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January 12, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Fanfare Cincinnati.

January 11, 2019
Cincinnati, Ohio : Cincinnati Magazine, [2013/14]-
volumes : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Magazine-style program books featuring Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Pops, CSO Chamber Players, Lollipops Family Concerts, and other special concert events.


January 11, 2019
Linton Chamber Music (Organization), issuing body.
Cincinnati, Ohio : Linton Chamber Music
volumes : illustrations ; 22 cm

The birth of loud : Leo Fender, Les Paul, and the guitar-pioneering rivalry that shaped rock 'n' roll

January 11, 2019
Port, Ian S., author.
New York : Scribner, [2019]
ix, 340 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
"In the years after World War II, music was evolving from big-band jazz into the primordial elements of rock 'n' roll—and these louder styles demanded revolutionary instruments. When Leo Fender's tiny firm marketed the first solid-body electric guitar, the Esquire, musicians immediately saw its appeal. Not to be out-maneuvered, Gibson, the largest guitar manufacturer, raced to build a competitive product. The company designed an 'axe' that would make Fender's Esquire look cheap and convinced Les Paul—whose endorsement Leo Fender had sought—to put his name on it. Thus was born the guitar world's most heated rivalry: Gibson versus Fender, Les versus Leo. While Fender was a quiet, half-blind, self-taught radio repairman from rural Orange County, Paul was a brilliant but egomaniacal pop star and guitarist who spent years toying with new musical technologies. Their contest turned into an arms race as the most inventive musicians of the 1950s and 1960s—including bluesman Muddy Waters, rocker Buddy Holly, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Eric Clapton—adopted one maker's guitar or another. By the time Jimi Hendrix played 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at Woodstock in 1969 on his Fender Stratocaster, it was clear that electric instruments—Fender or Gibson—had launched music into a radical new age, empowering artists with a vibrancy and volume never before attainable."

Geddy Lee's big beautiful book of bass

January 8, 2019
Lee, Geddy, author.
New York : Harper Design, 2018.
1 volume : illustrations ; 30 cm
"From Rush frontman Geddy Lee's personal collection of vintage electric bass guitars, dating from the 1950s to the 1980s, comes the definitive volume on the subject. Geddy's love of the bass has been nurtured over a lifetime spent in the limelight as one of the world's premier rock bassists. For the past seven years, he's dedicated himself to studying the history of the instrument that's been so essential to his career, collecting hundreds of basses from around the globe, 250 of which are presented here in breathtaking detail with specially commissioned photography by Richard Sibbald. Written in Geddy's singular voice, this book reveals the stories, songs, and history behind the instruments of his inimitable collection. Complete with a whimsically designed timeline of the history of the bass, an up-close look at Geddy's basses on Rush's final R40 Tour, his stage and recording gear from 1968 to 2017, and forewords by author and respected vintage expert, Terry Foster, and Rush band member, Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass is the ultimate compendium for the consummate collector, musician, Rush fan, and anyone who loves the bass guitar".--Provided by publisher.

Complicated game : inside the songs of XTC

December 28, 2018
Partridge, Andy, interviewee.
London : Jawbone, 2016.
398 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 22 cm
Swindon : a perambulation / John Morrish -- This is pop -- Statue of Liberty -- Meccanik dancing -- Beatown -- Roads girdle the globe -- Real by reel -- Complicated game -- Respectable street -- No language in our lungs -- Travels in Nihilon -- Senses working overtime -- Jason and the Argonauts -- No thugs in our house -- Beating of hearts -- Love on a farmboy's wages -- Seagulls screaming Kiss her, kiss her -- The everyday story of Smalltown -- 25 o'clock -- That's really super, Supergirl -- Dear God -- Mayor of Simpleton -- Chalkhills and children -- The disappointed -- Rook -- River of orchids -- I can't own her -- The last balloon -- Stupidly happy -- Church of women -- Rainbeau melt -- Epilogue. Songwriting.
"Complicated Game offers unique insight into the work of XTC founder Andy Partridge, one of Britain's most original and influential songwriters. It is also an unprecedentedly revealing and instructive guide to how songs and records are made. Developed from a series of interviews conducted over many months, it explores in detail some thirty of Partridge's songs - including such well-known singles as 'Senses Working Overtime' and the controversial 'Dear God' - from throughout XTC's thirty-year career, as well as an extensive interview dedicated solely to the art and craft of songwriting. While the interviews cast new light on the writing of lyrics, the construction of melodies and arrangements, the process of recording, and the workings of the music industry, they are also filled with anecdotes about Partridge, his XTC bandmates, and their adventures around the world - all told with the songwriter's legendary humour. This fascinating book also includes pages from Partridge's songwriting notebooks and reproductions of his original artwork designs; a guided tour of his hometown of Swindon; and a foreword by Steven Wilson, the guitarist, songwriter, and record producer best known as the founder and leader of Porcupine Tree."--Publisher information.

The gospel according to Luke

December 28, 2018
Lukather, Steve, author.
xiii, 337 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes discography (pages 317-337).
The outrageous and often hilarious autobiography of legendary session musician and lead guitarist and singer of Toto. No one explodes one of the longest-held misconceptions of music history better than Steve Lukather and his band Toto. The dominant sound of the late '70s and '80s was not punk, but a slick, polished amalgam of rock and R&B first staked out on Boz Scaggs' Silk Degrees. That album was shaped in large part by the founding members of Toto, who were emerging as the most in-demand elite session crew in LA, and further developed on the band's self-titled multi-platinum debut. A string of massive hits followed for Toto while Lukather and bandmates David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, and Steve Porcaro also served as creative linchpins on some of the most successful and influential records of the era, including Michael Jackson's Thriller. In this incisive memoir, Lukather tells the complete Toto story. He also lifts the lid on what went on behind the closed studio doors, shedding light on the unique creative processes of some of the most legendary names in music: from Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, and Elton John to Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Roger Waters, and Aretha Franklin. Lukather's extraordinary tale also encompasses the dark side of stardom and the American Dream. Frank, engaging, and often hilarious, The Gospel According to Luke is no ordinary rock memoir. It is the real thing.

Let's go! : Benjamin Orr and the Cars

December 21, 2018
Milliken, Joe, 1966- author.
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2019]
xviii, 227 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

Megalife : the autobiography of Nick Menza

December 18, 2018
Menza, Nick, 1964-2016, author.
xvii, 198 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 23 cm

Debussy : a painter in sound

December 18, 2018
Walsh, Stephen, 1942- author.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018.
ix, 323 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, portraits ; 25 cm
"This is a Borzoi book published by Alfred A. Knopf"--Title page verso.
Prelude : A biography of sorts -- The prisoner and the prodigy -- Songs for Marie -- Up at the villa -- New rules, old morals -- Mallarmé and Maeterlinck -- Bilitis and other women -- Lilly versus the piano -- Taking to the water -- Images in name as well as fact -- A crumbling house and a sunken cathedral -- Theatres of the body and the mind -- War in black and white -- Indian summer, stygian winter -- What the modern made of him.
Claude Debussy was that rare creature, a composer who reinvented the language of music without alienating the majority of music lovers. He is the modernist everyone loves. How did he manage this? Was it through the association of his music with visual images, or was it simply that, by throwing out the rule book of the Paris Conservatoire where he studied, his music put beauty of sound above the spiritual ambitions of the German tradition from which those rules derived. Stephen Walsh's thought-provoking biography, told partly through the events of Debussy's life, and partly through a critical discussion of his music, addresses these and other questions about one of the most influential composers of the early twentieth century.

Black opera : history, power, engagement

December 18, 2018
André, Naomi Adele, author.
Urbana : University of Illinois Press, [2018]
viii, 269 pages ; 23 cm
1. Engaged Opera -- 2. Black Opera across the Atlantic: Writing Black Music History and Opera's Unusual Place -- 3. Haunted Legacies: Interracial Secrets From the Diary of Sally Hemings -- 4. Contextualizing Race and Gender in Gershwin's Porgy and Bess -- 5. Carmen: From Nineteenth-Century France to Settings in the United States and South Africa in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries -- 6. Winnie, Opera, and South African Artistic Nationhood -- Conclusion: Engaged Musicology, Political Action, and Social Justice.
"From classic films like Carmen Jones to contemporary works like The Diary of Sally Hemings and U-Carmen eKhayelitsa, American and South African artists and composers have used opera to reclaim black people's place in history. Naomi André draws on the experiences of performers and audiences to explore this music's resonance with today's listeners. Interacting with creators and performers, as well as with the works themselves, André reveals how black opera unearths suppressed truths. These truths provoke complex, if uncomfortable, reconsideration of racial, gender, sexual, and other oppressive ideologies. Opera, in turn, operates as a cultural and political force that employs an immense, transformative power to represent or even liberate" -- Publisher.

Aretha : the Queen of Soul : a life in photographs

December 18, 2018
Ochs, Meredith, author.
138 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 29 cm.
part one: Detroit -- part two: Reinvention -- part three: Diva -- part four: Honors & awards -- Coda: paying their R-E-S-P-E-C-T -- Selected discography.
Aretha Franklin's voice was legendary, unforgettable: deeply rooted in gospel, yet versatile enough to brilliantly interpret R&B, rock, soul, pop, and jazz standards, it fueled a six-decade career. Her vocal wallop was a mix of preaching, rebuke, and elation. Franklin's songs played out against the tumultuous sociopolitical backdrop of the late '60s like a soundtrack meant to set things right. Aretha explores the diva's life, from her formative years growing up in Detroit, to her singing and recording career from the 1950s until her untimely death in 2018, to her numerous honors, awards, and causes, including her advocacy for civil rights and the arts.

Being John Lennon : a restless life

December 17, 2018
Connolly, Ray, 1940- author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2018.
xvi, 448 pages, 16 unnumbered leaves of plates : illlustrations, portraits ; 24 cm
'I forgot about my father' -- 'I was aggressive' -- 'The sort of gang I led' -- 'I must be a genius' -- 'Nobody was fighting' -- 'The way I looked' -- 'What's so sad about the past' -- 'Paul looked about ten' -- 'The copper came to the door' -- 'The underlying chip on my shoulder' -- 'It was terrible' -- 'I ruined his life!' -- 'This guy who had a drum kit' -- 'I grew up in Hamburg' -- 'Women should be obscene and not heard' -- 'Is this what I want to do?' -- 'You'd call them groupies now' -- 'I wasn't too keen on reaching twenty-one' -- 'We were in a daydream' -- 'I was the closest to Brian' -- 'I looked up to Stu' -- 'Cyn's having a baby' -- 'I had to do the talking' -- 'We sang for twelve hours' -- 'The holiday was planned' -- 'I play a guitar too ...' -- 'This isn't show business' -- 'We just walked through it' -- 'A Hard Day's Night' -- 'A rock and roll musician' -- 'We were like Kings of the Jungle' -- 'Once you plug in and the noise starts' -- 'Nowhere Man' -- 'We're more popular than Jesus' -- 'It's like we're four freaks being wheeled out' -- 'Our lives had been threatened' -- 'An imaginary nail' -- 'Strawberry Fields Forever' -- 'Mick Jagger wears a codpiece' -- 'I was scared' -- 'I am the egg man' -- 'Flying on a magic carpet' -- 'I think I'm Jesus Christ' -- 'Someone as barmy as I am' -- 'Get your drums out' -- 'You're not worth any more' -- 'My prick on an album' -- 'We hope we passed the audition' -- 'It was Yoko that changed me' -- 'I'm leaving the Beatles' -- 'A crutch for the world's social lepers' -- 'Free means free' -- 'I might just as well have been a comedian' -- 'The radicalism was phoney' -- 'Imagine' is anti-religious -- 'New York is at my speed' -- 'Don't fuck with my ears' -- 'To finish off ... we thought we'd do a number' -- 'If I began writing with Paul again' -- 'I've battled all the monsters' -- 'A second chance' -- 'Wanting to make music' -- 'Playing guitar and singing' -- 'I don't believe in dead heroes' -- After John died what happened to ...
"An intimate yet unsparing biography of one of the greatest and most mythologized musicians of the twentieth century. What was it like to be John Lennon? What was it like to be the castoff child, the clown at school, and the middle-class suburban boy who pretended to be a working-class hero? How did it feel to have one of the most recognizable singing voices in the world, but to dislike it so much he always wanted to disguise it? Being John Lennon is not about the whitewashed Prince of Peace of Imagine legend--because that was only a small part of him. The John Lennon depicted in these pages is a much more kaleidoscopic figure, sometimes almost a collision of different characters. But above everything, Lennon had attitude--his impudent style somehow personifying the aspirations of his generation to question authority. He could, and would, say the unsayable. Though there were more glamorous rock stars in rock history, even within the Beatles, it was John Lennon's attitude which caught, and then defined, his era in the most memorable way."--Dust jacket.

Sophisticated giant : the life and legacy of Dexter Gordon

December 17, 2018
Gordon, Maxine, author.
xi, 279 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Sophisticated Giant presents the life and legacy of tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon (1923-1990), one of the major innovators of modern jazz. In a context of biography, history, and memoir, Maxine Gordon has completed the book that her late husband began, weaving his "solo" turns with her voice and a chorus of voices from past and present. Reading like a jazz composition, the blend of research, anecdote, and a selection of Dexter's personal letters reflects his colorful life and legendary times. It is clear why the celebrated trumpet genius Dizzy Gillespie said to Dexter, "Man, you ought to leave your karma to science." Dexter Gordon--the icon--is the Dexter beloved and celebrated on albums, on film, and in jazz lore--even in a street named for him in Copenhagen. But this image of the cool jazzman fails to come to terms with the three-dimensional man full of humor and wisdom, a figure who struggled to reconcile being both a creative outsider who broke the rules and a comforting insider who was a son, father, husband, and world citizen. This essential book is an attempt to fill in the gaps, the gaps created by our misperceptions, but also the gaps left by Dexter himself"--Provided by publisher.

Handel in London : a genius and his craft

December 14, 2018
Glover, Jane, author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2018.
xviii, 430 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
"The making of a genius"--Jacket.
Presents an account of the composer's life after following his princely master to London, discussing the music-making and musicianship as well as the courts and cabals of eighteenth-century society.

The classical music book

December 14, 2018
352 pages : color illustrations, portraits (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
Early music, 1000-1400 -- Renaissance, 1400-1600 -- Baroque, 1600-1750 -- Classical, 1750-1820 -- Romantic, 1810-1920 -- Nationalism, 1830-1920 -- Modern, 1900-1950 -- Contemporary.
This original, graphic-led book explores and explains the key ideas underpinning the world's greatest classical compositions and musical traditions, defines their importance to the musical canon, and places them into their wider social, cultural, and historical context. The nineteenth title in DK's bestselling Big Ideas series, The Classical Music Book combines accessible, authoritative text with bold explanatory graphics to make the subject of classical music approachable to readers with an interest in the subject who want to learn more while still offering enough to appeal to music aficionados.

The official Vintage guitar magazine price guide.

December 11, 2018
Bismarck, ND : Vintage Guitar,
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Vols. for <2001-2019> by Alan Greenwood and Gil Hembree.
Numeric designation dropped beginning with volumes for 2007.

A tribute to Keith Moon : (there is no substitute)

December 10, 2018
Snowball, Ian, compiler.
191 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm
This authorised tribute to The Who's late drummer Keith Moon, includes a collection of seen and unseen photographs as well as contributions from his friends and fans - a diverse cross section of drummers, musicians, fans, writers and people that knew him. Concentrating on Keith's influence as a drummer and musician and the impact he has had on rock 'n' roll, the book reflects the deep affection that his madcap genius inspired in everyone with whom he came into contact.

The classical music lover's companion to orchestral music

December 10, 2018
Philip, Robert, 1945- author.
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
xviii, 949 pages ; 26 cm
Robert Philip, scholar, broadcaster, and musician, has compiled an essential handbook for lovers of classical music, designed to enhance their listening experience to the full. Covering four hundred works by sixty-eight composers from Corelli to Shostakovich, from 1700 to 1950, this engaging companion explores and unpacks the most frequently performed works, including symphonies, concertos, overtures, suites, and ballet scores. It offers intriguing details about each piece while avoiding technical terminology that might frustrate the non-specialist reader. Philip identifies key features in each work, as well as subtleties and surprises that await the attentive listener, and he includes enough background and biographical information to illuminate the composer's intentions. Organized alphabetically from Bach to Webern, this compendium will be indispensable for classical music enthusiasts, whether in the concert hall or enjoying recordings at home.

The Beatles in comics

December 7, 2018
Mabel, Michels, author.
New York : NBM Graphic Novels, [2018]
223 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 27 cm
Originally published in France as The Beatles en BD in 2016 by Petit as Petit.
In ten years of existence and only eight years of recording history, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr recorded twelve albums, composed more than 200 songs and revolutionized the world of music. Hundreds of books have explored this mythical group but The Beatles in Comics proposes an altogether different discovery. Through this volume, you'll be able to relive their greatest successes but also discover often overlooked anecdotes. From Quarrymen to their split-up, through Beatlemania, here's the story of the Beatles told in a new light, through comics and fascinating fact-filled chapters.--Provided by publisher.

Singing and wellbeing : ancient wisdom, modern proof

December 6, 2018
Norton, Kay, author.
xxiv, 202 pages : illustrations, map, music ; 23 cm
The first musical instrument -- Neural mapping and brain chemistry : how singing is good for you -- "Womb to tomb" : singing, science, and the mother's voice -- Singing our songs : Damon of Athens, the blues, and group psychology -- The loss of brain function : how singing helps -- Singing and religion -- Timeline : selected timline of vocal healing milestones from mythology and history.
Singing and Wellbeing provides evidence that the benefits of a melodious voice go far beyond pleasure, and confirms the importance of singing in optimum health. A largely un-tapped resource in the health care professions, the singing voice offers rewards that are closer than ever to being fully quantified by advances in neuroscience and psychology. For music, pre-med, bioethics, and medical humanities students, this book introduces the types of ongoing research that connect behaviour and brain function with the musical voice. It also synthesizes medical findings with Western music history, musical ethics, aesthetics, and ethnomusicology. The centrality of the inflected voice in human existence will be examined through the lenses of anthropological, evolutionary, historical, musicological, philosophical, psychological, and emerging medical evidence. It contributes to the interdisciplinary bridge-building already underway among musicians, music therapists, healthcare researchers and providers, and caregivers interested in the effects of singing. Discussion points, links to further reading, and audio and video resources illustrate applications of central concepts [Publisher description].

Smash! : Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion, NOFX, and the '90s punk explosion

December 6, 2018
Winwood, Ian, author.
xiv, 304 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"A group biography of '90s punk rock told through the prism of Green Day, The Offspring, NOFX, Rancid, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, and more" --Book jacket.

The hard stuff : dope, crime, the MC5 & my life of impossibilities

November 30, 2018
Kramer, Wayne, author.
viii, 311 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes index.
In January 1969, before the world heard a note of their music, The MC5 was on the cover of Rolling Stone. The missing link between free jazz and punk rock, they were raw, primal, and, when things were clicking, absolutely unstoppable. Led by legendary guitarist Wayne Kramer, The MC5 was a reflection of the times: exciting, sexy, violent, chaotic, and out of control, all but assuring their time in the spotlight would be short-lived. They toured the country, played with music legends, and had a rabid following, their music acting as the soundtrack to the blue collar youth movement springing up across the nation. Kramer wanted to redefine what a rock 'n' roll group was capable of, and there was power in reaching for that, but it was also a recipe for disaster, both personally and professionally. The band recorded three major label albums but, by 1972, it was all over. Kramer's story is (literally) a revolutionary one, but it's also the deeply personal struggle of an addict and an artist, a rebel with a great tale to tell. The '60s were not all peace and love, but Kramer shows that peace and love can be born out of turbulence and unrest. From the glory days of Detroit to the junk-sick streets of the East Village, from Key West to Nashville and sunny L.A., in and out of prison and on and off of drugs, his is the classic journeyman narrative, but with a twist: he's here to remind us that revolution is always an option.

Jay-Z : building a hip-hop empire

November 28, 2018
Oswald, Vanessa, author.
New York : Lucent Press, [2019]
104 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm.
"Portions of this book originally appeared in Jay-Z by Laurie Collier Hillstrom."--Title page.
Discusses the life and achievements of rap artist and business entrepreneur Jay-Z, including his childhood in Brooklyn, his rise to superstardom in the music industry, his successful business ventures, and his family life.

Katy Perry : purposeful pop icon

November 28, 2018
Oswald, Vanessa, author.
New York : Lucent Press, [2019]
104 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm.

Future sounds : the story of electronic music from Stockhausen to Skrillex

November 28, 2018
Stubbs, David, 1962- author.
London : Faber & Faber, 2018.
xvii, 429 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Includes index.

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