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September 12, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Chord progressions for songwriters

September 11, 2019
Scott, Richard J., 1950-
New York : Writers Club Press, ©2003.
xii, 496 pages ; 23 cm
Ascending bass lines -- Basic progressions -- Blues progressions -- Circle progressions -- Classic rock progressions -- Coltrane changes -- Combination progressions -- Descending bass lines-- Doo-wop progressions -- Endings -- Flamenco progressions -- Folk progressions -- Introductions -- Jazz progressions -- Minor blues progressions -- One-chord progressions -- Pedal points -- Rhythm changes -- Rock and roll progressions -- Standard progressions -- Turnarounds -- Appendix: Chord glossary -- Chord substitution -- Modulation -- Roman numerals -- Transposing.
"Each chapter of Chord Progressions For Songwriters provides a comprehensive self-contained lesson on one of twenty-one popular chord progressions that every songwriter should know inside and out.Lessons cover ascending, basic (I-IV), blues, circle (VI-II-V-I), classic rock (I-bVII-IV), combination, descending, doo-wop (I-VIm-IV-V), ending, flamenco (Im-bVII-bVI-V), folk (I-V), introduction, jazz (IIm-V-I), minor blues, one-chord, pedal point, rock and roll (I-IV-V), standard (I-VIm-IIm-V), and turnaround progressions as well as rhythm and Coltrane changes.You will learn how key, duration, substitution, variation (adding or subtracting chords), and displacement (rearranged chord orders) are used to vary the sound of each progression. You will also take a look at the authors songwriters notebook and work through exercises to reinforce key chapter concepts and get you started building your own progressions." -- Provided by publisher.

Blue : the color of noise

September 9, 2019
Aoki, Steve, 1977- author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2019.
viii, 209 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 25 cm

Incredible African-American jazz musicians

September 9, 2019
Feinstein, Stephen.
Berkeley Heights, NJ : Enslow Publishers, ©2013.
112 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm.
Louis Armstrong -- Duke Ellington -- Ella Fitzgerald -- Dizzy Gillespie -- Charlie Parker -- Miles Davis -- John Coltrane -- Herbie Hancock.
Profiles eight of the greatest jazz artists. Learn how these musicians got started and what gifts they brought to the world of music.

Hurricanes : a memoir

September 5, 2019
Ross, Rick, 1976- author.
Toronto, Ontario : Hanover Square Press, [2019]
286 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
"Rick Ross is an indomitable presence in the music industry, but few people know his full story. Now, for the first time, Ross offers a vivid, dramatic and unexpectedly candid account of his early childhood, his tumultuous adolescence and his dramatic ascendancy in the world of hip-hop. Born William Leonard Roberts II, Ross grew up 'across the bridge,' in a Miami at odds with the glitzy beaches, nightclubs and yachts of South Beach. In the aftermath of the 1980 race riots and the Mariel boatlift, Ross came of age at the height of the city's crack epidemic, when home invasions and execution-style killings were commonplace. Still, in the midst of the chaos and danger that surrounded him, Ross flourished, first as a standout high school football player and then as a dope boy in Carol City's notorious Matchbox housing projects. All the while he honed his musical talent, overcoming setback after setback until a song called 'Hustlin' changed his life forever."--Dust jacket.

Passionate spirit : the life of Alma Mahler

September 5, 2019
Haste, Cate, 1945- author.
New York : Basic Books, 2019.
xii, 351 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Vienna childhood -- Awakening 1898-1899 -- Love and music 1889-1901 -- Divine longing 1901-1902 -- A nobler calling 1902-1907 -- Grief and renewal 1907-1910 -- 'To live for you, to die for you' 1910-1911 -- Tempest 1911-1914 -- War and marriage 1914-1917 -- Intertwined souls 1917-1920 -- Conflict 1921-1931 -- Gathering storms 1931-1936 -- Flight 1936-1941 -- Exile 1941-1946 -- La grande veuve 1946-1964.
"Alma Mahler died in New York City in 1964, at the age of 85. The New York Times ran an obituary that described her as a woman whose "intellect...complimented her beauty." The obituary was something of a scandal: spicy, racy, naming the names of Alma's lovers, dredging up her secret affairs, and-in tone-passing judgment on this woman who had the audacity to be attracted to, and attractive to, men of genius. Since then, history has passed judgement on Alma, accusing her of being unworthy of her most famous husband Gustav Mahler. Now, for the first time, historian Cate Haste uses Alma's own diaries to set the record straight. Born in Vienna in 1879, Alma was an artist among artists-a talented musician who dreamed of being a composer and the first woman to write a famous opera. Passionate, romantic, and brilliant, Alma was stifled by society everywhere she turned. Eventually, she put her own dreams aside, and grabbed at power and influence through the only avenue available to her-supporting the art of more famous men. Alma Mahler's first love was painter Gustav Klimt. Her first husband was composer Gustav Mahler, followed by architect Walter Gropius, and then writer Franz Werfel. In and out of Alma's life, salon, and bed passed the great men of Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century-she was courted by opera singer Erik Schmedes, artist Oskar Kokoshka, and scientist Paul Kammerer; she drove Mahler to such despair that he consulted with Sigmund Freud, and she ran in the same circles as H.G. Wells, Sinclair Lewis, Francis Poulenc, Thomas Mann, Max Reinhardt, and Erich Remarque. Alma dedicated herself to nurturing the genius of the glittering men around her at the expense of her own artistic dreams"-- Provided by publisher.

Rabbit's blues : the life and music of Johnny Hodges

August 28, 2019
Chapman, Con, author.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2019]
viii, 227 pages, 16 unnumbered pages : illustrations (some color) : 25 cm

Cincinnati opera.

August 9, 2019
Cincinnati, Ohio : Cincinnati Opera Association.
v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Title from cover.

Fanfare Cincinnati.

August 9, 2019
Cincinnati, Ohio : Cincinnati Magazine, [2013/14]-
volumes : color illustrations ; 28 cm
Magazine-style program books featuring Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Pops, CSO Chamber Players, Lollipops Family Concerts, and other special concert events.

Hardcore anxiety : a graphic guide to punk rock and mental health

August 9, 2019
Chancellor, Reid, author, illustrator.
Portland, OR : Microcosm Publishing, 2019.
192 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 23 cm
"Punk rock and mental health have been intertwined since the very beginning. Nervous breakdowns, anxiety, seeking acceptance, attempting to overcome internalized demons, and reacting to harmful and oppressive systems -- punk rock embodies and emboldens all our feelings and experiences, positive and negative. Told from the point of view of a young man discovering punk and working through mental illness in Evansville, Indiana, this stunning nonfiction graphic novel gives punks the most important advice of all: 'You aren't alone. You're going to make it through alive.'" -- Back cover.

Texas flood : the inside story of Stevie Ray Vaughan

August 8, 2019
Paul, Alan, 1966- author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2019.
xxiii, 343 pages, 32 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
Includes index.
The first definitive biography of guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan, with an Epilogue by Jimmie Vaughan, Foreword by drummer Chris Layton, and Aterword by bassist Tommy Shannon. Despite the cinematic scope of Vaughan's life and death, there has never been a truly proper accounting of his story--until now.

Earl Scruggs : banjo icon

August 1, 2019
Castelnero, Gordon, 1965- author.
xxviii, 214 pages, 15 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Humble beginnings -- From blue grass to Foggy Mountain -- Flatt and Scruggs -- The Beverly Hillbillies -- Changin' times -- Pushing boundaries -- Earl, Earl, Earl -- The influence of Earl Scruggs.
In 1945 at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, the original home of the Grand Ole Opry, a skinny 21 year-old from North Carolina stepped onto the stage and lit a firestorm by picking the five-string banjo like no one had ever heard before. His rapid three-finger technique and clarity of notes sent the audience into a cheerful frenzy. In just one night, Earl Scruggs transformed the banjo, which had been widely associated with clowns and background accompaniment, into a mainstream solo instrument pursued by countless musicians. After a two year stint with the Father of Bluegrass music, Bill Monroe, Earl and lead singer/guitarist, Lester Flatt, formed their own group, the Foggy Mountain Boys, more commonly billed as Flatt and Scruggs. Gordon Castelnero and David Russell explore Scrugg's rise to fame and lasting legacy on bluegrass music and banjo playing traditions. With interwoven interviews with the Scruggs family and over 30 notable banjo players, this narrative biography will shed light on the history of bluegrass for both amateur and professional musicians, students of music and American history, and any reader entranced by Scrugg's unmistakable sound. -- Page [4] of cover.

A dream about lightning bugs : a life of music and cheap lessons

July 25, 2019
Folds, Ben, 1966- author.
New York : Ballantine Books, [2019]
311 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Ben Folds is a celebrated American singer-songwriter, beloved for songs such as "Brick," "You Don't Know Me," "Rockin' the Suburbs," and "The Luckiest," and is the former frontman of the alternative rock band Ben Folds Five. But Folds will be the first to tell you he's an unconventional icon, more normcore than hardcore. Now, in his first book, Folds looks back at his life so far in a charming and wise chronicle of his artistic coming of age, infused with the wry observations of a natural storyteller. In the title chapter, "A Dream About Lightning Bugs," Folds recalls his earliest childhood dream -- and realizes how much it influenced his understanding of what it means to be an artist. In "Measure Twice, Cut Once" he learns to resist the urge to skip steps during the creative process. In "Hall Pass" he recounts his 1970s North Carolina working-class childhood, and in "Cheap Lessons" he returns to the painful life lessons he learned the hard way -- but that luckily didn't kill him. In his inimitable voice, both relatable and thought-provoking, Folds digs deep into the life experiences that shaped him, imparting hard-earned wisdom about both art and life. Collectively, these stories embody the message Folds has been singing about for years: Smile like you've got nothing to prove, because it hurts to grow up, and life flies by in seconds.

Revenge of the she-punks : a feminist music history from Poly Styrene to Pussy Riot

July 25, 2019
Goldman, Vivien, author.
210 pages ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Womanifesto : The opening vamp -- Girly identity : Who be me? -- Money : Are we our stuff? -- Love/unlove : Busting up the binary -- Protest : Woman the barricades -- Outro : Our coda.
"As an industry insider and pioneering post-punk musician, Vivien Goldman's perspective on music journalism is unusually well-rounded. In Revenge of the She-Punks, she probes four themes--identity, money, love, and protest--to explore what makes punk such a liberating art form for women. With her visceral style, Goldman blends interviews, history, and her personal experience as one of Britain's first female music writers in a book that reads like a vivid documentary of a genre defined by dismantling boundaries. A discussion of the Patti Smith song "Free Money," for example, opens with Goldman on a shopping spree with Smith. Tamar-Kali, whose name pays homage to a Hindu goddess, describes the influence of her Gullah ancestors on her music, while the late Poly Styrene's daughter reflects on why her Somali-Scots-Irish mother wrote the 1978 punk anthem "Identity," with the refrain "Identity is the crisis you can't see." Other strands feature artists from farther afield (including in Colombia and Indonesia) and genre-busting revolutionaries such as Grace Jones, who wasn't exclusively punk but clearly influenced the movement while absorbing its liberating audacity. From punk's Euro origins to its international reach, this is an exhilarating world tour."

Elvis in Vegas : how the King reinvented the Las Vegas show

July 22, 2019
Zoglin, Richard, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2019.
v, 296 pages, 16 unnumbered leaves of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
Elvis's 1969 opening night in Vegas was his first time back on a live stage in more than eight years. His career had gone sour--bad movies, and mediocre pop songs that no longer made the charts. He'd been dismissed by most critics as over the hill. But in Vegas he played the biggest showroom in the biggest hotel in the city, drawing more people for his four-week engagement than any other show in Vegas history. His performance got rave reviews and Elvis became Vegas's biggest star. Over the next seven years, he performed more than 600 shows there, and sold out every one. Las Vegas was changed too. Elvis brought a new kind of experience: an over-the-top, rock-concert-like extravaganza. He set a new bar for Vegas performers, with the biggest salary, the biggest musical production, and the biggest promotion campaign the city had ever seen. In doing so, he opened the door to a new generation of pop/rock performers, and brought a new audience to Vegas--a mass audience from Middle America that Vegas depends on for its success to this day.

Tchaikovsky : the man revealed

July 16, 2019
Suchet, John, 1944- author.
New York, NY : Pegasus Books, 2019.
xii, 275 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Pyotr, the fledgling seagull -- Upheavals and loss -- An unbearable farewell -- Guilt and the cruellest loss -- A difficult journey -- Pyotr chooses music -- Tchaikovsky, music teacher -- The ladies' man -- A most unlikely affair -- A tragic love -- The Lake of the Swans -- Unexpected inspiration -- Bending the rules -- Misery and defiance -- Swan Lake - and failure -- In love - and alone -- A woman enters his life -- "She is repulsive to me" -- Fate -- "It stinks to the ear" -- A sort of freedom -- The boulevardier -- An impenetrable secret -- A family crisis -- A benefactor bids "adieu" -- On tour and unhappy -- A musical "adieu"?
A tortured genius, a sensitive soul, and a great composer burdened by the weight of his private desires, Tchaikovsky's life is explored in full by John Suchet.

50 years : the story of Woodstock live : relive the magic, artist by artist

July 12, 2019
Bitoun, Julien, author.
London : Cassell, 2019.
239 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 29 cm
Originally published in French by olo.editions, 2018.
Text and photographs tell the full story of every single act that performed at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.

Keep your eyes open : Fugazi

June 28, 2019
Friedman, Glen E., photographer.
New York, NY : Burning Flags Press
1 volume (unpaged) : illustrations (some color) ; 23 x 28 cm

Beethoven : the relentless revolutionary

June 28, 2019
Clubbe, John, author.
New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2019]
xix, 505 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm

Radiohead : music for a global future

June 19, 2019
Rose, Phil, 1969- author.
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2019]
xxix, 271 pages ; 24 cm.

Spiritual lives of the great composers

June 19, 2019
Kavanaugh, Patrick.
Grand Rapids, Mich. : Zondervan, ©1996.
248 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Johann Sebastian Bach -- George Frédéric Handel -- Franz Joseph Haydn -- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -- Ludwig van Beethoven -- Franz Peter Schubert -- Felix Mendelssohn -- Frédéric Chopin -- Franz Liszt -- Richard Wagner -- Charles Gounod -- Cesar Franck -- Anton Bruckner -- Johannes Brahms -- Antonin Dvořák -- Edward Elgar -- Ralph Vaughan Williams -- Charles Ives -- Igor Stravinsky -- Olivier Messiaen.

Rock monster : my life with Joe Walsh

June 11, 2019
Casey, Kristin, author.
364 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
"A genuine Barnacle Book"--Title page verso.
Rock Monster is an honest account of Kristin Casey's life-changing experience in a relationship with rock legend Joe Walsh. At once envious, glamorous, debauched and disturbing, it's her long and winding journey from life in the fast lane to sobriety and redemption. Set in the late-eighties and nineties, these are some of Walsh's darkest years, from spiraling addiction to a stunning comeback with the Eagles' Hell Freezes Over tour. Kristin Casey pulls no punches, sharing gritty details with self-awareness, humor, and affection. It's the worldly-wise tome only an ex-addict, ex-stripper, and ex-rock-chick could give us. Rock Monster is a sexy, crazy, cautionary tale of two addicts in love without a single relationship skill.

Help your kids with music : a unique step-by-step visual guide

June 3, 2019
Vorderman, Carol, author.
New York, NY : DK Publishing, 2019.
256 pages : color illustrations, music ; 24 cm
Includes QR code for online audio access.
Includes index.
Foreword -- What is music? -- 1. Pitch -- 2. Rhythm -- 3. Intervals, Scales, and Keys -- 4. Melody -- 5. Chords and Harmony -- 6. Form -- 7. Instruments and Voices -- 8. Styles and Genres -- 9. Reference -- Glossary -- Visual index of symbols -- Index -- Acknowledgments.
Offers a simple, visual guide to helping children understand music with Carol Vorderman. Reduce the stress of studying music and help your child with their homework, Help Your Kids with Music is a unique visual guide to music theory which will demystify the subject for everyone. Including the latest updates to the UK National Curriculum, covering everything from semitones and note values, to harmony and music appreciation, Help Your Kids with Music helps you work through music step-by-step. Using clear, accessible pictures and diagrams you'll learn to approach even the most complex musical theory with confidence. Includes a glossary of key musical terms and symbols. Help Your Kids with Music is the perfect guide for every parent and child, who wants to understand music theory and put it into practice.

Up jumped the devil : the real life of Robert Johnson

May 31, 2019
Conforth, Bruce M., 1950- author.
ix, 326 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
"Robert Johnson's recordings, made in 1936 and 1937, have profoundly influenced generations of singers, guitarists, and songwriters. Yet until now, his short life—he was murdered at the age of 27—has been poorly documented. Gayle Dean Wardlow has been interviewing people who knew Johnson since the early 1960s, and he was the person who discovered Johnson's death certificate in 1967. Bruce Conforth began his study of Johnson's life and music in 1970 and made it his mission to fill in what was still unknown about him. In this definitive biography, the two authors relied on every interview, resource, and document, much of it material no one has seen before. This is the first book about Johnson that documents his lifelong relationship with family and friends in Memphis, details his trip to New York, uncovers where and when his wife Virginia died and the impact this had on him, fully portrays the other women Johnson was involved with, and tells exactly how and why he died and who gave him the poison that killed him. Up Jumped the Devil will astonish blues fans worldwide by painting a living, breathing portrait of a man who was heretofore little more than a legend."--Inside dust jacket.

Music after the fall : modern composition and culture since 1989

May 21, 2019
Rutherford-Johnson, Tim, author.
xii, 348 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
1989 and after -- Mediation and the marketplace -- Permission: freedom, choice, and the body -- Fluidity: digital translations, displacements, and journeys -- Mobility: worldwide flows, networks, and archipelagos -- Superabundance: spectacle, scale, and excess -- Loss: ruins, memorials, and documents -- Recovery: gaps between past and present.
This is the first book to survey contemporary Western art music within the transformed political, cultural, and technological environment of the post-Cold War era. In this book, Tim Rutherford-Johnson considers musical composition against this changed backdrop, placing it in the context of globalization, digitization, and new media. Drawing connections with the other arts, in particular visual art and architecture, he expands the definition of Western art music to include forms of composition, experimental music, sound art, and crossover work from across the spectrum, inside and beyond the concert hall. Each chapter is a critical consideration of a wide range of composers, performers, works, and institutions, and develops a broad and rich picture of the new music ecosystem, from North American string quartets to Lebanese improvisers, from electroacoustic music studios in South America to ruined pianos in the Australian outback. Rutherford-Johnson puts forth a new approach to the study of contemporary music that relies less on taxonomies of style and technique than on the comparison of different responses to common themes of permission, fluidity, excess, and loss.

This searing light, the sun and everything else : Joy Division : the oral history

May 16, 2019
Savage, Jon, author.
xii, 322 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
"Jon Savage's oral history of Joy Division is the last word on the band that ended with the suicide of Ian Curtis in Macclesfield on 18 May, 1980. It weaves together interviews conducted by the author, but never used in the making of the film Joy Division (2007) which told the story of the band in their own words, as well as those of their peers, collaborators, and contemporaries. Here are 15 or so vivid witnesses to the band's genesis, meteoric rise, and tragic demise, including Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, Annike Honore, Deborah Curtis, Paul Morley, Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton, Martin Hannet ... It is the story of young men driven to create and cause rock n' roll havoc inspired by literature, radical ideas, and the wasteland that was post-industrial Manchester in the late 70s. It is as intense and funny and alive on the page as only an oral history can be, recalling masterpieces like Edie by Jean Stein and Meet me in the Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman. It is essential reading."

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