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Comic Videos

The American Film Institute's Top 10 Comedies on Video and DVD

Except as noted, these are all available in the library's collection on both video and DVD.

Stand-up Comics

Appearing Nitely
(Lily Tomlin)
VHS 4619

Bill Cosby, Himself
VHS 650

Billy Crystal: Don't Get Me Started
VHS 4297

Bob Hope: Hollywood's Brightest Star
VHS 9447

(Whoopi Goldberg, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, Billy Crystal, Mort Sahl)
VHS 6455

Carl Reiner: Still Laughing
VHS 6830

Ernie Kovacs: Please Stand By
VHS 11978

First Anna Russell Farewell Special
VHS 620

Flanders & Swann
VHS 9678

Gilda Radner: In Her Own Words
VHS 6439

Humor your stress
(Loretta LaRoche)
VHS 7554

John Cleese on How to Irritate People
VHS 5282

Kovacs on the Corner
VHS 87

Milton Berle Hour
VHS 91

Sid Caesar: Television's Comedy Genius
VHS 6409

Soupy Sales: "The Prince of Pies"
VHS 6505

You bet your life
(Groucho Marx)
VHS 86

Victor Borge Then & Now
VHS 6667