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Black History Month - Arts and Culture

Facets African-American Video Guide
Patrick Ogle
016.791437 O35 1999

Historical Cookbook of the American Negro
641.59296 H673 2000

Beginner's Guide to Collecting Fine Art African American Style
Ana M. Allen
704.039607 A425 1998

African American Art: The Long Struggle
Crystal Britton
704.039607 fB862 1996

To Conserve a Legacy: American Art From Historically Black Colleges & Universities
Richard J. Powell
704.039607 fP885t 1999

African-American Art
Sharon F. Patton
704.039607 P322 1998

Spirits of the Cloth: Contemporary African American Quilts
Carolyn Mazloomi
746.460899 qM476 1998

Shared Heritage: Art by Four African Americans
William E. Taylor
760.08996 qT247 1996

Blues Is a Feeling: Voices & Visions of Africa-American Blues Musicians
James Fraher
781.643092 qF811 1998

Black Music, White Business: Illuminating the History and Political Economy of Jazz
Frank Kofsky
781.65 K78 1998

John Coltrane and the Jazz Revolution of the 1960s
Frank Kofsky
781.65092 C725Zk 1998

Resistance, Parody, and Double Consciousness in African American Theatre 1895-1910
David Krasner
792.08996 K89 1997

3000 Years of Black Poetry: An Anthology
Alan Lomax and Raoul Abdul, Editors
808.810917 N393

Ancestral House: The Black Short Story in The Americas And Europe
Charles H. Rowell, Editor
808.831088 A538 1995

The Portable Harlem Renaissance Reader
David Levering Lewis, Editor
810.808907 P839 1994

The New Cavalcade: African American Writing from 1760 to the Present
Arthur P. Davis, J. Saunders Redding and Joyce Ann Joyce, Editors
810.80896 C376 1991

Crossing the Danger Water: Three Hundred Years of African-American Writing
Deirdre Mullane, Editor
810.80896 C951 1993

Brotherman: The Odyssey of Black Men in America
Herb Boyd and Robert L. Allen, Editors
810.809286 B874 1996

Sisterfire: Black Womanist Fiction And Poetry
Charlotte Watson Sherman, Editor
810.809287 S623 1994

Masterpieces of African-American Literature
Frank N. Magill, Editor
810.9896073 M423 1992