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Government Resources

Federal Depository Library Program

Official weather data for the United States has been collected for over 100 years by government agencies; currently it is published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Public Documents and Patents Department collection offers weather reports going back to 1876, including:

Climatological Data - Ohio Section (also available for other states)
C 55.214/32 1971-present
C 30.18/31 1964-1970
A 29.29 1896-1963
Daily weather data from stations throughout Ohio.

Local Climatological Data - Cincinnati Section
C 55.217 1971-present
C 30.56 1950-1970
C 29.30 1899-1949
Daily weather conditions, currently measured at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport.

Monthly Weather Review
A 29.6 1876-1970
Report on weekly national weather phenomena, originating with the War Department in 1876.

Government agencies also publish handbooks and documents of public interest on weather topics. A sample:

American Weather Stories
C 55.202: Q37/2
Well-illustrated collection of famous American adventures in which the weather played a major role.

Assessment of NEXRAD Coverage
C 55.102: C 83
Report on Next Generation Weather Radar (NEXRAD) coverage for the nation, a new technology that is replacing obsolete systems.

Basic Spotters' Field Guide
C 55.108: SP 6/2
Handbook for professionals to spot threatening thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Common Questions about Climate Change
C 55.2: C 61/7
A layperson's guide to global warming.

EOS Science Plan
NAS 1.83: 1998-12-070
Technical report on the Earth Observing System (EOS), which gathers satellite data to probe our ecosystem from the perspective of space.

Floods of the Mississippi River
A 29.5 E
A 1897 study by the Weather Bureau with many colored maps, one of many river reports and data collections.

Microbursts: A Handbook for Visual Identification
C 55.608: M 58 1990
Photographic guide to the small-scale severe storm outbursts that are a major threat to airplanes during takeoff and landing.

Sea State, Wind and Clouds
C 55.8: SE 1
Photographic handbook for ship travelers to identify wind and cloud types.

Student Activities in Meteorology
C 55.2: M 56
One of many teacher resources for K-12 students to explore weather data.

Taking Shelter from the Storm
FEM 1.2: SH 4/5
Construction plans and cost estimates for building a storm shelter, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Weather Forecasting in the United States
A 29.2: F69
A 1916 manual by the Weather Bureau on best forecasting methods.

Winter Storms... the Deceptive Killers
C 55.108: St 7/3
A survival guide for the public on being prepared for severe winter weather.