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Illustrated Fairy Tales and Folktales

Fairy tales and folktales are popular subjects for lavishly illustrated editions. Share some of these gorgeous works with your children, or enjoy them all by yourself.

cover of Medusa

Two Pairs of Shoes
P.L. Travers

Paul O. Zelinsky

Boots and the Glass Mountain
Claire Martin
j398.2 fM379 1992

The Enchanted Book
Janina Porazinska
j398.2 fP832 1987

White Tiger, Blue Serpent
Grace Tseng
j398.2 qT882 1999

The Rainbow Bridge
Audrey Wood
j398.208997 fW873 1995

King Midas and the Golden Touch
Charlotte Craft
j398.20938 qC885 1999

Deborah Nourse Lattimore
j398.20938 qL364 2000

Marianna Mayer
j398.20938 qM468 1998

Jack and the Beanstalk
Steven Kellog
j398.20941 qK29 1991

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
Ruth Sanderson
j398.20943 qS216t 1990

The Frog Princess
J. Patrick Lewis
j398.20947 fL674 1994

cover of The Crystal Mountain

The Tale of Tsar Saltan
Alexander Pushkin
j398.20947 fP987Et 1996

The Sea King's Daughter
Aaron Shepard
j398.20947 fS547 1997

John Henry
Julius Lester
j398.20973 qL642 1994

Leola and the HoneyBears
Melodye Benson Rosales
j398.22 fR788 1998

The Crystal Mountain
Ruth Sanderson
j398.22 S216 1999

Paul O. Zelinsky
j398.22 fZ49 1997

Ludmila Zeman
j398.22 qZ53 1999

The Firebird
j398.24 qD378 1994

Puss in Boots
Lincoln Kirstein
j398.245297442 qK61 1992

Demi's Dragons and Fantastic Creatures
j398.2454 qD378 1993

The Legend of the Windigo
Gayle Ross
j398.2454 qR824 1996