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Girl Power: Books for Teens

Any Girl Can Rule the World
Susan M. Brooks
305.235 qB873 1998 YA

Girl to Girl: Finding Our Voices
Karen Casey
305.235 C338 2000 YA

Real Girl/Real World: Tools for Finding Your True Self
Heather M. Gray and Samantha Phillips
305.235 G779 1998 YA

Hangin' Out and Havin' Fun: A Girl's Guide to Cool Stuff to Do
Kristin Ward
305.235 W259 2000 YA

The Rights of Women and Girls
Kary L. Moss
305.42 M913 1998 YA

Girl Power in the Family: A Book about Girls, Their Rights, and Their Voice
Karen Lound
306.874 L889 2000 YA

The What's Happening to My Body? Book for Girls: Third Edition: A Growing-Up Guide for Parents and Daughters
Lynda Madaaras with Area Madaras
612.661 M178 2000 YA

Getting Your Period: A Book about Menstruation
Jean Marzollo
612.662 89 YA

Changes in You and Me: A Book about Puberty, Mostly for Girls
Paulette Bourgeois and Martin Wolfish
612.661 qB772g 1994 YA

Your Body, Yourself: A Guide to Your Changing Body
Alison Bell and Lisa Rooney
612.661083 B433 1996 YA

Body Talk: A Girl's Guide to What's Happening to Your Body
Victoria F. Shaw
612.661083 S536 1999 YA

Taking Charge of My Mind & Body: A Girl's Guide to Outsmarting Alcohol, Drug, Smoking, and Eating Problems
Gladys Folkers and Jeanne Engelmann
613.04243 F666 1997 YA

Everything You Need to Know about Looking and Feeling Your Best: A Guide for Girls
Annie Leah Sommers
613.04243 S697 2000 YA

Fuel Up! A Girl's Guide to Eating Well
Leslie Levchuck
613.2083 L656 1999