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Useful Public Documents for Crafters

Federal Depository Library Program

The Public Documents and Patents collection offers unusual sources for craft inspiration and instruction, including curriculum materials and field guides prepared for government programs and projects.

A sample:

Textile Arts of India Curriculum Project
Barbara Myers
ED 1.310/2:4011171
Lesson plans for middle grade students to make tie-dye, embroidery, and textile projects.

How to Make Tools
Per Christiansen
AA 4.12: 35
This manual for making agricultural tools is part of a Peace Corps instructional series on preserving food by drying.

Primary School Arts and Crafts
PE 1.10: R-37
Another Peace Corps title.

Come Play with Me!: Handmade Toys for Infants
Shirley Campbell
ED 1.310/2:293290

The Public Documents collection also includes many illustrated pamphlets from exhibits of Native American artwork at the Sourthern Plains Indian Museum and Crafts Center and the Sioux Indian Museum and Crafts Center. Exhibition materials include photographs of baskets, quillwork, beadwork, pipes and pipebags, sculpture, dolls, cradles, musical instruments, clothing, and silverwork. These are located in the I 1.84 and I 1.2 document numbers.