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Fitness And Sports Books For Teens

Coping with Diet Fads
June Kozak Kane
613.25 K16 1990 YA

The Dangers of Diet Drugs and Other Weight-Loss Products
CeCe Barrett
615.73 B274 1999 YA

Eating the Vegetarian Way: Good Food from the Earth
Lila Perl
613.26 80 YA

Bonnie Graves
613.7 G776 2000 YA

Fuel Up! A Girl's Guide to Eating Well
Leslie Levchuck
613.2083 L656 1999 YA

Good Sports: Plain Talk about Health and Fitness for Teens
Nissa Simon
613.0433 S595 1990 YA

In-Line Skating! Get Aggressive
Laura Kaminker
796.21 qK15 1999 YA

Inline Skating
Kirk Bizley
796.21 qB625 2000 YA

Mountain Biking
Kirk Bizley
796.63 qB625 2000 YA

The Right Moves: A Girl's Guide to Getting Fit and Feeling Good Tina Schwager and Michele Schuerger
613.7843 S398 1998 YA

Teen Health the Natural Way
Yaakov Berman
613.0433 B516 1995 YA

Understanding Weight Loss Programs
Judy Monroe
613.7 M753 1999 YA