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Great Illustrated Books

The library is a treasure trove of great illustrated works. Beautiful coffee-table books on every subject, temptingly illustrated travel and nature books, fine art reproductions, and lovingly published works of photography please the senses and the imagination. Try a few of the works our librarians particularly admire.

Art, Art Photography, and Architecture

cover of The Magic of M.C. Escher

Olympic Architecture 2000: Building Sydney
Patrick Bingham-Hall
725.804309 fO53Zb 1999

Tropical Houses: Living in Nature in Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Java, Bali, and the Coasts of Mexico and Belize
Tim Street-Porter
728.370913 qS915 2000

Chihuly Projects
Dale Chihuly
730.92 fC534Zc4 2000

Sister Wendy's Impressionist Masterpieces
Sister Wendy Beckett
759.054 fB396 2000

Hard Pressed: 600 Years of Prints and Process
David Platzker
769.9 fP719 2000

The Magic of M.C. Escher
M. C. Escher
769.92 fE74Ze3 2000

Steichen's Legacy: Photographs, 1895-1973
Edward Steichen
770.92 fS818 2000

Photographs/Paul Himmel
Paul Himmel
779.092 fH658Zh 1999

Design and Fashion

cover of Legendary Brides

Legendary Brides
Letitia Baldrige
395.22 qB178 2000

The Best of Martha Stewart Living Weddings
395.22 qB561 1999

The Perfect Wedding Reception: Stylish Ideas for Every Season
Maria McBride-Mellinger
395.22 M119p 2001

Malcolm Hillier
745.922 qH654f 2000

Fashion Designers
Pamela Golbin
746.920922 fG617 2001

London Interiors
Jane Edwards
747.221 fE26 2000

The History of Furniture: Twenty-five Centuries of Style and Design in the Western Tradition
John Morley
749.2 fM864 1999

Travel and Transportation

Cover of American Covered Bridges: A Pictorial History

Railroads across America: A Celebration of 150 Years of Railroading
Mike Del Vecchio
385.0973 fD331 1998

Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses: Hudson River to Chesapeake Bay
Bruce Roberts
387.155097 qR643m 2000

Northwest Legacy: Sail, Steam & Motorships: A Century of Maritime Photographs
Jeremy Snapp
387.20426 qS669 1999

Silverbird: The American Airlines Story
Don Bedwell
387.706573 fA512zb 1999

American Covered Bridges: A Pictorial History
Jill Caravan
624.20973 fC262 1995

Silvered Wings: The Aerial Photography of Gordon Bain
Gordon Bain
629.13334 fB162 1999

Hartmut Lehbrink
629.2222 fL522 1995

Gian Paolo Barbieri
916.91 fB236 1995

Rome 360 Degrees
Attilio Boccazzi-Varotto
937.6 fB664rE

Spectacular China
Nigel Cameron
951.00222 efC182 1997

Efe Pygmies: Archers of the African Rain Forest
William F Wheeler
967.510049 fW564 2000

Harlem: The Vision of Morgan and Marvin Smith
Morgan Smith and Marvin Smith
974.710022 fS655 1998

Elysium: A Gathering of Souls: New Orleans Cemeteries
Sandra Russell Clark
976.335 fC595 1997

Nature and Animals

cover of The World's Most Spectacular Reptiles & Amphibians

The Last Wilderness: Images of the Canadian Wild
500.90971 fL349 1990

Art Forms in Nature: The Prints of Ernst Haeckel
Ernst Heinrich Philip Haeckel
570.222 fH133kE 1998

Coral Seas
Roger C. Steene
578.7789 fS814 1998

Trees: A Celebration in Photography
Graeme Matthews
582.160022 fM439 1994

The World's Most Spectacular Reptiles & Amphibians
William W. Lamar
597.9 fL215 1997

The American Eagle: A Photographic Portrait
John Pezzenti
598.943022 fP522 1999

Lynn Goldsmith
635.9022 fG624 2000

One Hundred Flowers
Harold Feinstein
635.90222 fF299 2000

636.112 fA658 1999

The Nature of America: Images by North America's Premiere Nature Photographers
973.92022 fM628 1997

Science and Space

cover of Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth

Blue Planet: A Portrait of Earth
Lydia Dotto
363.7320222 ffD275 1991

Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe
Mark Voit
520.222 ffV898 2000

The Invisible Universe
David Malin
523.0222 ffM251 1999

Universe: A Computer-Generated Voyage Through Time and Space
Nigel Henbest
523.1 ffH493 1992

Looking at Earth
Priscilla Strain
525 fS896 1992

The Power to Heal: Ancient Arts & Modern Medicine
Rick Smolan
610 fS666 1990

To the Edge of the Universe: The Exploration of Outer Space With NASA
629.435 f86

Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth
Jay Apt
910.222 fA655 1996

Literature and Journalism

cover of Covering the New Yorker: Cutting-Edge Covers from a Literary Institution

Flash! The Associated Press Covers The World
Vincent Alabiso, Kelly Smith Tunney and Chuck Zoeller, Editors
070.435 fA849Zf 1998

Covering the New Yorker: Cutting-Edge Covers from a Literary Institution
Francoise Mouly
741.652097 fM927 2000

An American Album: One Hundred And Fifty Years Of Harper's Magazine
810.804 qA512 2000

The South: A Treasury Of Art And Literature
810.80975 fS726 1993

Illustrated Letters: Artists And Writers Correspond
846.708 fP737pE 1999

Religion, Myth, and Inspiration

cover of The Spirit of Asia: Journeys to the Sacred Places of the East

The Art of God: The Heavens & the Earth
Ric Ergenbright
242 qE67 1999

The Spirit of Asia: Journeys to the Sacred Places of the East
Alistair Shearer
291.35095 qS539 2000

Gods and Myths of Ancient Greece
Mary Barnett
292.13 fB261 1999

Tradition! Celebration and Ritual in Jewish Life
296.4 qT763 2000 (also in large print)

Samuel D. Gruber
296.6509 fG885 1999

The Telling Of The World: Native American Stories And Art
W.S. Penn, Editor
398.208997 fT276 1996


cover of Baseball's Best Shots: The Greatest Baseball Photography of All Time

For the Love of the Game: My Story
Michael Jordan
796.323092 fJ82Zj2 1998

Fairways: America's Greatest Golf Resorts
796.352068 fF172 2001

Baseball's Best Shots: The Greatest Baseball Photography of All Time
796.357 qB2998 2000

100 Greatest Moments in Olympic History
Bud Greenspan
796.48 fG815 1995

Caves: Exploring Hidden Realms
Michael Ray Taylor
796.525 fT244c 2000

The Passion to Skate: An Intimate View of Figure Skating
Sandra Bezic
796.912 fB574 1996


cover of Play with Your Food

The Perfect Life of Lovers: Myths, Legends, and Realities
Monique Pivot
306.709 qP693vE 2001

CBS, The First 50 Years
Tony Chiu
384.550657 qC386zc 1998

Play with Your Food
Joost Elffers
641.81 qE39 1997