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January 17, 2020
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Daniel Rudd : calling a church to justice

January 16, 2020
Agee, Gary Bruce, 1965-
vii, 130 pages ; 21 cm.
Copy located in Genealogy & Local History Dept., Cincinnati Room has original pictorial paper wrappers.
ch. One. Enslaved in Catholic Kentucky -- ch. Two. Prophetic Voice in a Hope-Filled Season -- ch. Three. Finding Justice in the Catholic Church -- ch. Four. Partners in Pursuit of Equality -- ch. Five. A Foundation for Justice -- ch. Six. Campaigning for Equality and Racial Justice -- ch. Seven. Matters of Justice for Catholics beyond Concerns of Race -- ch. Eight. Coming Together for Change -- ch. Nine. Life after the American Catholic Tribune.
Gary Agee offers a compelling look at the life and work of the visionary who found inspiration in his Catholic faith to fight for the principles of liberty and justice. Born into slavery, Rudd achieved success early on as the publisher of the American Catholic Tribune, one of the most successful black newspapers of its era, and as the founder of the National Black Catholic Congress.

Fake news and propaganda

January 14, 2020
Young-Brown, Fiona, author.
80 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
What are fake news and propaganda? -- Fake news and propaganda in modern America -- Disinformation on a global scale -- The power of the people and the press.
Since the 2016 presidential election, the term fake news has entered the cultural lexicon. People of all ages find it difficult to separate reliable sources from misinformation. Similarly, it can be difficult to discern unbiased journalism from propaganda. This must-have resource looks at the rise of misinformation and the ease with which it now spreads. Through examples from the United States and democracies around the world, this book encourages readers to question the balance between constitutional rights and irreparable damage to democracy.

Unknown empire: the true story of mysterious Ethiopia and the future ark of civilization

January 14, 2020
Arnold, Dean W., author.
Chattanooga, Tenn. : Chattanooga Historical Foundation, ©2019.
465 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm
The barefoot and the castrated: the ark of Africa's greatest battle with the west -- Mussolini, Hitler, and Haile Selassie: questions undermining the Ethiopian ark -- Never defeated, but beware the suicide demon : Eden, Ethiopia, and Israel -- The oligarchs and the "unfit": a false ark for the West and the true ark.
"This book begins with a barefoot Ethiopian army facing thousands of European soldiers in 1896 for a battle that stunned the West. Forty years later, in the opening salvo of World War II, Ethiopia once again faces an overwhelming European army as the only African nation to never be conquered. Today, Ethiopia faces a similar challenge on a different stage, the battlefield of population. The United Nations, assisted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, seeks to keep Ethiopia and Africa from reaching their demographic destiny in a ruthless battle for the continent of the future, an epic shift now taking place in civilization. In all these confrontations, the Ark of the Covenant plays a central role for Ethiopians who believe that they have held the world's most famous object since before the time of Christ. The author explores the Ark claim throughout and weaves in the claims of Eden and empire. Utilizing his trademark style--history with a plot-- Dean W. Arnold provides a unique and edifying experience, a "nonfiction novel" where every exciting action and quote is true"--Back Cover.

Al Sharpton

January 14, 2020
Jacoby, Randolph, author.
128 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
Always out front -- Hitting the national stage -- Tawana Brawley -- Neighborhood protests -- Political aspirations -- Working with the media -- Humanitarian aid -- Some notable cases -- Legacy.
The Reverend Al Sharpton is a flamboyant and controversial figure who for decades has led protest marches and demonstrations to draw attention to injustices committed against the African-American community. During the 1980s and 1990s Sharpton's high-profile cases occurred mainly in the New York area, but today he is a nationally recognized figure. Sharpton has been the target of violence, including an assassination attempt. Yet he has persisted in his attempts to end social injustice.

Martin Luther King Jr.

January 14, 2020
Jacoby, Randolph, author.
144 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
April 3, 1968 -- A mom's message -- "I'm going to be pastor of a church" -- Preaching in Montgomery -- Becoming a national leader -- King and Kennedy -- "I have a dream today!" -- Demanding the ballot -- Marching on -- April 4, 1968.
No leader of Americas civil rights movement was more inspirational and influential than Martin Luther King Jr. During the mid-1950s, King established the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to coordinate civil rights activities in the South. The SCLC encouraged nonviolent resistance through numerous acts of social protestsit-ins, interstate bus rides, voter registration drives, and an enormous march on Washington, D.C. Kings call for a prejudice-free nation remains the greatest of American dreams. -- Provided by publisher.

The watchdogs didn't bark : the CIA, NSA, and the crimes of the War on Terror

January 7, 2020
Duffy, John, author.
New York, New York : Hot Books, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., [2018]
xxii, 301 pages ; 24 cm
"The shocking reexamination of unexplored failures by government officials to use available intelligence to stop the events of September 11th" -- From book jacket.

Mahatma Gandhi

January 6, 2020
Murray, Laura K., author.
80 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 23 cm
"In a world strained by conflict, we look to the past for models of peace. With historical and full-color photographs complementing documentary texts, Odysseys in Peace invites advanced readers along on a journey to experience the lives of important peace-seekers like never before. ..."--Page [4] of cover.

Nelson Mandela

January 6, 2020
Bodden, Valerie, author.
80 pages : illustrations (some color), maps ; 23 cm
"A biography of South African humanitarian Nelson Mandela, examining his long imprisonment and position as South Africa's first black president, as well as his emphasis on reconciliation and other social stances."

Big tech tyrants : How Silicon Valley's stealth practices addict teens, silence speech, and steal your privacy

January 3, 2020
Brown, Floyd, 1961- author.
ix, 230 pages ; 24 cm

Don't be evil : how big tech betrayed its founding principles--and all of us

January 3, 2020
Foroohar, Rana, author.
New York : Currency, [2019]
xxi, 337 pages : 25 cm
A summary of the case -- The valley of the kings -- Advertising and its discontents -- Party like it's 1999 -- Darkness rises -- A slot machine in your pocket -- The network effect -- The Uberization of everything -- The new monopolists -- Too fast to fail -- In the swamp -- 2016: The year it all changed -- A new world war -- How not to be evil.
"A penetrating indictment of how today's largest tech companies are hijacking our data, our livelihoods, our social fabric, and our minds-from an acclaimed Financial Times columnist and CNN analyst. Rana Foroohar tells the story of how Big Tech lost its soul-and ate our lunch. Through her skilled reporting and unparalleled access-won through nearly thirty years covering business and technology-she shows the true extent to which behemoths like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon are monetizing both our data and our attention, without us seeing a penny of those exorbitant profits. Finally, Foroohar lays out a plan for how we can resist, by creating a framework that fosters innovation while also protecting us from the dark side of digital technology"-- Provided by publisher.

Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography : herself alone

January 3, 2020
Moore, Charles, 1956- author.
xxxvi, 1006 pages, 24 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
The third part of the biography of Margaret Thatcher by Charles Moore. First and second parts published in 2013 and 2016, respectively.
"A Borzoi Book"--Title page verso.
"This third and climactic volume (1987-2013) of Charles Moore's authorized biography gives the definitive account of Margaret Thatcher's third term in office and her life after it. Three stories run through the whole book. The first is Mrs. Thatcher's dominance of her government in almost every domestic field, but also her growing intolerance of dissent, the increasing alienation of her most senior ministers over Europe and the fatal corrosion that followed. The second is her commanding presence on the world stage, ... her role in the ending of the Cold War, her central position in the response to the invasion of Kuwait, and her increasing isolation as America's priorities in Europe changed. The third is how she, a woman, coped and led in political worlds almost entirely occupied by men"--Dust jacket flap.

We are indivisible : a blueprint for democracy after Trump

January 3, 2020
Greenberg, Leah, author.
xv, 347 pages ; 22 cm
The problem : a buckling and rigged democracy -- The solution : constituent power -- How to make Congress listen -- How to build power together -- How to make waves -- A day one democracy agenda.
"The co-executive directors of Indivisible tell the story of the movement. They offer a behind-the-scenes look at how change comes to Washington, whether Washington wants it or not. And they explain how voters will win the coming fight for the future of American democracy"-- Provided by publisher.

Fighting Churchill, appeasing Hitler : Neville Chamberlain, Sir Horace Wilson, & Britain's plight of appeasement, 1937-1939

December 30, 2019
Phillips, Adrian (Historian), author.
New York : Pegasus Books, 2019.
xxxi, 448 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations ; 24 cm
A radically new view of the British policy of appeasement in the late 1930s, identifying the individuals responsible for a variety of miscalculations and moral surrender that made World War II inevitable. Appeasement failed in all its goals. The kindest thing that can be said of it is that postponed World War II by one year. Its real effect was to convince Hitler and Mussolini that Britain was weak and afraid of confrontation, encouraging them to ever-greater acts of aggression. The turning point of the Czech crisis in September 1938 came when Wilson saw Hitler on his own and left him convinced that Britain was bluffing and would not go to war to defend Czechoslovakia. The dismemberment of Czechoslovakia that followed was not the end of appeasement. The Anglo-German Declaration was Chamberlain's personal vanity project but both Chamberlain and Wilson believed that it genuinely brought "peace for our time." Chamberlain and Wilson blindly pursued bilateral friendship between Britain and the dictators and ferociously resisted alternative policies such as working with France, the Soviet Union, or the U.S. to face down the dictators. They resisted all-out rearmament which would have put the economy on a war footing. These were all the policies advocated by Winston Churchill, the most dangerous opponent of appeasement. Churchill was a hated figure for Chamberlain and Wilson. They could not accept Churchill's perception that Hitler was the implacable enemy of peace and Britain, and opposing him became an end in itself for them. Churchill and Wilson had been bitter adversaries since early in their careers because of an incident that Fighting Churchill, Appeasing Hitler reveals publicly for the first time. Chamberlain had a fraught relationship with Churchill long before appeasement became an issue. Neither Chamberlain nor Wilson had any experience of day-to-day practical diplomacy. Both thought that the dictators would apply the same standards of rationality and clarity to the policies of Italy and Germany that applied in Britain. They could not grasp that Fascist demagogues operated in an entirely different way to democratic politicians. The catastrophe of the Chamberlain/Wilson appeasement policy offers a vital lesson in how blind conviction in one policy as the only alternative can be fatally damaging.

Anti-woke : selected essays

December 30, 2019
O'Neill, Brendan (Journalist), author.
Redland Bay, QLD : Connor Court Publishing, 2018.
107 pages ; 21 cm
"In this selection of essays, celebrated columnist and editor Brendan O'Neill takes a cudgel to identity politics. From woke white people to the tyranny of transgenderism, from Islamo-censorship to the fashionability of mental illness, O'Neill takes aim at it all. He puts the case for free thinking, free living, and free speech"--Publisher's description.

The hermit king : the dangerous game of Kim Jong Un

December 23, 2019
Lee, Chung Min, author.
New York : All Points Books, 2019.
x, 290 pages : map ; 24 cm
Life in Earth's Paradise -- Will the Real Kim Jong Un Please Stand Up? -- The Supreme Leader Enters the World -- A New King Rises -- The Kim Dynasty and Pyongyang's Power Elites -- War Machine and Nuclear Weapons -- Regional Giants and the Korean Peninsula -- Conclusion: Three Gateways.
"North Korea is poised at the crossroads of history. Which direction will its leader take? The answer concerns the whole world. Throughout the world, oppressive regimes are being uprooted and replaced by budding democracies, but one exception remains: The People's Republic of North Korea. The Kim family has clung to power for three generations by silencing dissidents, ruling with an iron fist, and holding its neighbors hostage with threats of war. Under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, North Korea has come closer than ever to creating a viable nuclear arsenal, but widespread famine and growing resistance are weaking his regime's stability. In The Hermit King, Asian geopolitical expert Chung Min Lee tells the story of the rise of the Kim Dynasty and its atrocities, motivations, and diplomatic goals. He also discusses the possible outcomes of its aggressive standoff with the world superpowers. Kim Jong Un is not a crazed "Rocket Man" or a bumbling despot; he has been groomed since birth to take control of his country and stay in power at all costs. He is now at a fateful crossroads. Will he make good on decades of threats, liberalize North Korea and gain international legitimacy, or watch his regime crumble around him? Lee analyzes the likelihood and consequences of each of these possibilities, cautioning that in the end, a humanitarian crisis in the region is all but unavoidable. The Hermit King is a thoughtful and compelling look at the most complicated diplomatic situation on Earth"-- Provided by publisher.

Necessary noise : how Donald Trump inflames the culture war and why this is good for America

December 23, 2019
Parker, Star, author.
New York : Center Street, 2019.
xiii, 205 pages ; 22 cm

The tyranny of virtue : identity, the academy, and the hunt for political heresies

December 23, 2019
Boyers, Robert, author.
New York : Scribner, 2019.
xx, 170 pages ; 24 cm
Preface -- Privilege for beginners -- The academy as total cultural environment -- Correctness & denial : willing what cannot be willed -- The identity trap -- Hostile & unsafe : ideas & the fear of diversity -- Policing disability -- High anxiety : the attack on appropriation -- Junk thought : the way we live now -- Epilogue : what is to be done?
"Written from the perspective of a liberal intellectual who has spent a lifetime as a writer, editor, and college professor, The Tyranny of Virtue is a precise and nuanced insider's look at shifts in American culture--most especially in the American academy--that so many people find alarming. Part memoir and part polemic, an anatomy of important and dangerous ideas, and a cri de coeur lamenting the erosion of standard liberal values, Boyers's collection of essays is devoted to such subjects as tolerance, identity, privilege, appropriation, diversity, and ableism that have turned academic life into a minefield. Why, Robert Boyers asks, are a great many liberals, people who should know better, invested in the drawing up of enemies lists and driven by the conviction that on critical issues no dispute may be tolerated? In stories, anecdotes, and character profiles, a public intellectual and longtime professor takes on those in his own progressive cohort who labor in the grip of a poisonous and illiberal fundamentalism. The end result is a finely tuned work of cultural intervention from the front lines."--Inside front book jacket flap.

When they come for you : how police and government are trampling our liberties--and how to take them back

December 20, 2019
Kirby, David, 1960- author.
xvi, 381 pages ; 24 cm
When cops burst through your door : warrantless home raids -- L'enfant c'est moi : child protective services and state-sponsored kidnapping -- Your money or your freedom -- When policing pays for itself -- Free speech and the individual American -- Protestors, the press, and an embattled First Amendment -- State power run amok -- Cops, courts, and jails.
"A revealing book about how government, law enforcement, and bureaucratic interests are seizing our property, our children, our savings, and our fundamental American rights-and how to fight back. Liberty and justice for all is the bedrock of American democracy, but has America betrayed our founders' vision for the nation? In When They Come For You, New York Times bestselling author David Kirby exposes federal, state, and local violations of basic constitutional rights that should trouble every American, whether liberal, conservative, or libertarian. Free speech, privacy, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, due process, and equal protection under the law are rights that belong to every American citizen, but are being shredded at an alarming rate all across the country. Police and prosecutorial misconduct, overzealous bureaucrats with virtually unchecked power, unwarranted searches, SWAT-style raids on the homes of innocent Americans, crackdowns on a free press and the right to protest, removing children from their parents without cause, "debtors prisons," restricting freedom of health choice, seizing private assets for government profit, and much more demonstrate how deeply our rights and our national values are eroding. When They Come For You uses true stories of everyday citizens to reveal how our federal, state, and municipal governments, police, lawmakers, judges, revenue agents, unelected power brokers, and even government social workers are eviscerating our most fundamental liberties. And, it shows how people are fighting back-and winning"-- Provided by publisher.

After the spring : a story of Tunisian youth

December 19, 2019
Aldeguer, Hélène, author, illustrator.
San Diego, CA : IDW Publishing, 2019.
136 pages : chiefly illustrations ; 24 cm
Originally published by Futuropolis as Après le printemps: Une jeunesse tunisienne.
In 2011 one of the biggest political events in the world, the Arab Spring, swept across North Africa. But what came next? As the world moves on, four young Tunisians must cope with the reality of an uncertain future in this original graphic novel.

Inside Trump's White House : the real story of his presidency

December 18, 2019
Wead, Doug, author.
New York : Center Street, 2019.
439 pages, 16 unnumbered pages of plates : color illustrations ; 24 cm
"In Inside Trump's White House, Doug Wead offers a history of President Donald J. Trump's first years in office, covering everything from election night to the news of today. The book includes never-before-reported stories. It also includes exclusive interviews with the Trump family about the Mueller report, and narrates their reactions when the report was finally released. Contains Interviews with the President in the Oval Office, chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, Jared and Ivanka Kushner, Donald Trump, Jr., Eric and Lara Trump, and White House insiders"-- adapted from book jacket.

Black radical : the life and times of William Monroe Trotter

December 17, 2019
Greenidge, Kerri, author.
xxii, 408 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Introduction: Looking out from the dark tower -- Abolition's legacy : radical racial uplift and political independence -- Becoming the guardian : perils of conservative racial uplift -- The greatest race paper in the nation -- Of riots, suffrage leagues and the Niagara Movement -- Negrowump revival -- The new Negro legacy of the Trotter-Wilson conflict -- From Birth of a Nation to the National Race Congress -- Liberty's Congress -- The stormy petrel of the times -- Old Mon.
"William Monroe Trotter (1872- 1934), though still virtually unknown to the wider public, was an unlikely American hero. With the stylistic verve of a newspaperman and the unwavering fearlessness of an emancipator, he galvanized black working- class citizens to wield their political power despite the violent racism of post-Reconstruction America. For more than thirty years, the Harvard-educated Trotter edited and published the Guardian, a weekly Boston newspaper that was read across the nation. Defining himself against the gradualist politics of Booker T. Washington and the elitism of W. E. B. Du Bois, Trotter advocated for a radical vision of black liberation that prefigured leaders such as Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. Synthesizing years of archival research, historian Kerri Greenidge renders the drama of turn-of-the-century America and reclaims Trotter as a seminal figure, whose prophetic, yet ultimately tragic, life offers a link between the vision of Frederick Douglass and black radicalism in the modern era"-- Provided by publisher.

Why Meadow died : the people and policies that created the Parkland shooter and endanger America's students

December 16, 2019
Pollack, Andrew, 1966- author.
xxv, 305 pages ; 24 cm
Foreword: "My sister" -- Preface: "Daddy, keep going" -- Picking up the pieces. A teacher survivor ; An immigrant father ; An education expert ; A student journalist -- Cruz control. An exceptional student ; Going to MSD ; Leaving MSD ; Returning to MSD -- The politically correct school district. From Broward to your school ; The underreporting ; The broken PROMISE ; The "so-called tragedy" -- The fight to #Fixit. Graduation week ; Flip the board! ; Free campaign ads ; The election -- Epilogue: You have to #Fixit.
Meadow Pollack was murdered during the Parkland school shooting. Her father teamed up with Eden, a leading education expert, to launch his own investigation into questions about school safety-- questions that matter for parents, teachers, and schoolchildren nationwide. There's a reason why the Parkland shooter slipped through the cracks. It was the most avoidable mass murder in American history... and the policies that made it inevitable have spread to your school. -- adapted from jacket and info

The plot to overthrow Venezuela : how the US is orchestrating a coup for oil

December 16, 2019
Kovalik, Dan, author.
xix, 220 pages ; 23 cm
"The battle for Venezuela which is now being waged will determine the fate of all of Latin America for many years to come. The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela lets readers know what is at stake in this struggle." -- Provided by publisher.

The case for nationalism : how it made us powerful, united, and free

December 16, 2019
Lowry, Rich, author.
New York, NY : Broadside Books, [2019]
280 pages ; 24 cm
America the nation -- Love, not hate -- The smear against nationalism -- The exemplar of ancient Israel -- Our English forerunner -- A nation of settlers -- Our nationalist revolution -- A continental nation -- The triumph of the twentieth century -- The treason of the elites -- One nation, one people -- The importance of cultural nationalism -- The anti-nationalist temptation.
"In this timely history, the editor of the National Review chronicles the history of nationalism and its intellectual roots, revealing how this political model-a refutation of globalism-became maligned and why it offers a viable way forward for America"-- Provided by publisher.

Games of deception : the true story of the first U.S. Olympic basketball team at the 1936 Olympics in Hitler's Germany

December 13, 2019
Maraniss, Andrew, author.
New York : Philomel Books, 2019.
217 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
One man stood alone -- A sinister fac̦ade -- Inventing a game -- Do good and be pure -- Man on a mission -- The boycott question -- Meddling in the Olympics -- Mirror, mirror -- Hollywood stars -- Unrefined -- Big time -- Choices -- On their own -- You can't beat fun -- Welcome to Germany -- The anvil and the hammer -- The grandest show -- Village people -- Witnesses to history -- Neutral zone -- 110,000 bored Germans -- Tournament time -- Strangest game ever -- Center of the universe -- Full circle -- Afterword: Putting the pieces together -- All-time Olympic basketball results. 1936 Team USA roster ; 1936 Berlin Olympics: day-by-day.
July 1936. Thousands of people cheered as the U.S. Olympic teams boarded the S.S. Manhattan, bound for Berlin. Among the athletes were the 14 players representing the first-ever U.S. Olympic basketball team. In Germany, Jewish people and political opponents of the Nazis were the targets of vicious mistreatment, but international visitors wouldn't see any signs of trouble in Berlin. Maraniss covers the sport's Olympic debut in Berlin and the eclectic mix of people, events and propaganda on both sides of the Atlantic that made it all possible. -- adapted from jacket

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