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March 2001

National Women's History Month

The theme for National Women's History Month, March 2001, is "Celebrating Women of Courage and Vision." To help you celebrate, the library staff has made a selection of titles that commemorate the contributions of women to our history, culture, arts, sports, sciences, and more.

Heroines and History
The word "herstory" was coined in the 1970s to call attention to the gaps in traditional histories that overlooked or downplayed the role of women. But there are now many wonderful histories and biographies that recognize the heroines and the unsung women of our culture. Here are just a few.

In Women's Words: Reflection and Inspiration
These volumes of women's writings offer reflections on being female and on a host of other subjects.

Stories of Strong Women
Except for romance, genre fiction was once the province of men, with female characters tending to appear in stereotyped and supporting roles. Enjoy a little role reversal with these genre novels featuring a wide range of female characters.

Voices and Faces
This brief list of videos and audiobooks features women.

Women's Magazines
There are dozens of popular and scholarly magazines published by and for women. Our Magazines and Newspapers Department has chosen a few you may not have picked up.

Government Publications
As on every subject, the government is a goldmine of information about women in the United States. These selections from our Public Documents and Patents collection feature history, demographics, and more.

Girl Power: Books for Teens
With society's mixed messages to girls, growing up female can be both exhilarating and painful. Our Young Adult collections include many titles offering advice and information on this subject for teens.

You Go, Girl! Books for Children
Here are six recent titles from the Children's Learning Center that celebrate the strengths of women and girls.

The Internet is a great source of further information on National Women's History Month and other topics of interest about and for women and girls. Here are a few sites to get you started.