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Illustrated Works in the Public Documents & Patents Collection

Illustrations can convey a great deal of information, as in these government documents, and be beautiful, too.

Constantino Brumidi: Artist of the Capitol
Y 1.1/3: 103-27
Story of the artist whose astonishing murals decorate the Capitol building.

The Face of Rural America
qA1.10: 1976
Pictures of America's farmland from the Department of Agriculture.

The George Washington Atlas
ffY3: W27/2 2AT6
A collection of 85 maps made, commissioned, or used by the first President.

The Lincoln Memorial
fPB 1.2: L63
The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
Y 3.R67: 2M51
The Grant Memorial
fY 3: G76
Detailed accounts of the history, planning and construction of these presidential memorials.

The Martian Landscape
fNAS 1.21: 425
A pictorial report from the Viking Lander Imaging Team on their successful attempt to photograph the topography of Mars.

Performing Arts: Motion Pictures
LC 1.2: AR 7/3
Performing Arts: Music
LC 1.46: 998
Visual histories of the performing arts traced through the Library of Congress collection.

Portrait of an Army
D 114.2: P 83
Soldiers Serving the Nation
D 114.2: SO 4/4/
Artwork from the Army Art Collection, including battlefield sketches, photographs, oil and watercolor paintings.

Railroad Maps of North America
LC 5.2:R13/2
Representative sample of railroad maps that illustrate the development of cartographic style and highlight the achievement of early railroaders.

Reach and Power: The Heritage of the United States Air Force in Pictures and Artifacts
D 301.82/7: R22
Heavily illustrated history based on the USAF Museum collection.

Standard Design for Boats of the United States Navy
qN4.2: B63
Turn-of-the-century specifications, detailed diagrams, and photographs of steam cutters, launches, dinghies, cutters, whaleboats and barges.

Unitas XXV: A Silver Anniversary
D 201.2: Un3
Commemorative pictorial celebration of the multinational fleet and its annual naval exercises.