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Autobiographies and Memoirs

Flashing before My Eyes: 50 Years Of Headlines, Datelines & Punchlines
Dick Schaap
070.449796 S291Zs 2001

Are You Somebody: The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman
Nuala O'Faolain
070.92 O31zo 1998 (also in large print)

The Good Times: A Memoir
Russell Baker
070.924 B168Zb2 (also in large print and on audiocassette)

Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham
Billy Graham
269.2092 G738Zg 1997 (also in large print and on audiocassette)

Life So Far
Betty Friedan
305.42092 F899Zf 2000

Walking Point: The Experiences of a Founding Member of the Elite Navy SEALs
James Watson
359.9 W339 1997

In the Absence of Angels: A Hollywood Family's Courageous Story
Elizabeth Glaser and Laura Palmer
362.1969792 G548Zg 1991

Autobiography of a Face
Lucy Grealy
362.196994 G786Zg 1994

After Silence: Rape and My Journey Back
Nancy Venable Raine
362.883092 R155 1998

My Father's Gun: One Family, Three Badges, One Hundred Years in the NYPD
Brian McDonald
363.2092 M1353 1999

Bloomberg by Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg
384.06573 B655zb 1997
The autobiography of an entrepreneur.

Ted Turner Speaks: Insight from the World's Greatest Maverick
Ted Turner
384.555092 T953zt 1999

From Worst to First: Behind the Scenes of Continental's Remarkable Comeback
Gordon Bethune
387.706573 C762zb 1998

Still Hungry - After all These Years: My Story
Richard Simmons
613.7092 S592Zs 1999

Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America with Einstein's Brain
Michael Paterniti
616.07092 H342Zp 2000 (also in large print)

Sober - And Staying That Way: The Missing Link in the Cure for Alcoholism
Susan Powter
616.861 P889 1997 (also on audiocassette)

The Last Time I Wore a Dress
Daphne Scholinski
616.8583 S368Zs 1997

Press On!: Further Adventures in the Good Life
Chuck Yeager and Charles Leerhsen
623.746048 88

Leap of Faith: An Astronaut's Journey into the Unknown
Gordon Cooper
629.450092 C776Zc 2000 (also on audiocassette)

Lennon Remembers: The Rolling Stone Interviews
John Lennon and Jann Wenner
782.42166 L567Zl 1971

High Exposure: An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places
David Breashears
796.522092 B828Zb 1999

Doctor on Everest: Emergency Medicine at the Top of the World - A Personal Account Including the 1996 Disaster
Kenneth Kamler
796.522095 K15 2000

The Lost River: A Memoir of Life, Death, and Transformation on Wild Water
Richard Bangs
797.121092 B216Zb 1999

Cherry: A Memoir
Mary Karr
811.54 K18Zk 2000 (also on audiocassette and cd)

Thinking out Loud: On the Personal, the Political, the Public and the Private
Anna Quindlen
814.54 Q7 1993

Telling Travels: Selected Writings by Nineteenth-Century American Women Abroad
Mary Suzanne Schriber, editor
818.409355 T276 1995

Dust Tracks On A Road: An Autobiography
Zora Neale Hurston
818.5203 H966d 1984 (also in large print)

The Writing Life
Annie Dillard
818.5409 D578Zd2