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May 24, 2019
These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Fantastic Four

May 23, 2019
Slott, Dan, author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., [2019]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Artist vary between volumes.
v. 1. Fourever -- v. 2. Mr. and Mrs. Grimm

Darkness on the edge of town

May 23, 2019
Christopher, Adam, 1978- author.
New York : Del Rey, [2019]
413 pages ; 24 cm
A prequel to the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.
"Chief Jim Hopper reveals long-awaited secrets to Eleven about his old life as a police detective in New York City, confronting his past before the events of the hit show Stranger Things,"

The Gameshouse

May 23, 2019
North, Claire, author.
New York, NY : Orbit, 2019.
441 pages ; 21 cm
Simultaneously published in Great Britain and the U.S. by Orbit.
"This novel was originally published in three installments"--Back cover.
The serpent -- The thief -- The master.
"Everyone has heard of the Gameshouse. But few know all its secrets... It is the place where fortunes can be made and lost through chess, backgammon--every game under the sun. But those whom fortune favors may be invited to compete in the higher league, where the games played are of politics and nations, of economics and kings. It is a contest where capture the castle involves real castles and where hide-and seek takes place on the scale of a continent. Among those worthy of competing in the higher league, three unusually talented contestants play for the highest stakes of all---"-- Provided by publisher.

Destiny arrives

May 23, 2019
Palmer, Liza, author.
Los Angeles : Marvel, 2019.
144 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
After years of battling threats on Earth and across the universe, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, protectors of the Sanctum Sanctorum, and forces of Wakanda must join together to fight Thanos. The Mad Titan has collected all six Infinity Stones, and Doctor Strange has foreseen there is only one possible timeline that results in good prevailing over evil. It all comes down to this last battle... as destiny arrives. -- adapted from jacket

Superman's pal, Jimmy Olsen

May 23, 2019
Kirby, Jack, author, artist.
369 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in single magazine form.
The newsboy legion! -- The mountain of judgment! -- Evil factory! -- The saga of the D.N.Aliens -- The four-armed terror! -- The big boom! -- The guardian fights again! -- Will the real Don Rickles panic? -- The man from Trnasilvane! -- Genocide spray! -- A big thing in a deep Scottish lake! -- Brigadoom! -- Homo disastrous -- A Superman in supertown! -- Monarch of all he subdues -- Mother box files.
"Jack Kirby's legendary take on Superman's best friend, Jimmy Olsen, is now collected in its entirety with this graphic novel that features stories introducing some of the most memorable DC characters ever."--Provided by publisher.

The red-stained wings

May 22, 2019
Bear, Elizabeth, author.
New York : TOR, 2019.
384 pages : map ; 25 cm
"A Tom Doherty Associates Book."
The Gage and the Dead Man brought a message from the greatest wizard of Messaline to the ruling queen of Sarathai, one of the Lotus Kingdoms. But the message was a riddle, and the Lotus Kingdoms are at war.

The Kingdom

May 22, 2019
Rothenberg, Jess, author.
New York : Henry Holt and Company, 2019.
340 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
Ana, a half-android, half-human employee of a futuristic fantasy theme park, the Kingdom, faces a charge of murder in a tale told through flashbacks and court transcripts.


May 22, 2019
Gear, W. Michael, author.
New York, NY : DAW Books, Inc., [2019]
484 pages ; 22 cm.
"Corporate assassin Tamarland Benteen's last hope is the survey ship Vixen. With a load of scientists aboard under the supervision of Dr. Dortmund Weisbacher, Vixen is tasked with the first comprehensive survey of the newly discovered planet called Donovan. Given that back in Solar System, Boardmember Radcek would have Benteen's brain dissected, he's particularly motivated to make his escape. The transition that should have taken Vixen years is instantaneous. Worse, a space ship is already orbiting Donovan, and, impossibly, human settlements have been established on the planet. For Dortmund Weisbacher, this is a violation of the most basic conservation tenets. Donovan is an ecological disaster. Down on Donovan, Talina Perez takes refuge in the ruins of Mundo Base with the wild child, Kylee Simonov. But the quetzals are playing their own deadly game: one that forces Talina and Kylee to flee farther into the wilderness. Too bad they're stuck with Dortmund Weisbacher in the process. Back in Port Authority, Dan Wirth discovers that he's not the meanest or deadliest man on the planet. Tamarland Benteen is making his play for control of PA. And in the final struggle, if Benteen can't have it, he'll destroy it all."--Inside dust jacket.

A chain across the dawn

May 21, 2019
Williams, Drew (Science fiction author), author.
New York : Tor, 2019.
317 pages ; 24 cm
It's been three years since Esa joined the ranks of the Justified. Together, Esa and fellow Justified agent Jane Kamali travel across the known universe searching for other children with Esa's supernatural abilities. But on a visit to an extremely remote planet to rescue a gifted Wulf boy named Sho, they learn that the Justified are not the only people searching for gifted children. There is a creature with unexpected powers who will stop at nothing to get its hands on the children that Esa and Jane are trying to rescue. Now Esa, Jane, and Sho must travel halfway across the galaxy in pursuit of answers. But the answers only lead to more questions, and the danger will only increase as they chase their seemingly unbeatable nemesis.

Her silhouette, drawn in water

May 17, 2019
Kaftan, Vylar, 1976- author.
109 pages ; 21 cm
"All Bee has ever known is darkness. She doesn't remember the crime she committed that landed her in the cold, twisting caverns of the prison planet Colel-Cab with only fellow prisoner Chela for company. Chela says that they're telepaths and mass-murderers; that they belong here, too dangerous to ever be free. Bee has no reason to doubt her--until she hears the voice of another telepath, one who has answers, and can open her eyes to an entirely different truth."-- Provided by publisher.


May 16, 2019
Larson, Hope, author.
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2017]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Writers and artists vary between volumes.
Originally published in single magazine form.
v. 1. Beyond burnside (Collects Batgirl 1-6) -- v. 2. Son of Penguin (Collects Batgirl 1-7, Batgirl annual 1) -- v. 3. Summer of lies (Collects Batgirl 12-17) -- v. 4. Strange loop (Collects Batgirl 18-25) -- v. 5. Art of the crime (Collects Batgirl annual 2, Batgirl 25-29)

The immortal Hulk

May 16, 2019
Ewing, Al, author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., [2018]-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
Originally published in magazine form.
Artists vary between volumes.
v. 1. Or is he both? -- v. 2. The green door -- v. 3. Hulk in hell

Vessel : a novel

May 16, 2019
Nichols, Lisa A., 1972- author.
New York : Emily Bestler Books/Atria, 2019.
294 pages ; 24 cm
After astronaut Catherine Wells's ship undergoes a catastrophic event and loses contact with NASA, the entire world believes her to be dead. Miraculously - and mysteriously - she survives, though everyone else on the mission is lost, as are most of Catherine's memories of her time in space. Her reentry after a decade away is a turbulent one: her husband has moved on with another woman, and the young daughter she left behind has grown into a teenager she barely recognizes. Catherine, too, is different. The long years alone have changed her, and sometimes she feels disconnected - as though she isn't herself anymore. As though she came back... wrong somehow. There are periods of time she can't account for, and she begins waking up in increasingly strange and worrisome locations, such as restricted areas of NASA headquarters. Suddenly she's questioning everything about her mission: how her crew mates died, how she survived, and what's happening to her now back on Earth. But Catherine may not be prepared for the answers her search will uncover...


May 16, 2019
Campbell, Jack (Naval officer), author.
New York : Ace, 2019.
327 pages ; 24 cm
"A young fleet officer and a Marine must stand together to defend their neighbors and their colony in this return to the powerful and action-packed Genesis Fleet saga from New York Times bestselling author Jack Campbell. The recently colonized world of Glenlyon has learned that they're stronger when they stand with other star systems than when they are on their own. But after helping their neighbor Kosatka against an invasion, Glenlyon has become a target. An attack is launched against Glenlyon's orbital facility with forces too powerful for fleet officer Rob Geary to counter using their sole remaining destroyer, Saber. Mele Darcy's Marines must repel repeated assaults while their hacker tries to get into the enemy systems to give Saber a fighting chance. To survive, Glenlyon needs more firepower, and the only source for that is their neighbor Kosatka or other star systems that have so far remained neutral. But trying to convince other worlds to help is a seemingly hopeless struggle. As star systems founded by people seeking freedom and autonomy, will Kosatka, Glenlyon, and others be able to overcome deep suspicions of surrendering any authority to others? Will the free star systems stand together in a new alliance or fall alone?"-- Provided by publisher.

Children of ruin

May 16, 2019
Tchaikovsky, Adrian, 1972- author.
New York, NY : Orbit, 2019.
597 pages ; 21 cm
Extras include an excerpts from Red moon by Kim Stanley Robinson and Roswater by Tade Thomspson.
Thousands of years ago, Earth's terraforming program took to the stars. On the world they called Nod, scientists discovered alien life - but it was their mission to overwrite it with the memory of Earth. Then humanity's great empire fell, and the program's decisions were lost to time. Aeons later, humanity and its new spider allies detected fragmentary radio signals between the stars. They dispatched an exploration vessel, hoping to find cousins from old Earth. But those ancient terraformers woke something on Nod better left undisturbed. And it's been waiting for them.

Teen titans by Geoff Johns. Book three, Sins of the father

May 16, 2019
Johns, Geoff, 1973-
Burbank, CA : DC Comics, 2019.
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Originally published in single magazine form in Teen Titans 20-26, 29-31 and Outsiders 24-25"--Title page verso.
After a sobering visit 10 years into the future, the Teen Titans have returned to the present to welcome their newest member, Speedy--only to be attacked by a retribution-seeking Dr. Light, whose memories of the humiliating defeats he has suffered at their hands have been fully restored. But even as Titans old and new come together to take down Dr. Light, an even greater menace is emerging from within their own ranks--Superboy has turned traitor! To stop this deadly new threat, the Titans must call for help from the Outsiders, whose android member Indigo has also gone rogue. It's an all-out battle to save Superboy's soul--and in the end, one team will stand on the precipice of destruction!

The amazing Spider-Man. Assassin nation

May 16, 2019
Michelinie, David, author.
New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., 2019.
469 pages : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
"Volume 19, 1989"--Back cover.
"Contains material originally published in magazine form as Amazing Spider-Man #311-325, Annual #23, Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel lives"--Title page verso.
As Manhattan goes mad, Spidey faces down the demonic threat of Inferno...but Peter's powers can't save him and MJ from a Christmastime eviction! Then, Spidey tackles international espionage when he's drawn into the Assassin Nation Plot alongside Silver Sable, roguish gun-for-hire Paladin and Captain America! But when the assassin is revealed, who will survive? Plus, as Atlantis Attacks, Spidey and She-Hulk battle the Abomination! And a classic graphic novel sheds new light on Peter and Mary Jane's lives!

The Quantum age

May 15, 2019
Lemire, Jeff, writer.
Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Books, [2019]
1 volume (unpaged) : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm
"From the world of Black Hammer"--Cover.
"Collects issues #1-6 of the Dark Horse Comics series Quantum Age, as well as material from Free Comic Book Day 2018."
A collection of superheroes, inspired by the legendary heroes of Black Hammer Farm, must band together to save the planet from an authoritarian regime. A young Martian must find a way to reform The Quantum League to save the world, while solving the riddle of what happened to the great heroes of the twentieth century.

Last tango in cyberspace

May 14, 2019
Kotler, Steven, 1967- author.
New York : St. Martin's Press, [2019]
329 pages ; 24 cm

The obsoletes : a novel

May 13, 2019
Mills, Simeon, author.
New York : Skybound Books, 2019.
308 pages ; 24 cm
"A thought-provoking coming-of-age novel about two human-like teen robots navigating high school, basketball, and potentially life-threatening consequences if their true origins are discovered by the inhabitants of their intolerant 1980s Michigan hometown"-- Provided by publisher.

Two feet under

May 13, 2019
Hunter, C. C., author.
New York : EverAfter Romance, 2018.
286 pages ; 22 cm.
Riley has accepted that her special gift is to help dead people with their unfinished business. But she never thought she'd be tasked with helping the spirit of a convicted criminal who died in prison. He may lead her on the scariest mission yet, but helping him could mean saving the life of a child. The convict's daughter needs a liver transplant and the one person who could still be a match is his brother...who also happens to be a gang leader. Hayden's not happy that Riley's discovered who he is and is seeing him sick and unconscious in his hospital bed. This feels like as good a time as ever to cross over and put all of them out of their misery....but Riley is in danger. She's visiting some of the most dangerous spots and confronting some of the creepiest low-lifes in town. For her, he'll need to regain his strength and fight to keep her safe. But dealing with other people's problems still can't keep Riley from her own. Her dad's drinking has gotten worse. And she'll soon learn it's because he's been keeping a huge, horrible secret that will change everything she believes about her family and her mother's death.


May 10, 2019
McGoran, Jon, author.
New York : Holiday House, [2019]
348 pages ; 22 cm
Sequel to: Spliced.
"Seventeen-year-old Jimi Corcoran continues her fight for survival and equality in a near-future world where teenagers have animal DNA spliced into their own"-- Provided by publisher.

Triangulum : a novel

May 10, 2019
Ntshanga, Masande, 1986- author.
Columbus, Ohio : Two Dollar Radio, [2019]
365 pages ; 19 cm
In 2040, the South African National Space Agency receives a mysterious package containing a memoir and a set of digital recordings from an unnamed woman who claims the world will end in ten years. Assigned to the case, Dr. Naomi Buthelezi, a retired professor and science-fiction writer, is hired to investigate the veracity of the materials, and whether or not the woman's claim to have heard from a "force more powerful than humankind" is genuine. Thus begins TRIANGULUM, a found manuscript composed of the mysterious woman's memoir and her recordings. Haunted by visions of a mysterious machine, the narrator is a seemingly adrift 17-year-old girl, whose sick father never recovered from the shock of losing his wife. She struggles to navigate school, sexual experimentation, and friendship across racial barriers in post-apartheid South Africa. When three girls go missing from their town, on her mother's birthday, the narrator is convinced that it has something to do with "the machine" and how her mother also went missing in the '90s. Along with her friends, Litha and Part, she discovers a puzzling book on UFOs at the library, the references and similarities in which lead the friends to believe that the text holds clues to the narrators' mother's abduction. Drawing upon suggestions in the text, she and her friends set out on an epic journey that takes them from their small town to an underground lab, a criminal network, and finally, a mysterious, dense forest, in search of clues as to what happened to the narrator's mother.


May 8, 2019
Ayala, Vita, author.
New York : Valiant Entertainment, 2019-
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 26 cm.
v. 1. Fugitive
Seeking to protect other vulnerable super-powers like herself, Livewire plunged the United States into a nationwide blackout with her technopathic abilities, causing untold devastation. After choosing the few over the many, she must now outrun the government she served - and those she once called allies with the whole world hunting her.

Million mile road trip

May 8, 2019
Rucker, Rudy v. B. (Rudy von Bitter), 1946- author.
New York : Night Shade Books, 2019.
469 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm
When a seemingly-innocent trumpet solo somehow opens a transdimensional connection to Mappyworld, a parallel universe containing a single, endless plain divided by ridges into basin-like worlds, three California teens find themselves taken on a million mile road trip across a landscape of alien civilizations in a beat-up, purple 80s wagon . . . with a dark-energy motor, graphene tires and quantum shocks, of course. Their goal? To stop carnivorous flying saucers from invading Earth. And, just maybe, to find love along the way. Million Mile Road Trip is a phantasmagoric roller-coaster ride--mind warpingly smart and wildly funny, with a warmly beating heart.

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