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March 26, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

The ultimate dictionary of dream language

March 25, 2019
Ryan, Briceida.
Charlottesville, VA : Hampton Roads Pub. Co., ©2011.
xxxv, 757 pages ; 21 cm
Offers readers the ultimate guide to uncovering the secret meaning of their dreams. Includes 25,000 dream symbols and interpretations. Explains how dreams send messages about our past, present, and future that can help direct us in our lives. Explains the benefits of dreams: how they help us face our fears, understand our needs and priorities, and plan for the future--P. [4] of cover.

Deep creativity : seven ways to spark your creative spirit

March 22, 2019
Quibell, Deborah Anne, author.
Boulder : Shambhala, 2019.
xi, 340 pages ; 23 cm
"Creative expression has increasingly become a prized component in many of our life's endeavors; in fact, there are many paths to instilling and nourishing creativity. The three authors of Deep Creativity distil these paths down to the 7 Ways to creativity: The Way of Love, The Way of Nature, The Way of the Muse, The Way of Suffering, The Way of Practice, The Way of the Sacred, and The Way of Art; and invite the reader to explore each for themselves. The authors show how the 7 Ways have informed their own creative process and provide reflective and practical exercises on each. Grounded in Jungian psychology, Deep Creativity offers practical guidance for getting in touch with your own unconscious reservoir as well as engaging your everyday world to deepen the source of creative expression. Wherever one is on the creative path--a beginner or established creative--this book offers not only practical workbook-like exercises but is also a contemplation on the creative process itself. The result is a highly resourceful book, which will not only inspire the creative process, but also uniquely contribute to our understanding of creativity as a deeply human and embodied endeavor"-- Provided by publisher.

The eye of the I : from which nothing is hidden

March 18, 2019
Hawkins, David R., 1927- author.
Australia : Hay House, 2014.
xx, 431 pages ; 21 cm
Section I: The Presence of God -- 1. The presence -- 2. The resumption of earthly life -- -- Section II: The Spiritual Process -- 3. The nature of the quest -- 4. The basics -- 5. Circumventing the Ego -- 6. The resolution of the Ego -- -- Section III: The Pathway of Consciousness -- 7. The mind -- 8. Beyond causality -- 9. Advanced awareness -- 10. The nature of God -- -- Section IV: Discussions and lectures -- 11. Along the pathway -- 12. The search for truth -- 13. Explanations -- 14. Body and society -- 15. Clarifications -- 16. Karman, Guru, and Sage -- 17. Dialogues -- 18. Truth and error -- 19. Commentaries and examples -- 20. Duality vs. nonduality -- 21. Creation and evolution -- Section V: Appendices

Mothers, daughters & body image : learning to love ourselves as we are

March 18, 2019
McBride, Hillary L., author.
xii, 209 pages : 23 cm
A daughter's letter -- The ladder out: standing on her shoulders -- Honesty: telling the truth about who we are -- Safety and affirmation: more than enough love -- Media: interpreting and responding to images and messages -- Strength: feeling power in the body -- Relational selves: voice, mental freedom, and social power -- Deep and high: spirituality and the bigger picture -- When it's messy: the importance of feeling -- Epilogue: a letter to my daughter.
In Mothers, Daughters, and Body Image McBride tells her own story of recovery from an eating disorder, and how her struggles led her to dream of a new vision for womanhood--from one without body shame, negative comparisons, or insecurities, to one of freedom, connection, and acceptance.

The passion paradox : a guide to going all in, finding success, and discovering the benefits of all unbalanced life

March 15, 2019
Stulberg, Brad, author.
New York : Rodale, [2019]
185 pages ; 22 cm
Passion must be handled with care -- The origins of passion: a brief history of suffering and love -- Find and grow your passion -- When passion goes awry -- The best kind of passion -- The illusion of balance -- Self-awareness and the power to choose -- Moving on: how to transition from a passion with grace and grit.

Someday is not a day in the week : 10 hacks to make the rest of your life the best of your life

March 12, 2019
Horn, Sam, author.
New York : St. Martins Press, 2019.
x, 276 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Evaluate -- Generate -- Abdicate -- Initiate -- Celebrate -- Affiliare -- Integrate --Negotiate -- Innovate- Relocate.

The scientist in the crib : what early learning tells us about the mind

March 7, 2019
Gopnik, Alison.
New York : HarperPerennial, 2001.
xv, 279 pages ; 21 cm
Ancient questions and a young science -- What children learn about people -- What children learn about things -- What children learn about language -- What scientists have learned about children's minds -- What scientists have learned about children's brains -- Trailing clouds of glory.
A review of research on learning and infancy, drawn from hundreds of case studies, shows how children by the age of three are virtual learning machines and discusses how parents can help this learning process.

Outer order, inner calm : declutter and organize to make more room for happiness

March 1, 2019
Rubin, Gretchen, author.
New York : Harmony, 2019.
xxi, 215 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
"For most of us, outer order contributes to inner calm. And for most of us, a rigid, one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work. In this easy-to-read but hard-to-put-down book, Gretchen Rubin suggests more than 150 short, concrete clutter-clearing ideas so each reader can choose the ones that resonate most. The fact is, when we tailor our approach to suit our own particular challenges and habits, we're far more likely to be able to create the order that will make our lives happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative. In the context of a happy life, a messy desk or crowded coat closet is a trivial problem--yet Gretchen Rubin has found that getting control of our stuff makes us feel more in control of our lives. By getting rid of things we don't use, don't need, or don't love, as well as things that don't work, don't fit, or don't suit, we free our mind (and our shelves) for what we truly value."-- Provided by publisher.

The power of agency : the 7 principles to conquer obstacles, make effective decisions, and create a life on your own terms

February 28, 2019
Napper, Paul, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2019.
viii, 326 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
A psychology consultant to Fortune 500 companies and former Boston Children's Hospital pediatric psychologist draw on years of research to offer advice on creating a meaningful life in accordance with one's interests, values, and inner motivations.

Miracle in the mundane : poems, prompts, and inspiration to unlock your creativity and unfiltered joy

February 27, 2019
Gregson, Tyler Knott, author.
New York : TarcherPerigee, [2019]
191 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
"The national bestselling author of Chasers of the Light pulls back the curtain on his creative process to share how to unlock creativity and lead a more mindful and compassionate life"-- Provided by publisher.

On freedom

February 27, 2019
Sunstein, Cass R., author.
v, 127 pages : illustrations ; 16 cm
Bitten appples -- What the hell is water? -- Navigability -- Self-control -- Happy either way -- "Through Eden took their solitary way".
"In this pathbreaking book, New York Times bestselling author Cass Sunstein asks us to rethink freedom. He shows that freedom of choice isn't nearly enough. To be free, we must also be able to navigate life. People often need something like a GPS device to help them get where they want to go--whether the issue involves health, money, jobs, children, or relationships. In both rich and poor countries, citizens often have no idea how to get to their desired destination. That is why they are unfree. People also face serious problems of self-control, as many of them make decisions today that can make their lives worse tomorrow. And in some cases, we would be just as happy with other choices, whether a different partner, career, or place to live--which raises the difficult question of which outcome best promotes our well-being. Accessible and lively, and drawing on perspectives from the humanities, religion, and the arts, as well as social science and the law, On Freedom explores a crucial dimension of the human condition that philosophers and economists have long missed--and shows what it would take to make freedom real."--Page [2] of cover.

Girl, stop apologizing : a shame-free plan for embracing and achieving your goals

February 26, 2019
Hollis, Rachel (Event planner)
xxiv, 216 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Rachel Hollis is sounding a wake-up call. She knows that many women have been taught to define themselves in light of other people--whether as wife, mother, daughter, or employee instead of learning how to own who they are and what they want. With a challenge to women everywhere to stop talking themselves out of their dreams, Hollis identifies the excuses to let go of, the behaviors to adopt, and the skills to acquire on the path to growth, confidence, and believing in yourself.

The little book of being : practices and guidance for uncovering your natural awareness

February 25, 2019
Winston, Diana, author.
Boulder, Colorado : Sounds True, 2019.
x, 233 pages ; 21 cm

Stress less, accomplish more : meditation for extraordinary performance

February 20, 2019
Fletcher, Emily, author.
New York : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2019]
xx, 252 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Foreword / by Mark Human, M.D. -- Preface / by Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. -- Introduction -- Why meditate? -- Tapping the source -- Stress makes you stupid -- Sleepless in Seattle -- and everywhere else -- Sick of being sick -- The (legit) fountain of youth -- The "I'll be happy when ..." syndrome -- The Z technique -- Better parking karma -- The most amazing version of you -- From om to OMG! -- Mind the gap -- Up-level your performance.
You know you should be meditating, so what's stopping you? This entertaining and enlightening book by the founder of Ziva Meditation will finally take meditation mainstream. Filled with fascinating real-life transformations, interactive exercises, and practical knowledge, Emily Fletcher introduces you to a relevatory daily practice and shows you how to make it work for your modern life.

What's my child thinking? : practical child psychology for modern parents

February 20, 2019
Carey, Tanith, author.
New York, New York : DK, 2019.
256 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm

Childless living : the joys and challenges of life without children

February 15, 2019
Schuitemaker, Lisette, author.
Rochester, Vermont : Findhorn Press, 2019.
238 pages ; 23 cm
"Not having children is on the rise in many countries across the globe. August 1st has been named International Childfree Day, with a Childfree Woman and Man of the Year Award. Yet being childless is a subject not much talked about--the focus tends to be on having families and raising children, in rural, town, or city life. Let's talk about not having children, about what people like us do with our time, about how we spend our money, and--most of all--how we find purpose and fulfilment in our lives. Never attracted to family life herself, Lisette Schuitemaker began openly discussing why people didn't have children and how that was for them, resulting in intimate conversations with childless women and men and surprising insights. Inspired to delve further, she interviewed non-parenting people aged 19 to 91 across the globe. She found that no story was like the other and that many had been waiting to be listened to with sensitivity. She heard stories across the spectrum, from exhilarating to painful, from people still on the fence to the childfree who have always known starting a family was not for them. Complementing her interview findings with a worldwide survey and recent research, the author paints a rich picture of the individual lives of childless and childfree women and men."--Back cover.

Under pressure : confronting the epidemic of stress and anxiety in girls

February 14, 2019
Damour, Lisa, 1970- author.
xxi, 261 pages ; 22 cm
Coming to terms with stress and anxiety -- Girls at home -- Girls among girls -- Girls among boys -- Girls at school -- Girls in the culture.
Though anxiety has risen among young people overall, studies confirm that it has skyrocketed in girls. Research finds that the number of girls who said that they often felt nervous, worried, or fearful jumped 55% from 2009 to 2014 while the comparable number for adolescent boys has remained unchanged. As a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with girls, Lisa Damour, Ph.D., addresses the facts about psychological pressure. She includes the critical steps that parents can take to shield their daughters from the toxic pressures in our culture.

Life admin : how I learned to do less, do better, and live more

February 13, 2019
Emens, Elizabeth F., author.
xix, 261 pages ; 22 cm
"It's a relief just to talk about it. It's heaven to fix it: "admin," the administrative tasks that have exploded in our busy lives. Here's the book that will give you many hours of your life back. Scheduling. Planning. Paying. Using "self-service" websites. The busier our lives are, the more the invisible "admin" piles up on top of us. Elizabeth Emens was a working mother with two young children, swamped like so many of us, when she realized that mental labor was consuming her. She planned to conduct interviews and focus groups to find out how people cope with it all--and then the project became even more personal as she faced divorce and two relocations. Desperate to survive and to help others along the way, she gathered favorite tips and tricks, admin confessions, and the secrets of admin-happy households. Here is the one book you need in order to get past the invisible quicksand that is holding you back from the joys of living. Which type of "admin personality" are you? Do you know any Strategic Ball-Droppers? Do you suffer from Madmin Mind? Life Admin is the book that will teach us all how to do less of it, and to do it better"-- Provided by publisher.

The truth about men : what men and women need to know

February 12, 2019
Franklin, DeVon, author.
New York, NY : Howard Books, 2019.
272 pages ; 24 cm
Are men really dogs? -- Be(a)ware of the dog -- Accept the dog -- Master the dog -- Don't feed the dog -- Claim your territory -- Discipline the dog -- Create a safe space -- Repair the damage -- Epilogue: peace.
DeVon Franklin dishes the real Truth About Men by making the compelling ccase that all men share the same struggle. He uses the metaphor of a dog that needs training as a way to explore why behavior persists in men that can lead them to act against their vows, their integrity and even their character. DeVon provides the manual for how men can change, both on a personal and a societal level by providing practical solutions for helping men learn how to resist temptation, how to practice self-control and how to love.

90 seconds to a life you love : how to master your difficult feelings to cultivate lasting confidence, resilience, and authenticity

February 8, 2019
Rosenberg, Joan I., author.
New York : Little, Brown Spark, 2019.
296 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Reveals how eight commonly misunderstood core emotions can be recognized and balanced to minimize sabotaging disconnect, reduce anxiety, promote confidence, and gain a greater awareness of personal ambitions.

No hard feelings : the secret power of embracing emotions at work

February 5, 2019
Fosslien, Liz, author.
vii, 294 pages : color illustrations ; 22 cm
The future is emotional -- Health -- Motivation -- Decision making -- Teams -- Communication -- Culture -- Leadership.
"A visual exploration of how to embrace emotion at work and become more authentic and fulfilled while staying professional. When it comes to emotions at work, there's rarely a happy medium. In some offices, your boss might send snaps of her weekend getaway in Vegas, or your coworker might send twenty texts about how Susan ate his clearly labeled lunch...again. Other offices are buttoned-up emotional deserts, where crying is only allowed in the bathroom and you suspect your coworkers might be robots. Either extreme hurts employee health and productivity. Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy take a charming and deeply researched look at how emotions affect our professional lives and how we can navigate emotions at work. The modern workplace can be an emotional minefield (Do I shake my boss's hand or give her a hug? Did I forget to mute my phone on the conference call?) filled with unwritten rules. As our jobs become more collaborative, complex, and stressful, effectively embracing emotion is more important than ever"-- Provided by publisher.

The warrior code : 11 principles to unleash the badass inside of you

February 4, 2019
Hanible, Tee Marie, author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, 2019.
193 pages ; 22 cm
Improvise, adapt and overcome : get some grit -- Uncommon valor : get tough -- Honor, courage, commitment : give a helping hand -- Semper flexibilus (always flexible) : get out of your own way -- Make peace or die : remember you're a human being -- Always faithful, always forward : don't quit -- Semper fi (with courage) : be brave -- Whatever it takes : know your big reason -- Gung-ho (work together) : find your tribe -- Ready for all, yielding to none : stand your ground -- Don't tread on me : practice self-care.
"From American Grit co-star, former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Tee Marie Hanible comes the story of how she became a warrior...and how you can do it too. In the Warrior Code, entrepreneur, philanthropist, reality star and retired Gunnery Sergeant Tee Marie Hanible serves up eleven principles to awaken your inner badass and thrive in the face of adversity. After surviving the death of her father, enduring foster care and being expelled from school, Tee joined military reform school, where she began uncovering her inner warrior. As part of one of the first female classes of recruits to complete the Marine Corps Crucible and the Marine Combat Training, and as the only woman to deploy with her unit to Iraq in 2003, Tee tested her mettle and learned the key to becoming an unbreakable woman. With insightful honesty and wisdom, and set against the backdrop of Tee's life, The Warrior Code will help you understand that things can beat us back from realizing our true potential...but the key is finding the way to realize one's own innate strength"-- Provided by publisher.

Brave, not perfect : fear less, fail more, and live bolder

January 29, 2019
Saujani, Reshma, author.
New York : Currency, [2019]
197 pages ; 22 cm
"New York Times bestselling author and Girls Who Code founder/CEO Reshma Saujani inspires us to discover the power of female bravery. Do you ever feel crushed under the weight of your own expectations? Do you often lose sleep ruminating over a tiny mistake or worrying about what someone else thinks of you? Do you run yourself ragged trying to do it all at home and at work, with a smile and not a hair out of place? Have you ever passed up an opportunity--a new relationship, new job, or new challenge--because you're afraid you won't immediately excel at it? For you, is failure simply not an option? You're not alone. As women, we've been taught from an early age to play it safe. Well-meaning parents and teachers rewarded us for being quiet and polite, urged us to be careful so we don't get hurt, and steered us to activities at which we could shine. Meanwhile, boys were expected to speak up, get dirty, play rough, and climb to the top of the monkey bars. In short, boys are taught to be brave, while girls are taught to be perfect. As a result, we grow up to be women who are afraid to fail. So terrified of not doing everything perfectly, we tamp down our dreams and narrow our world, along with our opportunities for happiness. As too many of us eventually learn, being afraid to take risks, to use our voice to take a stand or ask for what we want, even to make mistakes, leads to a lot of disappointment and regret. But it doesn't have to be this way. In a book inspired by her hugely popular TED Talk, Reshma Saujani shows us how to end our love affair with perfection and rewire ourselves for bravery. Drawing on hundreds of interviews with girls and women from around the country, stories of women changing the world one brave act at a time, and her own personal journey, Saujani shares an array of powerful insights and practices to make bravery a lifelong habit and enable us to be the authors of our biggest, boldest, and most joyful life"-- Provided by publisher.

The goodness paradox : the strange relationship between virtue and violence in human evolution

January 24, 2019
Wrangham, Richard W., 1948- author.
New York : Pantheon Books, [2019]
x, 377 pages ; 24 cm
Introduction: virtue and violence in human evolution -- The paradox -- Two types of aggression -- Human domestication -- Breeding peace -- Wild domesticates -- Belyaev's rule in human evolution -- The execution hypothesis -- Capital punishment -- What domestication did -- The evolution of right and wrong -- Proactive aggression -- War -- Chimera.
"Highly accessible, authoritative, and intellectually provocative, a startlingly original theory of how Homo sapiens came to be: Richard Wrangham forcefully argues that, a quarter of a million years ago, rising intelligence among our ancestors led to a unique new ability with unexpected consequences: our ancestors invented socially sanctioned capital punishment, facilitating domestication, increased cooperation, the accumulation of culture, and ultimately the rise of civilization itself. Throughout history even as quotidian life has exhibited calm and tolerance war has never been far away, and even within societies violence can be a threat. The Goodness Paradox gives a new and powerful argument for how and why this uncanny combination of peacefulness and violence crystallized after our ancestors acquired language in Africa a quarter of a million years ago. Words allowed the sharing of intentions that enabled men effectively to coordinate their actions. Verbal conspiracies paved the way for planned conflicts and, most importantly, for the uniquely human act of capital punishment. The victims of capital punishment tended to be aggressive men, and as their genes waned, our ancestors became tamer. This ancient form of systemic violence was critical, not only encouraging cooperation in peace and war and in culture, but also for making us who we are: Homo sapiens"-- Provided by publisher.

Becoming human : a theory of ontogeny

January 24, 2019
Tomasello, Michael, author.
x, 379 pages ; illustrations ; 25 cm
I. Background. In search of human uniqueness ; Evolutionary foundations -- II. The ontogeny of uniquely human cognition. Social cognition ; Communication ; Cultural learning ; Cooperative thinking -- III. The ontogeny of uniquely human sociality. Collaboration ; Prosociality ; Social norms ; Moral identity -- IV. Conclusion. A neo-Vygotskian theory ; The power of shared agency.
Virtually all theories of how humans have become such a distinctive species focus on evolution. Here, Michael Tomasello proposes a complementary theory of human uniqueness, focused on ontogenetic processes. His data-driven model explains how those things that make us most human are constructed during the first years of a child's life. Tomasello assembles nearly three decades of experimental work with chimpanzees, bonobos, and human children to propose a new framework for psychological development between birth and seven years of age. He identifies eight pathways that starkly differentiate humans from their closest primate relatives: social cognition, communication, cultural learning, cooperative thinking, collaboration, prosociality, social norms, and moral identity. In each of these, great apes possess rudimentary abilities. But then, Tomasello argues, the maturation of humans' evolved capacities for shared intentionality transform these abilities into uniquely human cognition and sociality. The first step occurs around nine months, with the emergence of joint intentionality, exercised mostly with caregiving adults. The second step occurs around three years, with the emergence of collective intentionality involving both authoritative adults, who convey cultural knowledge, and coequal peers, who elicit collaboration and communication. Finally, by age six or seven, children become responsible for self-regulating their beliefs and actions so that they comport with cultural norms. Built on the essential ideas of Lev Vygotsky, Becoming Human places human sociocultural activity within the framework of modern evolutionary theory, and shows how biology creates the conditions under which culture does its work.-- Provided by publisher.

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