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March 23, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Dear Ally, how do you write a book?

March 22, 2019
Carter, Ally, author.
New York : Scholastic Press, 2019.
326 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Introduction -- Getting ready -- Planning your book -- Building your world -- Creating your characters -- Developing your plot -- Finding your process -- Starting your first draft -- Editing your book -- Beating your writer's block -- Writing your series -- Publishing your book -- Planning your future.
Have you always wanted to write a book, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you're really great at writing the first few chapters . . . but you never quite make it to the end? Or do you finally have a finished manuscript, but you're not sure what to do next? Fear not -- if you have writing-related questions, this book has answers! Whether you're writing for fun or to build a career, bestselling author Ally Carter is ready to help you make your work shine. With honesty, encouragement, and humor, Ally's ready here to answer the questions that writers struggle with the most. Filled with practical tips and helpful advice, Dear Ally is a treasure for aspiring writers at any stage of their careers. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at how books get made, from idea to publication, and gives you insight into the writing processes of some of the biggest and most talented YA authors writing today."--Amazon.

Marrying my cowboy

March 22, 2019
New York, NY : Zebra Books, Kensington Publishing Corp., [2019]
437 pages ; 17 cm
The rancher's wedding / Diana Palmer -- Wind River wedding / Lindsay McKenna -- The cowboy lassoes a bride / Kate Pearce.
A collection of three romance stories includes Diana Palmer's "The Rancheŕ⁰₉s Wedding," in which sparks fly between rugged Colorado rancher Jack Denton and screenwriter-turned-waitress Cassie Reed when they work together.

Voices of the fall

March 21, 2019
Riverdale, NY : Baen, [2019]
xi, 323 pages ; 24 cm
"A Baen Books Original"--Title page verso.
Starry, starry night / John Ringo -- Spectrum / Mike Massa -- Storming the tower of Babel / Sarah A. Hoyt -- Return to Mayberry / Rob Hampson -- It just might matter in the end / Travis S. Taylor -- Inhale to the king, baby! / Michael Z. Williamson -- Ham sandwich / Jody Lynn Nye -- The Downeasters / Brendan DuBois -- The species as big as the Ritz / Robert Buettner -- The cat hunters / Dave Freer -- Alpha gamers / Griffin Barber -- True faith and allegiance / Michael Gants -- The killer awoke / John Birmingham.
"Civilization has fallen.Everyone who survived the plague lived through the Fall, that terrible autumn when life as they had know it ended in blood and chaos. Now nuclear submarines are facing sudden and unimaginable crises. Paid hunters on a remote island suddenly cut off from any support. Elite assassins. Never made it retirees. Bong-toting former soldiers. These are their stories. These are the Voices of the Fall. Thirteen new stories set in the world of John Ringo's Black Tide Rising universe."-- Provided by publisher.


March 19, 2019
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2019.
xiv, 572 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
"A vivid, poetic, capacious work that recollects the travels around the world and the encounters-human, animal, and natural-that have shaped an extraordinary life. Taking us nearly from pole to pole-from modern megacities to some of the most remote regions on the earth-and across decades of lived experience, Barry Lopez, gives us his most far-ranging yet personal work to date, in a book that moves indelibly, immersively, through his travels to six regions of the world."--Provided by publisher

Companion to Victorian popular fiction

March 19, 2019
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2018]
v, 312 pages ; 26 cm
"This companion to Victorian popular fiction includes more than 300 cross-referenced entries on works written for the British mass market. Entries introduce readers to long-overlooked authors who were widely read in their time, with suggestions for further reading and emerging resources for the study of popular fiction"-- Provided by publisher.

Edith Wharton

March 19, 2019
xxxiv, 254 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Edith Wharton and the paradox of fin-de-siècle modernity / Charlee Sterling -- Wharton studies / Dale M. Bauer -- Edith Wharton and the rise of the new woman / Isabelle Groenhof -- "The one end to which her whole organism tended": Social evolution in Edith Wharton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman / Hannah Huber -- Edith Wharton's "New Visions": An exploration of the influence of Catharine Maria Sedgwick on Bunner Sisters and The Old Maid / Deborah Gussman -- "Like patterns stenciled on a wall": Edith Wharton's decoration of fictional houses / Elif S. Armbruster -- A new material approach to reading objects in Edith Wharton's novels of manners / Margaret Jay Jessee -- Of money, love, and art: Edith Wharton's cultural study of war / Elizabeth Hetzel and Carla Chwat -- Edith Wharton and law / Alicia Mischa Renfroe -- Edith Wharton's Old New York: Nineteenth-century American literary history and the art of selection in The Age of Innocence / Mollie Barnes -- How to write a best-selling novel: The House of Mirth in the classical tradition / Mauro Lo Dico -- Edith Wharton's "Roman fever," or the revenge of Daisy Miller / Robert Klevay -- Hotel kids incorporated: Childhood counterculture in Edith Wharton's late fiction / Jericho Williams -- Unwilling victims: Naturalism and the living dead in Summer and Weeds / Stephanie Metz.
Provides an introduction to Edith Wharton and the critical discussions surrounding her work.

The historian's Heart of darkness : reading Conrad's masterpiece as social and cultural history

March 19, 2019
Larabee, Mark Douglas, 1964- author.
xxv, 178 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm.
Joseph Conrad: observer of empire -- Heart of darkness as witness to history -- Heart of darkness (with "author's note") / by Joseph Conrad, with annotations by Mark D. Larabee -- "The Congo diary" / by Joseph Conrad, with annotations by Mark D. Larabee.

Zora and Langston : a story of friendship and betrayal

March 15, 2019
Taylor, Yuval, author.
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2019]
xii, 302 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 24 cm
Introduction. Lovingly yours -- Spring 1925. Opportunity -- 1891/1924. I laugh, and grow strong -- Summer 1926. The Niggerati -- Spring 1927. Enter godmother -- Summer 1927. The company of good things -- Fall 1927. A deep well of the spirit -- Winter 1928/winter 1930. This is going to be big -- Spring 1930. The bone of contention -- Winter 1931. A miasma of untruth -- 1932/1960. The aftermath -- Conclusion. The legacy.
"Hurston and Hughes, two giants of the Harlem Renaissance and American literature, were best friends--until they weren't. Zora Neale Hurston (Their Eyes Were Watching God) and Langston Hughes ('The Negro Speaks of Rivers,' 'Let America Be America Again') were collaborators, literary gadflies, and close companions. They traveled together in Hurston's dilapidated car through the rural South collecting folklore, worked on the play Mule Bone, and wrote scores of loving letters to each other. They even had the same patron: Charlotte Osgood Mason, a wealthy white woman who insisted on being called 'Godmother.' Paying them lavishly while trying to control their work, Mason may have been the spark for their bitter falling-out. Was the split inevitable when Hughes decided to be financially independent of their patron? Was Hurston jealous of the woman employed as their typist? Or was the rupture over the authorship of Mule Bone? Yuval Taylor answers these questions while illuminating Hurston's and Hughes's lives, work, competitiveness and ambition"-- Provided by publisher.

H.G. Adler : a life in many worlds

March 12, 2019
Filkins, Peter, author.
New York City : Oxford University Press, [2018]
403 pages : portraits, illustrations, cm
"The biography of H.G. Adler (1910-88) is the story of a survivor of Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and two other concentration camps who not only lived through the greatest cataclysm of the 20th century, but someone who also devoted his literary and scholarly career to telling the story of those who perished in over two dozen books of fiction, poetry, history, sociology, and religion. And yet for much of his life he remained almost entirely unknown. A writer's writer, a scholar of seminal, pioneering works on the Holocaust, a renowned radio essayist in postwar Germany, a last representative of the Prague Circle of literature headed by Kafka, a key contributor to the prosecution in the trial of Adolf Eichmann, Adler was a man of his time whose times lived through him. His is the story of many others, but also one that is singularly his own. And at its heart lies a profound story of love and perseverance amid the loss of his first wife, Gertrud Klepetar, who accompanied her mother to the gas chamber in Auschwitz, and the courtship and extended correspondence with Bettina Gross, a Prague artist who escaped to the Britain, only to later learn that her mother had also been in Theresienstadt with Adler before her eventual death in Auschwitz. His delivery of a lecture in Theresienstadt commemorating Kafka's sixtieth birthday, and with Kafka's favorite sister present; the nurturing of a younger generation of artists and intellectuals, including the Israeli artist Jehuda Bacon and the Serbian novelist Ivan Ivanji; the preservation of Viktor Ullmann's compositions and his opera The Emperor of Atlantis, only to see them premiered decades later to world acclaim; and the penury of postwar life while churning out the novels, poetry, and scholarship that would make his reputation - all of these are part of a life survived in the moment, but dedicated to the future, and that of a man committed to helping human dignity survive in his time and that to come."

Notes on a shipwreck : a story of refugees, borders, and hope

March 12, 2019
Enia, Davide, 1974- author.
New York : Other Press, [2019]
249 pages ; 21 cm
Originally published in Italian as Appunti per un naufragio in 2017 by Sellerio editore via Enzo ed Elvira Sellerio 50 Palermo.
"A moving firsthand account of migrant landings on the island of Lampedusa that gives voice to refugees, locals, and volunteers while also exploring a deeply personal father-son relationship. On the island of Lampedusa, the southernmost part of Italy, between Africa and Europe, Davide Enia looks in the faces of those who arrive and those who wait, and tells the story of an individual and collective shipwreck. On one side, a multitude in motion, crossing entire nations and then the Mediterranean Sea under conditions beyond any imagination. On the other, a handful of men and women on the border of an era and a continent, trying to welcome the newcomers. In the middle is the author himself, telling of what actually happens at sea and on land, and the failure of words in the attempt to understand the present paradoxes. Enia reveals the emotional consequences of this touching and disconcerting reality, especially in his relationship with his father, a recently retired doctor who agrees to travel with him to Lampedusa. Witnessing together the public pain of those who land and those who save them from death, alongside the private pain of his uncle's illness, pushes them to reinvent their relationship, to forge a new and unprecedented dialogue that replaces the silences of the past"-- Provided by publisher.

New suns : original speculative fiction by people of color

March 7, 2019
Oxford, UK : Solaris, an imprint of Rebellion Publishing Ltd, 2019.
279 pages ; 23 cm
"'There's nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns,' proclaimed Octavia E Butler. New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color showcases emerging and seasoned writers of many races telling stories filled with shocking delights, powerful visions of the familiar made strange. Between this book’s covers burn tales of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and their indefinable overlappings. These are authors aware of our many possible pasts and futures, authors freed of stereotypes and clichés, ready to dazzle you with their daring genius. Unexpected brilliance shines forth from every page."--Back cover.

The wall will tell you : the forensics of screenwriting

March 7, 2019
Fancher, Hampton, author.
Brooklyn : Melville House, 2019.
70 pages ; 18 cm.
Start -- Ink and blood -- Wheels -- Heroes and villains -- The bed and the wall -- Paint, film, bodies -- Form -- Fuck up -- Fuck it up -- You.
"Learn how to write living, breathing characters, exciting action and plot, and develop your own artistic vision. And learn how to never compromise that vision, most importantly, with yourself"--Provided by publisher.

My young life : a memoir ; the Brox, Manhattan, Mexico, Syracuse, Alphabet City

February 28, 2019
Tuten, Frederic, author.
New York : Simon and Schuster, 2019.
ix, 298 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
"Born in the Bronx to a Sicilian mother and Southern father, Frederic Tuten always dreamed of being an artist. Determined to trade his neighborhood streets for the romantic avenues of Paris, he learned to paint and draw, falling in love with the process of putting a brush to canvas, and the feeling it gave him. At fifteen, he decided to leave high school and pursue the bohemian life he'd read about in books, a life of salons and cafes and "worldly women" from whom he could learn and grow. But, before he could, he would receive an extraordinary education, right in his own backyard"-- Provided by publisher.

I've been meaning to tell you : a letter to my daughter

February 28, 2019
Chariandy, David John, 1969-
New York : Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019.
91 pages ; 21 cm
"First published in 2018 in Canada by McClelland & Stewart."--Title page verso.
Canadian author David Chariandy writes a letter to his daughter to share with her the story of his life and to talk to her about the politics of race in her world.

The lost prince : a search for Pat Conroy

February 26, 2019
Mewshaw, Michael, 1943- author.
Berkeley, CA : Counterpoint, 2019.
276 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.

Our man down in Havana : the story behind Graham Greene's Cold War spy novel

February 25, 2019
Hull, Christopher, 1965- author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2019.
338 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 23 cm

Lost time : lectures on Proust in a Soviet prison camp

February 22, 2019
Czapski, Józef, 1896-1993, author.
New York : New York Review Books, [2018]
xxxiv, 8 unnumbered pages of plates, 90 pages : facsimilies ; 21 cm
"First published in the French language as Proust contre la decheance: conférences au camp du Griazowietz by Les Editions Noir sur Blanc"--Title page verso.
"The first translation of painter and writer Jozef Czapski's inspiring lectures on Proust, first delivered in a prison camp in the Soviet Union during World War II. During the Second World War, in the heart of the malevolent Soviet Union, a Polish prisoner of war brought Marcel Proust's novel À la recherche du temps perdu to life without a single page of text available for reference. Presenting a series of lectures in an attempt to distract his fellow officers from their collective misery, Jozef Czapski managed to revive the novel and his experience of reading it purely from memory. It was a clarifying moment for him, a Proustian moment. His talks were given in French, helping to focus the men's minds and distract their thoughts from their grim surroundings. Calling upon deep reserves of aesthetic knowledge and critical thinking in a variety of languages, Czapski offered aspects of Proust's story, like Scheherazade, night after night. His lectures are a testament to the survival of memories of both worlds woven together, the fictional Faubourg Saint-Germain and the actual Soviet prison camp"-- Provided by publisher.

Louisa on the front lines : Louisa May Alcott in the Civil War

February 21, 2019
Seiple, Samantha, author.
New York, NY : Seal Press, 2019.
v, 243 pages ; 24 cm
"Louisa on the Frontlines is the first narrative nonfiction book focusing on the least-known aspect of Louisa May Alcott's career - her time spent as a nurse during the Civil War. Though her service was brief, the dramatic experience was one that she considered pivotal in helping her write the beloved classic Little Women. It also deeply affected her tenuous relationship with her father, and inspired her commitment to abolitionism. Through it all, she kept a journal and wrote letters to her family and friends. These letters were published in the newspaper, and her subsequent book, Hospital Sketches, spotlighted the dire conditions of the military hospitals and the suffering endured by the wounded soldiers she cared for. To this day, her work is considered a pioneering account of military nursing. Alcott's time as an Army nurse in the Civil War helped her find her authentic voice--and cemented her foundational belief system. Louisa on the Frontlines reveals the emergence of this prominent feminist and abolitionist--a woman whose life and work has inspired millions and continues to do so today" -- Provided by publisher.

Solitude & company : the life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez told with help from his friends, family, fans, arguers, fellow pranksters, drunks, and a few respectable souls

February 21, 2019
Paternostro, Silvana, author.
New York : Seven Stories Press, [2019].
336 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm

The art of leaving : a memoir

February 18, 2019
Tsabari, Ayelet, 1973- author.
xii, 319 pages ; 22 cm
Home. In my dreams we hug like grown-ups do -- A simple girl -- You and what army -- A sleepless beast -- Leaving. My American dream -- Missing in action -- The marrying kind -- Soldiers -- Kerosene: a love story -- Not for the faint-hearted -- Return. Tough chick -- Hornets -- Yemeni soup and other recipes -- If I forget you -- Unravel the tangle -- The art of staying.
"This collection opens with the death of Ayelet Tsabari's father when she was a nine-year-old girl. His passing left her feeling rootless, devastated, and driven to question her complex identity as an Israeli of Yemeni descent in a country that suppressed and devalued her ancestors' traditions. In The "Art of Leaving, Ayelet tells her story, from her early love of writing and words, to her rebellion during her mandatory service in the Israeli army. She travels from Israel to New York, to Canada, Thailand, and India, falling in and out of love with countries, men and women, drugs and alcohol, running away from responsibilities and refusing to settle in one place. She recounts her first marriage; her struggle to define herself as a writer in a new language; her decision to become a mother; and finally her rediscovery and embrace of her family history--a history marked by generations of headstrong women who struggled to choose between their hearts and their homes. Eventually, she realizes that she must come to terms with the memories of her father, the sadness of her past, and overcome her fears if she is ever going to come to terms with herself. With fierce, emotional prose, Tsabari crafts a beautiful meditation about the lengths we will travel to try to escape our grief; the universal search to find a place where we belong; and the sense of home we eventually find within ourselves"--Page [4] of cover.

Man-Kzin wars XV

February 18, 2019
New York : Baen, [2019]
335 pages ; 24 cm
Sales pitch / Hal Colebatch -- Singer-of-truth / Martin L. Shoemaker -- The third Kzin / Jason Fregeau -- Excitement / Hal Colebatch and Jessica Q. Fox -- Justice / Jessica Q. Fox -- Saga / Brendan DuBois -- Scrith / Brad R. Torgersen.
"The predatory catlike warrior race known as the Kzin never had a hard time dealing with all those they encountered, conquering alien worlds with little effort. That is until they came face to face with the leaf-eaters known as humans who should have been easy prey. But for years now the humans and the Kzin have been engaged in a series of wars with neither side able to declare victory. Here is a new collection of stories set in the Man-Kzin Wars universe"-- Provided by publisher.

Broken stars : contemporary Chinese science fiction in translation

February 15, 2019
New York : Tor, 2019.
479 pages ; 19 cm.
"A Tom Doherty Associates Book."
Goodnight, melancholy / Xia Jia -- Moonlight / Liu Cixin -- Broken stars / Tang Fei -- Submarines / Han Song -- Salinger and the Koreans / Han Song -- Under a dangling sky / Chen Jingbo -- What has passed shall in kinder light appear / Baoshu -- The New Year train / Hao Jingfang -- The robot who liked to tell tall tales / Fei Dao -- The snow of Jinyang / Zhang Ran -- The restaurant at the end of the universe: Laba porridge / Anna Wu -- The first emperor's games / Ma Boyong -- Reflection / Gu Shi -- The brain box / Regina Kanyu Wang -- Coming of the light / Chen Qiufan -- A history of future illnesses / Chen Qiufan -- A brief introduction to Chinese science fiction and fandom / Regina Kanyu Wang -- A new continent for China scholars: Chinese science fiction studies / Mingwei Song -- Science fiction: embarrassing no more / Fei Dao.
"The stories span the range from short-shorts to novellas, and evoke every hue on the emotional spectrum. Besides stories firmly entrenched in subgenres familiar to Western SFF readers such as hard SF, cyberpunk, science fantasy, and space opera, the anthology also includes stories that showcase deeper ties to Chinese culture: alternate Chinese history, chuanyue time travel, satire with historical and contemporary allusions that are likely unknown to the average Western reader. While the anthology makes no claim or attempt to be "representative" or "comprehensive," it demonstrates the vibrancy and diversity of science fiction being written in China at this moment. "

Anthony Powell : dancing to the music of time

February 14, 2019
Spurling, Hilary, author.
xii, 453 pages, 8 unnumbered pags of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"This is a Borzoi book."
Anthony Powell (1905-2000), best known for his twelve-volume comic masterpiece, A Dance to the Music of Time, was also the author of sixteen earlier novels, plays, and biographies, five memoirs, and three volumes of journals. He was a prolific literary critic and book reviewer.

We begin in gladness : how poets progress : essays

February 14, 2019
Teicher, Craig Morgan, 1979- author.
164 pages ; 21 cm
Introduction: We begin in anticipation -- 1. Beginning and breakthroughs. Ars poetica : origin stories ; Sylvia Plath's surges ; Breakthroughs -- 2. Middles and mirrors. Mirror portraits ; Influences illuminated : francine J. harris ; A long career : W.S. Merwin -- 3. Ending and enduring. Rehearsals and rehashings ; Louise Glück's steady growth ; Endings.
""The staggering thing about a life's work is it takes a lifetime to complete," Craig Morgan Teicher writes in these luminous essays. We Begin in Gladness considers how poets start out, how they learn to hear themselves, and how some offer us that rare, glittering thing: lasting work. Teicher traces the poetic development of the works of Sylvia Plath, John Ashbery, Louise Glück, and Francine J. Harris, among others, to illuminate the paths they forged--by dramatic breakthroughs or by slow increments, and always by perseverance. We Begin in Gladness is indispensable for readers curious about the artistic life and for writers wondering how they might light out--or even scale the peak of the mountain."

The only business writing book you'll ever need

February 12, 2019
Brown, Laura, 1959- author.
New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2019]
xviii, 254 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes index.
To write or not to write? -- What kind of writer are you? -- The seven steps -- The checklist -- The checklist in action : before and after examples -- Types of business writing -- Resources.

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