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Audio Comedy

Comedy Radio Programs on Audiocassette

Amos 'n' Andy Collectors's Edition
C 19603

Baby Snooks: Two Comedy Shows
C 1730

The Best of the National Lampoon Radio Hour
C 20358

Best of Old-Time Radio Starring Jack Benny
C 25597

The Bickersons
C 19477

The Burns & Allen Show
C 19614

Chase and Sanborn Hour
C 7530

Fibber McGee and Molly
C 15911

The Fred Allen Show
C 15903

The Goon Show
C 8261

The Great Gildersleeve
C 15955

The Jack Benny Program
C 19638

Jimmy Durante
C 18120

Life of Riley
C 15917

Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt (Garrison Keillor)
C 23110

My Favorite Husband
C 21761

New Edgar Bergen Hour
C 18159

Our Miss Brooks Collection
C 16379

Radio Favorites
C 15965

Red Skelton #2
C 8791

"Who's on 1st" All-Time Classic Baseball Routine: The Abbott & Costello Show
C 2868

Comedy on Compact Disc

Amos 'n' Andy: Famous Original Radio Broadcasts
CDW 231

Amy's Answering Machine
Amy Borkowsky
CDW 493

The Best of Jonathan Winters
CDW 66 also on audiocassette

Bob & Ray: A Night of Two Stars
CDW 134 also on audiocassette

A Celebration of Sellers
CDW 47

Comedy Is Not Pretty!
Steve Martin
CDW 380

The Funny Sides of Moms Mabley
CDW 235

Greatest Comedy Hits
Eddie Murphy
CDW 222

Hello Dummy!
Don Rickles
CDW 143

I'm Telling You for the Last Time
Jerry Seinfeld
CDW 210

The Lenny Bruce Originals
CDW 305

Napalm & Silly Putty
George Carlin
CDW 814

New Treasury of Great Humorists
CDW 139

A Night at the Met
Robin Williams
CDW 77 also on audiocassette

Prime Time Nostalgia Presents Our Miss Brooks
CDW 150

Roll with the New
Chris Rock
CDW 135

Totally Committed
Jeff Foxworthy
CDW 164

Bill Cosby
CDW 169 also on audiocassette