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Government Documents

The documents collection includes many technical publications by Nobel winners. A sample:

Phillips, William D. (Nobel prize for Physics in 1997)
Laser-Cooled and Trapped Atoms.
U.S. Department of Commerce, 1983
C 13.10: 653

Alfven, Hannes. (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1970)
Evolution of the Solar System.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1976.
NAS 1.21: 345 1976

Technical innovation that underlies a Nobel Prize can often be found in the patent literature. For example, in 2000 each of the three Nobel Prize winners in physics held U.S. patents for their research on improved microprocessors, including Jack S. Kilby's patents 3,138,743 and 4,042,948 on miniaturizing integrated circuits. You can search for U.S. patents in the Public Documents and Patents Department which has a complete collection back to 1790.

Government periodicals are another rich resource for technical literature. To explore scientific and technical publications by Nobel authors, use Medline at the National Library of Medicine website or the government periodicals indexes available in the Public Documents and Patents Department and the Government and Business Department.

To see how close the partnership is between the government and Nobel Prize research, check out the list of Energy Associated Nobel Prize Winners at the Department of Energy website. The National Institute of Health has also published a list of Nobel prize winners whose work was supported by NIH grants:

Nobel Laureates
National Institutes of Health, 1987
HE 20.3463:987