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Young Adult Books on Tape

Donna Jo Napoli
narrated by Robert Ramirez
C 26043
This is the story of "Beauty and the Beast" told from the point of view of the beast. An ancient curse transforms a young Persian prince into a lion. Told that he will be killed by his own father, the Prince flees his country and makes his way to Europe where his fate will lead him to Belle, a young French maiden.

The Girl Who Owned A City
O. T. Nelson
narrated by Julie Dretzin
C 23049
A deadly plague has spread throughout the earth, sparing only those under the age of twelve. The children now must face the task of surviving and rebuilding their world. Ten-year-old Lisa has devised a plan to protect and defend the children of Grand Avenue.

Adventures of Blue Avenger
Norma Howe
performance by John Beach
C 25018
On David Bruce Schumacher's sixteenth birthday he decides to change his name to The Blue Avenger, champion the underdog, and save the world. To learn more about Omaha Nebraska Brown, David's girlfriend, and some highly technical future events studied by aliens, you must listen to this tape. It's up to you. Or is it?

Matilda Bone
Karen Cushman
performance by Janet McTeer
C 25587
Fourteen-year-old Matilda is an apprentice bonesetter for Red Peg, a medieval practitioner of medicine. Matilda's chores include going to market, tending the fire, mixing plasters, and treating patients. Wishing for an easier life, Matilda, in humorous ways, learns to live contentedly in her new world.

Midnight's Choice
Kate Thompson
narrated by Niamh Cusack
C 25592
In this sequel to Switchers, Tess will soon be fifteen, the age at which she must determine what form she will take for the rest of her life. Changing her human form into the form of an animal is her destiny. But what form will she choose? While attempting to rescue a friend, Tess meets another switcher, who introduces her to a world of vampires, darkness, and fear. Tess must choose between the forces of good and evil.

Swallowing Stones
Joyce McDonald
narrated by Ed Sala
C 22697
It is Michael MacKenzie's seventeen birthday, and life couldn't be better. He is old enough to take his driver's test, his parents have given him a birthday party to which all his friends have come to celebrate, and his grandfather has given him a rifle. But an accident with the gun makes getting through the days that follow as difficult as swallowing stones.

The Voice on the Radio
Caroline B. Cooney
narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan
C 22905
This is the continuing story of Janie Johnson, a young girl who discovers that she was kidnapped as a child. In the previous novels, The Face on the Milk Carton and Whatever Happened to Janie?, Janie searched for her identity and the parents she never knew. In this, her junior year of high school, Janie's hopes for a private, normal life are shattered when her boyfriend broadcasts her story over a college radio station.

The Wanderer
Sharon Creech
performed by Dana Lubotsky and John Beach
C 25291
An adventure-filled story of a courageous thirteen-year-old girl named Sophie, her thirteen-year-old cousin Cody, and her uncles who make the transatlantic trip to England aboard a forty-five foot sailboat named The Wanderer. Through the travel logs of the two cousins, the past and the challenges of daily survival at sea unfold.