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July 18, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Introvert power : why your inner life is your hidden strength

July 17, 2019
Helgoe, Laurie A.
Naperville, Ill. : Sourcebooks, ©2013.
xxix, 290 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
PART I : ANTISOCIAL, WEIRD, OR DISPLACED? -- The mistaken identity -- Alone is not a four-letter word -- Becoming an alien -- "Anyone else IN?" -- The get-happier mandate. PART II : THE INTROVERT'S WISH LIST -- Meditating with the majority : the introverted society -- A room of your own -- The time to think -- The right to retreat -- The freedom of a Flaneur -- Inroads to intimacy. PART III : STANDING STILL IN A LOUD WORLD -- The conversation conundrum -- The anti-party guide -- Why did I want to work with people? -- The downside to self-containment -- Showing up for relationships. PART IV : OUTING THE INTROVERT -- From apology to acceptance- and beyond -- Celebrating introversion -- Expressing what's in there -- Moshing on your own terms -- Introvert power.
America is reportedly a nation of extroverts, but the latest research shows that more than half of Americans are in fact introverts. In a time when introversion is hot, Introvert Power is a valuable self-help book for introverts, treating introversion not as a hurdle to overcome but a personal attribute to embrace.

How full is your bucket?

July 17, 2019
Rath, Tom, 1975- author.
v, 110, 25 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Includes an unnumbered section at the end of the book entitled: A guide to applying How full is your bucket? in teams and organization.
"StrengthsFinder 2.0 version October 2015"--Title page verso.
Preface to the anniversary edition -- Introduction -- The theory of the dipper and the bucket -- Negativity kills -- Positivity, negativity, and productivity -- Every moment matters -- Tom's story: an overflowing bucket -- Making it personal -- Five strategies for increasing positive emotions.
In an inspirational handbook, the discoveries of Donald O. Clifton, the grandfather of positive psychology, show how the briefest interactions affect people's relationships, productivity, health, and longevity.

Love : a discovery in comics

July 16, 2019
Heer, Margreet de, 1972- author, illustrator.
New York : NBM Graphic Novels (Nantier, Beall, Minoustchine), 2017.
127 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 21 cm.
Originally published as Liefde in beeld by Uitgeverji Meinema ©2017.
"How to describe love? Is love passion, stability, friendship, or all of the above? In this comics exploration, de Heer investigates different questions about love. Is there really such a thing as finding The One? What happens in the brain when we fall in love? How can we keep long-term love? What to do about a broken heart?"--Provided by publisher.

Don't hate, meditate! : 5 easy practices to get you through the hard sh*t (and into the good)

July 12, 2019
Monahan, Megan, 1984- author.
California ; New York : Ten Speed Press, [2019]
216 pages : color illustrations ; 19 cm
Includes index.
Meditation-your new nonnegotiable -- Presence -- Acceptance -- Intention -- Nonjudgement -- Trust.
"This modern guide to meditation from instructor Megan Monahan takes readers beyond empty Instagram truisms to the simple yet effective ways to "meditate their way through the bad shit and into the good shit." With a fresh voice and perspective, Monahan presents a set of tools grounded in a meditation technique that is impossible to screw up"-- Provided by publisher.

Dreams interpreted : a bedside handbook explaining everything from accordions and acorns to zebras and zippers

July 12, 2019
Cornwall, Lizzie, author.
New York : Skyhorse Publishing, 2019.
191 pages : color illustrations ; 16 cm
Includes index.
"First Published by Summersdade Publishers Ltd, and imprint of Hatchette UK, in 2016 as Dreamopedia."
What did you last dream of? Were you soaring above city skyscrapers? Or perhaps you were dancing with hippopotamuses wearing hula skirts? This handy guide, which contains an A-Z of dream descriptions and their meanings, as well as fascinating facts about the brain and sleep, will help you to pinpoint what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you.

The essential path : making the daring decision to become who and what you are

July 12, 2019
Walsch, Neale Donald, author.
New York : St. Martins Essentials, 2019.
vi, 119 pages ; 20 cm
The proposition -- The questions -- The effect -- The situation -- The reason -- The attempts -- The beliefs -- The refusal -- The assumption -- The story -- The tradition -- The misunderstanding -- The instinct -- The challenge -- The choice -- The decision -- The majority -- The combination -- The curiosities -- The dark -- The guidance -- The ideas -- The changes -- The key -- The stepping stone -- The different way -- The experience -- The finale.
"Offers a radical solution to the growing problem of humanity's alienation. He invites us to question our basic assumptions about ourselves, about each other, about life and how it works, and about God, and to rethink the very definition of humanity. The Essential Path challenges every human to make a Daring Decision--to look at who we are and how we can choose to be, in a planet-altering new way." --

Beyond positive thinking : a no-nonsense formula for getting what you want

July 11, 2019
Anthony, Robert (Psychologist), author.
viii, 163 pages ; 23 cm
"A common-sense approach to achieving success in one's life. Offers workable, step-by-step methods and positive visualization techniques to help readers personalize goals, trust creativity, transcend old beliefs and limitations, and transform positive thinking into positive action.""--Publisher's description.

I love you, but I hate your politics : how to protect your intimate relationships in a poisonous partisan world

July 11, 2019
Safer, Jeanne, author.
ix, 228 pages ; 22 cm
Includes index.
Introduction: a house divided -- The endless fight -- Young and foolish -- Family feuds I -- Family feuds II -- Relentless hope -- Enemies no longer -- Three Trump supporters and the women who love-or leave-them -- What is a core value? -- We love the things we love for what they are.
I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics is sure to educate and entertain anyone who has felt the strain of ideological differences in their personal life. No matter which side of the fence you're on, Dr. Safer offers frank, practical advice for salvaging and strengthening your bonds with your loved ones. This book is required reading for any politically minded friend, relative, or significant other in the Trump era.

Healthy habits suck : how to get off the couch & live a healthy life... even if you don't want to

July 5, 2019
Lee-Baggley, Danya, author.
viii, 168 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
"Foreword by Russ Harris"--Front cover.
The marathon runner who hated running -- Weight and other things you don't control -- Passengers on the bus -- If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes -- Be glad you don't put your socks on like a two-year-old -- I suck at being compassionate with myself -- Get yourself out of solitary confinement -- You will fall off the wagon -- How doctors choose to die.
"Salad instead of steak? Working out? Skipping that second beer or glass of wine? Healthy habits are THE WORST. If you're someone who gets up every morning and can't wait for your run, considers eating sweet potatoes a splurge, and sets aside thirty minutes before work to meditate--this book isn't for you. If you're someone who thinks about getting up to go for a run but goes back to sleep, regrets last night's dinner of fast food, and can barely get to work on time--let alone meditate--then this book will help you find the motivation you've been looking for to live your healthiest life, even when you don't want to. With this funny, in-your-face guide, you won't find advice on how to "enjoy" exercise, or tips for making broccoli and kale taste as good as donuts and ice cream. What you will find are solid skills to help you actually do the healthy things you know you should be doing. Using these skills--based in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and neuroscience--you'll learn to find the motivation you're really craving to adopt healthy habits, even if they do suck. You'll also discover how to accept self-criticism, develop self-compassion, and live a more meaningful life. This book not only acknowledges that many healthy habits suck, it uses science to explain why we want the things we want (junk food), crave the things we crave (sugar), and dislike the things we dislike (exercise). At the end, you'll feel validated in feeling like these things are the absolute worst. But you'll also find the motivation to do them anyway."--Publisher's website.

Reboot : leadership and the art of growing up

July 3, 2019
Colonna, Jerry, author.
xiii, 265 pages ; 22 cm
"One of the start-up world's most in-demand executive coaches--hailed as the "CEO Whisperer" (Wired)--reveals why radical self-inquiry is critical to professional success and healthy relationships in all realms of life.Jerry Colonna helps start-up CEOs make peace with their demons, the psychological habits and behavioral patterns that have helped them to succeed--molding them into highly accomplished individuals--yet have been detrimental to their relationships and ultimate well-being. Now, this venture capitalist turned executive coach shares his unusual yet highly effective blend of Buddhism, Jungian therapy, and entrepreneurial straight talk to help leaders overcome their own psychological traumas. Reboot is a journey of radical self-inquiry, helping you to reset your life by sorting through the emotional baggage that is holding you back professionally, and even more important, in your relationships. Jerry has taught CEOs and their top teams to realize their potential by using the raw material of their lives to find meaning, to build healthy interpersonal bonds, and to become more compassionate and bold leaders. In Reboot, he inspires everyone to hold themselves responsible for their choices and for the possibility of truly achieving their dreams. Work does not have to destroy us. Work can be the way in which we achieve our fullest self, Jerry firmly believes. What we need, sometimes, is a chance to reset our goals and to reconnect with our deepest selves and with each other. Reboot moves and empowers us to begin this journey"-- Provided by publisher.

The bottom of the pool : thinking beyond your boundaries to achieve extraordinary results

July 3, 2019
Andrews, Andy, 1959- author.
x, 178 pages ; 20 cm
"Bestselling author Andy Andrews helps us break through false boundaries and rediscover the path to accomplishing extraordinary results in every area of our lives. Additional books: The Travelers Gift; The Noticer; The Traveler's Summit"-- Provided by publisher.

The dance of anger : a woman's guide to changing the patterns of intimate relationships

July 3, 2019
Lerner, Harriet Goldhor, author.
x, 243 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Originally published: 1st ed. New York : Harper & Row, ©1985.
"With a new introduction by the author"--Cover.
New Introduction in the 2014 edition --The Challenge of Anger -- Old Moves, New Moves, and Countermoves -- Circular Dances in Couples: When Getting Angry Is Getting Nowhere -- Anger at our Impossible Mothers: The Story of Maggie -- Using Anger as a Guide: The Road to a Clearer Self -- Up and Down the Generations: Katy and Her Aging Father -- Who's Responsible for What: The Trickiest Anger Question -- Thinking in Threes: Stepping Out of Family Triangles -- Tasks for the Daring and Courageous -- Epilogue: Beyond Self-Help.
Based on the author's clinical experience and workshops she has introduced, this guide helps women understand the causes and patterns of their anger while providing specific alternatives for forging more powerful relationships.

Frames of mind : the theory of multiple intelligences

July 3, 2019
Gardner, Howard, 1943-
New York, NY : Basic Books, ©2011.
lii, 467 pages ; 24 cm
"With a new introduction by the author"--Cover.
Background. The idea of multiple intelligences ; Intelligence : earlier views ; Biological foundations of intelligence ; What is an intelligence? -- The theory. Linguistic intelligence ; Musical intelligence ; Logical-mathematical intelligence ; Spatial intelligence ; Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence ; The personal intelligences ; A critique of the theory of multiple intelligences ; The socialization of human intelligences through symbols -- Implications and applications. The education of intelligences ; The application of intelligences.
First published in 1983 and now available with a new introduction by the author, Gardner's trailblazing book revolutionized the worlds of education and psychology by positing that rather than a single type of intelligence, we have several--most of which are neglected by standard testing and educational methods. --Publisher description.

Loving what is : four questions that can change your life

July 3, 2019
Katie, Byron.
New York : , 2003.
xxix, 321 pages ; 21 cm
Bibliographical references: p. 320-321.
Introducing an innovative four-pronged approach to self-liberation, this intriguing guide shows how to dissolve the debilitating stories we tell ourselves, which in turn allows the truth of "what is" to give rise to a life of new fulfillment and happiness.

The wisdom of anxiety : how worry & intrusive thoughts are gifts to help you heal

July 2, 2019
Paul, Sheryl, 1971- author.
xi, 239 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
Introduction: anxiety is a doorway -- Anxiety and its messages. Anxiety defined and the call to turn inward -- Two cultural messages that create anxiety: the myth of normal and the expectation of happiness -- Roadblocks to healing -- Transitions -- Months and seasons: attuning to the rhythms of our year -- The vulnerability of being present -- The four realms of self: healing anxiety from the ground up. The seat at the head of your table -- The realm of the body -- The realm of thoughts -- The realm of feelings -- Longing -- The realm of soul -- When anxiety heals -- Relationships. The vulnerability of connection -- The romantic connection -- Parenting in an age of anxiety -- Appendix A: relationship red flags -- Appendix B: two ways to journal.

Bring your brain to work : using cognitive science to get a job, do it well, and advance your career

July 2, 2019
Markman, Arthur B., author.
Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press, [2019]
viii, 242 pages ; 24 cm
Few people really understand their own minds or the minds of others. Over the past decade, there has been increasing attention to what psychology can teach us about work. Research has focused on improving decision-making practices, influencing colleagues, and effective thinking. Bring Your Brain to Work brings current cognitive science insight to specific workplace challenges. The book focuses on three elements of success: getting a job, excelling at work, and finding your next position. Professor, author, and popular radio host Art Markman expertly illustrates how cognitive science brings important perspective and insight to each of these elements.Integrating the latest research with engaging stories and examples from across the professional spectrum.--Provided by publisher.

Super thinking : the big book of mental models

July 2, 2019
Weinberg, Gabriel, author.
339 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Includes index [pages 327-338].
Being wrong less -- Anything that can go wrong, will -- Spend your time wisely -- Becoming one with nature -- Lies, damned lies, and statistics -- Decisions, decisions -- Dealing with conflict -- Unlocking people's potential -- Flex your market power.
"The world's greatest problem-solvers, forecasters, and decision-makers all rely on a set of frameworks and shortcuts that help them cut through complexity and separate good ideas from bad ones. They're called mental models, and you can find them in dense textbooks on psychology, physics, economics, and more."--Page [4] of cover.

Getting to yes : negotiating agreement without giving in

July 2, 2019
Fisher, Roger, 1922-2012, author.
New York, New York : Penguin Books, 2011.
xxix, 204 pages ; 20 cm
Don't bargain over positions -- Separate the people from the problem -- Focus on interests, not positions -- Invent options for mutual gain -- Insist on using objective criteria -- What if they are more powerful? (Develop your BATNA -- Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) -- What if they won't play? (Use negotiation jujitsu) -- What if they use dirty tricks? (Taming the hard bargainer).
"Since it was first published in 1981 Getting to Yes has become a central book in the Business Canon: the key text on the psychology of negotiation. Its message of "principled negotiations"--Finding acceptable compromise by determining which needs are fixed and which are flexible for negotiating parties--has influenced generations of businesspeople, lawyers, educators and anyone who has sought to achieve a win-win situation in arriving at an agreement. It has sold over 8 million copies worldwide in 30 languages, and since it was first published by Penguin in 1991 (a reissue of the original addition with Bruce Patton as additional coauthor) has sold over 2.5 million copies--which places it as the #10 bestselling title overall in Penguin Books, and #3 bestselling nonfiction title overall. We have recently relicensed the rights to Getting to Yes, and will be doing a new revised edition--a 30th anniversary of the original publication and 20th of the Penguin edition. The authors will be bringing the book up to date with new material and a assessment of the legacy and achievement of Getting to Yes after three decades"-- Provided by publisher.

Life sucks : how to deal with the way life is, was, and always will be unfair

June 21, 2019
Bennett, Michael, 1945- author.
231 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Introductions suck: five facts about this book -- How this book works -- Friendship sucks -- School sucks -- Cultural differences suck -- Bodies suck -- Homes suck -- Sexuality sucks.
"From New York Times best-selling authors Michael I. Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett--a book for teens that shows readers that we all deal with crap in our lives and how to laugh at some of the things we can't control. Being a teenager can suck. Your friends can become enemies, and your enemies can become friends. Your family can drive you crazy. School and teachers can be a drag. Your body is constantly changing. And everyone seems to tell you to just be you. But just who is that? With their open and honest approach, father-daughter team Michael I. Bennett and Sarah Bennett's book is sure to appeal to teenagers and show them they aren't alone in dealing with fake friends, with parents who think they're hip, and even how high school isn't everyone's glory days. Young readers--and their parents--are sure to find this no-nonsense, real-life advice helpful, and it will help them realize that it's okay to talk to their parents and other advisors around them about big issues that might be uncomfortable to discuss." -- (Source of summary not specified)

Broken places & outer spaces : finding creativity in the unexpected

June 19, 2019
Okorafor, Nnedi, author.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2019.
88 pages : color illustrations ; 19 cm.
"Nnedi Okorafor was never supposed to be paralyzed. A college track star and budding entomologist, Nnedi's lifelong battle with scoliosis was just a bump in her plan -something a simple operation would easily correct. But when Nnedi wakes from the surgery to find she can't move her legs, her entire sense of self begins to waver. Confined to a hospital bed for months, unusual things begin to happen. Psychedelic bugs crawl her hospital walls; strange dreams visit her nightly. Nnedi begins to put these experiences into writing, conjuring up strange, fantastical stories. What Nnedi discovers during her confinement would prove to be the key to her life as a successful science fiction author: In science fiction, when something breaks, something greater often emerges from the cracks. In Broken Places & Outer Spaces, Nnedi takes the reader on a journey from her hospital bed deep into her memories, from her painful first experiences with racism as a child in Chicago to her powerful visits to her parents hometown in Nigeria. From Frida Kahlo to Mary Shelly, she examines great artists and writers who have pushed through their limitations, using hardship to fuel their work. Through these compelling stories and her own, Nnedi reveals a universal truth: What we perceive as limitations have the potential to become our greatest strength -far greater than when we were unbroken. A guidebook for anyone eager to understand how their limitations might actually be used as a creative springboard, Broken Places & Outer Spaces is an inspiring look at how to open up new windows in your mind."--Amazon.

Flash count diary : menopause and the vindication of natural life

June 18, 2019
Steinke, Darcey, author.
New York : Sarah Crichton Books, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019.
228 pages ; 20 cm
Night on fire -- Free Lolita -- The animals -- Mind at the end of its tether -- Demigirl in kemmering -- Lessons in demonology -- The old monkey -- Nocturnal hunter -- Hole in my heart -- The whale wins -- Home waters -- Notes -- Acknowledgments.
By weaving together her personal story with philosophy, science, art, and literature, the author provides an exploration into aspects of menopause that have rarely been written about, including the changing gender landscape that reduced levels of hormones brings, the actualities of transforming desires, and the realities of prejudice against older women.

The hidden power of f***ing up

June 18, 2019
Habersberger, Keith, author.
[New York] : Dey Street Books, 2019.
275 pages : color illustrations ; 23 cm
The Try Guys believe that to be our best selves, we must become secure in our insecurities. Here they share how four shy, nerdy kids-- Keith, Ned, Zach, and Eugene-- have dealt with their most poignant life struggles by attacking them head-on. They reveal their sure-fail strategies for achieving success, so you can overcome your own self-doubt to become the best, most f*cked up version of yourself you can be!

A primer for forgetting : getting past the past

June 18, 2019
Hyde, Lewis, 1945- author.
372 pages illustrations ; 22 cm
What this is -- Notebook I: myth -- Notebook II: self -- Notebook III: nation -- Notebook IV: creator.
"We live in a culture that prizes memory -how much we can store, the quality of what's preserved, how we might better document and retain the moments of our life while fighting off the nightmare of losing all that we have experienced. But what if forgetfulness were seen not as something to fear -be it in the form of illness or simple absentmindedness- but rather as a blessing, a balm, a path to peace and rebirth? Lewis Hyde's A Primer for Forgetting is a remarkable experiment in scholarship, autobiography, and social criticism by the author of the classics The Gift and Trickster Makes This World. It forges a new vision of forgetfulness by assembling fragments of art and writing from the ancient world to the modern, weighing the potential boons forgetfulness might offer the present moment as a creative and political force. It also turns inward, using the author's own life and memory as a canvas upon which to extol the virtues of a concept too long taken as an evil. Drawing material from Hesiod to Jorge Luis Borges to Elizabeth Bishop to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, from myths and legends to very real and recent traumas both personal and historical, A Primer for Forgetting is a unique and remarkable synthesis that only Lewis Hyde could have produced."--Back cover.

How to Skimm your life

June 13, 2019
Skimm, Inc., author.
New York : Ballantine Books, [2019]
vii, 242 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
Meant for anyone who's starting out in the real world, looking to make a change, or just wants a reset, this book gives you the information you need to make informed and empowered decisions in your life. Covering everything from personal finance, to career, to stress management, global politics, and more, How to Skimm Your Life breaks down some of the less glamorous parts of adulting.

Unfuck your intimacy : using science for better relationships, sex, & dating

June 13, 2019
Harper, Faith G., author.
223 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm.
"An inclusive, professional, approachable guide to improving intimate relationships and overcoming sexual and emotional barriers"-- Provided by publisher.

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