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Crafts - Videos

For Children

My First Activity Video
VHS 5161

My First Green Video
VHS 5162

My First Music Video
VHS 5163

Paper Playthings And Gifts
VHS 5189

Let's Create For Preschoolers
VHS 5539

My First Magic Video
VHS 6549

cover of My First Green Video

For Adults and Teens

Country Christmas
VHS 5321

Flying Radio Control Models
VHS 1976

Fiber Coiled Basketry
VHS 2714

Basic Jewelry
VHS 5796

Gingerbread Fun For Everyone
VHS 7817

The Art Of Handmade Accessories
VHS 10194

The Secrets Of Decorating With Flowers
VHS 8034

Easy Woodworking Projects
VHS 2911

Turning Wood
VHS 4852

Carving Techniques And Projects
VHS 4854

Craft & Gift Ideas
VHS 1443

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting GLossary
VHS 2662

Knitting Workshop Part 1
VHS 2663

Knitting Workshop Part 2
VHS 2664

Knitting Workshop Part 3
VHS 2665

Trip Around The World Quilt
VHS 5306

Lovers Knot Quilt
VHS 5320

Making A Log Cabin Quilt
VHS 5322

Origami: The Art Of Paper-folding
VHS 3284

Making Stained Glass Windows
VHS 2498

Creating With Ceramics
VHS 2159

Beginning To Throw On The Potter's Wheel
VHS 7618

Beginning Handbuilding
VHS 7619

Ceramics Handbuilding
VHS 11926