London Bridge -- Tower Beach -- Rotherhithe -- Wapping -- Greenwich -- Tilbury -- Estuary.
Long heralded as a city treasure herself, expert "mudlarker" Lara Maiklem is uniquely trained in the art of seeking. Tirelessly trekking across miles of the Thames' muddy shores, where others only see the detritus of city life, Maiklem unearths evidence of England's captivating, if sometimes murky, history--with some objects dating back to 43 AD, when London was but an outpost of the Roman Empire. From medieval mail worn by warriors on English battlefields to nineteenth-century glass marbles mass-produced for the nation's first soda bottles, Maiklem deduces the historical significance of these artifacts with the quirky enthusiasm and sharp-sightedness of a twenty-first century Sherlock Holmes.

Nordic, Central and Southeastern Europe.

November 12, 2019
Harpers Ferry, WV : Stryker-Post Publications,
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Vols. for <2004-2015/16, 2018/19-2019/20> by Wayne C. Thompson; 2016/17-2017/18 by Marek Payerhin.
Imprint varies: <2013-2019/20> Lanham, Md.

Cracking the AP world history exam.

November 12, 2019
New York, NY: Random House, Inc., c2004-
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
At head of title: The Princeton Review.

Big sister, little sister, red sister : three women at the heart of twentieth-century China

November 12, 2019
Chang, Jung, 1952- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2019.
xx, 374 pages, 32 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), map ; 25 cm
The most famous sisters in China, the three Soong sisters from Shanghai were at the center of power during a time of wars, revolutions and seismic transformations. Red Sister, Ching-ling married Sun Yat-sen; Little Sister, May-ling, became Madame Chiang Kai-shek; Big Sister, Ei-Ling, became Chiang's unofficial main adviser, and made herself one of China's richest women.

The plot against the president : the true story of how Congressman Devin Nunes uncovered the biggest political scandal in US history

November 12, 2019
Smith, Lee, 1962- author.
360 pages ; 23 cm
"Objective Medusa" -- Enemies of the state -- Framing Trump: the Russia job -- The protodossiers -- The fusion Russians -- The avatar -- The insurance policy -- Obama's dossier -- The press breaks -- Blood in teh water -- Becoming deep throat -- The valley of death -- Objective Medusa on affense -- The paper coup -- Dirty cops -- The deep state digs in -- The decoy -- The Nunes memo -- The cavalry arrives -- The forgers -- The harvest -- The possessed -- A reckoning -- Convictions.
"Investigative journalist Lee Smith's The Plot Against the President tells the story of how Congressman Devin Nunes uncovered the operation to bring down the commander-in-chief. While popular opinion holds that Russia subverted democratic processes during the 2016 elections, the real damage was done not by Moscow or any other foreign actor. Rather, this was a slow-moving coup engineered by a coterie of the American elite, the "deep state," targeting not only the president, but also the rest of the country. The plot officially began July 31, 2016 with the counterintelligence investigation that the FBI opened to probe Russian infiltration of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. But the bureau never followed any Russians. In fact, it was an operation to sabotage Trump, the candidate, then president-elect, and finally the presidency. The conspirators included political operatives, law enforcement and intelligence officials, and the press." -- Provided by publisher.

Sam Houston and the Alamo Avengers : the Texas victory that changed American history

November 8, 2019
Kilmeade, Brian, author.
[New York] : Sentinel, [2019]
272 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 24 cm
Maps on endpapers.
General Jackson's Protégé -- Gone to Texas -- "Come and Take It" -- Concepción -- A Slow Siege at the Alamo -- The Defenders -- Twelve Days of Uncertainty -- The Massacre -- Bring Out the Dead -- Houston Hears the News -- Fort Defiance -- The Texian Exodus -- An Army Assembles -- The Battle at San Jacinto -- "Remember the Alamo!" -- Old Sam Jacinto -- President Sam Houston -- The Founding and the Founders of Texas.
"Brian Kilmeade explores hidden aspects of Sam Houston, the first president of Texas, and brings the reader to the scenes of one of the most pivotal moments in American history."-- Provided by publisher.

We return fighting : World War I and the shaping of modern Black identity

November 7, 2019
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Books, [2019]
160 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 27 cm
Includes fold-out pages.
A global war -- African American military service -- At home and abroad : during and after the war -- Epilogue: On the horizon : toward civil rights.
"A richly illustrated commemoration of African Americans' roles in World War I highlighting how the wartime experience reshaped their lives and their communities after they returned home"-- Provided by publisher.

The survivors : a story of war, inheritance, and healing

November 6, 2019
Frankel, Adam P., author.
xiv, 271 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"A memoir of family, the Holocaust, trauma, and identity, in which Adam Frankel, a former Obama speechwriter, must come to terms with the legacy of his family's painful past and discover who he is in the wake of a life-changing revelation about his own origins. Adam Frankel's maternal grandparents survived the Holocaust and built new lives, with new names, in Connecticut. Though they tried to leave the horrors of their past behind, the pain they suffered crossed generational lines--a fact most apparent in the mental health of Adam's mother. When Adam sat down with her to examine their family history in detail, he learned another shocking secret, this time one that unraveled Adam's entire understanding of who he is. In the midst of piecing together a story of inherited familial trauma, Adam discovered he was only half of who he thought he was, knowledge that raised essential questions of identity. Who was he, if not his father's son? If not part of a rich heritage of writers and public servants? Does it matter? What defines a family's bonds? What will he pass on to his own children? To rewrite his story in truth and to build a life for his own young family, Adam had to navigate his pain to find answers and a way forward. Throughout this journey into the past, his family's psyche, and his own understanding of identity, Adam comes to realize that while the nature of our families' traumas may vary, each of us is faced with the same choice. We can turn away from what we've inherited--or, we can confront it, in the hopes of moving on and stopping that trauma from inflicting pain on future generations. The stories Adam shares with us in The Survivors are about the ways the past can haunt our future, the resilience that can be found on the other side of trauma, and the good that can come from things that are unspeakably bad"-- Book jacket.

Soldiers of the cross, the authoritative text : the heroism of Catholic chaplains and sisters in the American Civil War

November 6, 2019
Conyngham, David Power, 1825-1883, author.
Notre Dame, Indiana : University of Notre Dame Press, [2019]
xxii, 505 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"This unpublished, historical account of significant Catholics in the Civil War, written by legendary journalist, soldier and adventurer David Power Conyngham, provides a first-person perspective to an era and a War that emphasized the importance of religion in American life. The majority of the work is based on Conyngham's conversations and correspondence with chaplains and nurses."--Provided by publisher.

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