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Wedding Books

Planning and Etiquette Guides

The Best Friend's Guide to Planning a Wedding by Lara Webb Carrigan

The Best of Martha Stewart Living Weddings
395.22 qB561 1999

Bride's Book of Etiquette
395.22 qB851 1998

The Best Friend's Guide to Planning a Wedding: How to Find a Dress, Return the Shoes, Hire a Caterer, Fire the Photographer, Choose a Florist, Book a Band, and Still Wind Up Married at the End of It All
Lara Webb Carrigan
395.22 C316 2001

Last Minute Weddings
Donna A. Bankhead and Lynnette Blas
395.22 B218 1999

The Wedding Guide for the Grownup Bride
Shelley Christiansen
395.22 C555 2000

Weddings: A Celebration
Beverly Clark
395.22 qC592 1996

Colin Cowie
395.22 fC874 1998

The Bride's Etiquette Guide: Etiquette Made Easy
Pamela A. Lach
395.22 L132 1998

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Wedding
Teddy Lenderman
395.22 L564 2000

Something Old, Something New: 701 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Wedding
Becky Long
395.22 L848 1997

The Perfect Wedding
Maria McBride-Mellinger
395.22 M119 1997

The Perfect Wedding Reception: Stylish Ideas for Every Season
Maria McBride-Mellinger
395.22 M119p 2001

Miss Manners on Weddings
Judith Martin
395.22 M381 1999

The Ultimate Wedding Idea Book: 1,001 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Fun, Romantic, and Memorable
Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick
395.22 M963 2001

1,001 Ways to Have a Dazzling Second Wedding
Sharon Naylor
395.22 N333h 2001

How to Plan an Elegant Wedding in 6 Months or Less: Achieving Your Dream Wedding When Time Is of the Essence
Sharon Naylor
395.22 N333ho 2000

Storybook Weddings: A Guide to Fun and Romantic Theme Weddings
Robin Kring
395.22 K922 1999

Wedding Details
Mary Norden
395.22 N829 2000

Emily Post Wedding Etiquette: Cherished Traditions and Contemporary Ideas for a Joyous Celebration
Peggy Post
395.22 P8571 2001

The Knot's Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World: The Ultimate Source of Ideas, Advice, and Relief for the Bride and Groom and Those Who Love Them
Carley Roney
395.22 R772 1998

Elegant Bride's 1000 Questions about Your Wedding
Jaclyn C. Barrett-Hirschhaut
395.220973 B274 1997

For the Groom: A Blueprint for a Gentleman's Lifestyle
Colin Cowie
392.5081 qC874 2000

For the Bride: A Guide to Style and Gracious Living
Colin Cowie
392.5082 qC874 2000

Legendary Brides
Letitia Baldrige
395.22 qB178 2000

Vera Wang on Weddings
Vera Wang
395.22 fW246 2001

Vintage Weddings: Resource and Guidebook, 1910s-1950s
Daniela Turudich
395.22 qT962 2001

Affordable Weddings

The Budget Wedding Sourcebook by Madeline Barillo

The Budget Wedding Sourcebook
Madeline Barillo
395.22 B252 2000

Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget
Denise and Alan Fields
395.22 F461 1999

Priceless Weddings for Under $5000
Kathleen Kennedy
395.22 K35 2000

You Can Afford the Wedding of Your Dreams
Kay Marshall Strom and Lisa Ringnalda
395.22 S921 1995

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Budgeting for Your Wedding
Sue Winner
395.22 W776 2000

Wedding Traditions: Religions and Cultures around the World

Vivah: Design a Perfect Hindu Wedding by Meenal Atul Pandya

Your Catholic Wedding: A Complete Planbook
Chris Aridas
265.5 A698 1997

The Everything Jewish Wedding Book: The Complete Guide to Planning the Ceremony and Celebration-from Traditional to Contemporary-for the Most Important Day of Your Life
Helen Latner
296.444 qL357 1998

Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies: Samples and Sources
Joan C. Hawxhurst
392.5 qH399 1996

You Are Cordially Invited to Weddings: Dating & Love Customs of Cultures Worldwide, Including Royalty
Carolyn Mordecai
392.5 qM834 1998

Polish Wedding Customs & Traditions
Sophie Hodorowicz Knab
392.508991 K67 1997

Viva El Amor: A Latino Wedding Planner
Edna R. Bautista
395.22 B352 2000

Going to the Chapel: From Traditional to African-Inspired, and Everything in Between, the Ultimate Wedding Guide for Today's Black Couple
395.22 G615 1998

Vivah: Design a Perfect Hindu Wedding
Meenal Atul Pandya
395.220882 P189 2000

Wild Geese and Tea: An Asian-American Wedding Planner
Shu Shu Costa
395.220899 C837 1997

The Nubian Wedding Book: Words and Rituals to Celebrate and Plan an African-American Wedding
Ingrid Sturgis
395.220899 S935 1997

The Traditional Irish Wedding
Bridget Haggerty
395.220941 H145 2000

Words for the Wedding: Ceremonies, Vows, Readings, and Toasts

Toasts and Vows by Bette Matthews

Best Wedding Meditations: An Anthology
252.1 B561 1997

Weddings from the Heart: Contemporary and Traditional Ceremonies for an Unforgettable Wedding
Daphne Rose Kingma
392.5 K54 1995

Toasts and Vows
Bette Matthews
392.5 M438 2001

The Knot Guide to Wedding Vows and Traditions: Readings, Rituals, Music, Dances, Speeches, and Toasts
Carley Roney
392.5 R772 2000

Sacred Threshold: Rituals and Readings for a Wedding with Spirit
Gertrud Mueller Nelson and Christopher Witt
395.22 N426 1998

Words for the Wedding: Creative Ideas for Choosing and Using Hundreds of Quotations to Personalize Your Vows, Toasts, Invitations & More
Wendy Paris and Andrew Chesler
395.22 P232 2001

High Wedlock Then Be Honoured: Wedding Poems from Nineteen Countries and Twenty-Five Centuries
Virginia Tufte, Editor
808.8193 W388t

Into the Garden: A Wedding Anthology: Poetry and Prose on Love and Marriage
Robert Hass and Stephen Mitchell, Editors
808.80354 I61 1993

Wedding Readings: Centuries of Writing and Rituals on Love
Eleanor Munro, Editor
082 M968

Wedding Toasts & Speeches: Finding the Perfect Words
Jo Packham, Editor
808.51 W388 1993

Bridal Showers

Wedding Showers for Couples by Pamela Thomas

The Wedding Shower Book
Janet Anastasio
793.2 qA534 1995

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bridal Showers
Jennifer Barr
793.2 B268 1999

Bridal Showers: Special Touches and Unique Ideas for Throwing a Fabulous Shower
Beverly Clark
793.2 C592b 2000

Wedding Showers for Couples
Pamela Thomas
793.2 T461 2000

Diane Warner's Complete Book of Wedding Showers
Diane Warner
793.2 W281 1997

Put Soul in Your Bridal Shower: The African-American Bridal Shower Book
Tonya D. Evans
793.208996 E92 2000

Wedding Cakes

Chocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations by John Slattery

The Cake Bible
Rose Levy Beranbaum
641.8653 q88.4

Chocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations
John Slattery
641.8653 qS631 2001

Colette's Cakes: The Art of Cake Decorating
Colette Peters
641.8653 qP481 1991

Colette's Wedding Cakes
Colette Peters
641.8653 qP481c 1995

Contemporary Wedding Cakes
Nadene Hurst
641.8653 qH966 2000

New Wedding Cake Designs
Linda Pawsey
641.8653 qP339 1997

The Wedding Cake Book
Dede Wilson
641.8653 qW747 1997

Wedding Cakes: From Start to Finish
Elaine MacGregor
641.8653 qM147 1993

The Dress

How to Buy Your Perfect Wedding Dress by Ronald Rothstein and Mara Urshel

Bridal Gown Guide
392.54 B851 1999

How to Buy Your Perfect Wedding Dress
Ronald Rothstein and Mara Urshel
392.54 R847 2002


Romantic Wedding Flowers: The Complete Guide to Selecting Beautiful Flowers for Your Wedding
745.926 qR759 1995

Flowers for Your Wedding Day
Diana Tonks
745.926 qT665 1994