New Arrivals · Literature

September 13, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Rumi : unseen poems

September 12, 2019
Jalāl al-Dīn Rūmī, Maulana, 1207-1273, author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2019.
222 pages ; 17 cm
Includes index.

Knaves over queens

September 12, 2019
New York : Tor, 2019.
550 pages ; 25 cm.
Series numeration from
"A Tom Doherty Associates book."
A flint lies in the mud / by Kevin Andrew Murphy -- The coming of the crow / by Peadar Ó Guilín -- But a flint holds fire / by Kevin Andrew Murphy -- Needles and pins / by Caroline Spector -- Night orders / by Paul Cornell -- Police on my back / by Charles Stross -- Probationary / by Marko Kloos -- Twisted logic, part1 / by Peter Newman -- Twisted logic part 2 -- The cracks in the city / by Peadar Ó Guilín -- Twisted logic, part 3 -- The ceremony of innocence / by Melinda M. Snodgrass -- How to turn a girl to stone / by Emma Newman -- The visitor / by Mark Lawrence -- Feeding on the entrails / by Peadar Ó Guilín.
As the alien Xenovirus reaches Britain, Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, now gifted with extraordinary longevity, joins with Alan Turing to set up a special organization, the Order of the Silver Helix, to outmaneuver the terrifying mutations of the virus in Britain.

A theory of the aphorism : from Confucius to Twitter

September 11, 2019
Hui, Andrew, 1980- author.
vii, 261 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Introduction: A line -- 1 Confucius: The master wishes to be silent -- 2 Heraclitus: What is hidden -- 3 The Gospel of Thomas: What is revealed -- 4 Erasmus and Bacon: Antiquity and the new science -- 5 Pascal: The fragments of infinity -- 6 Nietzsche: The fragments of the unfinished -- Epilogue: A circle -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- Bibliographic Essay -- Bibliography -- Index.
Aphorisms--or philosophical short sayings--appear everywhere, from Confucius to Twitter, the Buddha to the Bible, Heraclitus to Nietzsche. Yet despite this ubiquity, the aphorism is the least studied literary form. What are its origins? How did it develop? How do religious or philosophical movements arise from the enigmatic sayings of charismatic leaders? And why do some of our most celebrated modern philosophers use aphoristic fragments to convey their deepest ideas? In A Theory of the Aphorism, Andrew Hui crisscrosses histories and cultures to answer these questions and more. With clarity and precision, Hui demonstrates how aphorisms--ranging from China, Greece, and biblical antiquity to the European Renaissance and nineteenth century--encompass sweeping and urgent programs of thought. Constructed as literary fragments, aphorisms open new lines of inquiry and horizons of interpretation. In this way, aphorisms have functioned as ancestors, allies, or antagonists to grand systems of philosophy. Encompassing literature, philology, and philosophy, the history of the book and the history of reading, A Theory of the Aphorism invites us to reflect anew on what it means to think deeply about this pithiest of literary forms.

The bakeshop at Pumpkin and Spice

September 6, 2019
359 pages ; 21 cm
"The recipe for love always includes a dash of magic..."--Cover.
Sweet magic / Donna Kauffman-- Love spells disaster / Allyson Charles-- Sweet on you / Kate Angell.
"Witches, goblins, the occasional ghost--they're all sure to be spotted at the annual Halloween parade, where adults and children alike dress in costume to celebrate Moonbright's favorite holiday. And no place has more seasonal spirit than Bellaluna's Bakeshop, a family business steeped in traditional recipes, welcoming warmth--and, legend has it, truly spellbinding, heart-melting treats... Between good-natured Halloween tricks, frothy pumpkin lattes, and some very special baked goods, for three Moonbright residents looking for love--whether they know it or not--the spookiest thing will be how magical romance can suddenly be..."--Provided by publisher.

The old editor says : maxims for writing and editing

August 29, 2019
Mcintyre, John E. (John Early)
Baltimore, MD : Apprentice House, Loyola University Maryland, ©2013.
67 pages ; 21 cm

Elements of fiction

August 28, 2019
Mosley, Walter, author.
xii, 115 pages ; 22 cm
"First Grove Atlantic hardcover edition: September 2019" -- Verso title page.
"In his essential writing guide, This Year You Write Your Novel, Walter Mosley supplied aspiring writers with the basic tools and practical advice needed to write a novel in a single year. In this complementary follow up, Mosley guides the reader through the fundamental building blocks of fiction to deliver a master class on the writer's craft. In a series of conversational and instructive chapters, Mosley breaks down the art of fiction to its most essential elements: character and character development, plot and story, voice and narrative, context and description. The result is a detailed depiction of the writing process, from the blank page to the first draft to rewriting, and rewriting again. Throughout, Elements of Fiction is enriched by the author's reflection on his own methods and enlivened by engaging demonstrative examples, not drawn from other literary works but written by Mosley himself. Inspiring, accessible, and told in a voice both trustworthy and wise, Elements of Fiction is an indispensable book of tips, tools, and advice for writers and readers alike"-- Provided by publisher.

March sisters : on life, death, and Little women

August 27, 2019
Bolick, Kate, author.
New York : The Library of America, 2019.
xiv, 182 pages : 1 illustration ; 19 cm
Special publication--Title page.
On its 150th anniversary, four acclaimed authors offer personal reflections on their lifelong engagement with Louisa May Alcott's classic novel of girlhood and growing up. For the 150th anniversary of the publication of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, Kate Bolick, Jenny Zhang, Carmen Maria Machado, and Jane Smiley explore their strong lifelong personal engagement with Alcott's novel--what it has meant to them and why it still matters. Each takes as her subject one of the four March sisters, reflecting on their stories and what they have to teach us about life. Kate Bolick finds parallels in oldest sister Meg's brush with glamour at the Moffats' ball and her own complicated relationship with clothes. Jenny Zhang confesses to liking Jo least among the sisters when she first read the novel as a girl, uncomfortable in finding so much of herself in a character she feared was too unfeminine. Carmen Maria Machado writes about the real-life tragedy of Lizzie Alcott, the inspiration for third sister Beth, and the horror story that can result from not being the author of your own life's narrative. And Jane Smiley rehabilitates the reputation of youngest sister Amy, whom she sees as a modern feminist role model for those of us who are, well, not like the fiery Jo. These four voices come together to form a deep, funny, far-ranging meditation on the power of great literature to shape our lives.

Improv for writers : 10 secrets to help novelists and screenwriters bypass writer's block and generate infinite ideas

August 27, 2019
Marie, Jorjeana, author.
New York : Ten Speed Press, [2019]
x, 214 pages ; 21 cm
Rule #1 : say "yes!" -- Rule #1.5 : " ... and" -- Rule #2 : be in the moment -- Rule #3 : have no expectations -- Rule #4 : trust -- Rule #5 : listen -- Rule #6 : commit -- Rule #7 : be an expert -- Rule #8 : be specific -- Rule #9 : set an intention -- Rule #10 : judge not -- Bonus rule : conjure enthusiasm -- Ideas -- Settings -- Characters -- Premises -- Dialogue -- Plot and structure -- Genres -- Theme -- Editing -- Afterword : living with these games.
"Improv instructor and writer Jorjeana Marie presents the first book to harness the creative power of improvisation exercises to help both aspiring and seasoned authors defeat writer's block and generate new ideas"-- Provided by publisher.

Nathaniel Hawthorne,

August 22, 2019
Woodberry, George Edward, 1855-1930.
Boston, New York, Houghton, Mifflin and Co., 1902.
iv, 302 pages : port. ; 18 cm.
Includes index.
First years -- The chamber under the eaves -- Weigher, gauger, and farmer -- The old manse -- The scarlet letter -- Literary labors -- Life abroad -- Last years.

Haunted house murder

August 21, 2019
New York : Kensington Books, [2019]
321 pages ; 22 cm
Haunted house murder / Leslie Meier -- Death by haunted house / Lee Hollis -- Hallowed out / Barbara Ross.
HAUNTED HOUSE MURDER : Lucy Stone must determine whether the arrival of an eccentric couple and the disappearance of a local boy are linked. DEATH BY HAUNTED HOUSE : Hayley Powell investigates a mysterious property and a missing realtor. HALLOWED OUT : a killer Halloween party leaves an actor dead and Julia Snowden searching for clues.

Echoes : the Saga anthology of ghost stories

August 15, 2019
New York : Saga Press, [2019]
xiii, 795 pages ; 23 cm
"The essential collection of beloved ghost stories, compiled by the editor who helped define the genre--including stories from award-winning, bestselling authors such as Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Hoffman, Seanan McGuire, and Paul Tremblay. Everyone loves a good ghost story, especially Ellen Datlow--the most lauded editor in short works of supernatural suspense and dark fantasy. The Saga Anthology of Ghost Stories is her definitive collection of ghost stories. These twenty-nine stories, including all new works from New York Times bestselling authors Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Hoffman, Seanan McGuire, and Paul Tremblay, span from the traditional to the eclectic, from the mainstream to the literary, from pure fantasy to the bizarrely supernatural. Whether you're reading alone under the covers with a flashlight, or around a campfire with a circle of friends, there's something here to please--and spook--everyone. Contributors include: Joyce Carol Oates, Alice Hoffman, Vincent J. Masterson, A.C. Wise, M. Rickert, Seanan McGuire, Lee Thomas, Alison Littlewood, M.L. Siemienowicz, Richard Kadrey, Indrapramit Das, Richard Bowes, Nick Mamatas, Terry Dowling, Aliette de Bodard, Carole Johnstone, Dale Bailey, Stephen Graham Jones, Bracken MacLeod, Garth Nix, Brian Evenson, Jeffrey Ford, Gemma Files, Paul Tremblay, Nathan Ballingrud, Pat Cadigan, John Langan"-- Provided by publisher.

Sycorax's daughters

August 14, 2019
xix, 536 pages ; 23 cm
Foreword / by Walidah Imarisha -- Introduction / by Kinitra D. Brooks -- Tree of the forest seven bells turns the world round midnight / by Sheree Renée Thomas -- The lonely, salty sea / by A.J. Locke -- Scales / by Cherene Sherrard -- Letty / by Regina N. Bradley -- A real friend will let you break / by A.J. Locke -- Ma laja / by Tracey Baptiste -- Red scorpion / by Deborah Elizabeth Whaley -- Born again / by RaShell R. Smith-Spears -- Thirsty for love / by Vocab -- How to speak to the bogeyman / by Carole McDonnell -- Sweet Jesus in the corner / by Tenea D. Johnson -- The monster / by Crystal Connor -- Last of the red hot lovers / by Amber Doe -- Taste the taint : a cursed story / by Kai Leakes -- Whispers & lies / by Deborah Elizabeth Whaley -- Cheaters / by Tish Jackson -- Kim / by Nicole D. Sconiers -- More's the pity / by Tenea D. Johnson -- Summer skin / by Zin E. Rocklyn -- A blues* / by Tiffany Austin -- Taking the good / by Dana Mcknight -- Polydactyl / by Tanesha Nicole Tyler -- Mona Livelong : paranormal detective II / by Valjeanne Jeffers -- The malady of need / by Kiini Ibura Salaam -- The ever after / by L. Marie Wood -- Perfect connection / by Deana Zhollis -- Foundling / by Tenea D. Johnson -- Rise / by Nicole Givens Kurtz -- Of sound mind and body / by K. Ceres Wright -- Asunder / by Lori Titus -- Terror and the dark / by Carole McDonnell -- The tale of Eve of De-Nile / by Joy Copeland -- Sweetgrass blood / by Eden Royce -- The armoire / by Patricia E. Canterbury -- A little not music / by LH Moore -- Dyer died in silence / by Vocab -- The Mankana-kill / by L. Penelope -- Toward a peacock poem / by Tiffany Austin -- Mama / by A.D. Koboah -- To give her whatsoever she would ask / by R.L. Joseph -- The empty house / A.J. Locke -- Afterword: Sycorax's daughters unveiled -- Afterword: Sycorax speaks.
Thought-provoking, powerful, and revealing, this anthology is composed of 28 dark stories and 14 poems written by African-American women writers. The tales of what scares, threatens, and shocks them will enlighten and entertain readers. The works delve into demons and shape-shifters from "How to Speak to the Bogeyman" and "Tree of the Forest Seven Bells Turns the World Round Midnight" to far future offerings such as "The Malady of Need". These pieces cover vampires, ghosts, and mermaids, as well as the unexpected price paid by women struggling for freedom and validation in the past. Contributors include: Tiffany Austin, Tracey Baptiste, Regina N. Bradley, Patricia E. Canterbury, Crystal Connor, Joy M. Copeland, Amber Doe, Tish Jackson, Valjeanne Jeffers, Tenea D. Johnson, R. J. Joseph, A. D. Koboah Nicole Givens Kurtz, Kai Leakes, A. J. Locke, Carole McDonnell, Dana T. McKnight , LH Moore, L. Penelope, Zin E. Rocklyn , Eden Royce, Kiini Ibura Salaam, Andrea Vocab Sanderson, Nicole D. Sconiers, Cherene Sherrard, RaShell R. Smith-Spears, Sheree Renée Thomas, Lori Titus, Tanesha Nicole Tyler, Deborah Elizabeth Whaley, L. Marie Wood, K. Ceres Wright, and Deana Zhollis.

The big book of classic fantasy : the ultimate collection

August 14, 2019
New York : Vintage Books, 2019.
xix, 822 pages ; 24 cm
INTRODUCTION / Ann and Jeff VanderMeer -- THE QUEEN'S SON / Bettina von Arnim -- HANS-MY-HEDGEHOG / Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm -- THE STORY OF THE HARD NUT / E.T.A. Hoffmann -- RIP VAN WINKLE / Washington Irving -- THE LUCK OF THE BEAN-ROWS / Charles Nodier -- TRANSFORMATION / Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley -- THE NEST OF NIGHTINGALES / Théophile Gautier -- THE FAIRYTALE ABOUT A DEAD BODY, BELONGING TO NO ONE KNOWS WHOM / Vladimir Odoevsky -- THE STORY OF THE GOBLINS WHO STOLE A SEXTON / Charles Dickens -- THE NOSE / Nikolai Gogol -- THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF M. VALDEMAR / Edgar Allan Poe -- THE STORY OF JEON UNCHI / Anonymous -- FEATHERTOP: A MORALIZED LEGEND / Nathaniel Hawthorne -- MASTER ZACHARIUS / Jules Verne -- THE FROST-KING: OR, THE POWER OF LOVE / Louisa May Alcott -- THE TARTARUS OF MAIDS / Herman Melville -- THE MAGIC MIRROR / George MacDonald -- THE DIAMOND LENS / Fitz-James O'Brien -- GOBLIN MARKET / Christina Rossetti -- THE WILL-O'-THE-WISPS ARE IN TOWN / Hans Christian Andersen -- THE LEGEND OF THE PALE MAIDEN / Aleksis Kivi -- LOOKING-GLASS HOUSE / Lewis Carroll -- FURNICA, OR THE QUEEN OF THE ANTS / Carmen Sylva -- THE STORY OF IVÁN THE FOOL / Leo Tolstoy -- THE GOOPHERED GRAPEVINE / Charles W. Chestnutt -- THE BEE-MAN OF ORN / Frank R. Stockton -- THE REMARKABLE ROCKET / Oscar Wilde -- THE ENSOULED VIOLIN / H.P. Blavatskaya -- THE DEATH OF ODJIGH / Marcel Schwob -- THE TERRESTRIAL FIRE / Marcel Schwob -- THE KINGDOM OF CARDS / Rabindranath Tagore -- THE OTHER SIDE: A BRETON LEGEND / Count Eric Stanlislaus Stenbock -- THE FULNESS OF LIFE / Edith Wharton -- PRINCE ALBERIC AND THE SNAKE LADY / Vernon Lee -- THE LITTLE ROOM / Madeline Yale Wynne -- THE PLATTNER STORY / H.G. Wells -- THE PRINCESS BALADINA--HER ADVENTURE / Willa Cather -- THE RELUCTANT DRAGON / Kenneth Grahame -- IKTOMI TALES / Zitkala-Ša -- MARIONETTES / Louis Fréchette -- DANCE OF THE COMETS: AN ASTRAL PANTOMIME IN TWO ACTS / Paul Scheerbart -- THE WHITE PEOPLE / Arthur Machen -- BLAMOL / Gustav Meyrink -- GOBLINS: A LOGGING CAMP STORY / Louis Fréchette -- SOWBREAD / Grazia Deledda -- THE ANGRY STREET / G.K. Chesterton -- THE AUNT AND AMABEL / E. Nesbit -- SACRIFICE / Aleksey Remizov -- THE PRINCESS STEEL / W.E.B. Du Bois -- THE HUMP / Fernán Caballero -- THE CELESTIAL OMNIBUS / E.M. Forster -- THE LEGEND OF THE ICE BABIES / E. Pauline Johnson -- THE LAST REDOUBT / William Hope Hodgson -- JACK PUMPKINHEAD AND THE SAWHORSE / L. Frank Baum -- THE PLANT MEN / Edgar Rice Burroughs -- STRANGE NEWS FROM ANOTHER STAR / Hermann Hesse -- THE METAMORPHOSIS / Franz Kafka -- THE HOARD OF THE GIBBELINS / Lord Dunsany -- THROUGH THE DRAGON GLASS / A. Merritt -- DAVID BLAIZE AND THE BLUE DOOR / E.F. Benson -- THE BIG BESTIARY OF MODERN LITERATURE / Franz Blei -- THE ALLIGATOR WAR / Horacio Quiroga -- FRIEND ISLAND / Francis Stevens -- MAGIC COMES TO A COMMITTEE / Stella Benson -- GRAMOPHONE OF THE AGES / Yefim Zozulya -- JOIWIND / David Lindsay -- SOUND IN THE MOUNTAIN / Maurice Renard -- SENNIN / Ryūnosuke Akutagawa -- KOSHTRA PIVRARCHA / E.R. Eddison -- AT THE BORDER / Der Nister -- THE MARVELOUS EXPLOITS OF PAUL BUNYAN / W.B. Laughead -- TALKATIVE DOMOVOI / Aleksandr Grin -- THE RATCATCHER / Aleksandr Grin -- THE SHADOW KINGDOM / Robert E. Howard -- THE MAN TRAVELING WITH THE BROCADE PORTRAIT / Edogawa Ranpo -- A VISIT TO THE MUSEUM / Vladimir Nabokov -- THE WATER SPRITE'S TALE / Karel Čapek -- THE CAPITAL OF CAT COUNTRY / Lao She -- COYOTE STORIES / Mourning Dove -- UNCLE MONDAY / Zora Neale Hurston -- ROSE-COLD, MOON SKATER / María Teresa León -- A NIGHT OF THE HIGH SEASON / Bruno Schulz -- THE INFLUENCE OF THE SUN / Fernand Dumont -- THE TOWN OF CATS / Hagiwara Sakutarō -- THE DEBUTANTE / Leonora Carrington -- THE JEWELS IN THE FOREST / Fritz Leiber -- EVENING PRIMROSE / John Collier -- THE COMING OF THE WHITE WORM / Clark Ashton Smith -- THE MAN WHO COULD WALK THROUGH WALLS / Marcel Aymé -- LEAF BY NIGGLE / J.R.R. Tolkien
Unearth the enchanting origins of fantasy fiction with a collection of tales as vast as the tallest tower and as mysterious as the dark depths of the forest. Fantasy stories have always been with us. They illuminate the odd and the uncanny, the wondrous and the fantastic: all the things we know are lurking just out of sight--on the other side of the looking-glass, beyond the music of the impossibly haunting violin, through the twisted trees of the ancient woods. Other worlds, talking animals, fairies, goblins, demons, tricksters, and mystics: these are the elements that populate a rich literary tradition that spans the globe. A work composed both of careful scholarship and fantastic fun, The Big Book of Classic Fantasy is essential reading for anyone who's never forgotten the stories that first inspired feelings of astonishment and wonder. INCLUDING: *Stories by pillars of the genre like the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Mary Shelley, Christina Rossetti, L. Frank Baum, Robert E. Howard, and J.R.R. Tolkien *Fantastical offerings from literary giants including Edith Wharton, Leo Tolstoy, Willa Cather, Zora Neale Hurston, Vladimir Nabokov, Hermann Hesse, and W.E.B. Du Bois *Rare treasures from Asian, Eastern European, Scandinavian, and Native American traditions *New translations, including fourteen stories never before in English PLUS: *Beautifully Bizarre Creatures! *Strange New Worlds Just Beyond the Garden Path! *Fairy Folk and Their Dark Mischief! *Seriously Be Careful--Do Not Trust Those Fairies!

A keeper : a novel

August 9, 2019
Norton, Graham, 1963- author.
New York, N,.Y. : Atria Books, 2019.
310 pages ; 24 cm
Originally published in Great Britain in 2018 by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.
"A haunting tale of secrets and ill-fated love follows a young woman who returns to Ireland after her mother's death and unravels the identity of her father" --Provided by publisher.

White flights : race, fiction, and the American imagination

August 7, 2019
Row, Jess, author.
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Graywolf Press, [2019]
310 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
"White Flights is a meditation on whiteness in American fiction and culture from the end of the civil rights movement to the present. At the heart of the book, Jess Row ties "white flight"--the movement of white Americans into segregated communities, whether in suburbs or newly gentrified downtowns--to white writers setting their stories in isolated or emotionally insulated landscapes, from the mountains of Idaho in Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping to the claustrophobic households in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections. Row uses brilliant close readings of work from well-known writers such as Don DeLillo, Annie Dillard, Richard Ford, and David Foster Wallace to examine the ways these and other writers have sought imaginative space for themselves at the expense of engaging with race. White Flights aims to move fiction to a more inclusive place, and Row looks beyond criticism to consider writing as a reparative act. What would it mean, he asks, if writers used fiction "to approach each other again"? Row turns to the work of James Baldwin, Dorothy Allison, and James Alan McPherson to discuss interracial love in fiction, while also examining his own family heritage as a way to interrogate his position. A moving and provocative book that includes music, film, and literature in its arguments, White Flights is an essential work of cultural and literary criticism."

In the country of women : a memoir

August 6, 2019
Straight, Susan, author.
xviii, 363 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Prologue: Homerica -- Part I. Little House in the Thistles ; The First Bullet ; The Dance ; The Country Squire ; Nurse-in-Charge ; Hey Now ; Olympia - One Can Could Get You Pregnant ; Daisy Belle ; Driveway #1 - The First Love Letter -- Part II. Castas ; Mulato ; The Second Bullet ; Fruitful ; The Toast ; Fruitful #2 -- Part III. Run the World ; Wild Things ; Pig ; The Santa Ana River ; A Secondhand Lonely ; Dew Point - Pack of Four ; Love Strands ; Crosses and Missions ; Coach - Driveway #2 ; The Batmobile ; The Yard Couch ; Grizzly ; Nine ; Al Green - Driveway #1, The Second Love Letter ; Travels with My Ex in the Time of Revenue -- Part IV. Switzerland, Loveland, Cuddlyland ; Bring Me Your Smartest Girl ; Kin - White House #1 ; A Place of Style and Refuge - White House #2 ; Letter to My Nephew - Our Dungeon Shook (After James Baldwin) ; American Human Not Interested ; Braid/Züpfe ; Ancestry ; Saphina ; The Work of Women - Evaporation and Memory, white House #3 -- Acknowledgements
"In inland Southern California, near the desert and the Mexican border, Susan Straight, a self-proclaimed book nerd, and Dwayne Sims, an African American basketball player, started dating in high school. After college, they married and drove to Amherst, Massachusetts, where Straight met her teacher and mentor, James Baldwin, who encouraged her to write. Once back in Riverside, at driveway barbecues and fish fries with the large, close-knit Sims family, Straight--and eventually her three daughters--heard for decades the stories of Dwayne's female ancestors. Some women escaped violence in post-slavery Tennessee, some escaped murder in Jim Crow Mississippi, and some fled abusive men. Straight's mother-in-law, Alberta Sims, is the descendant at the heart of this memoir. Susan's family, too, reflects the hardship and resilience of women pushing onward--from Switzerland, Canada, and the Colorado Rockies to California. A Pakistani word, biraderi, is one Straight uses to define a complex system of kinship and clan--those who become your family. An entire community helped raise her daughters. Of her three girls, now grown and working in museums and the entertainment industry, Straight writes, "The daughters of our ancestors carry in their blood at least three continents. We are not about borders. We are about love and survival." In the Country of Women is a valuable social history and a personal narrative that reads like a love song to America and indomitable women." -- from Jacket.

The long accomplishment : a memoir of hope and struggle in matrimony

August 6, 2019
Moody, Rick, author.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2019.
306 pages ; 22 cm
Rick Moody, the award-winning author of The Ice Storm, shares the harrowing true story of the first year of his second marriage, an eventful month-by-month account in The Long Accomplishment: A Memoir of Struggle and Hope in Matrimony. At this story's start, Moody, a recovering alcoholic and sexual compulsive with a history of depression, is also the divorced father of a beloved little girl and a man in love; his answer to the question "Would you like to be in a committed relationship?" is, fully and for the first time in his life, "Yes." And so his second marriage begins as he emerges, humbly and with tender hopes, from the wreckage of his past, only to be battered by a stormy sea of external troubles, miscarriages, the deaths of friends, and robberies, just for starters. As Moody has put it, "this is a story in which a lot of bad luck is the daily fare of the protagonists, but in which they are also in love." To Moody's astonishment, matrimony turns out to be the site of strength in hard times, a vessel infinitely tougher and more durable than any boat these two participants would have traveled by alone. Love buoys the couple, lifting them above their hardships, and the reader is buoyed along with them.

Travel light, move fast

August 2, 2019
Fuller, Alexandra, 1969- author.
225 pages ; 24 cm
In the unlikely event of money, buy two tickets to Paris -- When in doubt, have a cigarette -- Befriend the moon -- Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet -- Don't just stand there, do something -- If you are it, you don't need to say it -- Make a plan, and if that doesn't work, make another plan -- If you're going to go to the dogs, go the whole way -- In times of excessive difficulty, cope excessively -- Routine : nature's antidote to disappointment -- A widow's farm -- If you stay in the middle of your suffering, you'll never find the edge of it -- Epilogue : the end in the end.
"When her father becomes gravely ill on holiday in Budapest, Alexandra Fuller rushes to join her mother at his bedside. Defiant until the end, together they see out his last days, and then they must navigate the bleak comedy of organising a cremation and the transport of ashes back to their family home in Africa. As they make this journey and begin to grieve together, Fuller realises that if she is going to weather her father's loss, she will need to become the parts of him that she misses most. A master of time and memory, Fuller moves seamlessly between the days and months following her father's death, and her memories of a childhood spent running after him in southern and central Africa. And her own life begins to change. She faces seemingly irreparable family fallout, new love found and lost, and eventually further, unimaginable bereavement, holding fast to the lessons her father taught her about how to survive, whatever life throws at you."

Student's guide to writing college papers

August 1, 2019
Turabian, Kate L., author.
xvii, 321 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Imagining your project -- Defining a research question -- Working toward an answer -- Doing your research -- Engaging sources -- Constructing your argument -- Planning a first draft -- Drafting your paper -- Incorporating your sources -- Avoiding plagiarism -- Using tables and figures -- Organizing your paper -- Writing your introduction and conclusion -- Revising your paper -- Revising sentences -- Learning from readers' comments -- Delivering your research as a presentation -- On the spirit of research -- Citations -- Chicago style -- MLA style -- APA style -- Spelling: plurals, possessives, and hyphenation -- Punctuation -- Titles, names, and numbers.

Literary Paris : a photographic tour

July 19, 2019
Robertson, Nichole, author.
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, [2019]
128 pages : color illustrations ; 19 cm
An essential addition to the library of every booklover and Francophile, this unique love letter to Paris offers an immersive photographic stroll through its literary delights, from historic bookstores to hidden cafes. Paris in Color author Nichole Robertson turns her lens onto spots both legendary and little-known, highlighting quiet moments that every booklover savors--inviting cafe scenes, comfy chairs, enticing book nooks--and the weathered charm of places steeped in centuries of literary history. Quotes by great writers such as Balzac and Colette are interspersed throughout, while a timeline and an index of featured locations round out the volume. This bijou treasure of a book will inspire every creative soul who dreams of following in the footsteps of their literary heroes.

For the love of books : stories of literary lives, banned books, author feuds, extraordinary characters, and more

July 9, 2019
Tarrant, Graham, author.
New York : Skyhorse Publishing, 2019.
239 pages ; 22 cm
The coming of the book -- Novel approaches -- Ban the book -- Writers' feuds -- Writers at work -- Making crime pay -- Prison sentences -- Family connections -- Under the influence -- Dear diary -- Grim reapings -- Other people's lives -- The spying game -- Worlds of imagination -- Who's really who -- Asteroids to zombies -- Writers in the dock -- Supply and demand -- Glittering prizes -- Naming names -- Children's classics -- Bestselling phenomena.
"A light-hearted book about books and the people who write them for all lovers of literature. Do you know: Which famous author died of caffeine poisoning? Why Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was banned in China? Who was the first British writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature? What superstitions Truman Capote kept whenever he wrote? Who the other Winston Churchill was? A treasure trove of compelling facts, riveting anecdotes, and extraordinary characters, For the Love of Books is a book about books--and the inside stories about the people who write them. Learn how books evolved, what lies behind some of the greatest tales ever told, and who's really who in the world of fiction. From banned books to famous feuding authors, from literary felons to rejected masterpieces, from tips for aspiring writers to stand-out book lists for readers to catch up on, For the Love of Books is a celebration of the written word and an absolute page-turner for any book lover. Read all about it!"-- Provided by publisher.

The Brightest Day : a Juneteenth Historical Romance Anthology

July 8, 2019
[North Charleston, SC] : [CreateSpace], ©2015.
318 pages ; 23 cm
Amazing Grace / by Lena Hart -- Drifting To You / by Kianna Alexander -- A Sweet Way To Freedom / by Piper Huguley -- Let It Shine / by Alyssa Cole.
The Brightest Day: A Juneteenth Historical Romance Anthology, with a foreword by the inimitable Beverly Jenkins, brings you four novellas highlighting love, light, and hope set over a period of history that's often left in the shadows. Amazing Grace, by Lena Hart: It's the year 1866--the Civil War is over and slavery has ended. Life for 18-year-old Gracie Shaw takes an unexpected turn when she is "encouraged" to marry a man sight-unseen. Boarded on a train headed West--to lawless territory--she is faced with misfortune at every turn and must accept the help of former Confederate soldier, Logan Finley, while denying herself the one thing she wants most. Him. Drifting to You, by Kianna Alexander: During the sultry Carolina summer of 1875, baker Rosaline Rhodes boards a Juneteenth cruise down the Cape Fear River. She's there to serve her famous cinnamon spice cake; shipbuilder Will Pruett is there for pleasure. They've denied their mutual attraction for months, but now the river won't be the only thing ebbing and flowing. A Sweet Way to Freedom, by Piper Huguley: In 1910, schoolteacher Missouri Baxter refuses to return home with a big belly and no husband. She's got nine months to teach juke joint owner Arlo Tucker--a most reluctant student--an important lesson about what marriage means to their people. With God on her side, she'll show him "A Sweet Way to Freedom." Let It Shine, by Alyssa Cole: Sofronia Wallis knows that proper Black women don't court trouble by upending the status quo, and they most certainly don't associate with roughneck Jewish boxers like Ivan Friedman. But it's 1961 and the Civil Rights movement is in full swing. Change--and love--are coming whether Sofie is ready or not.

aSisŭt'ŏsŭ pŭradŏsŭ = The Sisters brothers

July 8, 2019
deWitt, Patrick, 1975- author.
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Munhak Tongne, 2019.
366 pages ; 21 cm
Translated from the English.
When a frontier baron known as the Commodore orders Charlie and Eli Sisters, his hired gunslingers, to track down and kill a prospector named Herman Kermit Warm, the brothers journey from Oregon to San Francisco, and eventually to Warm's claim in the Sierra foothills, running into a witch, a bear, a dead Indian, a parlor of drunken floozies, and a gang of murderous fur trappers.

The wounded angel : fiction and the religious imagination

July 5, 2019
Lakeland, Paul, 1946- author.
Collegeville, Minnesota : Liturgical Press, [2017]
xv, 226 pages ; 22 cm
What is the act of faith? -- Faith in the modern world -- Faith and fiction -- The crisis of faith and the promise of grace -- Secular mysticism -- What's Catholicism got to do with it? -- The sacred and the secular -- The communion of saints -- Saving stories.

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