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nobel medal

1903 Svante August Arrhenius

Arrhenius: From Ionic Theory to the Greenhouse Effect
Elisabeth T. Crawford
540.92 A774Zc 1996

1908 Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford, Architect of the Atom
Peter Kelman
539.092 69

Rutherford, Simple Genius
David Wilson
539.7092 83

1911 Marie Curie

Marie Curie: A Life
Susan Quinn
540.92 C975Zq 1995

1918 Fritz Haber

The Story of Fritz Haber
Morris Herbert Goran
540.92 67

1920 Walther Hermann Nernst

The World of Walther Nernst; The Rise and Fall of German Science, 1864-1941
Kurt Mendelssohn
530.092 73.2

1932 Irving Langmuir

The Quintessence of Irving Langmuir
Albert Rosenfeld
540.92 66.1

1935 Frederic Joliot-Curie

Frederic Joliot-Curie: A Biography
Maurice Goldsmith
539.7092 76

Frederic Joliot-Curie: The Man and His Theories
Pierre Biquard
539.7092 J75Zb 1966

1953 Hermann Staudinger

Inventing Polymer Science: Staudinger, Carothers, and the Emergence of Macromolecular Chemistry
Yasu Furukawa
547.7 F992 1998

1954 Linus Carl Pauling

Force of Nature: The Life Of Linus Pauling
Thomas Hager
540.92 P328Zh 1995

Linus Pauling in His Own Words: Selected Writings, Speeches, and Interviews
Linus Pauling
540.92 P328Zp 1995

Linus Pauling: A Century of Science and Life
VHS 2517