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Weather Videos

Weather and Weather Forecasting

Image of Chasing El Nino

Chasing El Nino
VHS 9652

Forecasting the Weather
VHS 5829

The Hole in the Sky
VHS 1594

Hot Enough For You?
VHS 2316

The Restless Sky
VHS 2646

Riddles of Sand and Ice
VHS 4999

The Sky Above
VHS 455 v.7

Types of Maps and Map Projections
VHS 3555

Unchained Goddess
VHS 3522

Understanding Science: Weather Systems
VHS 5404 v.6

Warming Warning
VHS 2590

The Weather
VHS 7639

Weather and Climate
VHS 3510

Extreme Weather

Image of Savage Skies

Before the Storm: Weather Safety Tips For Your Home
VHS 10679

Day of the Killer Tornados
VHS 9042

The Electric Valley
VHS 3452

Fatal Flood
VHS 12361

The Flood of 97: Rivers of Rage
VHS 8303

The Johnstown Flood
VHS 2801

The Johnstown Flood
VHS 3634

Keeping the Promise: The Miami Conservancy District
VHS 6690

VHS 6718

1937: The Flood
VHS 9800

Savage Skies
VHS 7264 (4v.)

Secrets of the Tornado
VHS 9807

Storm Chasers
VHS 6154

Surviving the Dust Bowl
VHS 9549

The '37 Flood: A Look Back
VHS 1967

VHS 1060

Twister of '99
VHS 11237

Wrestling the Mississippi
VHS 10024

Children's Videos

Portrait of Bill Nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Atmosphere
VHS 9103

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Pressure
VHS 9104

Come a Tide
VHS 1076 v.86

The Magic School Bus "Kicks up a Storm"
VHS 8701

Space, Earth and Atmosphere
VHS 2610

Water and Weather
VHS 2611

Weather Fundamentals
VHS 9190 (6v.)

Which Way Weather?
VHS 6378