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Mind Games

The Achievement Zone: 8 Skills for Winning All the Time from the Playing Field to the Boardroom
Shane Murphy
158.1 M9782 1996

Body Mind Mastery: Creating Success in Sport and Life
Dan Millman
796.01 M655b 1999

The New Dynamics of Winning: Gain the Mind-Set of a Champion for Unlimited Success in Business and Life
Denis Waitley
158.2 W145 1993 (also on audiocassette)

The New Toughness Training for Sports: Mental, Emotional, and Physical Conditioning from One of the World's Premier Sports Psychologists
James E. Loehr
796.01 L825 1994

Raising Our Athletic Daughters: How Sports Can Build Self-Esteem and Save Girls' Lives
Jean Zimmerman and Gil Reavill
796.082 Z72 1998

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: TaoSports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business, and Life
Chungliang Al Huang and Jerry Lynch
796.01 H874 1992

Toughness Training for Life: A Revolutionary Program for Maximizing Health, Happiness, and Productivity
James E. Loehr
796.01 L825t 1993

The Ultimate Athlete: Re-Visioning Sports, Physical Education and the Body
George Leonard
796.01 L581 1990

Working Out, Working Within: The Tao of Inner Fitness Through Sports and Exercise
Jerry Lynch and Chungliang Al Huang
796.01 L9872 1998