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Weather Books

Weather and Weather Forecasting

Cover of 'El Nino in History: Storming through the Ages'

Acts of God: The Old Farmer's Almanac Unpredictable Guide to Weather and Natural Disasters
551.631 A188 1993

Air Apparent: How Meteorologists Learned to Map, Predict, and Dramatize Weather
Mark S. Monmonier
551.630223 M747 1999

Astrometeorology: Planetary Power in Weather Forecasting
Kris Brandt Riske
551.63 R595 1997

Calculating the Weather: Meteorology in the 20th Century
Frederick Nebeker
551.5028 N359 1995

The Change in the Weather: People, Weather, and the Science of Climate
William K. Stevens
551.5253 S846 1999

Cockpit Weather Decisions
Terry T. Lankford
629.1324 L289 1998

Discover Nature in the Weather
Tim Herd
551.5 H541 2001

El Nino in History: Storming through the Ages
Cesar Caviedes
551.6 C382 2001

The Farm Weather Handbook
H. Lee Schwanz
630.2515 S398 1997

The History of Weather
James Thaxter Williams
551.509 W724 1999

International Marine's Weather Predicting Simplified: How to Read Weather Charts and Satellite Images
Michael William Carr
551.63 C312 1999

Mariner's Weather Handbook: A Guide to Forecasting & Tactics
Steve Dashew
551.69162 D229 1998

Meteorological Measurements Systems
Fred V. Brock
551.50287 B864 2001

Partly Sunny: The Weather Junkie's Guide to Outsmarting the Weather
Alan Fields
551.5 qF461 1995

Project Earth Science: Meteorology
P. Sean Smith
551.5078 qS656 1999

The Silver Lining: The Benefits of Natural Disasters
Seth Robert Reice
577.2 R347 2001

Skies of Fury: Weather Weirdness around the World
Patricia L. Barnes-Svarney
551.5 B261 1999

Teacher's Weather Sourcebook
Tom Konvicka
551.50712 qK82 1999

Understanding Flying Weather
Derek Piggott
629.1324 P631 1996

Understanding Weatherfax
Mike Harris
551.63 H315 1997

Watching Weather
Tom Murphree
551.5 M978 1998

Weather For Dummies
John D. Cox
551.5 C877 2000

The Weather Handbook
Alan Watts
551.63 W348 1999

Weather: How It Works and Why It Matters
Arthur R. Upgren
551.5 U66 2000

Weather Maps: How to Read and Interpret All the Basic Weather Charts
Peter R. Chaston
551.60223 qC491 1997

The Weather Sourcebook: Your One-Stop Resource for Everything You Need to Feed Your Weather Habit
Ronald L. Wagner
551.5 qW134 1997

The World of Weather
Brian Cosgrove
551.5 qC834w 1997

Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, and Other Weather Extremes

Cover of 'Inside the Hurricane: Face to Face with Nature's Deadliest Storms'

Andrew! Savagery From the Sea
551.55209759 qA562 1992

Michael Allaby
551.555 A416 1997

Dark Wind: A True Account of Hurricane Gloria's Assault on Fire Island
John Jiler
508.74725 J61 1993

Earth Shock: Hurricanes, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes and Other Forces of Nature
Andrew Robinson
551.2 qR658 1993

Encyclopedia of Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones
David Longshore
551.552 qL857 1998

Eye of the Storm: Inside the World's Deadliest Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Blizzards
Jeffrey O. Rosenfeld
551.55 R813 1999

Florida Hurricane & Disaster, 1992
Howard Kleinberg
551.55209759 qK64 1992

Florida's Hurricane History
Jay Barnes
551.552097 qB261 1998

The Great Flood of 1993: Causes, Impacts, and Responses
551.489097 G786 1996

Hurricane Andrew, the Big One
Bette Baumann
551.55209759 qB347 1992

Hurricanes of the North Atlantic: Climate and Society
James B. Elsner
551.552091 E49 1999

Hurricanes: Their Nature and Impacts on Society
Roger A. Pielke
363.34922 P613 1997

In the Shadow of the Tornado: Stories and Adventures from the Heart of Storm Country
Richard Bedard
551.553097 B399 1996

Inside the Hurricane: Face to Face with Nature's Deadliest Storms
Pete Davies
551.552 D257 2000

Making Buildings Safer for People: During Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Fires
693.8 M235 1990

Natural Disasters, Hurricanes: A Reference Handbook
Patrick J. Fitzpatrick
551.552 F559 1999

Perils of a Restless Planet: Scientific Perspectives on Natural Disasters
Ernest Zebrowski
551.2 Z41 1997

A Photographic Story of the Flood in Dayton, Hamilton, and Cincinnati, March 1913: Best Flood Pictures
551.57 qP557 1913

Raging Forces: Earth in Upheaval
551.2 qR142 1995

Scanning the Skies: A History of Tornado Forecasting
Marlene Bradford
551.645309 B799 2001

Storm Chaser: In Pursuit of Untamed Skies
Warren Faidley
551.55 qF159 1996

That Terrible Texas Weather: Tales of Storms, Drought, Destruction, and Perseverance
Johnny D. Boggs
551.550976 B674 2000

Thunder in the Heartland: A Chronicle of Outstanding Weather Events in Ohio
Thomas W. Schmidlin
551.69771 qS348 1996

Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, and Hail
Peter R. Chaston
551.554 qC491 1999

Tornado Alley: Monster Storms of the Great Plains
Howard B. Bluestein
551.553 qB658 1999

The Tornado: Nature's Ultimate Windstorm
T. P. Grazulis
551.553 G7852 2001

Twisters in the Heartland
Tim D. Mosier
551.553097 M911 1998

Tying Down the Wind: Adventures in the Worst Weather on Earth
Eric Pinder
551.5 P648 2000

Atmospheric Fiction

Cover of 'The Grapes of Wrath'


All around Me Peaceful
Kent Nelson

The Great Los Angeles Blizzard
Thom Racine


Laura Kalpakian

The Grapes of Wrath
John Steinbeck
(also in large print and on cassette, LP, and CD-ROM)


In Sunlight, in a Beautiful Garden
Kathleen Cambor
(also on cassette)

The Rains Came: A Novel of Modern India
Louis Bromfield

Global Warming/Global Winter

Drowning Towers
George Turner

The Empire of Ice
Richard Moran

A Friend of the Earth
T. C. Boyle

David Hewson


Mother of Storms
John Barnes

Second Wind
Dick Francis
(also in large print and on cassette)

Stormy Weather
Carl Hiaasen
(also in large print and on casssette and CD)

Storm Track
Margaret Maron
(also in large print and on cassette and CD)


Heavy Weather
Bruce Sterling

The Storm Season
William Hauptman


Tiger Cruise
Douglas Morgan

Joseph Conrad (also in large print and on cassette)


The Weatherman
Steve Thayer
(also on cassette)

Weather in the Arts

Cover of 'Plein Air Painting in Watercolor and Oil'

Climate and Literature: Reflections of Environment
edited by Janet P�rez and Wendell Aycock
809.9336 C639 1995

Folklore of American Weather
Eric Sloane
398.3 W362

Making Folk Toys and Weather Vanes
Sharon Pierce
745.592 P618 1991

The North Light Pocket Guide to Painting Skies
Patricia Seligman
758.1 S465n 1997

The Oil Painter's Guide to Painting Skies
Allyn S. Schaeffer
751.454 qS294p

Painting the Effects of Weather
Patricia Seligman
758.1 qS465 1992

Plein Air Painting in Watercolor and Oil
Frank Lalumia
751.422436 qL212 2000

Whirligigs & Weathervanes: A Celebration of Wind Gadgets with Dozens of Creative Projects to Make
David Schoonmaker
745.592 qS372 1991

Weather Proverbs and Paradoxes
William Jackson Humphreys
398.3 H92

Children's Books

Cover of 'Aircraft: Hurricane Hunters'

Aircraft: Hurricane Hunters
Timothy R. Gaffney
j551.552072 G131 2001

Discovering El Nino: How Fable and Fact Together Help Explain the Weather
Patricia Seibert
j551.524 qS457 1999

DK Guide to Weather
Michael Allaby
j551.6 fA416 2000

Hurricanes & Tornadoes
Neil Morris
j551.5 M877 1999

Seymour Simon
j551.5632 qS596 1997

Pink Snow and Other Weird Weather
Jennifer Dussling
j551.5 D974 1998

Seymour Simon
j551.553 qS596 1999

Sally Hewitt
j551.5 qH611 2000

Weather: A Fascinating Fact File and Learn-It-Yourself Project Book Robin Kerrod
j551.5 qK41 1998

Seymour Simon
j551.5 qS596 1993

Weather: Frequently Asked Questions
Valerie Wyatt
j551.5 qW976 2000

Weather Explained: A Beginner's Guide to the Elements
Derek Elsom
j551.5 qE49 1997

Weather Legends: Native American Lore and the Science of Weather
Carol Vogel
j398.208997 qV878w 2001

Weather Report: Poems
selected by Jane Yolen
j811.008036 W362 1993