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Government Documents

Important speeches are found throughout the Public Documents collection, often interwoven with the daily history of our government. Within the collection are recorded the orations of James Madison and John Adams, the pleas of Native American chiefs for their lands, the radio addresses of FDR, and memorial addresses for famous statesmen. Great speeches can be found in the early

American State Papers, the

Congressional Record, the

Serial Set, and collections of

Presidential Papers. The department staff is happy to help patrons use these resources.

Some addresses have also been published separately: for example, collections of memorial tributes for Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (serial set 12681-4), Sir Winston Churchill (serial set 12581), and Richard Nixon (serial set 14252). Collections of eulogies for many famous politicians, including Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Webster, and Robert F. Kennedy, are also found under the number P.D. Y 7.1.

The Serial Set also includes a volume of

Classic Speeches 1830-1993 delivered in the Senate by noted speakers such as Henry Clay, Jefferson Davis, Huey Long, and Joseph McCarthy (serial set 13725).

Government hearings and ceremonies are often occasions for remarkable addresses, many published only in government sources. A few examples:

An Address to the Government of the United States on the Cession of Louisiana to the French
Y 1.1: L92
(an unattributed speech by a French statesman on the lands being transferred to the U.S., including rights to navigation of the Mississippi River)

Congressional Ceremony to Welcome His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Y 1.1/7: 102-150
(a collection of tributes that includes memorials, resolutions, news articles, and addresses by the Dalai Lama)